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  1. TheOneVeyronian

    Constraction custom parts

    Your custom parts continue to impress me Leewan. I don't know how I managed to miss your last update here though! But that bow has got to be the most original and coolest of all your parts. I'd buy that in a heartbeat... well when Shapeways next run a free shipping offer anyway I've been using Leewan's custom articulated hands on my custom action figures for a couple of years now and I don't know what I'd do without them anymore. They've become loose with age and quite frequent use but they've otherwise held up really well. They were a bit robotic for my action figures so I actually bothered to learn Sculptris and Blender and create some alternate clawed tips for the articulated hands. Here's one of my custom action figures sporting Leewan's articulated hands with my claw add-ons: (urgh why is it so hard to insert non-Flickr pics into EB posts these days? Yes the head is also a 3D printed CCBS-compatible part complete with ballcup (credit to Leewan for letting me use his ballcup file for it)... but the focus is the hands ) Actually, @Leewan, since I posted here about your custom hands, what happened to all your articulated hand options on Shapeways? I bought a pair from your store a couple of months ago, I had no problems with them and now I can't find any of them? All I can find is the individual parts which add up to something way way over the £15 I was paying for the complete five fingered large hand kit. Trouble is... as my custom action figure army grows, I will probably need more sets of these hands! (also will some of those parts you put in your last update be available in your Shapeways shop at some point? Just curious)
  2. TheOneVeyronian

    What is the story behind your profile picture?

    My current profile picture is of one of my original characters, an anthropomorphised Bugatti Veyron (which I call Veyronians, which explains my odd username!) named Vladimir Veyron. He's been my go-to face for various forums since 2013, the avatar has taken various forms from minifigure to Constraction figure to illustration, but this latest version of him I painted a couple of months ago (I have a full version of the art on my Deviantart page). Sometimes I change my profile pic to various characters from the trading card game Magic: The Gathering that I like. No idea why
  3. TheOneVeyronian

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    I'm actually pleasantly surprised it's the same price as Jestro's Volcano Lair (ignoring the fact that the RRP of that was £99.99 last year), especially since Knighton Castle has more pieces and appears to be bigger than Jestro's Volcano Lair. Still, will probably wait for a significant discount on it. And the Rock Climber is £49.99? That's a steal Do you know how much The Heligoyle will be in the UK? I'm guessing it might be the same price as Axl's Rumble Maker, but now I'm hoping it might actually be cheaper.
  4. TheOneVeyronian

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    The Summer Nexo Knights sets (along with a bunch of other stuff) are starting to trickle into stores around where I live, though their availability is strangely sporadic. My friend saw Aaron's Rock Climber in his local Smyths toystore while in my own local Smyths I was able to find Axl's Rumble Maker and The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction and I can say the UK prices are relatively reasonable (£29.99 for the Rumble Maker and £59.99 for the Stone Colossus, and I think my friend said the Rock Climber was also £59.99). And in a supermarket I was able to find Macy's Bot Drop Dragon for £12.99. I bought the Bot Drop Dragon and built it last night, to be honest it's nothing terribly special. I was hoping that the bot drop function would have actually been a function rather than it just being the bot on a jetpack clipped to the dragon's belly which is difficult to remove without breaking. It's fairly similar to the Ninjago Cole's Dragon but it is a little bit bigger. but at the same time far less poseable. If anyone wants, I can take some pictures of it. I haven't spotted The Heligoyle or Knighton Castle "in the wild" yet but if anybody in the UK has managed to find either, I'd be curious to find out their UK prices, though I fear Knighton Castle might be something ridiculous like £130...
  5. TheOneVeyronian

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    For anybody wondering where that image came from, I was the one who originally posted it on Google Plus Somebody on Google Plus also found a description of the book not long after I posted about it. Personally, I think it sounds like it could be a book that's just about Monstrox rather than a book full of monsters as the Book of Monsters was. Still, I will certainly be searching bookstores for it because I'm genuinely curious about what information there is in it. Plus, the Book of Monsters was basically an art book to me and I'm hoping that the Book of Monstrox will be similar.
  6. TheOneVeyronian

