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  1. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) Bossk Battle Mech

    Assembling the Team... Assembling the Team... by Greg Dalink, on Flickr
  2. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) Bossk Battle Mech

    I see you are a man of culture! My first attempts at building a helmet kept coming out as a crappy cross between Halo and crazy frog and looked ridiculous. I then tried a 4x4 half sphere canopy which looked alright but lacked inspiration. I was pretty happy to find the Chima piece hidden in the minifig tub! I've been collecting Bionicle parts over the last year exactly for this! Not sure how I'm going to use them yet as I've yet to tackle him seriously (25% done?). Dengar is 90% done but in pieces and needs revisiting as I haven't touched him for a couple of years and 4-Lom is 98% done .
  3. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) Bossk Battle Mech

    Thanks Mandalorianknight! In a lot of ways I feel like Boba was my "apprentice piece". I was a lot more confident going into this one as I was able to expand on all that I had learned whilst constructing Boba. I came out of my Dark Ages when my kids came along (who are now entering their own Dark Ages!) so I missed out on the Bionicle side of things although the kids had some Hero Factory sets. I'm enjoying combining System with Constraction and I think this has helped lift my game with Bossk, adding life to him. He is far better constructed and quite swooshable. This is a feature of all of the mechs in this series as I want them to have a power armour feel about them. Glad you like it!
  4. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) Bossk Battle Mech

    Hello! Here is the third mech in this series. I had a lot of fun building this guy as I went into it with a clear sense of scale from the start. I initially got a whole lot of those chest cavities with cover plates from the Nexo Knights battle suits as I thought that this was the scale I would be building in, but Bossk is the only mech where I ended up using this piece as intended. I think one of the biggest challenges for me was the limited part selection available in olive green but it actually helped focus the direction that I took this build. I re-used IG-88's base because I don't have the space to keep building landscapes but I did add a little island using a technique that I saw Thomas Jenkins use in his wonderful "Not So Super Six" Hope you like it! Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr
  5. Ya, plating it out between the banks of slopes at the front and the sides. I've never used before, I'm more of a fiddle around kind of guy but perhaps this is the motivation I need! My next mech is ready for photography and I want to shoot it on my next batch of days off so give me a couple of weeks to get my act together and I'll give it a crack. I make no promises though! Maybe it'll turn to crap but I'm keen to see how it pans out. Flick over that section when you're ready, I know you're busy wrapping your head around the TIE at the moment. Cheers
  6. Hi Kage The 4x4 plates (or whatever size works) would need to be packed out by a couple of plates to bring them up to level, but I think this is a pretty simple solution that uses your existing infrastructure. The gaps would close up at the top and open up at the bottom but wedgeplates would help with that. Or you could flip the mixel plates by 90 degrees and attach them to bricks to create 1x brick panels. Just spitballing here but I think this might be an avenue worth exploring.
  7. Hi Kage, If you squared off the brick sloped sections (keep it at 8 studs wide at the front and 4 studs wide at the sides) so that the turret remains fixed as you've designed it, could these voids then be filled with wedge plates on hinges as you've done else where? I think it could soften the base of the turret a bit more than the current brick sloped square set solution and provide a surface that could be tiled or greebled as well. Just a thought, it's really coming together regardless! Cheers
  8. Your proportions are very accurate making for a nice clean build. Well done!
  9. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) IG-88 Battle Mech

    Thank you so much, it's taken a lot of learning and a lot of tweaking to get to this point and I'm pretty happy with the end result. Finally, I can move on haha! Next mech will be uploaded very soon.
  10. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) IG-88 Battle Mech

    Thanks for the kind words! I finally found some time and bulked up IG-88's base a bit to marry up to Boba's, so here they are together. Happy Star Wars Day! Helmets Up by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Helmets Down by Greg Dalink, on Flickr
  11. BarfolomewMog

    [MOC] The Great Shogun (Samurai MOC 2022)

    Just beautiful! Love his gauntlets
  12. BarfolomewMog

    [MOC} MA40 Assault Rifle from Halo Infinite

    Mate, this looks great! Straight to the Pool Room!
  13. BarfolomewMog

    [MOC] Goldorak - UFO Robo Grendizer

    Looks great, I really like your solution for Grendizer's forearms!
  14. BarfolomewMog

    Mandalorian - The Armorer

    Some really nice details in this, I love the little red droid near the smoke stack and the furnace/ forge is great!
  15. BarfolomewMog

    SB00601 AR-PROJECT (MOC AT-RT 501 version UCS)

    This is ridiculously monumental! I'm always a sucker for a brick built helmet and your shaping is on point. The engineering in this is beautifully elegant, well done!