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  1. jansued

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest

    Just to make sure: In the new Blacktron GWP Set https://www.lego.com/de-de/product/blacktron-cruiser-40580 there are dark grey connectors. So it would be ok to use dark gray at a Blacktron MOC up to a limited amound for greebling?
  2. Great Brick War existed long before that big country decided to invade that smaller country at the outskirts of Europe. And then (mostly) nobody had a problem with military mocs, though a lot of people of different countries fought in Afghanistan, Irak, Mali etc. (including Germans) GBW is an alternative, fictional universe which should have nothing to do with politics, opinions and moral - because, in the end those are all very subjective things. (That is why I personally would not exclude Russia, Belarus and especially Ukraine members). If we start discussing who has a superior moral by not building military mocs - then we are in the middle of Cancel Culture wars und subsequently politics. And then I have some more comments (#sendtheleos) So - if you like it, participate. If not, just ignore it.
  3. jansued

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    Both would work for me.....Totally up to you...
  4. jansued

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    Not thought about that yet. Maybe staff should function as a "broker" for managing the amount of paid missions and the payment...
  5. Oh, thx. Then I hope I picked the right planet / quadrant :-)
  6. *Your entry has earned 14 XP (S:2, T:6, A:6) + 2 bonus XP for a total of 16XP The first space craft in DIRT 99 is a donation from the CSF. It is an older design, but very - VERY - fast and very useful for deep space recon or hit-and-run missions. Or engineers already gave them a new paitn scheme, but we are still working on the armament. 20220502_123512 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 20220502_123505 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 20220502_123446 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 20220502_123434 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Bild2 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr
  7. Gentlemen, let me introduce a possible commercial solution for all your security and defense needs: Schrödinger Defense Group (SDG) Last year the Schrödinger Defence Group (SDG) was formed by Dr. Thorsten Schrödinger, an internationally well-known industrial tycoon. Although Schrödinger had no experience in the Defense Sector, he bought 5 of the biggest companies: Skytech Inc.: Manufacturers of Figher Planes, Helicopter and Transport Planes WeserMetall: Building the best large caliber canons in the world FranzMittelWeitmann: Manufacturer of all kinds of armoured verhicles Schmidt&Meier: Worlds 2nd largest Producer of Small Arms from Automatic Pistols to Machine Canons Schwarzbach PMC: Famous private Security and Military Company with links to nearly evey Military Leadership in the World  It is not known yet, what Schrödinger really wants to achieve with this consortium. Rumors about the building of an private army and therefore influencing conflicts are strongly rejected in a recent press release. Despite that, there are reports that SDG is assembling and training a greater number of Schwarzbach personel and is equipping them with newly, top secret weaponry. Additionally, SDG startet an advertising campaign:
  8. General "J9" Solo is reporting in. Someone gave me two stars and and told me to build up the Corellian Peacekeeping Forces. So I formed small elite force which work so quiet and effective that Mon Mothma offered me the official position of a General in the New Republic Defence Force. Based on my experience, links and knowledge @ CorSec my new task was again to form a special operations unit, capable of Agressive Deepspace Intervention and Recon Task Force 99 (A-DIRT). CorSec allowed me (after a "bid" of Mon Mothma) to take the HC75 and Heavy fighters from my last mission with me as a starting point of the 99th. 20211205_123843 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Bild2 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr
  9. jansued

