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Found 1 result

  1. ShadowWolfHount

    [MOCs] Studio Fan Concept Sets

    These MOCs are fan concepts of my idea of what sets of a School subtheme for LEGO City would look like. In 2018 LEGO City went back to things they already done before, which being Police Forest, Mining and Arctic. Least 2019 is going to the combine of Airport and Police, along with there being mix of other city related things. But with all these Movie Maker being part of these 3 LEGO Movies, LEGO has yet to bring back Studio as a City Subtheme. So this is my concept idea for sets of a Studio Subtheme for city, and for the fun of it, it's making a big reference to Jack Stone. Minifigure: The director would have the look based on the director from the old Studio theme, I think to save a bit of money on new printing, the face could reuse the old man from the outdoor people pack. Workers would have new torso printing of having name tags, or leg printing of having name tag on the left or right leg instead while the torso could be any civilian cloth. The robbers and Jack Stone would obviously be heavy based on the original along with two of the robbers (no prisoner uniform hidden behind, but I’m pretty sure a guy in a red suit and messy cloth would be obvious already) and I think Han Solo hair would be the most fitting for Jack’s hair. MOCs Golf Cart Target price: $5 Pieces: 60 Minifig: Any fig related to Studio Sticker: 0-1 (hood with Studio logo) I try to target under $10 when making this. While this is to only have 1 minifigure, I try to make it where at least a 2nd minifigure could be put on the back, however that failed so I made a place to put the camera and other stuff in. But there is a mixel joint to make something for the cart to drag along. Accessory would be a camera. Robber Get Away and JackMobile Robber Get Away Target Price $10 Pieces: 73 Minifig: Robber Though this would be more to the police, this one could be tie together with that and the Studio subtheme of being one of the robber actor but with a prisoner uniform. Thinking of what vehicle I wanted to make for the Robber, a Hot Rod come to mind, and red was a no brainer (cop vs. robber, blue vs. red). Thankfully it was easy to add the open doors to this compare to Jack’s Sports car, I even added a book cover for the windscreen. And for a small thing on the side is a fence and chicken. The Jackmobile Target price $10 Pieces: 106 Minifig: Jack Stone I went with a sports car for Jack’s vehicle and decided to use the Speech Champions wheels along with the add-on, also thinking that the book cover piece sense they make great windscreen with no studs on it. I try to make this look like it have 2 seats even though it only holds one minifigure, this is just so I could add doors on the side Cycle Chase Scene / Camera Car This one have two concept version, one with two bikes and one with a single bike but a roof camera attachment. With the car I added a book piece for the front and a snowboard for the back, just to give people some recolor of those pieces. Camera Car: Target price: $15-$20 Minifigure: robber, two studio worker Pieces: 127 Sticker: 0-3 (Studio logo on car door, number 2 on motorcycle) Cycle Chase Scene: Target price: $20 or less Pieces: 106 Minifig: Jack Stone, Robber, Studio worker Stickr: 0-6 (Both side of car door, Jack’s bike, robber’s bike). Cycle Chase Scene target price is around $20, as it have 2 motorcycle and car like two police set that were at the same price (60042 & 60137). Helicopter Rescue Pieces: 237 Target Price: $25-$35 Sticker: 5 - 6 (Studio logo on drone, helicopter with Jack’s logo on front, side and tail) Minifigure: Studio Worker, Jack Stone, civilian I wanted to have the propellers to use to contraction blades in a city just to add something different, along with not having the piece count lower by a lot because of a multiple large pieces. I was thinking of either adding another small Helicopter or a drone, and I choose the latter; so I look at the sets with drone to see what I could do differently with mine. I went with using 3 pieces to make a 2 blade propeller instead of 3 and use a camera piece for its eye. To add some side stuff I went with a dolphin (meant to be fake shark) and a rope latter that can be attach on to the copter. Bank Heist Scene Target Price: $60 - $100 Minifigure: 2 Studio worker, Director, Bank Worker, Jack Stone, 2 Robber Pieces: 584 (565 without the extra pillar) Sticker: 1- 6 (bank sign, bikes, picture, carpet) Though the amount of studio related stuff in this is small, I try to think of what would be the big thing for this sub-theme, I went with a bank heist, along with the first floor window can easily be pushed out, instead of the whole building exploding like the original Studio set ‘1352 Explosion Studio’. The window are blue as blue screen that are used in filming, it also leave the excuse to not put anything behind the window of the front part of the building. (there’s two pin holes on the side to be place side by side with modular buildings With color scheme it was hard to choose from white or tan with dark green or blue, but decided on tan and dark green, also adding some plants and a clock for detail. I choose to have the inside to be separate to have the volt for the robbers to try and break in. Also have a office for a 2nd floor so if people have extra window screen in trans-blue/black/clear, it can be change to a normal bank.