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    I'm really liking these new sets, and there's definitely a lot of new pieces there that I'm sure I want lots of. Rogul's new leg piece is very ingenious, I hope we get that piece in more earthy colours as that would be perfect for figures of rock spirits and elementals. I'm especially liking the retail exclusive set, Lance's horse in that set is just so much better than the unwieldy Mecha Horse he got this year. Plus it looks like it'll be cheap (I'd be shocked if this cost more than sets like Infernox Captures the Queen) and it's full of the new parts from the gargoyle wings to the lighining bolts, always a plus. In fact, the only thing I'm disappointed with is the Nexo Powers, I thought they would all be new designs but some of them are simply recycled from this year's sets. Here's a point though: has anyone noticed that the golem in Clay's Falcon has the exact same name as the golem in Lance vs Lightning? They're both called out as Grimroc on the box despite looking completely different. Surely this would be a mistake, unless the big golems are collectively known as "the Grimroc"?
  7. TheOneVeyronian

    Forum Upgrade - One Month Later

    Ah, thanks very much for that. I thought it was for something like that, but I must admit I hadn't even noticed the Featured Topic sidebar in the portal until you mentioned it. I think it works well
  8. TheOneVeyronian

    Forum Upgrade - One Month Later

    At first, I wasn't a big fan of the upgraded forum, but I must say the more I explored it and the more it was changed, the more I began to like it. I echo the other user's feedback about the clear separation between pinned and regular topics, but otherwise, I think the admins have done a great job of ironing out the bugs and acting upon other's feedback. I look forward to seeing the re-implementation of forum theme banners, I must say I did miss those. One question I do have though, I've noticed a new star icon next to a couple of topics, it looks similar to the pinned topic icon. I might be missing something here but... what is it's purpose? At first I thought it was to denote topics mentioned in frontpage news, but that's not true of all the topics that are marked with a star icon (like, for example the MOC Ninjago Swamp City topic in the A&A forum). Nothing major, I'm just surprised nobody else has asked about it yet. Unless I'm missing something there too
  9. TheOneVeyronian

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    For those in the UK that might still be looking for new BIONICLE content, I found the second issue of the BIONICLE magazine which has the Ekimu's Hawk set (the magazine calls it a hawk, not a falcon, which surprised me) at my local newsagent today (despite the fact it should have technically been released tomorrow). A bit surprised it still got released here, I was worried that it would have been pulled before it got here due to BIONICLE's abrupt end. I'm a bit sad that it will be the last new BIONICLE, perhaps even the last new non-licensed Constraction set that I'll have the pleasure of buying for the foreseeable future though.
  10. TheOneVeyronian

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I love the black Scurrier in the diving helmet! I put Black Panther ears on one of my black Scurriers as an experiment and it looks surprisingly good if you ignore the silver striping - and you can still stick a flame piece into the top of it's head Might post a pic later when I get time. It makes the Scurrier look like it has horns. Also, if anyone has problems displaying ball Globlins, I find sticking a 1x1 plate on them is a very effective solution, so they can look where they're going and they won't roll off. Here's a pic I took a few days ago of my WIP lava monster army, 30+ Scurriers, 50+ ball Globlins and a fair few foot soldiers. Look closely and you might even see the Scurrier with Black Panther's ears. Note I have since received Jestro's Volcano Lair so this is already out of date
  11. TheOneVeyronian

    No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    The more I think about this, I guess the more I'm accepting it. After all, £200+ extra a year for me to spend on other things is never bad. Though if LEGO don't come out with a replacement Constraction theme next year to run alongside the SW figures, I will really miss the excitement I got from discovering new and wonderful CCBS moulds and recolours in new sets most of all. Has anybody tried asking LEGO on Twitter if they even plan on giving Constraction a reasonable presence in 2017, outside of Star Wars? Just a simple yes/no question. I'd do it myself, but I don't have a Twitter account and neither do I want a Twitter account
  12. TheOneVeyronian

