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  1. iang

    building a ski resort-any advice?

    I have often thought about creating a winter, ski resort based layout - so Ill follow eagerly!
  2. iang

    New City Layout

    This is a seriously fantastic layout. Combining everything you want to get in and the way you have maximized the space is really interesting.
  3. iang

    Train station Royville (revisited)

    This is an amazing build!
  4. iang

    Small Square

    This is really beautiful!
  5. iang

    My daughters Lego friends city

    This is fantastic! Great work!
  6. iang

    Baroque Palace [MOC]

    Very impressive!
  7. Had to seriously chuckle when I saw this set ... fantastic! Hope Batman has his Bat-utility belt ...
  8. iang

    Winter Village: Undertakers

    A very, very interesting idea! Very effective!
  9. iang

    MOD + MOC - Hair Salon / MADO Café

    Brilliant; nice to see as I have a few ideas of how to incorporate friends pieces into bigger buildings!
  10. iang

    Not so modular modular

    This is really cool; love the effect of the glass!
  11. iang

    MOC: Finnish hobbies

    Love to see the northern neighbours dipping in the ice nicely. We just need a lego sauna now !
  12. iang

    Simpsons House Modular [MOC]

    This is seriously cool!
  13. iang

    MOC: Train Station - the Musee d'Orsay in Paris

    Is it appropriate to respond with a wow ...
  14. iang

    MOD: Detective's Office 10246 XL

    Really love the whole idea of doubling up on the size of the modulars. As a new builder of them this is very inspirational!
  15. Amazing and very inspirational!