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  1. Stefaneris

    OcTRAINber 2018: The Foreign Challenge is go!

    You might be right, however that something British is on Swiss (!) tracks obviously happend: @raised doesn't make it easy for me
  2. Stefaneris

    OcTRAINber 2018: The Foreign Challenge is go!

    Well, this looks simple on the first look. However, with a closer look one sees that a lot of European rolling stock can roll through Switzerland, and several electric locos were (at least some part of them) built in Switzerland. So not an easy task, especially since a "normal" American train would be boring So, I'm off to for inspiration.
  3. Stefaneris

    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    That's an amazing train I really like the way you did the front of the train. Lights and interior of course is also great.
  4. Stefaneris

    [MOC] Introducing AshiRAIL - VELO electric motor unit

    First, I love the paint scheme. It is something one does not see everyday and it looks quite elegant with the curves. The power module makes it look like a train from STADLER, since there are a lot of trains (especially the GTW) which have such a power module.
  5. Stefaneris

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    Looks great, the front looks smoother than the one of the old FLIRT.
  6. Stefaneris

    How much weight does a liftarm hold?

    @BusterHaus Thanks for your input. This looks like a good idea, I will add some more beams to my construction.
  7. Stefaneris

    How much weight does a liftarm hold?

    Thanks, that's what I was hoping to read. I already had the feeling that it was stable (otherwise I wouldn't take such a picture) but it's sometimes better to ask about a second opinion.
  8. Stefaneris

    How much weight does a liftarm hold?

    Thanks for your suggestion, there is a strong beam on the inside, where the liftarms are fixed. The skin itself doesn't need to support the whole weight. Thanks, see the following pictures. Thank you for sharing your experience. Here are two pictures showing the internal structure. I build the zeppelin in two halves, so I can transport it better. There are four liftarms (the black ones) which connect these two halves. http://Zeppelin WIP 4 by StefanEris, auf Flickr http://Zeppelin WIP 5 by StefanEris, auf Flickr
  9. Hello Technic people I'm currently building a Zeppelin which should be hanging form the ceiling. The weight is less than 3kg (about 6 pounds), and there is a frame with techinc bricks on the inside. The whole construction is held together with pins and I use two times two liftarms (so there are four liftarms) to have a two ropes connecting the Zeppelin with the ceiling (at least, thats the plan). Now my question: Since I think that the critical part are the four liftarms, which might break. Can these bricks hold the weight for a certain time (several days)? Here's a picture of my work in progress: Zeppelin WIP 3 by StefanEris, auf Flickr
  10. Stefaneris

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    Thanks for your ideas. I will post a seperate thread when I finnish my train. As you pointed out, the windows are two studs apart, which also doesn't look good compared to the original. So there are several things I want to change. Ontopic: I think it's great how there are quite a lot of different MOC interpretations of this FLIRT (same might also be right for the Big Boy, Santa Fe etc.) where everyone has it's own building style but everyone's train is instantly recognisable.
  11. Stefaneris

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    I also build in 8w, here's a picture of it in the LDD: http://Idea3 by StefanEris, auf Flickr I hope that 2 PF motors are enough, I have another train with 2 motors and even seven cars, which is running fine. Of course only on flat layouts.
  12. Stefaneris

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    Instantly recognised, If you only knew what is sitting on my desk since more than two years I once built this version of the FLIRT for an exhibition but never managed to motorise it. However I want to finnish my version for a comming exhibition in October.
  13. Stefaneris

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    If I understand correctly, you can control two hubs at the same time. So it should be possible to have up to four motors in one train? Is it also possible to have more? This would require, that I can control more than two hubs at the same time.
  14. Stefaneris

    SNCF Class X73500

    Good work! You chose a very tricky prototype with all those curves. I like the Snot work, you used quite an amount of headlight bricks. Another good thing is the interiour including a toilet with a door.
  15. Stefaneris

    Minifig-scaled remote controlled truck

    This is a great model You did not only build a remote controlled truck, but it also looks fantastic. From a technical point of view, my favourite part is that your truck can handle sharp turns. Can it also handle the original road plates?