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  1. jansued

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    Working on it ;-) Meanwhile:
  2. Space Station 41c. An older modell if the standard space station, but still in good shape. It was a slow solar day at 41c. Nothing seems to disturb the daily routines. The Fusion reactor ran smoothly, radiation levels like usual. Alpha Black One with the ExoUnit taking out the trash. Blue One having a short nap... Orange One enjoying the old transportation system... (Choo-Choo..) Nobody expected the terror of violence, unlawfullness and unlimited creativity that would hit 41c in the next rotation - be prepared!
  3. jansued

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    Hello! I'm fine with entering a piratefied space station as Cat C, though I think if you take 21322 as an example, a wrecked spacestation would also be applicable for Cat B. So its ok to post the Space Station before the arrival of the pirates as WIP? " The original set must be recognizable, with key features, shapes or functionnalities for example" In my opinion this puts a too strong restriction on the creativity. Does that include a piece count? Most islands and outposts in the classic series have just 100-300 parts... I interpreted Cat B to built a MOC as to take the idea óf a classic pirate set (a pirate hideout, a pirate or imperial battleship, etc.) and transfer it into a space theme. Taking 10210 for example: Key features: A propulsion system (sails) - ok, Solar sails, I got it. 4-8 Cannons - no problem. A bridge, a lookout, a kitchen, Captains Room - also no problem Shape: A spaceship can't have the shape of a sail ship if, by any means this moc should make sense at all. Big problem. Functionnality: Firing Cannons, Anchor whinch, crane, Decks can be opened. Somehow solveable. So if I fullfill 1) and 3) but fail at 2) - would this be within the rules?
  4. jansued

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    Gentlemen, my plan is to build a modern version of a ground space station like 6970 and then to "piratify" it (think of 6253). So I just finished the space station - showing a standard space station, peaceful and stylish. They just don't know what will happen ... My question - can I post this moc as a) seperate MOC with its own topic in the space forum outside this competition b) start a [SPC-Cat B] - Topic as a WIP Moc - but with expected numerous modifications after the pirates arrived c) Don't show it at all....
  5. Thx a lot. You are right, 90 degrees would be better - but the changes in construction for that detail would be enormous, so I skipped it... ;-)
  6. *Your entry has earned 25 XP (S:7, T:9, A:9) SubPro Add Subpro ARC 190 DS (Deep Space) "Krayt" "Nose Art" S-Foils in Flight Mode Aft Weapons and Engines The Aft Weapons Station is equipped with a harpoon cannon and tow cable for recovery ops Wings in Flight Deck mode Wings and S-Foils in Attack Mode. For Ground Attacks, the Wings can be folded down 45 Degrees Detail view of the S-Foils 20231025_135853 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr
  7. *Your entry has earned 13 XP (S:4, T:6, A:3) As ordered, J9 and her crew went to Terminus to build a new fleet, train pilots and develop new weapons and tactics. Azure Squadron main task at thsi time ist the development and specification of a new fighter class, experiencing that the fleet of T65 X-Wing is aging, the costs of an T70 are enormous and in general the tactical landscape has changed: Much more deep space patrol and recon is need - with the abilitiy to detect enemies very early, engage bigger starships with a heavy blow and the to escape safely. 20231025_134208 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr J9 took some of their friends from CorSec with her as she signed in at the New Repbulic Starfleet: Pilot Lieutenant Feli Ardana, a stepbrother of Iolo Ardana, Chief Mechanic Myles Calamy and Master Engineer Sally Ride. 20231025_134112 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr After some remote test flights with a top secret new heavy fighter Sally Ride is instructing J9 and Feli for their first manned test flight. 20231025_134443 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr
  8. jansued

    [MOC] Moon-o-Rail Station

    Great build! I love the flower decorations on the moon. I will need those species in my room also, because I always forget to water them ;-)
  9. The EVIL GALACTIC EMPIRE has fallen. However, sinister agents are already at work to undermine the fragile peace. Piracy and Fragments of the Dreeded Imperial Fleet are threatening our trade routes. The High Command of the New Republic is struggling to gather forces to secure the main trade routes. All Planets and Species are needed to fight for our freedom and wealth -all of us, no matter if you are tired of the battles against the Imperium, the Faction Wars or even the Clone Wars. We were tasked to build a fighting fleet, travel to Terminus and the Hydian Way and the Corellian Trade Spine. Though I am not your Commander, I would suggest that in remberance of the glorious Blue Squadron of the Rebellion we mark our ships also with a blue colour scheme of your choice. Through friends of mine on Corellia I was able to purchase a heavy fighter/bomber which was planned to replace the BTL-B. To balance our fleet I would like to know which ships you try to get in service? And lemme know if you need help for parts - Ex-smuggler always have very good contacts.. Like Uncle Han would say: May the force be with us. If you believe in these things... General "J9" Solo
  10. jansued

    Entry: 1795 Imperial Cannon Battlepack

    Well, my idea was to built a small wooden Fort in the middle of a jungle with as an Imperial Outpost like Fort Foster in Florida. But - same here - time was running out and I had to improvise. Thanks for your nice comments and precise critics!
  11. jansued

    ENTRY: 1871 Pirate Canon Battlepack

    Many thanks for your nice comments, gentlemen. Yes, I would have loved to build more things around this cannon: A small fortification, some real pulleys, a crippled wall, some palm trees - but in the end time was running out and I had to focus on the "Le Scorpion". I think I will keep the cannon after the contest and build a little scenario around it - just for fun..
  12. Damn. The flag upside down is my fault. The kids played their first battle with it and I did not check the flag before taking photos. No I am sure the Grand Admiral will take notice and my fate is to end on the knees in front of a Gilloutine! Yepp, Sails were an issue. I tried to make it somehow looking like a sloop: https://www.arbeitskreis-historischer-schiffbau.de/mitglieder/modelle/schaluppe1834/ but I could only use the sail cloths from older ships. So I had to improvise - no historical or technical accuracy gramnted. Thanks for your wonderful comments!
  13. The Hideout of Kapitan "Black Cat" Catherine Wesson was protected bei a giant 32pounder Canon, capable of penetrating the body of every ship which dared to get closer. 20230826_171720 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 20230826_170820 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 20230826_170830 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr 20230826_170619 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr Her longtime friend -John "Darksaber" Smith with his crew Redbeard Bill, Ghost and Oneshot Olav they were ready for the Imperial Navy!