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  1. Following all your questions, we have decided to bundle them and put them online in a separate post. http://brickmodelrailroader.com/index.php/2017/10/11/octrainber-some-extra-information-on-the-rules/
  2. [REVIEW OFFER] The LEGO Trains Book

    Sure, I wouldn't mind writing one! (In what timespan should it be posted?) Even though I'm not that active here, so maybe somebody else is better qualified?
  3. @Beck 1. 60 studs for single units, 70 studs for semi-permanently coupled units. These are two different categories! 2. Measurement for US loco's goes over the couplers Hope this helps!
  4. See rules, also it has to have trainwheels.
  5. [MOC] Amtrak P42DC

    Looks great! Is it more than 60 studs long? *hint OcTRAINber hint*
  6. Lettering (fonts) for German locomotives

    Tried using a Dymo or Brother Labelwriter? I saw some guys having some good experiences with those as long as the resolution is high enough.
  7. That's pretty much the quintessential of semi-permanently coupled units for us Europeans (I think I wrote somewhere in the post that EMUs and DMUs were allowed), so the answer would be yes I'd say.
  8. Well, in real life the length of an unit is being measured by its length from buffer to buffer. Also, there is no limit on width.
  9. Let the creativity do the thinking for you! ;) Oh my oh my! You did indeed build that one a bit too early!!
  10. For the first question: we didn't state any rules for this so that's up to your own imagination! For the second question: yes, for posting on flickr you will need an account. But trust me, it's a great platform to use :)
  11. Keep in mind that all types are allowed, meaning you can also just build a waggon of some sorts. My goal for example is to finally build an ICR wagon of the Dutch railways, which will go about 72 studs. Also, you can think about trams, rescue trains (think SBB in the alpes), MOW equipment (Network Rail?), Truck-Train combos like Hupac, etc etc. If it wasn't put online before, we would be willing to consider it. In the end, the pre-announcement did state that we encourage finally finishing those previously half-failed ideas for something long. Again, as said before; it's a building contest, so please no old models that have been posted already. Hehe did you follow the content on BMR lately? There is some professional butchering and third party use going on over there, some posts are really close to heresy ;) All joking aside; if the rules don't state otherwise, its allowed. Rule of thumb here would be the following: Lego: yes, third party: yes, clones: no.
  12. All aboard OcTRAINber! BTW: All entries will have to be posted in the Flickr Group to be part of the contest, but for sure feel free to post them here as well!
  13. Only new or maybe unpublished work that fits the rules. In the end it's a building contest to activate people to build ;)
  14. As a follow-up to this reaction: Yes, we are going to accept digital builds as well! Indeed in a different category (we still need to sort out how we will be doing this price-wise, because yes, there will be prices!) but we will accept them! Also, the official announcement including the rules of the contest will be up this weekend, both on BMR and here on Train Tech!