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  1. jrathfon

    BuWizz and trains

    I'll chime in on the iPhone side. The iPhone arbitrarily cuts both wifi and bluetooth connections when you put the phone to sleep. I have constant issues with Google Home connections, Nest, Chromecast, and most annoyingly the wifi on airplanes. The iPhone assumes since I'm on airplane mode the goal is to try to save battery when going to sleep. Not the fact that I'm ON AN AIRPLANE and would like to continue streaming music via wifi with my phone screen asleep and phone in my pocket. I've tried many many settings, but every time iOS updates, I find myself having to toggle these settings (location services for wifi) on/off to maintain connectivity, or having to uninstall/reinstall specific apps with connection issues (Hulu, google home, gboard, etc.). Unfortunately work supplies the iPhone and I'm too cheap to purchase a second phone! I suppose resurrecting an old android and using it without cell service as a stand-alone BuWizz controller would work well!
  2. jrathfon

    [moc] Civil War 4-6-0

    Awesome! Lots of great details. Love the lantern box! (is there a way to get custom wheels into studio?)
  3. jrathfon

    Source for wheel friction bands?

    #35 O-rings at the hardware store, plumbing (faucet parts) aisle. That will get you black O-rings. May be able to search #35 (which are 11/16" OD, 9/16" ID, 1/16" thick) silicone o-rings online. The 1/16" are a little thicker than the standard Lego rings, BUT: These allow you to do 3 wheel "E-type" ("C" in Europe?) trucks with a ring-none-ring configuration (like flanged-blind-flanged) on standard Lego curves/switches. Bonus!
  4. jrathfon

    Brick Train Awards Prizes

    "I don't want to be ungrateful but"... [ungrateful statement to follow!]. @BricksMcgee Thanks for all of the hard work and keeping the hobby alive! I'm not participating, but I sure will check out all the buzz and winners! I love to lurk and be inspired and am super excited about all the progress our niche hobby (lego TRAINS, specifically) is getting these past few years! New vendors, new custom track, new official sets, BMR, BTD. Love the community! My HO train club father loves to show off all the realistic modelling we're doing on the Lego side! Keep up the good work! Didn't know that the FRED existed by BTD, but awesome it's a prize! Just moved, but when I get my layout back up that's first on the list to purchase!
  5. jrathfon

    Does anyone use decals instead of stickers?

    Yup! As I model L&N exclusively, I have ordered numerous O and S scale Microtek water-slide decals. They are a bit delicate and they'd be destroyed if the model took a dive off show table. BUT, they've worked great for me. I use Micro-sol to help remove some air bubbles. I went water-slide as I didn't have to do any renders, find original files (didn't really exist for logos I was looking for), or futz with anything. I just ordered and applied. They hold up to handling and moderate use. I go back and slice the joints in case bricks separate. Endless possibilities here: http://www.microscale.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT&Store_Code=MD Anybody have links to inkjet printable "cling" paper or vinyl backer?
  6. jrathfon

    9v powered up hybrid

    Honestly, if there are pickups integrated into a PF, PUP, BuWizz, or FxBrick controller AND you have a battery, you could just incorporate a few powered straight sections of old 9V rail for charging on the go and parking. No need for new 9V rail and you can save the expense and go with all the new 3rd party plastic options! Since a lot of my straights are 9V my power functions layout had plenty of "charging areas" already built in.
  7. jrathfon

    Trains forum banner

    Agree with Duq. If we were told how, I'm sure the train user group could easily create more than one Trains banner. Also, DO we have an active Trains moderator?
  8. Very cool. The roller coaster track is an exact match!
  9. jrathfon

    4DBrix goes DIY

    R120 curved crossovers for the win! Adding my two cents that if we were talking a 25 even 50% higher price for better quality (and I mean better thought out 3D printed geometries of the same part), I would choose the premium supplier every time. Early on it was pointed out V1 Trixbrix products had poor connectivity, or occasionally an odd geometry (didn't fit the 16 stud grid, etc). In that case I would look at the "premium" 3D printer, who obviously did extensive testing (it's less of a risk). But to pay double for an easy part (4L straight, R88, etc.) is just crazy, not to mention unique items (narrow gauge) and in stock parts. I feel there is space out there for many suppliers, I will typically choose quality over price any day (after using ME track...). I look forward to premium molded options in the future as well as very custom, unique parts (R40 narrow gauge turnouts).
  10. jrathfon

    Narrow gauge "Odenwald-Express"

    Awesome! That's a great solution. I moved so alas don't have room to build the mountain into my layout complete with it's own narrow gauge loop and tunnel! Always wanted R40 narrow gauge! I had originally asked trixbrix for that dual gauge turnout, but it seems the curve radius is funny and non-constant in the pictures (outside of R24 not working for my steam trucks). Also, excellent work! Love the steam loco, lots of detail!
  11. jrathfon

    Narrow gauge "Odenwald-Express"

    It's been a bit since my foray into narrow gauge. I saw trixbrix has some inner and outer dual gauge rail for narrow gauge rails. Is that how you are achieving the ~R40 narrow gauge curves? The only thing holding me back from my Tweetsie design was getting wider radius and functional narrow gauge curves. How'd you do it here?
  12. jrathfon

    Sava Railways Locomotive Works

    Very cool, and just made a purchase for inspiration on my own MOC. Cheers!
  13. jrathfon

    MOC - KiwiRail DXC Locomotive (1:48 Scale)

    What zephyr said. I used shupp's truck design for my E7's. Using normal #35 O-rings on the other wheels and omitting o-rings on the middle wheel in each truck allows for good R40 maneuverability. 1:1 is definitely slow!
  14. jrathfon

    Is 8w or 9w closer to minifigure scale?

    Looking at BMR and PennLUG etc. it seems most are building at 1:48 for a variety of reasons. This generally works out to 8 wide rolling stock with 8 wide NA diesels and 8 wide steam loco bodies (minus rods, handrails, cabs, etc.). 1:48 works decently for minifig height (not width), there's a reduction in parts/cost from 9 or 10 wide or 1:38/1:40, and it's easier to make 1:48/8W function on R40 layouts and switches. 1:48 doesn't look terribly out of scale compared to the tracks either. I personally picked 1:48/~8W as it allows finer detail than 6W, doesn't cripple the wallet, there's a somewhat accepted standard (so instructions/kits/examples are more available), and finally I can "kitbash" O or S scale decals and make them work for my models. I'm working on prototypical ~1950's L&N locos and stock, so AFOL vendors (BMR, etc) haven't gotten around to printing decals for my tastes yet!
  15. jrathfon

    Lego Train Suspension

    Or maybe using this as a "skid plate" between truck and frame? https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=2484c01#T=C&C=5