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Found 58 results

  1. Hello Eurobrick, My real name is Yann, 30, currently living in France, southwest of Toulouse, and working indirectly for a great aircraft manufacturer there. It’s a great pleasure to introduce myself after years being just a guest on this forum. I practice Lego as a hobby since… well 25 years now, my favourite theme is the technic, so I will essentially post in the LEGO Technic, Mindstorms & Model Team forum. I’m clearly not a great fan of the official Lego sets, I really prefer built my own thing. Strange and ugly vehicles. I love strange and ugly vehicle. Some of you may already have seen some of my MOC on : Flickr (TheSuperkoala) Youtube (Yann Thesuperkoala). Talk to you later J
  2. im__hungry

    Star Trek - Klingon Bird of Prey

    Hello I guess as my first ever post on this forum, not 100% sure this is the right spot for this kind of post, but I should introduce myself, I am a 34 year old from Australia, who has always had a passion for Lego but could never really afford it when I was a kid. But now having a 3 and 4 year old boy of my own who are completely obsessed with Lego, i have recently rediscovered my love of this simple toy. I have gone from building mostly sets, to creating my own designs. My aim is to make every design I do as something that my boys would love to play with so playability to me is everything. Anyway that's enough of that, I am wanting to show off one of my first designs, I really enjoy a challenge and I definitely had one with this project. I am a Sci-fi nerd and love Star Trek, in particular everything Klingon so I was very disappointed that Lego never got the star trek licence. I am currently working on building this Bird of Prey, at this stage I have only made the cockpit and neck, but have the parts for the wing and disruptor ordered. I am really looking forward to seeing how this design that I have spent so many hours on turn into a real product. My main concerns for the build is how strong the wing hinge attachment is as there is quite a lot of weight on them. But I will find out in the next week or so when all my parts arrive and I can trial it. Hope you all find it interesting, I believe it turned out pretty good, with a few play features included, such as the dining hall, opening cockpit, adjustable wings and shooting disruptors. Model Details (according to 4335 pieces 74cm wide, 68cm long. 4.3kg I wanted to add more pics but it seems I can only upload 1 due to the size. See if I can work around this. Also if you are interested, I currently have a Lego Ideas set in the support stage. Its a minifigure scale SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket, again showing my love for all things space related. any support will be greatly appreciated. I am very interested to hear what you all have to say about my Bird of Prey, any issues you see or possible problems I will have turning this into a real model. Thank you very much for reading this. :) Any ideas on how to post more pictures? I am not that tech savy. Thanks Ok I made a Flickr account to show some of the other photos. I have also ordered custom Klingon minifigures and Batleths to hang in the dining hall.
  3. Pholvandir


    Hi, guys. I'm Pholvandir from Idaho. I've been out of the LEGO scene for a while, but my favorite line is LEGO Architecture. I've waited years for LEGO to produce an official United States Supreme Court model, and recently decided to take matters into my own hands. (You can check out my LEGO Ideas page for this build here: United States Supreme Court Building.) This is what made me into an official AFOL!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a lifetime fan of LEGO that after many years decided to switch from observer to contributor and created his account here. To share some of my background, I've been playing with LEGO bricks since infancy with several hiatuses. In past I've also experimented with CAD, but in the last couple of years I've switched to real bricks again. From many different subjects that one can focus on my top are buildings and vehicles of any kind - era, purpose, scale. See you around, Aellaron
  5. archi97d

    Greetings from germany

    Hey, my name is archi97d and I just registered after I heard a bit from eurobricks in my german home community IDS (Imperium der Steine) and were also looking for a international community to share my creations. I play with Lego since I was 5 and don't think I will stop until I become 100 and are than to old for Lego :D I usually build my MOCs with the LDD and have a special love for sacrale buildings, like churches and Microscale building. In "real" I collect Star Wars Minifigures and modells and architecture. kind regards archi97d
  6. InvisibleTimmy

    Hello there

    Well hi there. My name is InvisibleTimmy, and I am a TFOL from the US. My main interests are Space and the new Wizarding World line. I especially like Classic Space and Blacktron I. My favorite set is probably the Galaxy Explorer. I can be found on Flickr and BriXtar as InvisibleTimmy, and I am a bronze rated Brickset reviewer under the name Mr. Thrawn. So... yeah... I guess that’s it.
  7. abrahamandentity

    Hi there!

    Hi there! My name is Abraham but I got by the online alias of Abrahamandentity. I like technic, mindstorms and LEGO ninjago. I own 12+ sets and want to expand my ‘collection.’
  8. marci95

    Hello Hello <3

    Hello everyone, my name is Marc-David, I am 23 from Germany. I just started recently with with lego technic with the Porsche GT3 RS, now I am totaly hyped and want to build many cars from the hall of fame. When I was a child, I builded mostly lego Star Wars. In my freetime I like reading, lego technic, computer games, cars, and riding my motorcycle. Nice to meet everyone. Love from Germany.
  9. Legoginge

    Hi there!

    Hi everyone My names Richard but I go by legoginge on Instagram (mainly because I’m ginger). Please feel free to give me a follow! I decided to join Eurobricks while sitting at the evening entertainment on the last night of the 14th event in Billund. I attended with Nate Dias as a guest and loved it so much I thought I’d sign up! In terms of LEGO, I like most themes with my favourite being bespoke “one off” sets that look great as display pieces. I’m currently trying to build my largest ever MOC based on a Japenese theme. Outside of LEGO I’m a Science Teacher for 11-16 year olds. I look forward to engaging with as many of you as possible! Cheers Richard
  10. Brick Pilgrim

    Hi There, Eurobricks

    Hi There, Eurobricks community, My name is, well, you can call me Brick Pilgrim or just Pilgrim for short. I joined a couple days ago and have had a look 'round. However, this is my first post in the forum. I have many hobbies (which is probably why I don't get around to doing much in any of them): Lego Reading Writting Music (Performance and Composing) Watching YouTube (okay, I'm not sure that's a hobby, but I do enjoy watching videos with a critical mind especially documentaries and movies) and many more I've considered narrowing them down a bit and Lego is at the top of my list so we'll see if I can finally come out of the mini-dark ages I've been slipping into every once and a while. Well that's about it. Happy building everyone!
  11. Hello Everyone, My name is Arijit and I am from India. I am 33 years old and started my journey into the world of Lego only last year. Yes, I know it is very late to get started with Lego. But as the saying goes better late than never. I have been lurking around this community since more than 6 months now and have been reading the reviews of various Technic Sets. I have also been following the Technic MOC threads as well and they have been inspiring me to build some MOCs of my own. I finally decided to join this community yesterday and am looking forward to learn many new tricks from all the experienced folks in here. I own a few Lego Technic sets - 42008, 42024, 42052, 42054, 42055 (yet to start building), 42060 (my first technic set), 42062, 42064, 42065 (my only RC set), 42066. I think I have got quite a few sets and they should be good enough to jump into MOCing. I do know I still miss some vital parts like differentials and suspensions but do plan to buy few 2018 sets as their prices fall to meet the gap. Beyond Lego Technic, I also like the StarWars series sets and some of the Creator sets but do not own any currently. I am also into photography:
  12. Venefic

    This is me!

