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Found 7 results

  1. Please suport my project on Lego Ideas. Power functions: 3x L-motor 1x IR Receiver 1x IR Remote Control 1x AAA Battery Box 1x Control Switch 1x Extension Wire Description All openable doors. Model have fake motor V6. Color: Black and Yellow Number of Pieces: 800-100 Thank you very much for your support! Military version: Hägglunds BV 206s
  2. Hi Guys!, today, I would like to present you medium scale VW Crafter flatbed. It has not much functions but driving this van is really fun. It use 2L motors for propulsion with fast gear reduction and Servo motor for steering. It dispose with independent front axle and live rear axle with good light height. What do you think? More at And one bad quality video as usual ;)
  3. Hi Guys! I got ill and finally have some time to finish another compact truck. My target was to build functional 4x4 with diferential and suspensions in my favourite scale. Also, I wanted to move center of steering as close to wheel as possible, which I thing I did. Some info: Part count: 870 Dimesions: 50x15x22 studs Drive: 1Xl Motor Steering: Servo Beam: 2M motors Rear axle suspension Differential on both axles Openable doors I used baloon wheel but it also looks good with 4,95x20 tyres It's fun to drive and play, but it was more test, if I'll be able to build 8x8 in this scale, so i didn't put in it as much as i could. Here are some photos and short video: VIDEO: PS: 8x8 comming soon!
  4. Hi guys, after almost 20 attemps, i decided to ask you for help with suspensions on my last model. I´m trying to make a crawler similar to Nico71's > but a lot smaller one. Unfortunatelly, i´m not able to put suspensions correctly to work at least well. I thing my front axle is not bad at all but i´m not able to put supensions correctly :( Here is my LDD file of front axle: I will be extremely grateful of any help. After finish whole model i will make Building instructions ofcourse :)
  5. Hi guys, finally, after 4 months, i got back to lego (so much work). I wanted to build smallest 4x4 jeep that will looks and drive good. I started to build smallest suspensioned 4x4 chassis. I was afraid of driving characteristics, becouse there were no space for differencials. However, i was really suprisend how good jeep drives. The turning radius is little bigger on carpet, but on floor, or ground it´s perfect! Jeep is driven by one XL motor witch gave a lot of strenght and speed (do not expect juping :D), but it´s a total snale. Both axle has supsnesions. (no springs only rubbers). However it´s greate to take it to the nature. Even snow is not problem for this beast :D The body is build as jeep, but not as any existing one. It´s just some jeep :). The body can bee easyly removed and replace by another one. So, what do you think? I will upload only 1 photos, but you can find more here: http://www.kostky.or...p?topic=43677.0 or here: I hope i will make some video soon. PS: Sorry for my english. Not nativ language for me.
  6. New Half-axles for Lego Trial Trucks - Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 I accidentally reversed the gears of the portal hubs of this pic. For Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 I decided to make new half-axles, more resistant than they already were the previous ones, so as to transmit the maximum torque ratio possible from wheels to ground. The photo of the axle shafts made ​​with Lego bricks will be available by early next week. Project Starting from my previous axles, which had little resistance in the attack for wheels, I added the portal hubs from Lego set 8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400, made ​​specifically for this use. In the portal hubs I put gear reductions for a total gear ratio of, together with other gear reductions in the transmission, 9:1, then, nine complete revolutions of the pinion of the motor, the wheel it will perform a complete one. Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 My new axles shafts will be used by Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4; thanks to them will greatly improve its performance and by the end of July will publish a new article and a new video dedicated to Lego Tatra T813 V4.
  7. Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck The famous Tatra T813 in lego version remote controlled, Versatile and durable as the original. Modular Design The scale model made ​​by me after several months of work, contains most of the features found in the real version, to significantly affect its performance are the axle shafts, transmission, suspension, chassis structure and weight distribution. It's powered by two powerful xl motors through a four-wheel drive, it has half-axles and various gear reductions. The Article of my blog To learn more about this amazing truck, visit the page dedicated to it on my blog, at the web address: http://gtathecomplet...trial-truck-v2/