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  1. Defaultsound

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Wow never seen an N10 motor before those are tiny! They might even prove better than a N20 (for size at least). I did wonder about the smoothness of the wheels. I hoped that with enough weight of the model the traciton would be enough. Like you said rubber band may be required, or another custom wheel.
  2. Defaultsound

    Trains in 4-Wide

    So I've been eyeing up this thread for a while and it's got me thinking, how good would it be to have a powered 4 wide (Using 50254 wheels). Obviously some custom parts are going to be needed. So I spent today just roughly figuring that out. First off, I just made this rough template for size. I figure a N20 Motor should fit within the volume. Sure enough it could in theory. For the least amount of gearing it would only be one set of driven wheels. Again just a rough idea. I just really like the idea of running a miniture lego railway. Might continue exploring this in the future. Anyone know of anyone else tackling this at all?
  3. Hey, quick question. Has anyone ever used this part in a GBC? x153 Looking at the image it seems the diameter won't fit a ball, but has anyone used this before? EDIT: Answered my own question. Looking here it seems it has been used before
  4. For those wondering about the code, it just unlocks some wallpapers and a certificate that you can specify a name on.
  5. Defaultsound

    REFERENCE Dusting Lego displays and layouts

    I tried the Datavac since I have one for my PCs. Do Not Recommend. Its a bit too powerful and ends up just blowing pieces everywhere. It could work okay on sturdy models, but trying it on my modular street was more hassle than it was worth. Brushes and cloths are the way to go..
  6. Thought I would just add this to the discussion. Nothing overly special, just a basic conveyor. The EV3 counts how many balls pass using the colour sensor.
  7. The narrow gauge engine by Lok24 impressed me pretty good example of fitting PF in a small space. I've been working out the exact construction based on the images. Probably going to release my version some time in the future when I get time.
  8. Defaultsound

    The Brick separator Virus

    I must say counting the separators we have, we do have too many. So I thought about it and it could be used as a nice roof technique: Quick idea I threw together.
  9. Defaultsound

    MOC : BR 93-374 with power-function by ionis41

    These are really nice, great job.
  10. Hello all, Today I would like to share my first train MOC designed from scratch. So for this MOC I wanted to create a train that would be motorized and run off PF. So I decided to stick to something relatively simple and go for a diesel train. First image to come up that I liked was the BR Class 2 Shunter. I begun designing the train in LDD and ended up finalizing on a design I was particularly happy with. After some tweaks I ordered all the bricks and built it. Now one thing I wanted to do was to use one small PF motor to power the train. This ended up being a challenge since: 1. Originally the Battery box was at the back of the train, however straight off I realized the balance was off, causing the train to tip. 2. The torque output from the motor was weak. So further modifications had to be made with the gearing. So I moved the battery box to the front to account for the balance issue, and then geared the motor down to gain more torque. Sounds simple on paper however the working space was very limited And finally I ended up with this: IR receiver wedged in the back Video showing how it all works Video of it running One thing you may notice is that the scale is way off. This was a mistake on my part for not really using any reference or checking size. I knew I wanted to go 8 studs wide, however I ended up going a bit too far. Yet I still think it turned out pretty nicely. So that is my first train MOC. Hopefully I will continue to get better at building trains and have another to show in the future. Also if anyone wants the LDD file let me know. Thanks for reading.
  11. Defaultsound

    MOC: Modular 64x32 House with 3 floors

    I might add furniture one day when I get the time, as for my dad and I we got back into Lego last year. Went a bit mad and started buying/building a lot, only thing is he has access to Lego hence this build, while at Uni I only brought two sets for display purposes.. Over the summer I might find time to try something.
  12. Defaultsound

    MOC: Modular 64x32 House with 3 floors

    So this year for Christmas I was presented with an unusual gift something I was not expecting at all. I was given an entire custom Lego house, designed and built by my father. This building is huge, taking at least 6000 pieces or so. Story goes that my father designed the house in LDD over the summer, which I saw. While I was at university he ended up building it.. hehe, never too old for Lego So the house itself has three floors, each all with individual rooms and all tiled. The house also has a fireplace and a chimney that actually goes up the entire house. At the top is also an attic that features a hatch and ladder. All in all this is a crazy build for me at least and I could not imagined this at all. Cheers dad And now for some poor quality photos (Don't have my decent camera around) Lego 64 x 32 Modular House by Defaultsound, on Flickr Lego 64 x 32 Modular House by Defaultsound, on Flickr Lego 64 x 32 Modular House by Defaultsound, on Flickr Lego 64 x 32 Modular House by Defaultsound, on Flickr Lego 64 x 32 Modular House by Defaultsound, on Flickr Lego 64 x 32 Modular House by Defaultsound, on Flickr Few more shots on my Flickr, besides that enjoy
  13. Well I just got mine :D I was on backorder for a while. so there might be luck for those of you who order on August 1st.
  14. Don't know if this is a miracle but I got mine shipped :D I thought I wouldn't be able to get one.