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  1. rock raider

    MOC: Farm Truck

    Thanks for your encouragement. I hope to make a trailer for it next.
  2. rock raider


    I love the shaping of the hull and cabin! I too would like to see the interior and if you figure out some sails. Is that a red running light on the side? I love the attention to detail but I think on a vessel that size it should be on the bow.
  3. rock raider

    Johnny Thunder and the Lost Tomb of Ramesses VIII

    I love it! to me this represents everything that intrigued me about the adventurers line. It reminds me of the Adventurers part of Lego Island 2. Ah such nostalgia.
  4. rock raider

    MOC: Vintage truck Volvo F88 timber transport

    I like it alot. The color zones really pop. Check out the tutorial on inserting flickr pictures here.
  5. rock raider

    MOC: Farm Truck

    Farm Truck Inspired by my childhood growing up on a farm and a cool idea to build a truck with an actual frame. Farm Truck by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr Farm Truck by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr This design also allows me to use a more realistic trailer hitch system. It would use this part for the trailer end. Farm Truck by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr Farm Truck by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr Farm Truck by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr The cab could be better as I had to make some concessions to create the attachment to the frame. The minifig actually adds a fair amount of structural strength when he's in the cab. Thanks for looking
  6. rock raider

    [MOC] Pirate-hunter Airship: Leviathan

    I love the Lego Studios Windows. It's a perfect way to get small window detail. I also love the creative gold detail on the bow. The only thing I thought could be better was the wheels. To my eye, they don't seem to fit the aesthetic of either the blimp or the pirate ship so they just seem like the wrong kind of wheels. Maybe wooden looking or airship strut wheels? Other than that a positively lovely MOC.
  7. rock raider

    Review Review - 21304 LEGO IDEAS Doctor Who

    Oh my gosh I cannot wait to get this! Christmas can't come soon enough! great review and awesome references.
  8. rock raider

    [MOC] Modular Gas Station OCTAN

    I love it! You've captured my nostalgia from several Octan sets and made a very well presented version. Many stations made by TLG combined gas station convenience store and car-wash but I think you did it much more elegantly and believably.
  9. rock raider

    [MOC] Diving for Pearls

    Thank you so much for your kind comments. It is very encouraging to receive positive feedback on my first MOC. I love that you noticed that. It was mainly a parts availability decision but it turned out good.
  10. rock raider

    [MOC] Diving for Pearls

    I've been a member for a while but not had anything worth sharing. Now, finally my first real MOC. A diver has just struck Gold... Err.. Pearl. Diving by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr Diving by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr Diving by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr
  11. rock raider

    Is your member number a set number?

    there is no 14039 but 1403 is Duplo racing leopard and 4039 is Lego Explore exclusive kinda disappointing but whadya gonna do?
  12. rock raider

    [MOC] [WIP] Modular Brick School

    I love the chemistry Lab. I have fond memories of my high school chem lab. the handcuff details look amazing!