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Found 62 results

  1. The Brick Masters

    Hi, We are The Brick Masters!

    We just joined Eurobricks because We want to get involved in the LEGO Community! We also have a YouTube Channel!
  2. Franzplus

    New Member FranzPlus

    Hi everyone i am a new member in this community. My nickname is Franzplus and I am an AFOL. I collect lego sets dedicated to Star Wars and I love to design Modulars inspired by the Expert and creator 3 in 1 line. I participate in the Lego Ideas competition and I look for supporters for my projects. [No spamming your Ideas!!!]
  3. Hi Everyone, This is my first post on here but I have been following some of the amazing minifig scale Star Wars MOCs' on here. I have been fascinated with them and decided to give them a bash. So far the rebel fleet includes UCS Slave 1, UCS Falcon (2017), Most recent A-Wing, I have made Intherts' X-Wing, U-Wing, as well as created a Y-wing using his cockpit and reverse engineered the main body of the ship form images. SO, to add to the fleet the Rebel scum have stolen the plans for a Lambda Shuttle.(I) They have gotten pretty far with the rebuild/reverse engineering of the design from the images on Marshal Bananas' Flickr but I have gotten stuck with the landing gear and how to connect the cockpit at those angles! I have started ordering parts for the real build. I'm about 50% delivered and will be starting on the cockpit first to try work it out in actual bricks. Would welcome your comments as well as any advice you guys may have about the build. MB Lambda Shuttle by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr MB Lambda Shuttle #1 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture4 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture5 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture6 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture3 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture1 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Thanks! Hamish
  4. Roppane

    Hello there

    Hi! My name is Roppane. I am a fellow AFOL from Finland how enjoys building their own creations and collecting sets both new and old. Some of my favorite themes are BIONICLE, Ninjago, Mindstorms, Ideas and Star Wars. I also enjoy playing and making Video games.
  5. archi97d

    Greetings from germany

    Hey, my name is archi97d and I just registered after I heard a bit from eurobricks in my german home community IDS (Imperium der Steine) and were also looking for a international community to share my creations. I play with Lego since I was 5 and don't think I will stop until I become 100 and are than to old for Lego :D I usually build my MOCs with the LDD and have a special love for sacrale buildings, like churches and Microscale building. In "real" I collect Star Wars Minifigures and modells and architecture. kind regards archi97d
  6. Hans Domke

    Hans Domke, new member

    Hi all, My name is Hans; I hail from the Central Valley in California. I've been building with LEGO Bricks for about 10 years now. Mostly I would build a new set and have around for a bit then I would disassemble it and combine it with other sets and create something of my own. Usually these were multicolored although I tried to keep it similar or themed. Currently I am into building custom RC vehicles wether it be sport cars or offroaders or planes (not flight capable.) I am 19 years of age and working on 1 project at the moment but have plans for others. My goal in this forum is to get help with the mechanical bits and maybe some design suggestions. Also I will try to help anyone I can. :) -Hans
  7. Hello everyone, (if someone cares about greenhorn here ) I've re-discovered LEGO after several years :) I have all sets from Western series, some Star Wars, but my biggest childish dream was to own the Skulls-eye-schooner. So I started searching on the internet to buy some...the price was outrageous. But I am playfull person - I started searching the alternatives. I've found this adult LEGO world and I am really amazed, that I am not alone My girlfriend laughs to me, basicly my whole family But to the point. Earlier than I've found this website - I made myself some sails. I bought a twill, textille collors and made sails for Black seas Barracuda. The result is great...but not perfect. The Imperial armada, Imperial flagship have difficult logos...and this is a problem...I can a draw the logos, but it is not the right way..and finally I found this page..the sails library, great tutorials - printing on artistic canvas - how simple!!! Super!! Is here someone so kind and willing to send me a pictures of Imperial armada and Flagship sails? I don't have any sklil with CAD, even with I'd be greatfull for your help. Thanks you for your reply. Tom, Brno, Czech rep. I mean the accurate sizes 1:1, no fotos or real scans - I know they are in library here..
  8. Hello one and all! Glassjaw here, reporting in from good old Blighty; home of the official accent of the Galactic Empire! Discovered Lego before I can even remember and stuck with it right up till 2006 or so before other interests came along, namely Xbox live and the opposite sex (I know they don't often mix well), then a couple years ago my better half buys me the Hoth Attack (75138) and that's that. Addicted all over again! I've always been part of the Empire so most of my purchases and attempts at recreation and original design focus around that, or failing that something for it to bounce off like anything set in the original trilogy/end of clone wars era, during that transitional phase. Small army along that theme being built, with an even smaller rebel force to oppose. Projects and submissions to the star wars army posts to follow. #Hanshotfirst
  9. LegoPondswald