    review REVIEW: 60319 Fire Rescue & Police Chase

    Well it was sold for 100 bucks.... ;-)
  10. Here is my very professional view of the Lego City 3019 "Fire Rescue & Police Chase" advertised as " Action-packed fire and police playset, overflowing with inspiration for kids and fans of the LEGO City Adventures TV-series." Ok, we will see. 2 Star of this set is "Bob" the fireman. The female police officer and the female crook remain nameless. This would be the first thing where normally you would get a report from the Union or the Gender representative. The set contains 3 bags, 3 instructions and a chasis. We are used to it, but I still want to point out that only 25-30% of the box is really needed.... And speaking of useless things: Yes I know, it is a playset for ages 6+. But really? Here are the other stars of this set (including 2 printed slopes!!) Lime Yellow is a very common colour for striping on fire trucks in Europe and Australia, not really in the US (beside the Chevrons at the back). Beside the printed slopes we also have a sticker sheet.. And dear kids: This is what Lego thinks is fire and water: 2 I must have missed a lot of things at school and the fire academy. Especially the fire looks very "duplo-ish". Lego really has better options for a fire... This is the female crook. Prisoner 50382. Its the same girl as in Set 60275 (Police Helicopter) where she as brownish pony-tail hair and tries to evade a helicopter with a jet ski. Not only she seems to have robbed somebody or something in a very obvious prisoner clothing. She just made 300 bugs and stole a trash bag. Not the bridest candle on the cake.... "What daya mean -trashbag?" Lets start with the "Crooks car" The "seat" consists of a handle bar. This is not only a comfy seat, this is very dangerous for the Minifigs backbone in case of an accident. The licence plates are stickers. But do you really think its a good idea to use your real licence plates if you are planning a crime? Yeah, I have done it! And earned 3 Stars! The car has a liitle nice trunk: And - it can hold the trashbag and the 300 bucks In overall I really like the design of the car: Somehow "FordMustanguish..." The only things I really dont like is the "seat" and the gaps around the tires: If you can see the street through your car, then you need a new car. Or a better seat... This is the female police officer with her motorbike. The bike looks indeed very fast. But it has nearly no emergency lights, just this: If you are cruising through Lego City and you have this view in your rear mirrors: you won't recognize this as a police vehicle. Very dangerous.... A lot of Lego Police Officers want their 60041 bikes back..... Next: Fire and/or Crime scene. Stickers again. At the side of the little transformator box there is a "Cat wanted"-Poster- but with a grey cat. A brown cat -like included would be a little funnier. (Hint: The gray cat can be found in 60320) Then there is this fire hydrant, which should be attached with the double sided pin. But you really dont need this... A hydant mystery! And finally there is the "Fire": I guess the idea is to hit it with the "Water shooter" and then it flips over: Flickr (Which means, that the fire isn't really extuingished, it just can't be seen anymore. A hidden fire! From a professional point of view this is very dangerous...) And here comes Bob. Its always very good to see a fire truck arriving and a firemen who first graps a remote... His helmet has a little quality problem: The lime colour is a little bit transparent, so that the black lining of the helmet shines through. The drone SUV chasis Drone landing pad. and again, the "Seat": A quick check reveaveled that at my work place the seats are black and have no dangerous bars in the back... The shooting mechanism of the drone: In a very non-scientific experiment the average range of the Drone is around 30cm excl. sliding on the table. So we all can be assured, that we will find this part very often under the sofa or in the dirt bag of a vacuum cleaner. But what really irritates me: The police bike, which has to do high speed chases through heavy traffic has only one tiny emergency light - the drone hase 4 large emergency lights all around - and mainly no traffic in the air to warn! The Fire Drone SUV, "Drone One": I like the blue fire extuinguisher as aredundacy. It seems that Lego FD doesn't trust HighTech 100%... Gaps again. grr. Mirror view I would have put the lights above the indicators. And two more blues in the fender at the empty space. Total Scene: "Dispatch from Drone One: Car vs. traffic lights, lights down, fire in a nearby transformator box, Drone is activated. Police in pursuit of the female driver. Send the Lego Lights and Energy and a tow truck." Alternativ ending No.1: While Bob is fighting fire with his old school CO² fire extuingisher Police is taking over the drone and chasing the female robber: Alternativ ending No 2.: Bob is catching the brown cat and selling it to the lady robber. ;-) The good: Nice designs of the car and the SUV. Lime Yellow as a new Collar Euro Style Fire Helmets The not so good Little - avoidable - Design flaws: Gaps, No Seats Retail price a little bit too high. Drones, Fire Trucks and helicopters shooting water. Yes, it is a 6+ set and should have "action" - but the backbone of the fire service in the whole world is a fire truck with some people (not only one), hoses and ladders like 60002 or 60280 which were great sets - for AFOL and kids. Lego should not totally forget that.