    Hi everyone, My name is Venefic and this is one of my first posts to the Eurobricks forum! I am very excited to finally be part of this community and look forward to exploring all pathways in this large group. Below is some information about me. Location: Australia Favourite LEGO theme: Hard to say, I think Creator and Architecture are quite impressive. But I have to say that the LEGO Ninjago Movie also had some impressive sets. Favourite Set: This is always changing as new sets comes out. One highlight has been the 10243 Parisian Restaurant. First Set: 4685 Fork Lift Duplo set. Brickset Account: Favourite looking theme for 2018: Building Bigger Thinking and the Series 18 Minifigures. I look forward to meeting many of you around the forums! Venefic
  13. Hi everyone! It's been 6 years since I last visited this amazing Lego site and after resetting my forgotten password, I am now back for the second time round! My name is Aaron and I last posted here in 2008. Back then I really rediscovered my lost childhood love of Lego, and I fell back in love with the shiny little plastic bricks hard! Unfortunately, after a good few months of posting on here and building various unfinished projects, I slowly started to lose interest and once those magical little bricks were tidied away, they have stayed there ever since. I am now living in my own flat with my (ever so understanding) girlfriend, but my countless boxes of Lego are still stored at my parents house (though not for long I'm sure ). Recently I found myself itching to have another go at it. I have just purchased a few bargain sealed Lego City sets from the last few years and should be building them within the next few days (around the daily work grind ). Fun builds with lots of pieces, such as the 4439 Police Heavy-Lift Helicopter for £20.00 and I've just picked up the 4436 Police Patrol Car for only £5.00. Looking at the latest sets, It's amazing how intricate the designs are now, with so many new parts and building techniques implemented. I did find it quite difficult to go through with it and spend my hard earned money, on what most people think as children's small plastic building blocks. But I like to think that by having such a massive interest in Lego as a child, it helped me become who I am today in adult life. I am a very hands on person who is always interested in how things are made and how they work. I do moan a little at how expensive Lego is these days, but I am surprised at how the quality of current Lego products is still so high! I would much rather them keep their quality high, than cut corners or cheapen the bricks. So I understand that for this reason, the prices have to increase with today's economical climate. I am in need for an enjoyable hobby, one where I can really stretch my now dwindling adult imagination. Maybe a hobby that lets you just escape this harsh world you slowly discover as you get older. I have now chosen to buy some Lego, to rediscover some of that enjoyment and imagination I had as a kid. I also hope to interact with other Adult Fans of Lego on these forums, it's been a while since I participated in any social forums online but I know how much fun they can be and especially this one. So I hope to have a good old chat with you lovely people, Lego is an amazing system indeed and it's nice that we can all share our enjoyment of it with others here at the Eurobricks forums. Thank you
  14. Brick Broadcasting