    Hello from The Netherlands!

    Hi guys! I'm Eveline from The Netherlands and a new member here. I came out of the dark ages last May and my house is already too small for all the Lego I own. I'm building my own city, got a nice Star Wars collection, own all the Brickheadz and am working on a Christmas Town (called Christmas, Doctor Who fans will get that ). I also make video's of my work (mostly the city and some speed builds) and take pictures which I post on Instagram. During the day I'm a freelance journalist. At night I build Lego or enjoy some of my other hobbies: watching series/movies (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter), writing and photography. Nice to meet you all! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :).
  10. McLaren97


    Hello, my name is Liam. I'm from Wollongong, Australia and have recently got back into Lego. At the moment i am focusing on speedchampions, as i myself am a racecar driver. Over the next year i hope to be building a few GT mocs including a McLaren 650s GT3 and aston martin v12 Vantage GT3. Cheers?
  11. Marco1213

    Just joined eurobricks

    Hey! I just joined eurobricks like a minute ago and I would like some help as to know where I can post technic mocs. Any help please? Info: I am avid technic builder that doesn't have many parts so be prepared when looking at my mocs for your eyes to be assaulted with mix-matched colors and poorly-looking décor. I have been thinking about joining eurobricks for a while now, but I have been questioning my maturity level so I held back in fear of being banned or messing up. I will try my best to stay on this forum for a while, wish me the best of luck! I will also not post frequently because I have school almost everyday, and it takes me a ton of time to build something even moderately good. Will not post age, in accordance with the EB guidelines. Current project; 4X4 trial truck with hybrid of solid axle and independent suspension (just a concept and maybe will have this) tracks in the front most likely with a very compact bogie suspension setup. (pros; articulation, strength, cheap to manufacture) (cons; wheels not being able to move independently, overall failure at moving at high speeds) and independent suspension, which is my favorite type of suspension. (pros; moves independently, great handling at high speeds) (cons; not very much articulation with A arms, expensive to manufacture and repair) I would also like to add that independent suspension can have as much articulation as solid axles if you use a trailing arms setup, or lever action. Many people forget that.
  12. Hart New Bob


    Hi I am a new member here and I like LEGO! My favorite themes Are: Pirates, Town, Space, and Adventurers, among other themes. I like memes and youtube.
  13. Hello, I'm a new member here. I have been into Lego for almost 25 years. I had about 8 dark age years in there. I started back into Lego because of anxiety. Building the sets helped calm me down and let me focus on something. Most of that anxiety is gone now and I just enjoy the building. I do both building of official sets and MOC's. I do post to Instagram as bricks_bc as much as I can so people can see what I've built. I also have a small Lego City as space permits, with a new addition coming this week in the palace Cinema (trying to catch up before they retire). My favorite themes are city, super heroes (marvel), and space (this includes all of the space police, alien conquest, Galaxy Squad, and of coarse classic). I have always been an avid collector. For years I collected comic books, I even had a very unsuccessful you tube channel about it (haha). But my main focus has been Lego. I'm lucky enough that my girlfriend lets me have the 2nd bedroom just for this. Thanks, Bricks_bc
  14. YeOldeAnimations

    Hello Eurobricks

    Hello guys! My name is William! You can call me that or YeOld/YeOlde Animations, it really is up to you. I am a guy from the Midwest U.S.A. I have been a fan of Lego from a small kid (age 2-3) my older brothers had the 1980s and early 1990s Lego Castle, Pirates and Space sets so that is what I have had for most of my life but I did buy most of the 2007 Lego Castle line though a few sets I did not get. However I have given them to people over the last 9ish years and do not have as many as I did now. I mostly do 3D CGI Lego stuff now on account of it being more accessible and more parts than physical bricks etc. I did have an account here a year or so ago but some one I know took it and I cant get into that one, long story short I am not talking to that person any more. Any how this is the first time I really ever posted anything here so I thought I would make a small, not very good poster! The dragon, light and so much more is wrong with the poster but I have been working on it for over a week now and at some point you just have to let your work go. I will be making more posters for some themes of Lego that I like such as Castle and Pirates as well as Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars. Some day I might remake this poster if I ever get things to look better The secound picture is the concept I did with my Wacom drawing pen tablet that I am no good at drawing with, as I am sure you can see. Thanks to Nicolas Jarraud for creating the amazing Lego Brick Editor that was used for the Lego Bricks of this poster aka, and I use Blender to render the poster and Affinity Photo to combine the layers That is all for now, I hope everyones day goes well. Regards ~William PS I read that you can not post big pictures on Eurobricks, I think it is okay to post the link to the Imgur upload like I did right?
  15. talon_karrde

    Hi from Spain!

    Hi guys! My name is Jaime, and I'm from Spain. I'm a AFOL that grown up playing with Lego Space, City, medieval, western, and of course starwars. I love movies, scyfi... Enthusiastic and collector of Indiana Jones and Star Wars, I'm member of the 501st (6 costumes: Stormtrooper clasic, stormtrooper TFA, Biker Scout, Tie Pilot, Jango Fett, Shoretrooper), Rebel Legion (X-Wing pilot) and Astromech (I'm doing right now my own R2). See you there!
  16. Lego_Talk

    This is me

    Hey everyone! My name Christian and have just joined the eurobricks forums community. I'm already liking it! There is so much information about Lego in all kinds of different topics. I hope to participate frequently in discussions, especially when new sets are discovered. I have a blog for Lego which I just began in January. Check it out here! Get in contact with me if you want to know anything else.
  17. ScaleCarModels

    Hello! AFOL from Missouri, USA

    Hello Eurobrick members! My name is Rick and I am from Missouri, USA. ScaleCarModels is the username I use on forums and my Youtube channel. I just got back into building LEGO at the beginning of 2016 after being out since I was ~14. Turned 32 this year and this hobby make me feel like a kid all over again I love it. I have been checking this site regularly for few months, but the TC10 Pneumatics contest is what really pushed me to become a member. Technic is my preference and I have built up quite a collection. I am glad to be here with fellow LEGO enthusiasts and cant wait to share my creations with the community. Good Day
  18. tycoon1954

    Hi I'm from the uk

    Hi my name in Andrew I'm from the uk. I'm 62 years old. I have been a fan of Lego for a long time I like the big build kits. I have just got mindstorm EV3 set. I've built all the robots and run the programs so next thing to do build some robots of my own design & see if I can do some of my own programs. I have downloaded LDD and using that to design my robots. And help would be great full. If anyone has got any LDD files or designs I can have a look at to inspire me on I would be great full. Thank You Andrew
  19. Pertyn Sawk


