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  1. 2018 Lego Trains

    Seems that the old narrow-gauge tracks might come to an end of the line; the rollercoaster tracks are also part of the new mining sets: https://www.brothers-brick.com/2017/11/20/lego-city-2018-sets-revealed-news/#more-98300
  2. Update for the winners: We will contact you on short notice for shipping & choosing your prize!
  3. Winners have been announced over at BMR!
  4. [MOC] Unmanned trains

    Splendid stuff, I really love that double traction one, both for its livery and for its form factor. Also, Sci-fi combined with trains is always awesome.
  5. http://brickmodelrailroader.com/index.php/2017/11/13/octrainber-a-short-service-announcement/
  6. It's multitrack drifting!

    That's both hilarious AND awesome. Thanks for sharing! (also, I just HAD to post this one over at BMR...)
  7. Aaand this concludes OcTRAINber! Thanks all for your entries, much appreciated! We are truely astonished by all the great entries, and we know for sure this is going to be a difficult one to judge! In the next days we will communicate more about the scoring and the prizes. But untill then we thank all contestants and hope you all had a great OcTRAINber!
  8. [MOC] - 4-wide FYRA

    Actually, 17 of the the V250's (the name that AnsaldoBreda gave them) have been sold to Trenitalia and are currently being refurbished and will start running on the Italian network June next year... http://www.railwaygazette.com/news/high-speed/single-view/view/trenitalia-agrees-to-acquire-v250-trainsets.html
  9. Fair point, we haven't properly communicated this. If you manage to enter them before 23:59 PDT we will accept the entry. We will communicate about this on short notice, after OcTRAINber as ended!
  10. Engine shed

    You're sure it was not an extended version of 10027?
  11. Only 1 day to go, is everyone going to finish their OcTRAINber entries in time?!
  12. Can't you just lengthen it by 0.5 studs, by just putting the buffers on a jumper plate or whatever? Anyways 59.5 sounds an awefull lot like 60 so we are willing to tolerate.
  13. Only 7 days to go before OcTRAINber ends! Because we love to see as many entries as possible, we have a short question to everybody who is currently building for OcTRAINber: Are you going to finish your entries in time, meaning before November 1st?
  14. Prizes have been announced! Read all about it here on Brick Model Railroader. For the ones who cannot wait: Some cool Lego Train sets. Thanks TLC! A full circle of R104 and R120 curves. Thanks Bricktracks! Remember, all entries must follow the rules (post 1) (post 2) and must be uploaded in the two contest threads at our BMR Flickr!