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Found 6 results

  1. Freak Graeber

    Customized Bionicle Onua

    Customized Bionicle Toa Onua with Double-Wings and Firearm. Therefor the Head can be turned around.
  2. Hello there! I'm Rezael - The engineer. Hmm. I can sense enemies approaching. Better get on my exo suit. Power suit online. Weapons hot. Cluster grenade launcher active: Twin Chainsword active: Brutal overkill Enemy eliminated.
  3. Logan McOwen

    MOC: Titan Onua and Korgot

    Titan Onua and Korgot Onua being one of the shortest of the Masters is quite the disappointment, especially seeing as he's portrayed as the tallest in the cartoons. So, I took the challenge of making Onua not only taller, but equivalently bulky, and along the way ended up making him Titan sized. I was really pleased with how he turned out, so I revamped Korgot so he has some company. Onua Pose Front Back With Scoops Unarmed Golden Mask Drained Golden Mask Bonnet - Shut Bonnet - Open Skeleton - Front Skeleton - Back Skeleton - Legs Skeleton - Gearbox Korgot Front Back Front - Unarmed Pose with Drill Pose with Dagger Skeleton - Cannon Skeleton - Gearbox Star Drill and Dagger The Duo Together Onua Powered Up
  4. Hi Eurobricks! For your information : Feel free to share. Exo-6 BIONIFIGS Founder
  5. InfurnallDragon

    Onua 2015, the In-Depth Look

    I was bored, so here this is. Idk if I will do it for the other toa or even the protectors, but here this is. Here I have with me is my Toa Onua Mata from 2001. Despite not being the first set I got, despite not being one of the high priority sets I plan to get, he is perhaps my favorite of all the sets. There is something really cool about him having two clawed arms with the function and- well wait STOP! *tosses Onua aside*[actually sets Onua gently aside] I do not have a 2015 Onua in my possession, but what we all have right now is the new, early promotional images. For this reason I will not compare & contrast 2015 Onua's image to my physical Onua, but rather this other promotional image of Onua Mata from 2001. (Both will be at the bottom of the page for your own comparisons). And not just the image of Onua Mata, but promos of every Onua iteration to date shall be compared. That is the theme of this, not to look at the sets themselves here just the images for fairness. This thread was mainly to share my thoughts on 2015 Onua compared to the other iterations of him, and is also for discussion focused on him and his many forms without any other toa or characters involved. There are a lot of things can be discussed about the pair of clear images of Onua's set, but not enough room in Official Bionicle 2015 for all of them. This is pretty much an examining of ONUA THROUGH THE AGES Armor (The Medium-Length Section): Head/Mask (The Shortest Section): Tools (The Other Shortest): Build/Shape (The Longest One): So, did I miss something? What have you noticed about Onua? What is your theory on his arm's? You don't have to read my Wall of Text, but go ahead and run what you do read through your own judgement. Images Used in my Analysis:
  6. CabooseBM

    Onua: Rebuild

    Click the Above Picture for the full gallery! Onua is the wise Toa of Earth, while all the Toa Mata are the same age, she acts as an older sister and mentor to the other five. She is quiet, but beneath that is a mind that is always at work, when she does speak, everyone would do well to listen. Onua is kind and understanding, and while Pohatu is the heart of the Toa Mata, she is the mediator, she mends feuds and resolves arguments between the six toa. She is very protective of her Matoran, and will sometimes go to unreasonable lengths to not inconvenience them! Onua possesses great strength and durability, built to work underground in the most punishing of conditions. She can control the living dirt and plantlife directly, bending them to her will with ease. Her Toa Tools are directly integrated into her hands, great claws that can dig through anything that stands in her way! (The moc here represents Onua as she appears in the Bionicle: Rebuild universe, hence her gender and any changes from “canon”.)