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Found 13 results

  1. badchriss

    [MOC] Mercenary Truck

    Armored Mercenary Van A while ago i was surfing through the Internet and was kinda curios what other Brick / Clone Brands have to offer. My Eyes fell on an interesting looking SWAT Van from the Clone Brand Enlighten. I really liked the overall Design of the Vehicle and so i started searching for better Pictures to pull off a daring Move: Cloning a Clone Brand Set :D Of course without actual Instructions i only could guess what`s underneath but i think i did a pretty neat Job.I added some Details here and there like Clips in the rear Compartment that hold two Guns and a working Driveshaft / Rear Axle with Technic Pieces. Towards the End of the build i noticed that i don`t have 3 black Roof Plates so i used one with a cool looking Sticker. So now it`s a Lego Mercenary Truck completely made from danish Bricks that are compatible to most Clone Brands :D 20170515_130533 20170515_130601 20170515_130615 20170515_130634 20170515_130656 20170515_130714 20170515_130825 20170515_130837 20170515_131048 20170515_130853 So,how do you like my Version?
  2. The "ARV"-Armored Recreational Vehicle ---------------------------------------- The post-apocalyptic Wastelands in the Future can be quite dangerous and treacherous,but what if you have a Family you want to protect and you want to find a better Place to live? Well,just hope you got one of these,the "ARV" (stands for "Armored Recreational Vehicle). A once ordinary Offroad Van,this Allwheel drived Vehicle gets through pretty much everything thanks to the rugged and massive Cage that protects the vulnerable Enginebay and Windshield from Damage. I wanted to try the new flared Fender Pieces Lego introduced this Year and one Thing i immediatly thought of was "rugged 4x4 Camper". The Roofrack holds some Luggage and Sparewheels which are hold in Place by a strong Net. The Grill Area contains a Nod to 2 older Lego Sets,Hero Factory (see the little Badge?) and Power Miners. IMG_20171217_135801 IMG_20171217_135719 IMG_20171217_135659 IMG_20171217_135626 IMG_20171217_135612 IMG_20171217_135559 IMG_20171217_135531 I hope you like this Creation,Comments are always welcome :D
  3. Motorcity - Toxic Waste Truck ------------------------------------- Well Folks here it is,the Toxic waste Truck with Trailer that was inspired by the Artwork and Style of the old Disney XD Show "Motorcity". motorcity-Brandon-2-759x1024 The Truck is a bulky Cab over Engine Semi with a remarkably short Wheelbase (the Lego Model is prone to tipping over without the attached Trailer :D). The Wasteland of tomorrow is a tough Place and so the Vehicles need to be tough,too.A narrow Windshield and an overall armored Appearance make this Truck look rigid enough to survive pretty much everything. While the Truck rolls on conventionally enforced Rubber Tyres,the Toxic Waste Trailer relies on Repulsor Pads for a smooth Ride.Of course the Trailer can only be moved with a Powersource attached to it (most Cases a motorized Vehicle attached to the Trailer will do as a Powersource). The rigid Cage around the actual Tank provides Protection from all sorts of Threads like Road Pirates,Mines or falling Rocks. IMG_20171211_191609 IMG_20171211_191634 IMG_20171211_191704 IMG_20171211_191735 IMG_20171211_191748 IMG_20171211_191808 IMG_20171211_191821 IMG_20171211_191842 IMG_20171211_191906 IMG_20171211_192015 IMG_20171211_192048 IMG_20171211_192428 Hope you Guys like this crazy Build,it was really Fun to design and build. Comments are always welcome.
  4. Yeah i know,the huge Amount of TLBM themed Moc`s might be a bit overwhelming (why is everyone overwhelmed,how about just whelmed...) but isn`t it just great when a single Movie inspires so many creative Minds. Without further ado,here is my Take on the Police Cruisers from the Lego Batman Movie. I got the Idea when someone posted a Screenshot of an Advertisement from Target for the TLBM Sets.This one,to be precise (Image was cropped to remove unnessesary Stuff) TLBM-Police Car-6 I really liked the Car and i thought "Hey,that doesn`t look too hard to make". So i saved this Image and looked through various Trailers and short Spots to get a Glimpse of how the Car looked from Behind and how the Undercarriage was made.Needless to say there weren`t many high Quality Sources so i started to guess here and there. My first Design with the Digital Designer looked pretty okay... TLBM-Police Car-1 So i made a Partslist and started building after my Bricklink Order arrived. 20170311_184610 20170311_184622 20170311_184630 20170311_184654 20170311_184704 20170311_184722 20170311_184738 20170311_184829 20170311_184840 Of course i changed the Color from Sandblue to Black,since most Parts are much easier to get in that Color.I also had a few Police Stickers from Lego City Sets lying around to add additional Details. So,how do you like my Version of the Police Cruiser? P.S. I won`t add a huge Speaker on the Roof :D
