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  1. Yeah except that under the wheel huge crank activation part
  2. If you are getting it as a collectible then is 40 euro worth the risk? I mean your package could be damaged during transportation even if it has certain language.
  3. Lego instructions have text?
  4. I once built a scale model of a plane with camo pattern in 1:72 scale. The camo colors were literally 1 mm different in height. I always wondered if it was a real plane - would the pilot trip over the 7 cm layer of paint on the wing Of course you have to route - this is a designers job! This is why it looks so bad, as if there was no designing involved and they just slapped this at the very last minute. A knob on the side is just as bad as current solution. It could be done with a worm gear, it doesn't even need to be spring loaded.
  5. And what if friction is actually preventing even more sagging?
  6. Pretty much it is I would say. I'm 100% sure TLG designers could've made a small switch or insert-able axle-pin in the cabin. But this type of implementation looks horrendous. Like a 3AM decision before the morning deadline - Oh sh** we forgot about the spoiler! Quick, grab something to crank it up! TLG designed and put couple of new parts like gears and selectors etc, but was unable to do a better job with a spoiler? 8070 had a better spoiler than this!!!
  7. Do you have to go outside the car and stick a shaft under the wheel and crank it up?
  8. Spoiler operated with an external tool? Looks weird, frustrating and pathetic. Is that the best TLG could do? Like REALLY?
  9. I guess kids this days are less hardcore. I grew up with plastic models which required cutting out of vacuum form, gluing, filing, more filing, thinning paint, paint, even more filing, re thinning the thick paint, realizing you had the wrong thinner, assembly, suffer, be pride of yourself. Then models started to be more easy - no excessive cutting or filing, glue in the box, sometimes even paint., couple of years ago I saw plastic models that didn't require glue and even paint, just some minor cutting. Now I look at technic and it keeps going pretty well, however sometimes I see either mistakes or weird decisions in an official set and I wonder what type of drug was involved.
  10. Always wondered why railroad wasn't an option
  11. Yeah some polymers tend to last while others just disintegrate in months. I remember when I got one particular model kit with rubber washers I was scared that they will brake down and fall apart "soon". It's been almost 15 years and they are like new, not even deformed.
  12. It has gearbox with speed shifting, engine, doors, steering, and front trunk