  11. Well, Rocketboy, as much as I admired your mocs I can't understand why you are posting something on EB to convince people to leave Factions on EB. And it seems that moving Factions from EB to another platform isn't really gonna take place, so I (and I guess most of the audience) is really wondering what kind of miscommunication just goes around the management of this game. And the reasons of this are far waway from beeing an open book. I simply don't understand it. " The new forum will be more modern, focused, and give us more opportunities for customization. (and using Bjorn's wonderful graphic design work.) " tells me that in your opinion the "old" forum isn't focused, overcome and limits customisations? We are (trying to) destroying the game becauce somebody is not allowed to put little printed symbols on Minifigs? What I really really really dislike is that this whole thing sucks the fun in the game I had so far. And that is just the reason why I participate: Fun. Take that away and I am gone. Assuming that you are all grown-up man (or women or whatsoever) playing with kids toys ;-) I appeal everybody involved in this struggle: 1. If you have internal struggle, keep it internal. 2. If you can't resolve the struggle, find a way to leave in a good manner. Thx.
  12. Bild1 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr CorSec Command to J9... CorSec Command to J9 .. This is J9, copy. J9, we just received several reports of imperial activity on Randon so we dispatched two additional heavy fighters. Their task is to locate Imperial ships so that you can evade them. Remember, your main mission is to search for a secret Mandalorian Convent. Pffft. "Evading" Do I have clearance to attack if our task force has supirior firepower? J9, definitely no. High Command made this very clear... "Beeeeep" We will see. And what if I meet Imperial resistance on the ground? Same here. Try to evade any firefights. Just find the Mandalorians and recon what they are planning. Sounds exciting. Really, this is a job for a Bothan. Why evading any firefighting if you gave me our newest heavy frigate? Because we jus have one HC 75 and this is a prototype. CEC is building more but if we loose the prototype we -and especially you, General Solo, will have to explain a lot of things... Got you. We will see. "Evading".... (not readable....) Some clicks later, the CorSec frigate enters the orbit over Randon... bild 3 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr
  13. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* 1. CorSec Peace Keeping Forces and its famous member A lot of members of the Corellian Peacekeeping Forces were family members of wellknown Correlian families: 20211205_124207 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 20211205_124028 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr CoerSec Sharpshooter, Corporal Iella Antilles 20211205_123904 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Green Jedi Piera Halcyon 20211205_123739 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Heavy Infantry Kar Iblis 20211205_123843 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr General J9 Solo 2. Clan Awaud 20211205_124709 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Awaud was a very aggresice Mandalorian Clan and was very active supporting the Rebellion. 20211205_124550 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Chieftain Beroya 20211205_124530 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Chieftains Golden Guard 20211205_124440 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Awaud Warrior 20211205_124250 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Heavy Space Trooper 3. The Women of the Empire 20211205_123552 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Long before Captain Phasma there were a lot of female soldiers and officers fighting for the Empire, many of them keep serving the Emporer in Imperial factions 20211205_123031 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Intelligence Officer 20211205_123114 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Cold Climate Trooper 20211205_122900 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Commander 20211205_122752 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Imperial Heavy Trooper
  14. This is J9 again. Janine Solo of the wellknown Solo family. Somehow I made it through the first episode of Factions and somebody thought it might be a good idea to give me two stars. So I offer CorSec for the nest season my services as a General in the CorSec Peacekeeper Forces. 20211205_123843 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr
  15. *This entry has earned 15 XP* 20210728_110550 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Report from J9, CorSec Spec Ops, Bastion. We made it through the red desert and are now depolying at their backdoor. Due to the strong electro magnetiv field and disturbances within this field, rockets are not accurate enoigh, so we converted an AAC with an AV-9 Canon.. 20210728_112713 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 20210728_112813 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Loading and firing this gun isnt fun, but their shield piercing ammunition penetrates everything... 20210728_112742 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Local Farmers are supporting us.Not the best weapons, but they really know where we can hurt the bucketheads. 20210728_110532 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Comms are set up, but very unrelieable 20210728_110546 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr And we converted an old X-34 for recon and Artillery FFC. No armor, but really good speed. Supporting by our Rocket-Shocktroopers they will take care of ever attempt of escape.... 20210728_112809 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr At this time, it looks like we will succed during this night or tomorrow morning. Imperials are retreating.... 20210728_112749 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr