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  1. rock raider


    Thank you! Thanks, I'm glad you liked it, I put a lot of thought into that part. I really wanted to show some of the details on my ship because I found it frustrating that, while researching and designing this, I couldn't see those details in other models online. Thank you. Sails are the next step along with flushing out the rigging. The ratlines are going to take forever Does any one know of any good sail making tutorials? I've only found topics about replicating the official Lego sails on the forum. Thank you. I wanted to tell a story with the pictures and I know Mister Phes always complains when people post their MOCs without Minifigs I see what you mean about the masts. There's a bit of a contrast between the uppers and the lowers. I may consider reworking that but I still really like the look. I'll have to see how it looks once the sails are on.
  2. rock raider


    This has been my Quarantine project for the past few months and, now that I'm going back to work full time, I probably won't have much time to finish it soon. It's getting close though so I thought I'd post it. Without further ado, my first frigate. HMS BIRCH All of the deck can be removed to see the gun deck And the helm works! I'm pretty proud of the rope system that I was able to implement that works just like the real steering systems of the time. Clicking on the above picture will take you to the video of it working on my Flickr Thanks for viewing. As always, comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Since this is my first ship of this size and I plan to finish and re-work some parts, I welcome any suggestions.
  3. rock raider

    The battles of "Seagull Bay Lighthouse Imperial Fortress"

    WOW, I love it! this has go to be the most visually interesting imperial fort I have ever seen. Many of the others are just so much white and yellow or tan but the colors and wonderful architecture of the Seagull Bay really pop. I also love the details you included like the lighthouse and the harbor crane. You have my support #5911. I hope I get to buy this as a set someday.
  4. rock raider

    [MOC] Smuggler's Ship

    I like it! The shape reminds me of a fishing boat especially with the mast. Maybe you could add some fishing gear so he can pose as a fisherman to avoid suspicion. Great MOC. I can't wait to see your next one.
  5. rock raider

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Thanks! I've wanted to do this for a long time. It's always bugged me that the only solutions involved gears or some weird levers and I figured that something that low tech had to be possible in Lego.
  6. rock raider

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I'm not quite ready to post the whole MOC but I couldn't resist posting this feature of it. EDIT: It takes you to a video of it working if you click
  7. rock raider

    [LDD] Greek Sacoleve

    Nice work Disabella. I saw this on your Flickr, nice digital build! I especially like how the rudder is integrated into the keel. Not many have achieved this that I've seen. Not sure if you're using LDD or Studio or something else, but I really recommend downloading Studio from Bricklink if you haven't. You can open your LDD models in it and upload directly to a Bricklink wanted list. Also, if you link your Bricklink, you can check the average prices of your pieces as you build to avoid especially costly pieces before they become integral to your design. Can't wait to see the final model.
  8. rock raider

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

    Wow! That's amazing. You've excellently captured the essence of Fabuland while elevating it to a whole new level. I especially like all the wonderful textures you used on the roofs and paths. The greenery is great too.
  9. rock raider

    New xtra road tape - thoughts...

    I wish Lego would put the effort the put into all these extra non-Lego products into just making the road baseplates in individual packs (instead of packing the most sought after with the least useful road patterns). I can see that the road tape might be good for kids making a city on a budget but I can see no use whatsoever for the narrow repetitive water tape.
  10. rock raider

    Modular MOC - Pizza Restaurant & Hacker Space

    Love it! I don't know if I could take a sharpie to my bricks, but I absolutely love the effect you achieved. It looks like it belongs in the Lego world.
  11. rock raider

    [MOC] Space Man Spiff's Saucer

    Thank you, such compliments, more MOCs are certainly coming. A stupendous... man, you might say? The parts for this cost me about 15-20 USD on Bricklink. The most expensive part was the hair and I'm still trying to source this part for Spiff's Zorcher. Thank you! That is high praise. Calvin and Hobbes was definitely very important to me as well.
  12. rock raider

    [MOC] Space Man Spiff's Saucer

    Oh no! Space Man Spiff is hurtling towards the surface of an unknown alien world. He's going to scratch the new paint job! I've been on a Calvin and Hobbes kick recently and just couldn't resist recreating Calvin's most iconic fantasy I just love the idea of cruising through space in a shiny hot rod red spaceship. Click if you're interested in the construction of the craft Thanks for looking. As always, constructive feedback is welcome.
  13. rock raider

    [MOC] Islanders Hideout

    I love how you've shown us a different side of the islanders, or maybe a different tribe or people group altogether. They're simultaneously more advanced and much more savage than the islanders we are used to. I'd be shivering if I were those pirates rowing up to that menacing hideout and saw all the islanders painted up like that. Great looking scenery too, I especially like how you captured the old palm tree shape with ordinary pieces.
  14. I tend to agree. I supported this project because of the idea behind it. The MOC is certainly well designed and worthy of 10,000 votes but I do hope that the final product will be more Lego-y and true to the original. Which is basically what happened to the Pirate Bay submission.
  15. rock raider

    MOC: Police Motorcycle

    Yea, it did kinda blow up in proportion. I have to keep it away from other vehicles so the scale mismatch doesn't show so much. Thanks everyone for your kind feedback!