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Found 20 results

  1. The Mugbearer

    [MOC] Prototype Tank (Generation Zero)

    Codename: Stridsmaskin 90 "Resen" The 2nd most heavily armored and armed of the machines, the Tank towers over houses and players alike, shaking the very ground with each step. Do not engage it without a strategy, plan your encounter in advance, and always be ready to run when the rockets start flying. The reference images are under the spoiler:
  2. Codename: Jaktmaskin 60 "Ulven" Intelligent, swift, and silent, the Hunter attacks with lethal precision, showcasing a diverse range of tactics and weaponry to take down survivors of the uprising. They use LMGs and Rocket Launchers at a distance and their deadly bladed right arm in close combat. — Generation Zero Wiki And here's another Generation Zero build! I am proud of the result! The reference images are under the spoiler:
  3. I've been in love with Generation Zero, Avalanche Studios' first person, co-operative shooter about teens in 1980s Sweden surviving a robot invasion. It has a very distinct art style, not unlike that of the famous Swedish sci-fi artist Simon Stahlenhag. I feel like there were some tensions between him and Generation Zero's Devs, but don't quote me on this. The Runner is - hopefully - the first in a line of GenZ-inspired MOCs, and also my first finished MOC of 2022. Procrastination have been wearing hard on me for the past few years, so I welcome any kind of positive change! The reference images are under Spoiler:
  4. Please suport my project on Lego Ideas. Power functions: 3x L-motor 1x IR Receiver 1x IR Remote Control 1x AAA Battery Box 1x Control Switch 1x Extension Wire Description All openable doors. Model have fake motor V6. Color: Black and Yellow Number of Pieces: 800-100 Thank you very much for your support! Military version: Hägglunds BV 206s
  5. A true Pirate fan or historic fan can only applaud the fact that people make true Replica's of ships long lost. One of these iconic replica's is without any doubt the Gotheborg, buit in Sweden and based on the Swedish East Indiaman Gotheborg who launched in 1738. Since I started building lego ships, I dreamed of bricking the Gotheborg. After a few years of learning and developping shipbuilding techniques, I started with the vessel in 2017 to finish it in 2018 (finished except the ratlines). And this year I finally found the time and motivation to finish those bloody ratlines A big shoot out to @Captain Green Hair, @Sebeus I, @kabel, @Legostone and all others of the BeLUG pirate crew for the advice and feedback during the process! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vessel. It was most of the time a real troublemaker to make everything comes together (difficult angles and other challenges). An extra picture: the Gotheborg together with another new vessel: Princesse Margot (can be found in BOBS forum) Just discovered someone filmed both ships at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend: Thanks for watching! C&C would be awesome! Flickr album
  6. This weekend the swedish exhibition Klossfestivalen hade it's 5th run. The show Swedish AFOLs teamed up with MVL Designs to give you a tour of all the builds. For all of you that was not able to visit Sweden. Hope you enjoy it ?
  7. This is the second episode of the Swedish web-TVshow about the talanted AFOLs of Sweden. This second episode is all about Star Wars. I hope you will enjoy it. It is in swedish but have multiple subtitles. I do recommend you have the english subtitles since that one is the best, the others are Google translated from that one and I haven't been able to quality proof them since I can't those languages unfortunatly.
  8. Hi. Me and some other swedes have started a TV-show for YouTube featuring the AFOLs of Sweden. Where you get to know more about them and their passion and builds and collection etc. Here is a short trailer for the series that will start in a few weeks. Hope you all will like the show =) The spooken language is swedish but all the episodes and the trailer contains subtitles.
