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  1. rock raider

    [MOD] Renegade runner

    I really like the cannons. I have been using a cannon with the same towball pin/head/fez combination but my carriages are somewhat lacking; usually just an Erling in between the breech and chase. I will have to steal this idea. Have you had any trouble getting the pins to stay all the way in the head? I've noticed that mine tend to be loose and show a slight gap.
  2. rock raider

    [MOC] Passing on the Family Sword

    Lovely scene! I have been hoping to make an 18th century military ball or party for a while and have been frustrated by the lack of appropriate dresses and, Judging by the fact that all of your ladies share similar tastes, I would guess that you have too. I also love the office and especially the clock. Where did you get the floor tiles?
  3. rock raider

    [MOC] Out On Patrol

    Lovely scene. I like the path. Is that cannon black?
  4. rock raider

    [MOC] Witch's Castle

    Nice MOC! I love the figures carved into the stone window frames as well as the great texture of the walls.
  5. rock raider


    Thanks for the pics. It's good to see what the different options are. I might use those but I think I'll stick with Lego wheels. I know we all have different levels of purist but I think I fall somewhere around the 'all official Lego except for cloth and string' level. One piece I have been considering using is the zip-line pulley. It's just a bit smaller but it doesn't capture the line. I guess it would be perfect for a snatch block but I don't know how much those existed in this time period.
  6. rock raider

    [MOC] Pirate ship "Parthenope"

    I like it. I've never seen someone replicate that in Lego. I have to ask though, did you try using the friction ram piece? it seems like that would accomplish a similar effect without having to resort to cutting and gluing.
  7. rock raider


    I sailed in college, and I've even been able to sail on a tallship, so that helps me figure out what different lines do when I see a picture with a million of them but I found a helpful guide that should get you started on understanding what lines are necessary to sail a ship like this and what all the names are. I also found a great resource for general knowledge on sails and rigging including some great drawings of the individual sails.
  8. rock raider


    Thank you. I agree that there is much still to be done. I'm not able to work on this project right now but, as soon as I am able, I plan to add sheets for all the sails and braces to control the yardarms. I've already included halyards for the jibs but I also plan to add a staysail or two in between the fore and main masts which will require more pin rails which will take more deck space etc. etc. I'm not sure I'll ever be done. If anyone has come up with a smaller way to make blocks and pulleys than using 1x1 bushings or wheels, I'd love to see it. Thank you! After many years of reading this forum and the classic-pirates blog, It's an honor to be blogged.
  9. rock raider

    [REVIEW] 21323 Grand Piano

    Great Review! It's a shame that Lego couldn't figure out how to make each key play a different note. The Nintendo Labo piano did better using one sensor that detected the range to the key being pressed to know which key it was. I know there's a sizable technology gap between the two systems involved but I'm afraid that removes the only function that would have made this purchase worth it for me.
  10. rock raider


    Thank you! I look forward to seeing the things you'll make now that you've rediscovered Lego. Thanks, I really enjoyed working out that solution while using the tight space in the ship. As NOD mentioned, I got the name from the Birch Books modular. No worries about not reading the thread super carefully. I'm happy that you're taking an interest in my project.
  11. rock raider


    Thank you. Yes, I found the lantern on the floor while I was uploading the photos. I was hoping no one would notice. Whoops Thank you
  12. rock raider

    [ MOC ] VCPD - Police Station

    This is the most gorgeous police station I have ever seen! I absolutely love the long panel architectural detail on the front facade. (not sure what the proper name for it is) I also love the inclusion of the ramp at the entrance of the garage to prevent unauthorized entry. Your attention to detail shows that you put a lot of time, effort and creativity into this MOC. Great stuff!
  13. rock raider


    UPDATE: The sails are on! It also appears that the BIRCH has been captured by the British. Thanks for viewing. There are more shots on my Flickr. As always, constructive feedback is appreciated.
  14. rock raider


    I think I'll be able to show it with the sails on soon. I think it looks better already. I have been working on this project since the beginning of April. I spent about a month researching and designing the hull in Studio before I started ordering the parts. I then spent about a month designing it digitally and physically concurrently, designing the deck and masts while making adjustments to the hull as I discovered different issues and opportunities. Then I spent the next month designing and constructing entirely physically while I worked out the rigging and rebuilt parts of the hull. Since I first posted this I've been working on the sails and a bit more on the rigging. I've still got a lot more to do as eventually, I would like to have the rigging be nearly fully functional. ...So, in short, about 4 months. The name is actually half of the 2 part printed "BIRCH BOOKS" sign from the recent modular bookstore set. I picked the name based on what 2 x 4 printed tiles were available.
  15. rock raider

    [MOC] The Heavily Criticized

    There will always be something that can be improved and there will always be people who point out as many of those things as possible. I absolutely love your baboon crew. It reminds me of the Monkey Island games. As a upgrade of the official set, I think this is a very successful MOC.