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Found 8 results

  1. ThePlasticWerks

    MOCk the Police!

    Every season, a new Lego City subtheme is announced, and every time somebody makes a joke about "(subtheme) Police!" So, I took that idea and rolled with it for a while. These are all mods of existing City sets, most contemporary but I've thrown in a few classics. I've also drawn on past City Police color schemes for some additional throwback goodness. There are definitely more themes out there I haven't touched on (Airport Police!). Feel free to contribute your own silly police builds :) Coast Police (Based on 7726) Who watches the watchmen? Patrol the seas and find the corrupt coast guard! Fire Police (based on 60002) Anarchy has consumed the City! Good thing the cross-trained Fire Police service can extinguish their firebombs AND arrest the hooligans! Cargo Police (based on 60020) Make critical shipments of standardized equipment to all of your City Police services! Special delivery! Shuttle Police (based on 6007) When the Space Police fail, who is Lego City's last line of defense? Lock up the criminal in the shuttle jail! Farm Police (based on 7636) There's trouble a'brewin' in the countryside! Help Constable Cornfield and Cow Cop sow justice! Bonus: Bonus: Deep Sea Police (based on 60090) Sharkbite and his underwater minions have stolen the Atlantean treasures! Octo-Cop and the Deep Sea Police to the rescue! Potty Patrol (based on 60073) Beat the Party Pooper at his own game! A clever trap by the Construction Police saves the day!
  2. Hi all, we've still got a way to go on our latest moc, but decided to have a bit of fun while we wait for bricklink orders to arrive. First attempt at anything like this, but we found it hilarious to make. Enjoy! (For anyone wondering, a Jammie Dodger is a kind of biscuit we have in the UK) (Edit: spelling)
  3. Hello All; Similar to this project: is another rat-rod turbine-styled dragster. This time with the rim from 42056 serving as the rotor/fins, as opposed to the 75mm motorcycle rim. Fun project, not meant to be very serious, in fact, nearly could qualify as a submission for our current (TC12) competition But I did want to compare the different pieces in similar builds and how they would preform. Won't rehash all the details here, full write up of details, etc. is here: Video: Pics:
  4. DigitalWizards

    Minions Big Banana Race

    We all love Minions at Digital Wizards Studios so we created a fun, exciting mini movie featuring the Despicable Me Minions. Welcome to the Big Banana Race. What do you all think?
  5. The super-laser is installed, the bar has been equipped, party decorations hung up, the PA is ready and all invitations have been sent – the dark side really knows how to party! While the emperor and Darth Vader raise a toast on this new jewel of interstellar destruction, a Stormtrooper discovers the wonders of Karaoke! The Inquisitor rules the catering department. Daft Tron on the turntables, Darth Lavaria has a chat with an imperial officer. Always the same story: he drinks too much, takes over the turntables and starts playing 70s disco… In the meanwhile, Darth Vader realizes that mixing Saurian Brandy with Alderaan-Whiskey (rare!) wasn’t a good idea. Of course he will blame the music. And he will clearly remember the usefulness of this duct at some later point… More pictures and (a review of the set) on my blog! I hope you enjoy the party just as I do
  6. Hamburger Grill. Not many people know that the emperor’s secret passion was actually barbecuing. Many many times he wondered if he should quit it all and start his own hamburger stand instead. In this universe he did! He got a lot of faithful customers and the galaxy became a better, more peaceful place. Well, until a certain Luke Skywalker opened a salad bar. But that’s another story. Everyone likes his hamburgers… that’s an order: Looks like that damn sparker is broken again!
  7. The masons wait patiently for the next Bricklink order to arrive. Some spend their time more productively than others...... Waiting for Bricklink by slobey79, on Flickr
  8. Sir E Fullner

    Life in an Army Company

    Hello, all. I've been really busy with school recently, but I have a little treat for all of you good Eurobrickers, and I hope you will enjoy it! I may not have a large army like many of you out there, but I am still proud of my little company. And the pride behind the company is the red-coated soldiers. Captain Miles Gloriosus trains his boys vigorously. They really do have fun, and whenever Gloriosus is gone, Sergeant Maximilian is in charge of the boys. The other two who help Captain Gloriosus are Lance Corporal Harriman (who instructs the boys on target shooting), and the partially deaf Corporal Montrose (who instructs the boys on explosives, though often disasterously). Harriman hates the sound of cannon fire, much to the disbelief of Montrose, ironically. Some days, Max instructs bayonet practice. It's a bit like seeing politics, in that very little ground is made. On Wednesdays, Harriman is in charge of target practice. The only holes in the target however, are the ones made by Harriman. At noon, the boys have a lovely lunch of bread, cheese, and either lamb or beef. However, they must say grace first. Usually, playing the bugle as loud as possible doesn't wake up the boys, so the Sergeant kicks them awake... ...or Montrose burns their back ends... ...or the smell of beef and cheese wakes them up. Sure, the boys aren't the best group of soldiers, but Captain Gloriosus cares about them deeply, and treats them as family. The boys, in turn, look up to Captain Gloriosus as a father figure, and to Montrose, Harriman, and Max as brothers. Captain Gloriosus never knew a better family. Please comment and question! Always entertaining, always inspiring, always: