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  1. Entry name: Xiroc: The Vengeful Shadow Picture:
  2. SmoothJazz

    Xiroc: The Vengeful Shadow

    Because every evil villain needs a top hat... My third entry for BFTGM. A revamp of this moc.
  3. SmoothJazz


    Another MOC made by me recently,
  4. SmoothJazz

    Tarsus (version 4)

    Might as well post some stuff here. First, Tarsus V4, the fourth incarnation of my self-moc. Comments, criticism, advice, etc, appreciated.
  5. Entry name: Commander Dynor Image: (please note that, although this MOC looks somewhat similar to the entry earlier called "Terror Bite," the resemblance is coincidental. I was working on this well before I saw that entry.)
  6. SmoothJazz

    Commander Dynor

    My entry for the Battle For the Golden Mask, as well as the current BZPower Flickr contest. This happens to be my first entry made for the contest, as opposed to being made a while ago, Main: Back:
  7. SmoothJazz

    BFTGM entry: Zylor

    My entry for the "Battle for the Golden Mask" contest. Zylor was sentenced to The Pit for his efforts to fight against the Toa. While there, he developed an immense hatred for them, as they were what caused him to become a hideous monster. Eventually, he manged to escape, and has used his time since to hunt down the Toa that caused him to be imprisoned.
  8. SmoothJazz

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Ugh, just when we thought we would finally get trans-yellow. I really hope that's just poor photography and it's still yellow, though. Trans-lime wouldn't even make sense on Pohatu. Anyway, despite that, these look awesome. Onua's trans-purple bones certainly make up for the lack of yellow in Pohatu. All of the Toa look great.
  9. SmoothJazz

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Wow, LoSS looks awful. Despite that, these look great. Are there pictures of the defenders as well? I only saw the Toa in the video.
  10. SmoothJazz

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    To me, Gali looks more like a bulky, mutated beast from the pit than a female Toa.
  11. SmoothJazz

    Lewa: Taster of Jungle!

    At first I read this as "Master of Jungle". I have never been so wrong. Also, we need Taster of Water. :P
  12. SmoothJazz

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Totally called the Bionicle on Friday thing. Lego really needs to be less sloppy with their link names. :P Anyway, back on topic... anyone else think Lewa's mask looks like a cyberman? The sets look great, especially Kopaka. Pohatu is looking to be a must-but for me, having both brown and trans-yellow. Are those trans-purple bones on the Earth defender? By the way, Gali is absolutely terrifying.
  13. SmoothJazz

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I'm hoping for a display of all the sets, since the image we have isn't that clear.
  14. SmoothJazz

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    I won Queen Beast in BBCC 68 on BZPower, and just recently opened and built it. It's a really great set, with an intuitive design and cool parts. To be honest, I think it beats Dragon Bolt for best non-humanoid titan in HF.