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  1. rock raider


    Haha I didn't GIVE it to anyone, the redcoats took it and if the bluecoats can, I imagine they will try to take it back. Thank you. I just posted a tutorial on my process for sail making. I hope you find it useful. Thank you, that's one of the parts I'm most satisfied with.
  2. rock raider

    Sail Making Tutorial

    I needed to make the final sails for HMS BIRCH so I thought this would be a good opportunity to show my method for sail making. I based this technique on tutorials from this forum as well as some model ship forums along with some of my own intuition and experimentation. This tutorial is for making fairly realistic sails. If you are trying to make sails in the style of official Lego sails, I recommend you check out this topic on reproducing Lego sails from which I took inspiration. To start, make paper templates of the sails you want to make. Then trace them onto your fabric. I'm using calico because it has a natural color, it's thin and is pretty inexpensive. Next, cut out your sails being sure to leave at least half an inch around the edges. This border will allow you to hem the edges later but you want to leave more than your intended hem to account for the fraying of the fabric. Then, using a pencil and a ruler, draw lines to mark where you will sew a stitch to represent the seam between panels of sailcloth. In historical ships, panels were usually between 18 and 42 inches wide depending on what country they were made in the type of sail. I spaced my seams at 3/4 inch for square sails and 1/2 inch for triangular sails. Here is a great reference on sails. Now you can sew the fake seams. The pencil lines make it much easier to sew a straight line and it is very obvious on the final product if your lines aren't parallel. I'm no seamstress but I understand that you should backstitch at the ends of the stitch to prevent it from unraveling. I usually go 1/4 inch past the edge of the sail for this. Now we apply art gesso to slightly stiffen the fabric and prevent further fraying. I applied a mixture of one part gesso to 3 parts water to both sides using a cheap paintbrush. Then hang them up to dry for a few hours. I usually hang them outside but it was cold and rainy. I usually iron the sails briefly to make sure they are flat before proceeding. Then, mark a line 1/4 inch from the edge of the final sail and cut it out. This will be our hemmed edge. Fold over the edge using a ruler. This is your last opportunity to make sure the line is straight. I've noticed that tracing on a flexible fabric can lead to lines that are slightly curved but I don't sweat it because I know I can fix it here. Finally, sew your hem. You can also glue or sew in some string to use as attachment points for your sheets and halyards to make attaching your sails to your ship easier later. And you've done it! Your ships will be the fastest on the seas! Please let me know if you have any questions or if anything is unclear. This is my first time trying to make a tutorial so I hope you find it useful.
  3. rock raider

    NONE of the 10K Pirate LEGO Ideas Submissions have been approved!

    Hmm. I find it very interesting why different people support projects. I personally didn't much care for the pirate bay submission but was delighted with what TLG turned it into. I supported the Caribbean Clipper remake with the same assumption; that it would be modified to fit the Lego brand and the final product would be better. On the other hand, some people are outraged that TLG changes the original design at all. Not making a judgment. Just think it's interesting.
  4. This is true, but I can hope. After all, they realized that it was a bad idea to split up the castle and space themes so maybe they also realize that pirates and imperials go together. It's wishful thinking I know but I was really hoping for a worthy opponent for Barracuda bay.
  5. Voted for Pirates (of course), and said I hoped for an imperial fort or frigate. So, we won't know which one won until the set is actually announced right?
  6. rock raider

    [MOC] Under Jolly Roger! Estrella - Frigate

    Must have missed this when you first posted it. Lovey ship, I especially like the shaping of the stern cabin. I hope to see it "in the brick" one day.
  7. rock raider


    As requested, here are some in progress shots that show the internal structure and some features I didn't highlight before. Here you can see the spine, kind of an internal keel between the base and the gundeck. The spine, gundeck and lower hull provide almost all of the longitudinal strength for this model. You can also see the pulley system I used for the working steering, part of the capstan inner workings, and how I achieved the half stud offset for the deck using 1x3 double jumper plates. I later added a small hold to use a bit of the wasted space below the gundeck. Here she is being outfitted with guns and supplies. You can see how the bitt is set up for mooring the ship. I only show one line but the ship can be moored with two spring lines, an aft breast line and, with some creativity, a forward breast line.
  8. rock raider


    It is almost done. I've been splitting time between finishing it and working on my next ship but, rest assured, I will post final pictures here once it's ready. As far as instructions go, I don't think I will go to the effort to make instructions for this, though I could post some of my "in progress" pictures to show how it went together.
  9. rock raider

    [MOD] Renegade runner

    I really like the cannons. I have been using a cannon with the same towball pin/head/fez combination but my carriages are somewhat lacking; usually just an Erling in between the breech and chase. I will have to steal this idea. Have you had any trouble getting the pins to stay all the way in the head? I've noticed that mine tend to be loose and show a slight gap.
  10. rock raider

    [MOC] Passing on the Family Sword

    Lovely scene! I have been hoping to make an 18th century military ball or party for a while and have been frustrated by the lack of appropriate dresses and, Judging by the fact that all of your ladies share similar tastes, I would guess that you have too. I also love the office and especially the clock. Where did you get the floor tiles?
  11. rock raider

    [MOC] Out On Patrol

    Lovely scene. I like the path. Is that cannon black?
  12. rock raider

    [MOC] Witch's Castle

    Nice MOC! I love the figures carved into the stone window frames as well as the great texture of the walls.
  13. rock raider


    Thanks for the pics. It's good to see what the different options are. I might use those but I think I'll stick with Lego wheels. I know we all have different levels of purist but I think I fall somewhere around the 'all official Lego except for cloth and string' level. One piece I have been considering using is the zip-line pulley. It's just a bit smaller but it doesn't capture the line. I guess it would be perfect for a snatch block but I don't know how much those existed in this time period.
  14. rock raider

    [MOC] Pirate ship "Parthenope"

    I like it. I've never seen someone replicate that in Lego. I have to ask though, did you try using the friction ram piece? it seems like that would accomplish a similar effect without having to resort to cutting and gluing.
  15. rock raider


    I sailed in college, and I've even been able to sail on a tallship, so that helps me figure out what different lines do when I see a picture with a million of them but I found a helpful guide that should get you started on understanding what lines are necessary to sail a ship like this and what all the names are. I also found a great resource for general knowledge on sails and rigging including some great drawings of the individual sails.