    I'm a new member and my username is Pertyn Sawk. I don't really know why am I using it, my real name is Max, I just find it rather amusing. I've been absorbed in Lego about 15 years ago. I bought quite many sets from different themes. But for the past few years, my favourite themes are Star Wars, Adventurers and Power Miners. I first found this forum 5 years ago and I've read it a lot of topics in this time and I'm happy to add one myself. I decided to make an account, because I like the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka very much and I would like to contribute in the future. My other hobbies are swimming, cycling and I read a book or two once in a while. I also have a rather special hobby, I collect beer corks and my favourite beers are Saison Dupont, Brewdog Punk IPA and Orval - if you know any of these. I think this is more than enough for now. I'd rather post a build or two, so see you around in the forum.
  20. Hello! My name is Tracer, I am 14 years old, and live in California, USA. My username was inspired by my dog's name. Quite simple, but understandable. I am a computer lover,K1 Speed racer, Roller coaster enthusiast, lego enthusiast, K'nex Roller Coaster enthusiast, and Drum and Bugle Corps (Impulse)/ Marching band member. I love to see new lego Technic sets released, such as the 42039. I know it's a love and hate relationship with most, but I adore it. I march with a DCI (Drum Corps Int.) group, called "Impulse". DCI is like a marching band on steroids, touring the country, sleeping on a bus or a high school gymnasium floor, practicing for over 10 hours a day. Check it out! I usually take long breaks from forms when I loose interest in building, but eventually come back with inspiration. I love F1 cars and Indy Cars. I hope Lego makes a 2012/ 2013/ 2014 Indy Car, as it would be new like the Le Mans. I hope to get to know you all, too! Happy building!
  21. Bonjour à tous - greetings from Paris, and the start of my journey towards 10 posts!
  22. Walter Duarte Pinto

    Hello My name is Walter

    Hello AFOL Folks. I am from Brazil. Nice site.
  23. Hi all, Yes, I am a 'new' member here, kind of. A few years ago, I lurked and dabbled with emerging from the dark ages. However, I never fully escaped its clutches. Now, I am back and raring to go. Motivated by two kids who love Lego, I am really interested in having a city layout in our hobby room. For those interested, my name is Ian and although I was born and raised near Manchester, England I now live just outside Stockholm, Sweden. Jag kan pratar lite svenska men inte så mycket! Im much better in English, especially when it is typed as you don't have to tolerate my accent! The lego room was looking great until last week, with some tables laid out and a train track in operation, but alas, last week returning home with the temperature around -20 I found a leak, so currently have to redecorate the whole of the basement floor after it dries out. Interested in chatting with anyone, and especially keen to nosey at peoples city layouts. Live the dream, Ian
  24. Hello everyone! Some of you may know me as an active member on the Brickset forum; others may know me from Lego Ideas. If not, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. Ever since I received my first Lego set at age 3, I have been hooked. I began building MOCs in 2009 mainly for Lego competitions, and in 2010 I started collecting sets and parts more seriously. When I heard about Lego Cuusoo in 2014, I decided to use my skills and collection to begin designing potential Lego products; my dream is to see some of them on store shelves someday, and maybe eventually work as a designer for the Lego Group. In the meantime, I am a college student in Texas, U.S. working on my engineering degree. While college life leaves little room for intense MOC building and a budget leaves little money for intense Lego collecting, I still love participating in AFOL forums so that I can learn as much as I can about this classic toy we all love so much. If you want, you can check out many of my MOCs on my blog. Some of them are up for voting to become Lego sets here on Lego Ideas! Thanks, Lego_Nerd98
  25. Greetings! Hello everyone, and thanks for having me aboard. My name is George and I've been 'playing' with Lego since before I can remember. I've always been an AFOL, but now my journey begins in earnest; a few shrewd bulk purchases here & there on eBay mean I have the makings of a brave new world of MOCs. Areas of interest: Post-apocalyptic zombie pirates (I firmly believe this hasn't been done to death yet!) Power Functions (self-assembling structures, to be precise) Modelling real-world mechanisms in Technic (suspension, power-transfer... not sure where I'm going with this yet) I have to admit there's always the appeal of original sets; sometimes you can't beat the thrill of opening fresh, new packets and following the instructions! For now, revisit one of the builds that's made me very interested: Can't wait to check out all the exciting builds around here