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, Finally decided to become a member. Hoping that inspiration and creativeness will rub off on me My interests are mainly in City and Collectible minifigures which I like to let come to life in Brickfilms. Actually just started (my first (Not so) Scary Mary) so still a lot to learn.. Hope to be able to become an active member of the community
  15. Hello, dearest people of Europe and other parts of the Universe. You can call me Lyonel. Tall, glasses, quite colorblind, learning English by myself, and other things that are irrelevant to our subject matter. Well, I'm not too good at starting things. I'd rather listen (or read) others patiently and jump in when the time is right. So let's do something similar here for a change... You ask me some simple questions about me and my plastic construction toy preferences, and I will do my best to answer in short and truthful fashion. Please consider that I'm what could be called a Teen Fan of LEGO, whose most recent dark period was from 2015 to March of the current year (and I would still get CMFs in that time). Also, I am from Venezuela, as my profile states, and we as a country are economically limited as for buying expensive Danish ABS on a regular basis. The major part of my collection is from round 2012, and a large number of it are CMFs. My latest purchase was a Series 12 in July of past year. To get my topic's rather scandalous title out of the way, it alludes to the fact that the near entirety of construction toy products round my home are those infamous clone brands, of which the one with an S as logo we seem to get the most. So, to avoid getting tediously long, I'll leave the rest of my background to your requests. So come on! Bring on the friendly interrogation!
  16. Hi, some of you might already know me from other platforms and flickr, but although I've been registered also here for a few years already, I have never introduced myself properly. My name is Johannes, I'm 24 years old and live near Würzburg, in the middle of Germany. I study Computer Science / eCommerce and work at an advertising agency as web developer. I rediscovered LEGO for me about 3 years ago. First I only built digitally with the LDD and was quite active on CUUSOO (what is LEGO Ideas today). My favourite themes to build were especially Star Wars and aircrafts like the K-Wing Starfighter or a Curtiss NC-4 seaplane. This hasn't changed too much, even if my mocs are more diverse today and I (hopefully) improved my building skills a bit. Because of the Star Wars and licensed themes in focus the German forum Imperium der Steine (IdS) became my main platform. I soon got the role of a moderator there and now I'm what is called Root Admin here (so the second after IdS founder Gamorreaner). Together with the former IdS ambassador rolli and some others I also publish the forum's magazine IdS-Post which appears every few months. A highlight last year was winning the biggest competition on IdS, the IdS MOC Olympics. This is a round-based competition about Star Wars with an international jury. My half-final entry was an U-Wing and the final one was a Liberator Class Starfighter from Star Wars: The Old Republic. Both can fold their wings into different positions. I really enjoyed taking part in the ongoing project of Harry's magical journey last year. Building the scenes of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was much fun and very exciting (even if also a bit stressful). You can see all vignettes of this project in our flickr group. The fantastic Jared is currently uploading a scene of The Deathly Hallows each day. To come to an end here's an overview of the mocs I built in 2016. You can find detail shots of the mocs in my flickr stream. In the future I wanna get more active here on Eurobricks and I'm looking forward to discuss with you :) Best, Johannes / Vaionaut
  17. Hello, my name is Ryan. I'm also known as 8-Bit Ramen. I'm a pretty crazy dude, and I do way too many things other than Lego... My two favorite Lego themes are Star Wars and Harry Potter. I also really like the Marvel themes, even though I only have a few of it's sets. I also like Steven Universe, which I think Lego should make sets of, and Gravity Falls. My favorite video game is Assassin's Creed Revelations, even though I grew up on Mario and Pokemon. My favorite band is Gorillaz, and if you ever see me, I'll most likely be playing my ukulele. I was kind of poor as a young child (don't pity me) so I didn't really get many Lego sets, and when I did, they were gifts or hand me downs.. But when I was Twelve I decided I would get back into collecting Lego, and it's still one of my passions. My favorite Lego Youtuber is just2good. Speaking of, some of my social media and links will be down below. I can't post a picture of my SigFig (or maybe I can and I'm just a noob...), but he's a guy in a Slytherin uniform and has a blue lightsaber. His name is just tiny Ryan or tiny 8-Bit Ramen. Youtube: Twitter: Since it's that time of year, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kind Kwanzaa, and everywhere in between!
  18. Ahoy Mates! Here is my Sigfig and the rest of the story about how I ended up as a rat in the Sea of Theives. The first part of my story is here: The last time you saw me, I was staring at the barrel of a gun in absolute terror of what the future held in stock for me. Well, for a shipwrecked Bluecoat from Oleon who stranded on an island infested by pirates, it was very comprehensible. Then I found myself packed in this cave with the other survivors of that ill-fated voyage who were just as terrified. On the first night of my, I naturally could not sleep, thinking over and over of a plan to escape my doomed fate. Of course, another reason was all that traditional noise only the pirates of the old world were able to produce. By dawn, everybody was asleep in the cave, which gave me the opportunity to do my old tricks. I was a master of getting rid of handcuffs and opening locked doors and this primitive security the pirates had installed was not my match. It took only 5 minutes to find myself in the open air without the jingling of the handcuffs. I was about to run into the forest when I realized that this was a small island. I could run but not far away. There was no vessel in sight to steal, other than my wrecked small boat lying on the shore. Having spent only a few minutes of joy, I was again disappointed. I was waken up from the depths of my thoughts by that bass voice. “So you look like a man with skills!” said the man, whom I realized