  5. I really love the new Ninjago Movie Sets,and two of my first Sets were the City Chase and Master Falls. They were Fun little Builds,but i always thought could do more with them. The first Set i remodelled was the City Chase,especially that Green Grocer Stall.I turned it into a Building with a Shop on the Ground Level and added a few more Details.The Building is only a few Studs deep because i wanted it to work like a Background.I tried my Best to incorporate some asian architectural Vibe,not really sure if i accomplished that,it`s up to you to decide. 20170825_171726 20170825_171739 20170825_171748 20170825_171759 20170825_171816 The second Set i modified was the "Master Falls" Set with the hanging Rope Bridge.The left Side was a tad bit boring and bland for my Taste and so i started adding a few Bricks.....until it turned out into a creepy looking Entrance to a Cave or something (just think of all the Skull shaped Entries to secret Caves and Hideouts you have seen in TV). 20170825_172332 20170825_172340 Oh,i also found a nice Place for the Polybag Dragon... 20170825_172352 20170825_172404 20170825_172411 20170825_172425 20170825_172458 Hope you like my Modifications,Comments are always welcome.
  6. Two Days ago i bought the DC Super Heroes Set 76075 with Wonder Woman,a large buildable Ares and a neat looking WWI Plane. I bought it for the Plane but on further Inspection of the finished Set i thought about changing a couple of Things on the Plane to make it look more like the one used in the recent Wonder Woman Movie,the Fokker E III. I replaced the large sloped Wedges with Plates.Unfortunetly the Plates weren`t available in dark Tan so i used grey ones and also changed every other tan Piece into grey. I also modified the Wings into a Shape closer to the Fokker and changed the rear Wings a bit to fit in. As you can see a round 2x2 Tile covers the Area where the Tail Fin is clipped in to give it a cleaner Look.The round Tile allows the Fin to move to both Sides for steering. Another Detail that bugged me was the oversized and clunky Landing Gear Area. I aimed for something more delicate and used a black Laser Sword Blade,some Clips and a Plate with horizontal Clips to build something that looks more like the Landing Gear of WWI Era Planes. It is surprisingly sturdy,but of course a rough Landing might still damage it (just like in real Life). The last Thing i changed was the Cockpit and of course the Weaponry. Those Stud Shooters and Flickfire Missiles were dumped and i mounted a WWI Style "Nutcracker" Cannon on the Plane (just google for "Fokker-Leimberger).I also added a Control Stick to the Cockpit. 20170706_153911 20170706_153948 20170706_153957 20170706_154009 20170706_154016 20170706_154026 20170706_154033 20170706_154043 20170706_154052 20170706_154100 20170706_154137 As you can see,i pretty much changed everything from the original Set.All in all i relplaced most of the Parts and added more Details. So,what do you think of my newest Moc.....or is it still a Mod? Hope you like it,Comments are always welcome. P.S.:This was my first ever designed Plane
  7. Lego City Future - Hoverbike Chase Teenagers tuning their Scooters to be faster and louder is still a Thing,even in the Future.And like in the old Days,you can still get in Trouble for that. Lucille is an ambitious Mechanic and spends her Freetime working on her little Hoverscooter and racing it in every possible Location.No matter if the bustling Downtown,the dry Concrete Canals in the industrial Zone or the Scrap Fields outside Lego City. Of course she prefers the Scrap Fields since she grew up there in a small Street and she`s working in Beekerz Garage. But it looks like she has met her Master today when one of the Police Interceptor Bike Units noticed her. These are no ordinary Bike Cops.They are well trained and perfectly equipped for the rougher Terrain.... Let`s just hope Lucille only gets a Ticket for speeding. 20170513_221414 20170513_221421 20170513_221432 20170513_221442 20170513_221501 20170513_221523 20170513_221541 20170513_221554 20170513_221619 20170513_221643 20170513_221655 Hope you like my tiny MOC. Comments are welcome.
  8. badchriss

