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Found 17 results

  1. sander1992

    [MOC] Various Space Builds

    Hi everyone, I've buid some Space MOC's the last few weeks. This is something I came up with after seeing some parts. I wanted to experiment with some colors and this is what came out of it. The big macaroni tiles was something I wanted to use in a speeder. I wanted to use some rare colors for speeders. Bright Light Orange and Medium Azure are colors I don't use very often. This was a nice opportunity to use these colors. I found some small technic panels. In Space Police III those panels are used in the vehicles. That gave me an idea for this build. For more pictures please look into my Flickr album. Feedback is appreciated.
  2. Operacion Saturno


    Hello. The release of the new Galaxy Explorer and the new Blacktron Invader proves Lego Group is open to design new versions of 80s space sets. This is our best option for a second Classic Space Lego Ideas set. The Galaxy Dropship. It combines all the features of the Galaxy Explorer and Galaxy Commander, plus many others in a single base. The project already has reached more than 5400 support votes and it has a bit less than a year to reach its goal. This project was designed by Giorgio Chronas. Please support it and his other Lego Designs at Lego Ideas. Link: Please support the return of Classic Space.
  3. MOC #63 Ford Police Interceptor Utility SUV K9 Team This MOC is a police SUV base on Ford Explorer model. I also created a stop-motion video for this MOC.This video is the most time-consuming video I ever made. I usually release a video every week, but this video took me a month to get it done. I hope you will like it
  4. Allow me to introduce one of my favourite minifigs, Wilf. He started off life as a normal CMF explorer who I thought looked good with the Lego camel so I started taking the odd picture of him while out and about when I was living in Oman. While road tripping round Oman with my best friend Wilf soon developed a personality of his own as the classic late 19th/early 20th century eccentric British gentleman adventurer with a love for travel, exploring and above all gin. I have finally got round to starting an Instagram account to document Wilf's travels in Oman the United Arab Emirates and beyond. As well as outdoor photos I am hoping to make some MOCs of Wilf's life, adventures and the other characters in his life. Check him out at wilf_the_lego_explorer, I will try and update his travels here as well. That's enough from me, I will allow the great man to properly introduce himself. "Good evening people of Eurobricks, my name is Sir Wilfred Sutherland, 13th Lord of Strathbottom, late of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, please feel free to call my Wilf. I would also like to introduce you to my faithful camel Omar who is my constant companion as we travel the deserts of Arabia in search of the native people, a bit of excitement and wherever possible a good gin. I hope you will join my friends and I as we go about our adventures and maybe one day I will introduce you to my beloved wife Penelope and the great Highland estate of Strathbottom. I wish you all a pleasant evening and I shall bid you good night as I believe my manservant has found a nice refreshment for me." Wilf and Omar in the desert of Oman Wilf and Omar at Wadi Bani Khalid, Oman Wilf and Omar at the (Legoland Dubai) pyramids of Egypt
  5. 42064 Ocean Explorer is subject to a lot of complaints about the lack of functions. While I agree that the set is sorely lacking in functionality, I also find complaining too easy. The hard part is suggesting an alternative. So that's what I want to do: convert 42064 to a Technic set. Edit: for the finished model, see here: (end of edit) First, the plan. Let's ditch the heli and mini sub - these could have been €10 sets, and only eat up parts budget here. The helipad can go too. The superstructure can be reused as a module later. Let's remove the crane, the gray platform in the back, and generally everything else, keeping nothing but an empty hull. Now, part of the challenge of designing a set is staying in budget. As there's plenty of room, let's make it shorter. Ok, the functions. First, there are no propellors. Let's connect the front wheels to some propellors. This requires redesigning the steering module with the rudders. (As you see, I use color coding for functions in MLCAD.) The structure inside the bow that holds the curved panels is very voluminous and can be reworked provide a nice open space, that perfectly fits a V8 cylinder engine, also connected to the front wheels. So that's the basics. Now, what functions to add? Elsewhere I read about the lack of an A-frame gantry. So let's add that. It has two functions. Move crane with LAs, and a winch (not drawn). How will this be driven? Manual is nice, but why not try and fit in PF? The space above the engine is perfect to fit a battery box. The bridge will be right behind that. The gearbox to select the functions can go below the bridge. With this in place, there's only one thing from the set missing: lifeboats. The orange 1x3 beams from the set received some flak as well - these can't be serious attempts at lifeboats. So I built slightly bigger lifeboats, with the orange panels from the mini-vehicles. First, I wanted to put them on the superstructure, but after looking at some pictures of ships on the internet, I figured they could be at the sides of the hull too. There's room behind the superstructure. With a mini "crane" (just a 4x4 bent beam), the lifeboats could be deployed. This is the third motorized function. This means the space below the bridge is the only palce left to put the function-switcher gearbox. The only place for the PF motor I could find was between the white angular panels. A perfect spot, if you ask me :) The gearbox has four outputs, so one of them (drawn purple) is unused right now. Maybe it can operate a small ramp at the back, between the blue 3x6x3 panels. Of course, all this is merely some digital designing and virtual doodling. The next step is building this in real bricks, which will certainly pose problems with things not fitting or not working. So I will try to build it and make everything actually work. I'll keep you informed when I have notable progress :)
  6. This is a small MOC built in a rainy day. More pictures could be seen here: P_20170609_182132_LL by Severus A, on Flickr P_20170609_181517_LL by Severus A, on Flickr P_20170609_181649_LL by Severus A, on Flickr P_20170609_181938 by Severus A, on Flickr
  7. Hi everbody, I am new here, so first of all happy new year! I present you my eXperimental eXplorer: LL-X2 landing by Binuche Bin's, sur Flickr LL-X2 01 by Binuche Bin's, sur Flickr Of course it has some features: LL-X2 05 by Binuche Bin's, sur Flickr LL-X2 07 by Binuche Bin's, sur Flickr LL-X2 08 by Binuche Bin's, sur Flickr The landing gear retracts (bottom plate removed): LL-X2 10 by Binuche Bin's, sur Flickr And, uh, yes it is my lego ideas project, so if you like it, you know what to do... But you can also tell me what you think ;)
  8. narbilu