was the captain of these rascals. “Yes” I said, in comfort. I was surprised to find myself not terrified speaking to the man of whom I was so terrified only yesterday. He seemed like a wise man in this unwise place. “I can kill you right now, right here, you know”. This time, he didn’t sound like a wise man with good manners but like a bloody captain determined to end my life. Now, I was terrified and was able to murmur a few incomprehensible words. Upon this, the Captain gave a loud laughter which woke up the rest of the gang. He took me by the arm and called the rest: “Look at his face carefully, you bloody bastards, and salute your newest matey!” By noon, I had changed my clothes and was enlisted as another pirate in this small gang. I was not given a gun or a sword, though. It was only the instincts of the wise Captain that had let me in and I had a long way to go before I earned the trust of the rest of the gang. Maybe, the Captain had seen the real crook in me or simply needed a man with handy skills to save him and his gang from possible perils of which there was a great deal in this world. One way or another, I had saved my life and was ready to enjoy all the twisted adventures in this new life! Captain Mengish (Prologue) by Mengish, on Flickr Captain Mengish (Prologue) by Mengish, on Flickr Captain Mengish (Prologue) by Mengish, on Flickr
  19. Ahoy Mates! Here is the first part of my story about how I became a Sea Rat! Hope you enjoy... 7th century AE was not a most favorable time to walk the continent of Halos for a poor peasant’s son but it had its opportunities for a crook who wished to overthrow his fortune. Having left my town for a better future, I headed to Granoleon, Oleon where I worked for peanuts for a few months but that was not my dream. I was yearning for something else: Money. Lots of Money. So I ended up in the dark, muddy backstreets of Granoleon where the similarly infamous pubs were located. These pubs housed all types of stereotypes of bad seed who you wouldn’t see in the clean, civilized streets of Oleon, which was famous for its traditions, advanced culture and divinity. Consequently, it wasn’t long before I got toxicated by the virtues of the vicinity: Theft, murder, adultery…and they far exceeded number 7. In a few years’ time, I was living my dream. Of course, with the little discomfort law makers had to offer to the likes of me. I was caught red handed twice and sentenced in the cold vaults of Granoleon but I was so talented to be imprisoned in the ordinary fashion. Tasting the humid of the vaults had taught me one thing, though. That I was dancing on the knife’s edge. I had to find a way to erase my past as a crook. So I withdrew to Corrington to spend some time off Granoleon but a crook is a crook wherever he goes and I returned to my beloved Granoleon. Changing location didn’t help but changing identity could. It wasn’t an age of communication or information and money could buy you one. But it entailed another obstacle. I had to leave Oleon because my history would sooner or later reveal the real me. Desperate to find a solution, I lingered on. Until I heard about the news of the recently discovered lands to the East, which meant that Oleon needed men to put into the Blue Coats. I had an epiphany the moment one of my crook friends mocked about it. If I could enroll as a false persona, I could leave my past behind and could visit Granoleon every once in a while. Better than nothing, I thought. I was now a defender of justice and order, and of course of His Majesty! What a world, I thought to myself, as I headed to the Bluecoats’ headquarter where I would receive proper training. Two months later, we were summoned to serve in our first mission to the East and I found myself in the swinging lazaret of one of the warships owned by His Majesty King Philip I. Born as the son of a poor peasant in the inner land, I had no idea about the cliche of voyages: Mal de Mer, or nausea as we ordinary folks called it. I must have spent two weeks lying sick on my hammock. We headed to the East and I was clearly not used to this type of climate. So my time in the lazaret extended. One night, I was chatting with the guys lying comfortably on my hammock when I heard the ground beneath my feet break. The ground, no, it was the deck that tore like a sandwich. It was a stormy night but we had seen worse days aboard. That’s why nobody worried about it. There must have been something else. But neither I nor other guys would ever have the opportunity to satisfy our curiosities. My mind blew when I felt the cold, dark water surrounding me. The only light was that of the exploding gunpowder. And it was a bad guide to follow. I barely made it onto a boat which seemed to come out of nowhere. I spent two days on the Terraversa Sea without the faintest idea about how to survive. I was thinking over and over again about how misfortunate a Bluecoat could ever get on his maiden voyage. At the end of the second day, I was thirsty to death but there came rain. Could it be an omen of good fortune? I had sank into such philosophical thoughts on my boat when I noticed an island on the horizon. Yes, the answer to my question arrived spontaneously. It was good fortune for sure. The rain, the island… But there came the storm again, swinging my small boat like a nutshell until it crashed onto the rocks off the island. Luckily, I was able to jump off the boat before it hit the rocks but the current was so strong to resist that I let myself go with the flow. And it brought me to the next ill-fated phase of my story, by the end of which all my life would change for good. It was obvious that I had stranded on the wrong beach… 02 by Mengish, on Flickr 06 by Mengish, on Flickr 03 by Mengish, on Flickr 08 by Mengish, on Flickr 09 by Mengish, on Flickr 05 by Mengish, on Flickr 07 by Mengish, on Flickr 04 by Mengish, on Flickr 10 by Mengish, on Flickr 01 by Mengish, on Flickr
  20. Hi, my name is Andreas, I'm born in 1963 and I'm living in Stuttgart in the loveley South of Germany. Member at for ages, now I would like to expand my horizon and show my stuff to an international audience. This year, I had shown a few of my MOCs at exhibitions e.g. in Grenchen/Switzerland and Rosheim/France at the famous "Fana'briques". Over short, I will continue my introduction by showing what I am doing with my bricks. Perhaps you would like to see large towers for marbles or funny games I have invented? I'm looking forward to find new friends and I'm curious whom I will meet here! Best regards and whishes Andreas
  21. ScaleCarModels