    Lego City Future - Surfin Beetle

    Well,technically this isn`t a MOC but rather a Mod....well,heavily modded if i may say so.The lovely little VW Beetle you currently can get in Lego Stores was sitting on my Desk for a few Days now and i really like it. The bright Blue is really an Eyecatcher.I thought about modifying it so a Minifig can sit in it,but this prooved to be quite hard,all i could fit in was an armless Torso with a Head. Well,while the Beetle was already into Pieces,i decided to spice Things a bit up (also,i needed those Wheels) and turned it into one of my "Lego City Future" themed Builds. 20170408_154745 20170408_154758 20170408_154806 20170408_154828 20170408_154848 20170408_154901 As you can see,i added the usual Hovercar Stuff to the Fenders. I also wanted to make the Beetle look old and rugged so i put in some mismatched Parts.The rear End got a classic "Stinger" Exhaust with a Pedestal on it so you can either sit on it while hovering over a Lake or the calm Sea and so you can also reach the Junk on the Roof. But don`t worry,all original Parts from this Set are safely packed away in a little Ziplock Baggie. So,what do you think of my newest Creation?
  9. badchriss

    [MOC] TLBM - Catwomen`s 9 Livez

    Catwoman usually sneaks around on Rooftops and dark Allyways,but what if she needs a fast Getaway on the Road? Well in this Case,she can rely on "9 Livez",a lean, mean Streetmachine. It`s the purrfect Mixture between Power and good Looks. The Hotrod is mostly Black but has some small Accents in purple. As you can see,i used some Parts from Catwoman`s Mighty Micro Car and from her recent oversized Bike. So,what do you think of Catwoman`s new Ride? 20170311_175618 20170311_175600 20170311_175510 20170311_175451 20170311_175443 20170311_175316 20170311_175101
  10. It`s already been a Month since i purchased the Catcycle Chase Set from the TLBM. I like it for the Minifigs,but i`ve never been a Motorcycle Fan (i prefer Hotrods, Lowriders, Muscle Cars,Customs or Classics in general). Sure,the usage of that printed Slope is outstanding,one of the big Surprises because usually TLC uses Stickers. Anyways,i was just thinking "what if Catwoman had a Car,and what would suit her?" I think a Hotrod fits her perfectly,they are small but quick and powerful and they turn your Head around,,,rawww! May i present you Catwoman`s "Nine Livez" (yeah,i know that Name is worn out and somewhat corny but it fits. TLBM-Nine Livez-1 TLBM-Nine Livez-2 TLBM-Nine Livez-3 I used the Hotrod from the Speed Champions Set as a Base and modified the Hell out of it. Special Parts like the 4 printed halfround Tiles,the printed 2x2 Slope, the trans purple round Tiles and the purple Rims from the Bike will be reused. The Car will be mostly black but with a few purple Bits build in (motly ones i already have or are easy to get). Windshield and rear window will be trans yellow (luckily i still have a trans yellow 1x4 from the classic Space Age). I also will use Parts from last Year`s Mighty Micro,that black pointy 1x2 Roofslope with printed Cat Eyes and the Tail (i think i have a second one somewhere....) for the Exhaust Pipes or...."Tail Pipes" :D So,what do you think of my Idea?
  11. badchriss

    [MOC] - American Food Truck

    Okay Guys here it is,my newest MOC. As some of you may remember,i designed it a while back on Lego Digital Designer with the upcoming Lego City Pizza Van in Mind. I liked the Ideas and Colors,but the Overall Design of this Food Truck wasn`t to my liking.So i changed it into an american styled classic Stepvan with brightly Colors,on Board Kitchen and Decals. As you can see,i also used some very old Pieces in this MOC,for example that white printed 2x2 Tile or the rear Doors.I kinda liked these oddball Details so i used them. This Food Truck pretty much has the same Features as the regular Set and doesn`t feature any fancy Buildingtechniques. Maybe this is a Start for a whole Series of Stepvans,i sure have one or another Idea in my Mind.... Hope you like my newest MOC,Comments are welcome 20170225_211126 20170225_211150 20170225_211210 20170225_211223 20170225_211238 20170225_211320 20170225_211336 20170225_211343 20170225_211400 20170225_211438
  12. badchriss

    TLBM - 1950s GCPD Police Car

    Yeah,this Time of the Year you just can`t avoid Lego Batman,especially if you are a Batman Fan anyway. I wanted to build something for those GCPD Cops from the Battlepack and so i decided to build a 50s Style Police Car like the ones they used in the Animated Series. And since Policework in Gotham never sleeps,you can watch Chief O`Hara chasing behind a suspicious Crook. An elegant Hoodslide helps her to get faster behind the Suspect and in the End he was caught. The Car itself was based on the Taxi from the Lego City Undercover Game but modified to be used as a Police Car.I also added some Stickers to the Car and no matter if based on a licensed Theme or not,this Car fits any Lego City perfect,don`t you think? 20170215_192828 20170215_192836 20170215_192856 20170215_192918 20170215_192942 20170215_192958 20170215_193018 20170215_193101 20170215_193329
  13. badchriss

    TLBM : Bat Signal

    Who doesn`t know the iconic Bat Signal?In pretty much every Incarnation of the Batman Comics, Cartoons and Movies, this repurpused Searchlight was used to either call Batman for Help or to lure him into a Trap. It even made it`s Way into various Lego Sets with the latest Versions being used in the TLBM Sets.They all have something in common:They look okay,but it still could be better. That`s why i took the printed Dish from last Year`s Batman vs Superman Set,some Parts from the TLBM Police Minifig Pack and many Parts from my Parts Bin. And voila,there it is:My very own Bat Signal Vignette,complette with a Rooftop,an Antenna and a little AC Ventilator that can be used to turn the Bat Signal. 20170213_200235 20170213_200242 20170213_200257 20170213_200313 20170213_200321 The dynamic Duo arrives... 20170213_200345 20170213_200405 Um das kleine Diorama abzurunden (und damit Batman was hat um den Enterhaken dran zu hängen) habe ich noch eine kleine Antenne mit Teilen aus der Restekiste gebaut 20170213_200427 Simple but it works... 20170213_200445 20170213_200513 So,what do you think of my newest Creation? Comments are welcome.