  9. With this MOC I wanted to create the feeling of a working class area in Sweden during the 70s/80s. The car is a Volvo 242 DL from 1975. Hope you like it!
  10. Hi, So, obviously it is not too late to start collecting Lego. I'm over 40 now, but am picking up set after set or so it seems. I am, however, not new to Lego. Being born in the mid-seventies I got my first sets about -76 or -77. I remember, for instance, 928-1, which I owned among many other sets. From those years and on to about mid or late eighties I had a steadily growing collection of Lego. Mostly space and techic. Then other things got more interesting and to my horrror my parents gave away all lego later on, without even asking. I have still not forgiven them for that ;) Fast forward to 2000. I freezed in front of the quite new UCS X-wing 7191 when getting Christmas presents for my GF's daughter. Ended up getting the set in christmas present myself. Best Christmas ever, since childhood! I promptly bought the UCS TIE Interceptor and they've been on display at home or at work ever since! Then, last fall, something happened and I started to actually buy sets. Sets I have looked at but always thought 'Hey, I'm grown up now, the moment has passed' or 'I do have my two UCS, that should do it'. It started innocently with a small set and over a year I have increased my collection to about 30+ sets. I am no rich and am in no rush. I just realize that it's never too late to get those sets that I wanted secretly. My issue is that I have no space for my sets and really, I need to consider price too having kids of my own now and everything that comes with that. But every now and then I can spend a few on a set. Do I build MOC's? Sometimes, I add a pic of something I did some year ago just for the fun of it. A small tribute to the Youtuber AgentJayZ that works with jet engines. Not as much as an act of a fan, I sorted some of the Lego I managed to salvage from my childhood and started to build randomly. :) My interest in Lego seems to be focused on Classic Star Wars, UCS and the more advanced vehicles like the VW Camper, Mini etc. I like vehicles, in short. Real and fiction. I've added my current collection to brick brickset ( and rebrickable ( - not public yet though) and now I ended up here as a result of searching for info about the new 10252 Beetle. Thanks for the attention, and happy building / collecting folks!
  11. Hi all, Yes, I am a 'new' member here, kind of. A few years ago, I lurked and dabbled with emerging from the dark ages. However, I never fully escaped its clutches. Now, I am back and raring to go. Motivated by two kids who love Lego, I am really interested in having a city layout in our hobby room. For those interested, my name is Ian and although I was born and raised near Manchester, England I now live just outside Stockholm, Sweden. Jag kan pratar lite svenska men inte så mycket! Im much better in English, especially when it is typed as you don't have to tolerate my accent! The lego room was looking great until last week, with some tables laid out and a train track in operation, but alas, last week returning home with the temperature around -20 I found a leak, so currently have to redecorate the whole of the basement floor after it dries out. Interested in chatting with anyone, and especially keen to nosey at peoples city layouts. Live the dream, Ian
  12. This is my secret project WIP for TC6. This is not a joke, construction is almost complete. I'm just waiting for some additional parts to arrive because I don't want to show incomplete work. You may ask "Why creating a topic then?" - So you could expect one more TC6 entry of course ! While I'm getting camera and parts I will update this thread with some info. Here's something to start: Technical specifications: 2 RC units 2 M-motors 1 L-motor 1 Servo-motor Manual gearbox. 7-9 functions. Some awesome lights. Maybe pew pew pew capabilities, dunno yet. To keep you interested I made a comics about the creation of this MOC. Enjoy.
  13. Stefaneris