    Nexo Knights: Merlok 2.0 App Rumours and Discussion

    I wouldn't have noticed this as all of my powers were at the same level (they had all been re-scanned the same number of times) before the update, so they all the same thick yellow border around them. But I've definitely noticed a significant decrease in the effectiveness of my Nexo Powers regardless. Nonetheless, the real problem I'm having alludes to the Robin's Workshop part that is supposed to level up your Nexo Powers, but the level-ups don't actually register when you do them. Here's a montage of screenshots with my annotations (which I provided LEGO customer service with) that should explain my issue better
  13. TheOneVeyronian

    No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    I agree with you on all of this. Having had a few hours to mull the news over, I think I would have taken the news better if LEGO explained why they've pulled the line so early without giving us the final pieces of the puzzle. The need to know why things happen is part of my very nature, and it drives me crazy not having a reason why something has happened. Hopefully LEGO will at the very least put out a reason why BIONICLE was pulled. Furthermore, not knowing what the future holds for Constraction makes me worry, as I have probably already harped on about. I'd like to see Constraction continue to have presence in at least 2 themes, even if it's just Ninjago or Nexo Knights buildable figures to run alongside the Star Wars ones. Or if LEGO have any sense, I'm kind of hoping they make their own in-house Constraction theme and casually slip in a new head or mask-like mould that looks suspiciously similar to the MoUP. Well, one can dream can't they? Though part of me is tempted to just pack up my Constraction MOC stock and go, part of me is also wondering if I should go and grab more Storm Beasts in case that's the last time we ever get Dark Blue CCBS shells. Suddenly the rumours of limited distribution in the UK I heard about from Huw (from Brickset) make sense! I do get upset when a favourite collectable of mine is brought to an end. I found that when a popular trading card game called Chaotic came to an end (that had different circumstances but it still had quite a fallout), but I dealt with that by making my own expansions. Maybe it's time for me to make my own G2 Toa and villains for them to fight, then pretend they are sets But... there was one thing missing from my other post, and it's something more positive. I've got to say kudos to the LEGO designers for re-kindling my childhood passion for BIONICLE, you're all great people. And I seriously hope you've got another Constraction theme up your sleeve to compensate for the gaps that BIONICLE will leave, both on the shelves and in our hearts. Thank you!
  14. TheOneVeyronian

    Nexo Knights: Merlok 2.0 App Rumours and Discussion

    I haven't actually lost any of my base shield scans (I still have 150+ available powers), just the levels I'd upgraded them to. So if you want to keep them at the levels you have them at (and hence keep their effectiveness), then my best recommendation is definitely to avoid the latest update. All that's new is Robin's Workshop (Lava Lands is still locked) and that itself seems to be broken (every time I restart, the prompts always direct me back to Robin's Workshop to craft gems, even though I've already crafted all the gems I had the resources to create), so you're not missing out on very much anyway. Aside from a new look loading screen that is I might try rescanning some Level 5 QR codes and see if I can restore the powers to the level I had them at, but if the whole leveled-up powers infrastructure was changed to work with Robin's Workshop instead, I doubt it'll work. Even if it does work, it'll take several days to restore them. Hopefully LEGO will acknowledge it's a bug and issue a patch update to fix it; or if there isn't a bug, LEGO can tell me what I'm doing wrong. Either way, I probably won't get an answer from them for a few days, Friday afternoon is always the worst time to email CS
  15. TheOneVeyronian

    Nexo Knights: Merlok 2.0 App Rumours and Discussion

    Does anybody know anything about this? I have emailed LEGO CS about it but I'm likely not going to get an answer until Monday, so if anybody knows what's up or if anyone else is having this problem, please do show yourself I feel like I'm the only person here that's still interested in this app