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    Hello from Stockholm Bricks

    Oh, I wish... Father with two kids... my Lego time is spent building SW sets with my 5 year old, building technic sets and running my small store. Eventually I hope to build a MOC (I am thinking a scene from LotR which is not released in a set by TLG).
  2. Hi, all lego Lovers! I just want to promote my small BrickLink store, Stockholm Bricks. I sell only new parts so if you are looking for sets or polybags you will end up empty handed in my store. I do have bricks for moderate prices, I am currently heavy on "Technic Connectors", "Lift Arms" and the bricks you find in modular houses, town and city. Anyone who place an order this week and acknowledge Eurobrick will get 20% the shipping fee from Sweden. I have no minimum amount, no lot fee, no handling fee, no paypal fee or anything like that. I currently have a sale on 662 lots. The rest of the parts are priced according to BrickLink sold averages. Stop by and have a look. Sebastian Stockholm Bricks By the way, here is a link to the store...