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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, It’s been quite a while since I contributed to the forum, nice to see it’s still so active! Ambridge & Paxley (few more photos, a track plan, and a video of the layout on this page) was a new type of display for me - an 18ft long end-to-end railway, with a station at either end, and connected by a single line. We usually run looped track which requires less effort to run during shows. It is also only 48 studs deep - I wanted to see what I could achieve with a much narrow scenery depth than I’d usually start with. The layout is based on a fictional rural branch line, with Ambridge being the terminus station and Paxley a through station (in future - it was a terminus for the purpose of its first show earlier this year). All of my station/display names are taken from villages and towns in the BBC’s “The Archers”, a long-running radio serial here in the UK. Between the station sits a small valley, home to the River Am and Ambridge Cricket Club.
  2. Hi all, Yes, I am a 'new' member here, kind of. A few years ago, I lurked and dabbled with emerging from the dark ages. However, I never fully escaped its clutches. Now, I am back and raring to go. Motivated by two kids who love Lego, I am really interested in having a city layout in our hobby room. For those interested, my name is Ian and although I was born and raised near Manchester, England I now live just outside Stockholm, Sweden. Jag kan pratar lite svenska men inte så mycket! Im much better in English, especially when it is typed as you don't have to tolerate my accent! The lego room was looking great until last week, with some tables laid out and a train track in operation, but alas, last week returning home with the temperature around -20 I found a leak, so currently have to redecorate the whole of the basement floor after it dries out. Interested in chatting with anyone, and especially keen to nosey at peoples city layouts. Live the dream, Ian
  3. Hello, I am planning a somewhat large layout at home and thought that I would share my progress. I have been wanting to set up a layout at home for a while now since it has been a few years since I have had one. I was never ever to really finish any of the other ones for one reason or another so I am hoping this one will be different! (There are pictures of some of my past attempts in my Flickr stream). I am getting very close to starting to build this layout. My biggest hurdle right now is getting my basement cleaned up so that I have room for it. I have slowly been acquiring ideas and the parts that I need to pull this off. The good thing is that I have almost all of the track that I need and most of the tables. So after many iterations, this is the layout that am planning to build. I had a few different criteria that I was trying to meet and it was very difficult to fit everything in and make the size reasonable. The layout is 9' x 17'. The section that contains the yard is 4'x8'. 1) Yard for switching I absolutely wanted a yard that I could do some switching in. I took the design from the "Ten Commandants of Yard Design" article that I found on the web (then later found that it had been posted on I tried to incorporate everything that I could and I think that I mostly succeeded. I have a few tweaks that need made but I am mostly happy with the results. 2) Run multiple trains I wanted to be able to run multiple trains at the same time. I have two continuous loops but I would prefer more, However, I have no idea where to put more. 3) City Area Room for a small city scene 4) Industries A couple of siding for industries that can be used for switching 5) Room for scenery 6) Try not to have to buy more track. The only thing that I am missing right now are the ME R104 curves. I already have the R72 curves and I just bought 4 pairs of PF switches. Everything else I have in 9V. I can probably do without the R104's if I need to, I just thought they added some interest to the layout. 7) Roundhouse and Turntable This obviously is not there yet. I don't know if I have room for it. I have a draft of the layout that includes one, but it requires another 4x8 sheet of plywood. That might be pushing it... 8) Remote Points I really want to be able to stand in one place and be able to control my trains AND the switches. I have been researching what people have done to do this and I think that I found a solution that works for me in a way that I personally have not seen anyone else do. I am starting another thread about these. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome!! Thanks, John
  4. JBucy

    Christmas Layout 2014

    Hello everyone. I haven't posted anything in quite a while so I thought I would share my layout I put under my tree this year. (and I hope I am doing the pictures correctly) I put a LEGO train under the Christmas tree every year, but the last couple of years have been pretty basic. Just some track to run a train and that is all. This year I wanted to get back to making more of a layout and I mostly suceeded. I was just a little too ambitious for the time that I had to spend on it. It looks like a ghost town because it never got detailed. For the photos, I had to add the trees, plants, lights and anything that could easily be removed to the layout. I made the scenery as strong as I could to withstand my 14 month old and my 2 year old (who is almost 3 actually). What I didn't anticipate was the 2 year old taking it apart and then the 14 month year old trying to eat everything. So anything loose had to go. It was walked on and crawled on with very little damage so that goal was reached... There are no trains in the pictures because, honestly, I forgot to put it on there while I took the pictures. Nothing special though, I made a quick simple train that could withstand the kids. It didn't, but it was easy to reassemble. The transition between the snow and the grass is not as good as it was originally. If you look there are some chunks missing in the back. I also built everything to face the other direction, but when I went to set it all up, I ended up having to reverse everything. Luckily it is LEGO so I could change it, but it didn't end up as nice as it was due to the time that I had to change it. I had some nice lines with the banks of snow and grass that I really liked. I will post some WIP shots that show it. The building is old (around 10yrs old) that I had sitting around in a box from my COLTC days. I needed something sturdy and didn't time to build a new one. At one point the 14 month old climbed on the building and was sitting on it...luckily the roof didn't collapse! I probably spent the most time on the 2 curves and I am really happy how they came out although I think that they would look a whole lot better with bigger radius curves!! Overall I am pretty happy with how it came out, it is just not as finished as I would have liked. Enjoy, John
  5. Calling all Train Heads, The Brickworld Chicago 2013 space registration is now open. Remember this year space is no longer an issue since the convention has moved to a bigger location! From club layouts to individual railroad themed MOCs - come one and come all. The process this year requires all LTCs to register their own train layouts on the website: If you are bringing your own tables then specify that in the "additional information" about three pages in. I, however, am still tracking everyone and will do my best to advocate so please address any issues to me. Please email me directly if you should have any questions, alacart buildings, modules, or rolling stock coming that you would like to combine in a collaborative train layout. If we have enough this year then I'll arrange one. - Brian Williams