    Hello My first MOC to be posted on EB is the LKAB IORE, one of the most powerful electric locomotive She runs between Kiruna and Narvik/Lulea in the northern part of Sweden. She is used to pull heavy iron ore trains from the minings in Kiruna to the harbours. My model is 8 wide and 90 cm (3 feet) long (2*45cm of each single locomotive). The cab of the first locomotive with the name Nattavaara - the locomotives are named by minings or places on this railway - has a cab interior and lights. In the cab, there is enough room for two minifigs to guide the train through kilometers of unhabitated nature; or LEGO rails with CC houses around Now the pictures, they can all be found on my Flickr photostream IORE 1 by StefanEris, on Flickr IORE 3 by StefanEris, on Flickr IORE 5 by StefanEris, on Flickr IORE 6 by StefanEris, on Flickr IORE 10 by StefanEris, on Flickr 2013-08-07 16.24.41 by StefanEris, on Flickr I'm open for critics and like to hear what you think. Stefan
  14. LordCyber

    Selling my LEGO!

    So, I'm selling my LEGO. All of it. I'm selling my figurines to my friends, but, how much can I sell a kilo for? Basically "normal" peaces. I have all my rare parts in another container. So, nothing rare. Just average, normal lego.
  15. Hey guys! I attached my model so you guys can help me out. I tried to build a speedway arena and now i got two problems. 1. Don't find tires for the motorcycle frame 6m 2. Cant place the flat blocks where the frames are. Ofc, i will place brown blocks on the black ones later. Hope you guys can help me out! Thanks! Here is a speedway track if you dont know what im talking about: Speedway.lxf
  16. My parents own a summer house, close to the small town Katrineholm, Sweden. The house was, when they bought it 8 years ago, in very bad condition due to that it stood empty for several decads. However, today it is in better condition. Anyway - I just had to build this house in LEGO! To make the model fit in one of IKEA's vitrine products I tried to create it in a as small scale as possible (but still in a size which makes it possible to recreate the windows in a good way). I think what I'm most happy about with this creation is the choice to use studs on the roof - I think that creates a great contrast towards the smooth walls. You are able to find a reference picture of the real building at the end of this post. When the regular slope-parts (http://www.bricklink...asp?P=3040]3040[/url]) are attached to each other you don't achieve the 45 angle I was looking for. So instead I used a combination of http://www.bricklink...asp?P=3040]3040[/url] and http://www.bricklink...p?P=92946]92946[/url] Could this building be built in an even smaller scale? Sure... Comparison - which one do you like the most? (The big one consists of appr. 1400 parts, the small one 300). This is what the real house looks like: Hope you enjoy it!
  17. Dammtuss

    Pegasus UAV

    Hi, Lately I haven't come around posting any of my MOCs, however I felt that this had to change. So, to start of with, here's my latest creation: the Pegasus UAV. It's an unmanned remotely operated helicopter featuring the latest within surveillance and weapons technology. It was developed to operate from the new corvette (HMS Svea) that I'm currently working on (there's a sneak preview on it on one of the pictures). More information, specifications and pictures can be found over at Mocpages (pictures can also be found at Brickshelf when it goes public). Thanks for viewing. Regards, Wombat
  18. Hello! I am a Swedish AFOL who have been active on Swebrick for a couple of years, and have from occasionally been lurking around here on Eurobricks as well (mostly in the Guilds of Historica subsection). First and foremost I am since coming out of my dark age a fan of lego castle and medieval/fantasy building in general. I was a lego fan even in high school and continued to build with my lego castle from time to time as well, but then university studies, small living conditions and a limited budget held me back from pursuing my Lego interest to any great extent. I started collecting new lego a couple of years back during the last year of the Kingdoms theme and I am very regretful that I missed the fantasy era, but I have tried to remedy that by shopping way to much LotR from Amazon recently ;) I joined EB to better late than never join Guilds of Historica which I have been following, envyous of the excellent builds people seem to be able to produce there. It also seems like an excellent way to challenge myself to build "out of my comfort zone" (which today is castles with the big gray wall syndrome as an ever present danger). However, I am having a hard time choosing which guild to join... Avalonia would be the obvious choice based on my brick collection and building style, but then again that might be to close to my comfort zone? Some of my limited production in later years (and a couple of earlier builds I put together while staying at my parents place a couple of holidays in college) can be seen on flickr: Happy to be able to join such a great community! /"Gideon"
  19. Ecki

    Lego IKEA

    B-OV-39B Welcome to the newest IKEA store! IKEA for Lego-fans, to be precise. Our largest family project yet. 3 months in the making. Experience the wonder of the Swedish furniture discount store: You walk in to buy a desk lamp... and you walk out with more flatpacks than your car can transport! If you would like to see more pictures of our creation go to Cheers Ecki & family
  20. Hi, all lego Lovers! I just want to promote my small BrickLink store, Stockholm Bricks. I sell only new parts so if you are looking for sets or polybags you will end up empty handed in my store. I do have bricks for moderate prices, I am currently heavy on "Technic Connectors", "Lift Arms" and the bricks you find in modular houses, town and city. Anyone who place an order this week and acknowledge Eurobrick will get 20% the shipping fee from Sweden. I have no minimum amount, no lot fee, no handling fee, no paypal fee or anything like that. I currently have a sale on 662 lots. The rest of the parts are priced according to BrickLink sold averages. Stop by and have a look. Sebastian Stockholm Bricks By the way, here is a link to the store...