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  1. Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    I just added four pictures of trains I built with LDD to give you an idea. Since I startet building mostly with scale drawings and the right number of windows etc. I won't realise the trains like this (except for the FLIRT which I already started)
  2. Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    Of course I can, first, you can check my Flickr stream with some Swiss Trains and secondly I'll send you a PM.
  3. Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    I would guess an EMU means something like an ICE or other kind of trains with several "parts", like cars which are connected permanently (and are driven with electricity, the other thing is a diesel multiple unit DMU). An articulated locomotive is just an engine, but due to the length or wheel arrangement it needs to be articulated to go around curves and switches. However don't get me fixed on these definitions, maybe Wikipedia or some Railfan forums have a better description
  4. Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    Back to your video, first it is the lenght that amazes me. I like it when trains, which are long in real life are built as long trains with Bricks. Bringing such a train to drive around is not an easy tak but the slopes the train manages to climb is another great accomplishment. I have never used any 9V motors since I grew up with Power Functions, however powering long trains only by PF is quite a challenge and becomes nearly impossible if the motors are distributet through the whole train, like you did. I wouldn't call it an EMU, but an articulated locomotive.
  5. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    At the moment the 5x5x1 corner/bow only comes in dark azure and red. Since the part is quite new I expect it to be produced in several other colours in the future.
  6. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I skipped the last few modulars, I mean they looked nice and there were some funny details but that was it. On the Diner however I like the streamlined/Art-Deco look. It is something I'd like to build myself a long time ago maybe for a railway or bus station. So from an architectual view this is one of the better modulars for me.
  7. 2017 Lego Trains

    There is also a discussion about prices of the new sets, there are two which will cost over 300 Euros. So maybe one is a big railway station. IF it is a railway station and it is this expensive I hope that there is a quite long platform and that it fits to the modular buildings theme.
  8. Well, the video is made, but I need want to add some details on the roof like pantographs before posting.
  9. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I agree with @MACIEK8791 As a child I would like the set with the net thrower and there is also play value for two since there are two cars. Perfect for some action.
  10. [REVIEW] 75192 - Millennium Falcon

    Thanks for this review. I hope that I can buy this set one day, however my trains also want to be stored somewhere (and some other sets which aren't built yet because of space problem) The size and piece count is amazing and since I only saw the first 6 episodes I like it that one can decide which version of the Falcon should be built. Let's hope that it is available soon.
  11. Unsure about coming out of my dark age

    That's where I would start if I were you. Try building a ship and if you're not happy with it rebuild it. A lot of great MOCs here have started like this. It seems like you have a lot of bricks you can use for this project, if you don't sell the Star Wars and classic space stuff use these bricks. There might be some useful bricks and colours for an industrial scene like a harbour.
  12. Nier - Automata

    Awesome! The whole scene gives a great post-apocalyptic feel and there are even some parts of a former street visible.
  13. @raised I saw your answer above but I'd like to ask a second time since I'm not sure about modding a existing MOC: About the rules: do I need to build something new or is it allowed if I never posted it on Eurobricks before? The train I think about was on two exhibitions, but never run and could still be considered a WIP about the swoosh.
  14. Scale Modelling Forum needs your input!

    For me, a scale model is to scale. That means the windscreen, wheels etc. should be in the right dimensions. The porsche shown in the first post is recognisable but the wheels are to big. So for me it would belong to the town forum, also since it is "minifig scale". I often build 8 wide vehicles, e.g. trains and buses/trucks. I chose the scale not with the wheels but with the width of the model. As a consequence, the wheels don't match the scale that well, especially with trains, where there is about one useful size of wheels for modern locomotives and cars. These models belong to the Train Tech forum or the the Town forum for me. Functions are nice to have but not necessary. However a technic model should be with functions where possible. One last point is for me that a scale model cannot be placed together with minifigs. So a train or a car that you use on a city display shouldn't be in this forum. (well, I would be honoured the be called a scale modeler with my 8wide models, but I don't consider myself one).
  15. Union Pacific SD70ACe Heritage Fleet - 6 Locomotives!

    They are so nice I followed this project a bit on flickr, and now I can finally see them all together. Now go for the Norfolk Southern Heritage fleet