    [K - A06] A Leader Lost

    :: A06 Guinevere :: :: A leader lost - part 1 :: Since Narbilu was stabbed by the alien on Hyreal, he hasn't been huimself. Although the recovery of his injuries are improving, the alien must have injected some kind of toxin into his body giving him moodswings and agonizing pains in his spine. The day he was released from the medical centre, he took the first vessel to Guinevere. The species on that planet has some kind of ancient archive. For over two weeks in a row, Narbilu read every file there was to find on curing anomoly and toxin... but in the process he stumbled upon something related to his past. To be continued...
  9. LittleJohn

    [M - B06] MANTIS HQ

    Location: B06-Sorn Tags: Civil, Building, Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer This week, I was sent to a MANTIS HQ on Sorn, to explore under the surface. It was teeming with wildlife and plants, some of which I took samples of. There was a boat load of supplies being unloaded too: Lots more pictures here: Link I really like how this build turned out, especially the underwater section. C&C welcome
  10. :: A04 - Mynderis :: The Terrestrial are worried about one of their covert planets they mine for awesomnium. They asked me and Koro to escort a small squadron of scouts to the surface and see where the threat is settling and conducting their research. Koro did a quick sweep of a spot where the Terrestrial could land their dropship. As the area was cleared I set foot on the steaming hot rock giving the sign in the com that the troops could arrive. The threat was no-where close to our current location. My scanners show a path between the lava streams leading 5 miles down south where the planet was violated by another corporation. Dropship:
  11. LittleJohn

