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  1. Unsure about coming out of my dark age

    That's where I would start if I were you. Try building a ship and if you're not happy with it rebuild it. A lot of great MOCs here have started like this. It seems like you have a lot of bricks you can use for this project, if you don't sell the Star Wars and classic space stuff use these bricks. There might be some useful bricks and colours for an industrial scene like a harbour.
  2. Nier - Automata

    Awesome! The whole scene gives a great post-apocalyptic feel and there are even some parts of a former street visible.
  3. @raised I saw your answer above but I'd like to ask a second time since I'm not sure about modding a existing MOC: About the rules: do I need to build something new or is it allowed if I never posted it on Eurobricks before? The train I think about was on two exhibitions, but never run and could still be considered a WIP about the swoosh.
  4. Scale Modelling Forum needs your input!

    For me, a scale model is to scale. That means the windscreen, wheels etc. should be in the right dimensions. The porsche shown in the first post is recognisable but the wheels are to big. So for me it would belong to the town forum, also since it is "minifig scale". I often build 8 wide vehicles, e.g. trains and buses/trucks. I chose the scale not with the wheels but with the width of the model. As a consequence, the wheels don't match the scale that well, especially with trains, where there is about one useful size of wheels for modern locomotives and cars. These models belong to the Train Tech forum or the the Town forum for me. Functions are nice to have but not necessary. However a technic model should be with functions where possible. One last point is for me that a scale model cannot be placed together with minifigs. So a train or a car that you use on a city display shouldn't be in this forum. (well, I would be honoured the be called a scale modeler with my 8wide models, but I don't consider myself one).
  5. Union Pacific SD70ACe Heritage Fleet - 6 Locomotives!

    They are so nice I followed this project a bit on flickr, and now I can finally see them all together. Now go for the Norfolk Southern Heritage fleet
  6. When I wanted to contact them I tried with the PM system here on EB and they were quite responsive. However this was over a year ago, so I don't know if one of these guys from ME-Models is still active here.
  7. [MOC] Some vehicles

    They look all very well. My favourites are the food truck and the small barista on wheels since I see these two vehicels regularly where I study (of course in a different paint scheme).
  8. MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    All the SNOT work is just great, good job on the nose of the train
  9. They are quite easy to find via Youtube but not (yet) with Google. I took a look at their shop and to me it seems, they "modified" their system with @Lowa 's system. They were offering some switches and a double crossover before but not with the same look (they look a bit "naked") and they weren't modular. I hope that you will find a solution with them.
  10. I'm sorry to hear this. As @Toastie said, you are ahead and also known among AFOLs, I even saw flyers from your monorail track on an exhibition in Switzerland. Your tracks and bricks are known for the quality, I don't know if the "thieves" can achieve that.
  11. Custom LEGO Newspaper Stand

    I like it, it would fit nice to a railway station. Maybe you could add a few studs in length to also sell some snacks.
  12. Architecture 2017

    The picture isn't the real set, it is a model of the Lego house which was built during events as an ad for the Lego house. The article said that there aren't any official news out yet but that the set might be more colorful than the older Lego House set 4000010, so I guess it also would be bigger.
  13. 2017 Lego Trains

    I think there could be something. Friends don't have a lot of public transport sets compared to city but the ladies somehow need to get to the ski slope or to the beach. Maybe a two car E/DMU with a restaurant car and a sleeping car? I think this would also fit the lifestyle in the friends series. To save costs it would come without PF, also leaving more space inside the cars. What I would also like is a streamliner consist with a dome car, since these trains not only took you from A to B but also provided good on-board service.
  14. Minifigs = Too much ATTENTION?

    Here's what I think: The new parts TLG releases are nice, espcially while trying to build realistic looking MOCs. However when paying attention to details, minifigs can't be missed. When I place minifigs on a train or on the street, there should be some sort of a story and it should look like it's happening right outside in the real world. So different accessories are something which - even just as the icing on the cake - have to be there. They also add a lot more life in a city, imagine a place where every minifig either is a police officer or a firemen and doesn't have any every day accessories. Just to point out an extreme scenario from the early life of LEGO City. Now about printing: I don't know a single AFOL who would say that he/she prefers stickers over printings (if someone's here please say something). Printing on parts shouldn't be a difficulty considering the prints the make on exclusive sets, but as long as the minifigures make that much money, the place in the printing machine will be used for them. Just take a look to the new routemaster bus. There are stickers even though it's just simple letters on a tile. "Where is the building spirit" you asked when there are limitations, well where's the building spirit in model railroading, model cars and all other where about everything is allowed if the result looks good. I think the process of building and overthinking building steps makes the spirit, if in the end everything falls together build it again but with other bricks. Building with Lego has still it's limitations if we stay puristic.
  15. 2017 Lego Trains

    Remember that Lego still produces toys and is not a model railroad company Since the My Own Train sets didn't sell well and Lego nearly went into bankruptcy in 2004, they only produce sets which they think sell well. Unfortunatly trains are a niche market, there might be a small demand from Afols but not from children. Talking about making toys for children, there has to be some action in it, like helicopters, cars or trucks. You can play on the floor with them and often one can play a lot of scenes with the minifigures included in the sets. Trains need some track and space, especially if you own several trains. I count myself to the train enthusiasts on the forum, but I wouldn't think of buying a train related directly from Lego, of course there can be exceptions. I like to design trains and buildings myself and this forum is a great place for inspiration. I guess everything you said, like an engine shed or a coal hopper has been built by an Afol here and (that's my personal opinion) they look a lot better than the official sets. As for tracks, there are third party options like 4D bricks who want to start selling 3D printed switches this autumn I hope I could help and I also hope for new trains in 2018, but only for the parts Don't forget, in the winter village theme, the Winter Holiday Train should reappear this year because these sets often return for several years.