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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everybody! Over in the Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion topic it was reported that the great 60278 Crook's Hideout Raid set was cancelled by Lego. I'm very disappointed about that fact since we finally could have gotten a decent sized crook's hideout plus two more different police vehicles. (The giant brick-built dynamite could easilty have taken off.) I thought it would be the best to open a topic where everybody signs in who wants and would buy this set - and after that beg an admin for sending it to TLG (like we did back in back in 2008 for 4999 - which was in the end very successful). So please leave a comment here in order to let this brilliant set (or a similar one) become real for us! PS: @Crazydance, could you please arrange a general petition in the web (like the successful one back in 2008)? That would be great!
  2. Hello. I have some sad news. Lego is retiring the power functions system. I need your guyses help to sign my petition by January 1st! we need 100 signatures. here is the link for the petition! here is the petition.
  3. Calling all AFOLs! I just made a petition for everyone who loves using LEGO Digital Designer to sign my petition for LEGO to keep LDD alive and updated. No new parts have been added as of late, so please share my petition. Thank you. The Lego Group: Keep LEGO Digital Designer supported and up-to-date
  4. SIGN THE PETITION HERE : http://www.change.or...rd-of-the-rings LIKE AND SHARE ON FACEBOOK: Already shared on: - forum (thanks to Diggydoes) - forum (thanks to Diggydoes) - forum (thanks to SMC) - forum (thanks to General Magma) - forum (thanks to General Magma) - forum (thanks to atreyu2112) - forum (thanks to Mencot) - forum (thanks to Dzoni90) - forum (thanks to Dzoni90) - frontpage (combined effort) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Eurobricks members and LEGO the Lord of the Rings enthousiasts, as we know, the future for LEGO LotR looks very dim with currently no advertisement for a next wave in the instructions of the last Hobbit wave, and no mention of LotR sets in the retailer catalog. It is almost sure that LEGO The Lord of the Rings is over. To most of us the line feels incomplete with the lack of several important characters (like the Witch-King, Eowyn, Sauron and Faramir), factions (especially Gondor), buildings (mainly Minas Tirith) and creatures (like the Balrog, Treebeard and mountain trolls). Many of us feel that this theme needs just one wave to 'complete' the LEGO Lord of the Rings. Even only one set, which is preferably set in Gondor, could solve most of our problems. For example, you can make a Battle of the Pelennor Fields as big as you want (depicting several stages of the battle and the preceding events) with the Witch-King on fell beast, Éowyn, wounded Faramir, Gondor soldiers, a mountain troll, a piece of Minas Tirith, etc. To raise awareness I would like to start a petition to let LEGO know that we care. I know some of you think this will not matter, but maybe it will. If we get enough support maybe we can at least get an official statement from TLG that LEGO LotR is over and why. I am working on the format right now, but to make this a strong statement I could use your help. Thank you very much for your help.
  5. Hello there ! Many of you have noticed that they are 2 prices for the LEGO sets: the "US" prices and the "rest of the world" prices. We are a lot, here, in Europe, to think that it not normal to pay for exemple 419 euros in Europe for the set 10188 when in the USA the price is 341 euros, including taxes so it means that there's a difference of 80 euros ! It also means that for the same amount in the US, we could have 2 or 3 sets instead of just 1 everywhere else in the world. I don't say that it's not fair, because prices in the US are already high, it's expensive for what we got (I know, quality, competition, etc...) but personally, I'd prefer to pay 400 euros for 2 sets like in the USA than to pay 350 euros only for 1 set. TLC has always been close to its customers and very kind with them so I'm sure that if we had a lot of signatures on this petition, they could reconsider their prices for their prices. Thank you for having read my topic and I wish you a nice day.