    [M - A04] An Explosive Encounter

    Location: A04-Mynderis Tags: Exploration Job: Explorer The more I explored Mynderis, the quicker I wanted to leave; lava and rocks were the main terrain, with the occasion small volcano. It seemed that most of these weren't active however, and I didn't pay too much attention to them. That is, until one of them erupted directly in front of me... Needless to say, I was rather startled, and hot tailed out of there as fast as my jet-packs would take me. More pics here: Link Just a really quick little build for this week. C&C welcome
  12. LittleJohn

    [M - C04] Exploring Aeristus

    Location: C04-Aeristus Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer After getting the lava samples from Mynderis, I was sent to explore the plains of Aeristus, using my new C-1 speeder. It was a relief to see there weren't any ferocious aliens for once... They wanted me to analyze the dirt and plants there, so I got out some gizmos and gadgets from the back of my speeder and went to work. A few more shots of the build: More pics here: Link C&C welcome
  13. Disco86

    [M - B06] Exploration Lab

    Identification: Paul Bricktron Occupation: Explorer Report Code: PB - WB1 - B06 Location: Sorn Objective: Construct base - Explore wildlife - Research local resources Report: Underwater station construction ready Report: Laboratory ready for operation - scientists encouraged Report: Explorers ready for operation - scubas equipped Report: Found weird funugs plants Report: Taking fungus samples for research Report: First analysis of sample material - High Awesomnium percentage Report End
  14. Tags: Spaceship, Exploration Octan explorer Jedadiah Douglass, on I06, Yetornius: Planet proved to be almost completely covered in lava fields, out of which spout occasional fiery geysers, must be extremely careful flying at lower altitudes. The top can be opened to study the atmosphere... or anything curious in that direction My first build for Andromeda' Gates and my favorite spaceship I've built yet - also my first one... Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  15. narbilu

    [K-B08] - Nothing suspicious

    Greater Direstan B08 – Nothing suspicious Junali 3815 After a quick scan of the surface below, Narbilu decided to do a solo survey of the planet. As it seems the large plains of grass attracts no danger. For miles and miles Narbilu shears through high grasses on his newly obtained speeder bike, leaving a trail that has the characteristics of a grain circle. Over ten miles he flies in a straight line, before treasure is found. A strange field of flowers, growing awesomnium. This is something our botanists and scientists should look at. If this is reproducible, this would be a goldmine. Instead of searching the galaxy, we could just grow our resources. Narbilu circles the area placing beacons for the extractors and filing photographic scans of the surroundings, so the planet is mapped and stored in our database. Greater Direstan seems harmless and save for Kawashita to dominate without any trouble.
  16. narbilu

    [KG - B09] Deeper Grounds

    Maian 3815 Serium B09 - deeper grounds After a thorough search of the shallow waters of Serium, myself and Fey swapped our landing vehicle for a more suitable vessel to travel the greater oceans. We searched the coastline of the small sandbanks, before taking our ship to deeper grounds. We were no three minutes out, when our scanners went beserk. I suited up and went overboard, when no live was spotted in a miles radious. The bottom was still not far from the waves, so I could explore the surface with the ship within handsrange. I swam south, Fey following my lead on the water, until I froze. I was face to face what seemed to be a statue. Serium once had, or still has, some form of civilazed species. Hopefully not the size and jaws the statue shows. They also valued awesomnium, because this statue was placed right before a large vain, scaring off anyone trying to get near the crater. Fey reported still no living creatures near, so we extracted some of the awesomnium to test its purity. After confirmation, I placed a beacon so the miners could track the vain. Another successful mission. Serium proves very resourceful for Kawashita Group.
  17. Here's my second entry to the Wonderful Things Building Drive, entitled: "Lost Temple". An intrepid explorer has discovered the Lost Temple deep in the thick jungle of South America. The Lost Temple shows its age, having been worn down by the elements over the centuries. It is now overgrown with plant life, but hints of its former grandeur remain. I realise now I should have taken a couple of shots without the base to remain within the 8x8 rule. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow before the contest closes.