    Hello! AFOL from Missouri, USA

    Hello Eurobrick members! My name is Rick and I am from Missouri, USA. ScaleCarModels is the username I use on forums and my Youtube channel. I just got back into building LEGO at the beginning of 2016 after being out since I was ~14. Turned 32 this year and this hobby make me feel like a kid all over again I love it. I have been checking this site regularly for few months, but the TC10 Pneumatics contest is what really pushed me to become a member. Technic is my preference and I have built up quite a collection. I am glad to be here with fellow LEGO enthusiasts and cant wait to share my creations with the community. Good Day
  22. With the civil war raging, a dark servant of the Black Spire, Lord Vorn, makes his appearance as he prepares to conquer Nocturnus. Hey guys, I'm a new member, both to this RPG and Castle building, but I am really looking forward to participating (for the glory of Nocturnus of course :P). So tell me what you guys think and feedback is much appreciated.
  23. Minique85

    Hi from Germany

    Hello everyone, I am quite excited to finally register on this forum. I have been browsing Eurobricks for more than 3 years now (since I came out from my dark ages) and it's time to participate. Although I live in Germany, I come from France, 36 year old now, and got back into LEGO following the birth of my son (back to the basic with DUPLOs ). I grew up with LEGO, which was almost my only toy, from basic brick sets through classic space, pirates and Technics as I got older. I remember flipping through the catalogs and hoping to get the large sets, but unfortunately had to content myself with small ones - still provided me with many hours of building fun. Now, as an AFOL, I can enjoy financial freedom and finally get these flagship technic sets I always dreamed of. I got back into it with 42009 and was very impressed with the complexity, details and quality of the build. And I also realised at the same time that I completely missed the transformation to studless technic. I now own the last three flagship sets (and some other smaller ones) and can't wait for the massive Bucket Wheel Excavator and Class Xerion to come out. Recently I took interest in GBCs with the brilliant work Akiyuki and some of the Eurobricks members. In the mean time, I also got my wife into it with LEGO modulars which I also find fantastic, so many details. We are very slowly putting together a small city to our son delight. Overall, the forum community is very impressive, there are so many amazing MOCs and creative builders. Hopefully I can share some of my modest builds soon! Ciao!
  24. Hello, I'm legobagel, as you probably read. I've been following the forums, but haven't posted much. I have been playing with LEGO (I'm proud to admit it) for a while now. I'm a collector of Marvel sets, Dimensions packs, and currently trying to top off my Disney collection. My YouTube channel is legobagel, but I probably a won't be very interesting to you. (It isn't that good.) I hope to have fun and meet all you awesome people on these forums, and I ask that you help me around a bit, because I'm new and might be a little confused. Thanks for your time, and see you later!
  25. ... Unless you want me to be. Opening jokes aside, I'm not really good at introductions, but I'm an avid Lego fan, I'm 18 years old, and armed with my crappy phone camera and my gaming PC, I plan to make friends, show off out-of-focus MOCs, show off custom minifigures, discuss Lego, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't predict but am very excited for. I've already visited a few posts, I've seen some very talented people on this site building wondrous things. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can, talking about all things Lego! (If I did something wrong, please point it out, It's the only way I'll learn - I read the entire Rules page, but I wouldn't doubt I made some kind of mistake on my first day.)