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  1. Coruscant. The busy centre of the universe, the place to be. After we've beaten the Imps Corsucant was chosen as the home of new parliament, the new armed forces HQ and so it became an even busier place. My uncle Han was promoted to General and imprisoned (his words, not mine) in an office in near the Jedi Senate building. He hated it, but he also was aware of the giant task to rebuild the defenses of the New Republic. So it was a surprise to receive a transmission via a Bothan messenger in which Han asked me to respond to his office as soon as possible. "So, Han, what do you need? You live in the shiny centre of everything and if you want you could rejoin the smugglers guild - nobody would stop a General and war hero. What you definetely need is some new furniture. This useless rubbish is from .. from your hideout in Corellia" "Don't you dare to talk trash about my furniture. It is old, but it has some benefits.. And yeah, just make fun of me. If feel like a porg in golden cage. I hate those damned offices, bureaucrats, meetings, workshops etc etc. This is not my world. No shootings, no chase, no... ah forget it. But: It is not what it seems to be. There are rumors, that there is a secret, criminal organisation undermining the New Republic, especially the armed forces....." CPQ3 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr "Well, I sensed something seeing this two Rebublic Guards in your office. What is it? "I don't know. But it seems that they try to bribe higher ranks. That is what I discovered. I fired some officers and that made me a target. And that is the reason why I need you and CorSec to clean up ths mess - I can't trust anybo..." TWAAAT TWAAAT TWAAT The alarm went off. The Guards were charging their weapons and running for the next assembly point. "Great. Now we are on our own. And without any blaster..." "We are not defenseless. There are secret compartment in that "useless" furniture.." "Wow! "And they have armor plates to provide some solid cover...." "Hm. I need one of those.... old but still useful." Intense blaster shoots, heavy explosions and loud screaming in the Corridor - a fight was going on. Then silence. And some mechanical sounds in the dark, slow klicks coming straight towards them..... To be continued.
  2. jansued

    [R4 - Ziost - CE] Raider gangs: Ash Bandits

    Cool Mech! Love to see more of it...
  3. jansued

    [K12 - Kalist VI - TT] Raiders United

    Nice ladies. Especially the one with the beard ;-)
  4. jansued

    [L7 - Korvaii - CorSec] Raiders - A War Dogs Fate

    Thx.The Sandhammer is an AAC 1 Speeder Tank and what I thought the raiders would make of it: Get rid of the expensive rockets, add some freight room and have an E-Web zo threaten smaller wessels.. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/AAC-1_speeder_tank
  5. *Your entry has earned 13 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Deep in the Outlands in the middle of the desert belt of Korvaii, raiders and smugglers were always present. CorSec was working hard to get this plague under control, but there were too many places to hide, too many weapon caches from ancient wars and lots of really bad guys running away from Imperial or any other kind of justice. One of these gangs are the "Red Sand Devils". The Reds are mainly mercenaries, trying to fill their pockets between two wars. Chief Rotz was the undisputed head of this gang. It is said that he killed more gang members than ordindary people... To get this swamped drained, CorSec startet with an extended weapon control programm. New weapon deliveries were stopped, caches were brought up and everybody carrying illegal weapons was arrested. Rotz was forced to contact Jona Hill, a famous war dog. They met near the bloodfalls in the middle of the desert... 1 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr At first everything seems to be fine but then Rotz discovered the blasters Jona wanted to sell them. Sc2 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr "Stud-E-Blasters? Have you completely lost your mind? Theý are heavy, you can`t hit sh** and the ammuntion is big and heavy. These are weapons suitable for ewoks in their mating season, but not to fight against CorSec and Imperials. This will be the very end of our business relationship! " SC3 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr The raiders: Raiders by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr and their vehicle, a modified AAC 1 called Sandhammer: Titel by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr AAC2 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr AAC3 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 20201005_174929 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr
  6. jansued

    [L7 - Korvaii - CorSec] To protect and swoop

    Ups, yes, just ignore the first scene. (I only used this to show more of the speeder.) The second scene including the second speeder is the one which should count. Thx, time run out somehow.
  7. jansued

    [L7 - Korvaii - CorSec] To protect and swoop

  8. *Your entry has earned 11 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Korvaii has been a peaceful, somehow sleepy planet, producing enormous amounts of Dust Corn to feed the Sector. But recently criminal elements found out that you can use the Axa flowers, which can be found very often on the red soil beside the cornfields, to make a new drug for the upper 100.000 on Coruscant. So herds of young punks on fast and armed swooped bikes invaded Korsaii and overstretched the law enforcement agencies. So Korvaii Government asked for support from CorSec. Right in time, CorSec just developed a new patrol speeder bike, the HASB IV. corsec HASB by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr A small deployment with Janine "J9" Solo and Capt. Paul of the Heavy Recon Group 41 are sent to provide protection in the Space above the planet and on ground. 1 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr "Take care of these little bugs, they are high and speeding way too fast if they are chased by the cops" 2 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr "Well, it is their choice: Arrested and alive or dead. They have been enough warnings! And - if the Imps would manage that, they all would be dead!" B4 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr B1 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr After having enough fuel and ammunition, Capt. Paul started his Patrol over the endless red fields of Korvaii. It didn't take long and a small but very fast swoop bike with some Hutten Insignia crossed his way, accelerating even more seeing the big patrol speeder bike turning around and chasing him. 3 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 4 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr The HASP IV may appear as a big sluggish speeder, but due to its avionics it matches speed and manouvrebility with nearly every other speeder bike in this sector. So the chase ended very quickly at some rocks. Capt. Paul stopped and arrested the little guy before the next sandscorpion would have had an extensvie dinner... 5 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 6 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 7 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr
  9. jansued

    [Economy] - Engine 177

    Everybody knows about those daring pilots of the F143 "Fireships" and their marvellous rescue of a shot-down Invisible Hand, rescuing not only Chancelor Palpatine and some Jedis. But nobody knows that there much more fire suppression unit on the higher and lower levels in nearly every District. My name is Dave Harrison Solo, I am one of those guys working at a fire suppression unit in the Dacho District. You might know my sister, Janine Solo "J-9", working with CSF. 177_3 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Well, it is not ONE job. It´s more like three jobs: Captain, Pilot and Engineer of a medium fireship, a F-53 multi purpose fire suppression and rescue speeder - but we just call it "engine" or "Fire Tug" because it is rebuild from an old tugboat. Some guys prefer newer ships like the F-88c, but I like that old fat lady. This thing is nearly indestructable and it never fails. Really, I never had an engine or emergency shield failure (do not mentoion this if you are talking with F-88c Pilots) The giys in black are the fire suppression specialists. They tried to use droids, but after losing a lot of civilian lives because failed rescues, they are hiring mostly veterans. Tough guys, but always on the lookout for the next prank. 177_10 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr The F-53 has a crew of 3 fire suppression specialists, a tank with 1000 gallons thermofoam, 2 foam guns, 2 foam handlines, 1 100" emergency shield generator, 4 gyrosscopic stabilizers, a harpoon, air drop capabilities, different communication systems and two incom fusial thrust engines from a U-Wing. 177_7 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 177_6 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 177_9 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr We are working 42 hour shifts at our statiion in the middle of "The works" in the Dach Distric. The call volume is high, between 30 and 40 calls per shift. Well, we see at least one or two bigger fires in one shift - in times of peace. Though most fire suppression is done through automatic systems, there is still enough to do for us. Mostly speeder and trash fires like this one yesterday: 177_0 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 177_2 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 20200615_164725 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr So, if you ever traveling in "The works", drop in and have a drink with us.... Bild2 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr
  10. jansued

    Catching Carla Corona....

    Well, I use it at the Page of our Fire Rescue Service for public education...
  11. A new action theme? 20200405_155354 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr
  12. Yeah, lets talk about recon before stepping into a trap. Any more countries with reckon capabilities?
  13. Yep, due to the outrunning time and sickness I just adopted an X-Wing nose which I made a little bit more bulky. But the Z95 has definetly more potential, I will keep it and enhance it: Shorten the wings a little bit, change the nose/body, add more weapons, maybe a copilot....
  14. *Your entry has earned 11 XP* The Z 95 Headhunter is still a fierce enemy, though he hasn't the same agiltiy and firepower as the new X-Wings. CorSec purchased a whole squadron of used Z-95 and rebuild them. New Engines, Blaster from the T 47 Snowspeeder and more armor were added. The CorSec pilots named this model Z 95x because its Firepower and Speed is very close to a modern T 70 Z95_2 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Z95_2 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Z95_1 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr P2010544 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Z95_3 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr