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Found 9 results

  1. Bricked1980


    Hi everyone This my latest MOC and project for LEGO Ideas. My interpretation of a classic American style Police Station. Brick Town Police Station is a corner modular building built to the standard 32x32 footprint. The model is made up from 2826 pieces. The main focus of the model is the Police Station itself but I've also included doughnut store and a Police car. MINIFIGURES The model features 6 minifigures, including 4 Police officers, a criminal and the doughnut store worker. A Police dog is also included. LEVEL 1 - DOUGHNUT STORE AND POLICE STATION The ground level depicts a corner street scene. Various details include a bench, tree and water hydrant. A series of steps lead up to the main entrance of the police station which is set at a 45 degree angle to the rest of the building. The Police Station also features a garage with a barrier that can be raised and lowered to allow the Police car to drive through to the back of the building. Next door to the Police station is the doughnut store featuring bright red striped awning and a large doughnut sign on the roof. A narrow recess between the 2 buildings leads to a separate staff entrance in to the police station. On the ground level of the police station is the reception desk and waiting room. Behind the desk I've included a coffee machine and some equipment storage. There is also a door in this room that leads out to the back of the building where the police car can be parked. LEVEL 2 - OFFICES AND INTERROGATION ROOM A staircase on the ground level leads in to the Chief's office on the next floor. The office features the Chief's desk with a tiny typewriter and other details. Level 2 also features a staff office room with a water cooler and equipment storage. A window in this room overlooks the interview/interrogation room. LEVEL 3 - HOLDING CELLS The third level includes 2 prison holding cells. A door inside this room also gives the mini figs access on to the roof. POLICE CAR The police car is 6 studs wide but has space to fit 2 mini figs side by side in the front seats. THE FINISHED MODEL The image below shows this moc alongside my other modular buildings. Left to right - The Queen Bricktoria, Brick Square Post Office, Bricks & Blooms and The Convenience Store LEGO IDEAS I've added Brick Town Police Station to LEGO Ideas. If you like the model then I'd be massively grateful if you could please spare a few moments to check out the page on LEGO Ideas and give it your support. Thanks for reading and I hope you like Brick Town Police Station, feel free to let me know what you think. If you'd like to see more, then head across to my Flickr page where I've uploaded many more pictures of the model.
  2. I'm not terribly impressed by the 2017 LEGO City Police Station. The set's layout is confusing, the jail cells are oddly positioned at street level outside of the station complex, and many of the building's rooms are unrealistically designed (how are your minifigs meant to get between floors? Or from the helipad on the roof inside the station?).That's why I made an alternate build, using only the pieces that came with set 60141.My police station is more aptly described as a local branch office. Why try to do too much with the parts they gave us in the set? My modification has two floors, an internal cell that is off from the street, and a functional ladder to allow pilots access the building from the helipad.Let me know what you think - and do check out the video review of this MOC!
  3. KrazeMagazine

    Lego City Police Station Unbox and Review

    Hi LEGO fans, I'm from Kraze Magazine! We've recently recorded a fun un box and review video of the awesome new LEGO City Police station set! Check it out on the Kraze YouTube page by clicking HERE - it would be great to hear what you think! We're also giving away three LEGO City Police Stations! So make sure you go and buy Kraze Magazine Issue 65 which is in shops in the UK on 29th March 2017!
  4. This is my entry for the Winter Village contest. 'Police station with police car' A small police station with jail, car and policemen.
  5. Recently I created some LDD Mocs of buildings fitting my city vehicles I will update this topic with every new building that joins my city. Emergency Services fire_station (modified The LEGO Movie building) fire_station police_station police_station All vehicles can be found here Regards marv
  6. Command Post Central, the police station of the Town Jr era, distinctive by its use of trans green windows, released in 1998, was my first ever Lego set. As such, the set set earns a special place in my Lego collection (which since joining here, I have realised is quite meagre). Anyway, as you may know, the Town Jr era was criticised for its use of simplified building techniques and large pieces, and sets released during this period get heavily mocked today. To combat this, I have created an LDD* model heavily inspired by Command Post Central's aesthetic, using the Creator Modular Building guidelines (in regards to sidewalks, connections, storey heights and access). I have designed it in a way that uses more common, hopefully cheaper, bricks (cue many posters saying x brick is now hugely expensive on Bricklink), that when I do eventually decide to build this, it will be fairly reasonable to. OK, there aren't any fancy building techniques, and does not have the cute storybook gingerbread details like the modulars, but I'm content with it. I guess it also could be converted to an office building. Apologies in advance for the awful pictures, LDD can be a nightmare to get decent camera angles in. 2942 pieces. This MOC is fairly modern in style, incorporating many modernistic elements (I think ... I'm a town planner not an architect!) utilising clean lines, floor to ceiling windows that rise up the entire building. The tower is four storeys high (each floor exactly 10 bricks tall). The top three floors are interchangeable, (and can even be ommitted if a one storey building is desired), as each floor has the same footprint, and staircase located in the same place. Ground Floor: Foyer For public enquiries, the foyer has a front desk and waiting area, and a notice board for community information. In addition, the ground floor also contains access and a car port for patrol cars. First Floor: Holding Cell Features a cell with sliding door to hold any suspects, complete with a utilitarian bed, also has a waitig area for the public, bailers and the yet to be locked up, as well as a vending machine and water cooler for the thirsty. Second Floor: Squad Room Using the latest in computing technology, the police can track down suspects from the (dis)comfort of their office chairs, this floor also includes the break room to fill up on coffee and steal yoghurts, and the Chief's office, with panoramic windows to observe all. Third Floor: Forensic Lab Where all the actual detective work is done according to modern television, here is where the lab rats find the killer who always uses a highly new and exclusive product, made by only one manufacturer and sold in only one store in the city, that happens to keep a record of its customers, which includes the only person they met since the murder occurred. The lab includes the central work table thing with a microscope, a fridge to store evidence, as well as the evidence locker which is protected from tampering. Comments, criticisms and opinions welcome. *Due to being a financially strapped student, any and all brick built models will have to wait until I graduate and commence a career. Though I do wonder how extortionately expensive the modulars of today will be by then.
  7. So its been about a year since the last time we took stock of Godwins Hollow's growth and all in all it's been a pretty good year. We've renovated several areas - the Red Brick Pizza Oven, the costume shop, courier, and sporting goods store. We've added a travel agency and post office. Lockridge Estates and Lockridge Farms both got a makeover and we're sure there's a few other things here and there. Anyways, this is where are little city stands today. For all of the pics please feel free to stop by our Flickr page.
  8. ItsaBRICKS

    MOC: Police Station (WIP)

    Hey guys, My newest project is a Police Station for my Lego town. It's still a work in progress; need to get a few more windows and the interior needs some major work. Quick overview shot Right Side Left Side (This is where I need more windows) Ground Floor Second Floor (Needs an actual interior) Third Floor (could still use a little work) That's it for now. I'll update with interior pics later. Any suggestions for what to put in that blank space on the second floor? And any ways to change the middle part of the roof over the balcony area? Not quite sure how to go about making that look better. Comments always appreciated. Thanks!
  9. This is my Police Station. Maybe someone have seen it on rebrickable or in my store at Bricklink. 4012 pieces without furniture or 4902 with furniture!!! If you are hero to build the instructions are ready for you!!! You can find more pictures at: If you want please visit also my facebookpage or my Bricklink store: http://www.bricklink...e.asp?p=ste2208 I hope you can enjoy with it!!! Stefano