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Found 11 results

  1. gvb2003

    [MOC] NMBS HLE 25

    So I was designing the the whole NS/NMBS Beneluxtrein, a service that ran from Amsterdam to Brussels. Here is the final HLE 25 Design. The driving cab is already built. I made some fixes with the HLE 25 engine. All bogies are aligned and the cab has a better design. The only big problem is that I don't know if the standard PU or PF is able to pull all these heavy coaches. I noticed my 7939 locomotive had some problems pulling and pushing the coach w/ driving cab alone. If you have ideas to improve the locomotive feel free to tell!
  2. Ages ago (or so it feels like) in 2016 I posted my build of an SD70 on this forum: With the build of the Union Station being at a halt for the moment (some other things that take precedence) and having a bit of a designers block since the start of the year (as in; really not finding engines I wanted to try and build) I started looking on my own Flickr account at the locomotives I used to own (used too but lost in the fire in 2020), just thinking if I'd actually would rebuild one. My last "recent" diesel was the ES44AC line I did and since then I haven't done any new other more recent diesel engines, that's mainly due to the M10005 and it's coaches that I've done (and still need to finish 4 to complete that consist). So, my eye dropped on my old SD70 version and I was thinking; "not going to rebuild that, better redesign her" and thus I started by choosing which SD70 version I'd want to do and settled on the Ace. First start was slow, I had the basic floor from the older model that I lengthened by 2 studs and then started tinkering with a nose setup. If I could get a good looking nose, I figured the rest would go easy. I had done a nose for a SD90MAC-H and wanted something in the same style, but obviously without the door. crazy nose by Barduck12, on Flickr The end result for that tinkering was this: UP SD???? by Barduck12, on Flickr and I knew I had to test build it first as there are a few things I wasn't really sure about if it would work SD70Ace WIP by Barduck12, on Flickr Even there I changed a few things later to give it a smoother look. It was going to work and all I had to do was choose the initial livery. At that time I was just chatting with someone from and decided to do a livery that would be unbuildable in genuine LEGO because of the colors used (bright light blue mostly and there's not much available in that color) so my initial design would become an exclusive for them (actually waiting on the parts to arrive to test build that and to see how decals can be done but that's another story for another time as she is still a secret). With the design in that livery ready I then began changing her in to 9 other liveries and those are the ones I'm showing here today. I intend to build at least the UP version for myself and then decide between the BNSF or the Virginian for a second, won't be doing all 9 myself. The designs (in alphabetical order): BNSF SD70Ace BNSF by Barduck12, on Flickr Conrail (I know they didn't have SD70Aces in their line up but what's not to like) SD70Ace Conrail by Barduck12, on Flickr Canadian Pacific SD70Ace CP by Barduck12, on Flickr Canadian Pacific #7021 Desert Sand (which is actually an SD70ACU) SD70Ace CP 7021 by Barduck12, on Flickr CSX SD70Ace CSX by Barduck12, on Flickr Norfolk Southern SD70Ace NS by Barduck12, on Flickr Union Pacific SD70Ace UP by Barduck12, on Flickr Virginian (NS heritage) (will need decals on the 2x6 tiles that hide the Buwizz 2.0) SD70Ace Virginian by Barduck12, on Flickr WABASH (will also need larger decals to hide some stuff) SD70Ace WABASH by Barduck12, on Flickr Depending on livery the models have 2200 to 2300 parts in them, are 66 studs long and 37 plates high (from top of rail to top of cabin). Scale used is 1/42 but I had to make 2 compromises as she's actually 1 or 2 studs to short and 1 plate to high. I tried to incorporate as many detail as possible and where possible not go for easy solutions, I wanted her to look complex and I think I did a decent job at that, but what do you guys think?
  3. Presenting a Dutch version of my DSB Litra MK - thanks to UrbanErwin for giving me this idea NedTrain Vossloh G 400 B My model: Scale: 1:45 Length: 27 studs Width: 8 studs Bricks: 640 Locomotion: 1 x M-motor (PF) Gear ratio: 1:1 Power: 1 x 9v battery with 1 x PF custom adapter Control: SBrick Designed: 2020 (Slightly) updated: 2023 Very high setting render from with custom decals done in the PartDesigner tool. Left: Central coupling arm on without any wagons. Right: Central coupling arm replaced with a coupling magnet when pulling or pusing wagons. Interior with placement of the SBrick, M-motor and 9v battery: On a tableau at exhibitions: The railing can only be made in Dark Green using BlueBrixx parts for now. Change all Dark Green to Dark Turquoise and the railing can be made using genuine LEGO parts.
  4. I have been designing the NS/NMBS Beneluxtrein. A service that ran between Amsterdam and Brussels. In my previous post I showed the HLE 25 from NMBS. Here are the final designs of the two coaches and the old designs: ~NEW~ (the one on the far right is from the original Beneluxtrein) ~old~ ~NEW (I4 Coach)~ ~old~ And finally the Plan D after being assembled, the project has officially been launched.
  5. I have started making the HLE 25 from the NMBS for my NS, NMBS Benelux train set. This was a bit of a challenge because of the sloped front. I'm posting this to show you the progress and for feedback. I have the idea that mine looks different than the real thing. 8-wide would be easier to make more details but I decided to stick to 6-wide. The inverted slopes behind the front coupling are attached to the bogie. Also a small detail that is hard to make is the yellow line. Because of the 2 x 1 x 2 slopes I can't make a yellow line. If anyone has some ideas for me or things that I can do to make it look better, feel free to tell me (Also, this engine will be made specially to be fitted with PF)
  6. Here is my first MOC to be posted on Eurobricks (After I joined half a year ago ). This is a NS Plan D with driving cab. This train was made for the Benelux service between Amsterdam and Brussels. I have all parts in the cart ready to be ordered at Bricklink. I'm planning to make a full set with NMBS I4 coaches, NS Plan W's and the NMBS HLE 25.
  7. It has been a while since I posted something new here, but don't worry, I have been building regardless, I've just been lurking a lot ;) Anyways, today I want to present my rendition of a MaK / ABB DE 6400 in DB Cargo design. Formerly the main diesel workhorse of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), nowadays a locomotive that also runs in Belgium and Norway, and which you can find even in Poland. I've always had a soft spot for these bulky machines whose design esthetics are mainly following the principles of modularity and usefullness (meaning they aren't styled at all to begin with) and to be honest, I already build it twice, but never to full satisfaction. I had several main goals while building this loco: Keeping it as closely scaled to 1:45, making sure the cab windows consist of 3 parts just like in the prototype (long live flags!), having it run on PFx Brick with it's own power, and hiding all the electrical components in such a way I didn't have to use any stickers for cover up. Also, due to the space available inside the loco, I knew I had to use the PF Lego Train Motor, which made doing proper shourding around the wheelsets a lot more difficult, since there is only one hole available in between the wheels. Thanks to a Lego Minifig Neck Bracket this turned out to be possible. In the end I think I managed to fullfill all objectives; I must however admit the loco only started to run properly after I bough a Lithium-ion rechargable 9V battery, because regular alkaline 9V batteries were emptied by the Lego PF train motor in less than 10 minutes. I never knew there was so little mAh in those blocks... Due to the way the frame is build it's actually a pretty stable locomotive, even though the hoods are only connected to the cab and only held in place by friction to keep them from wobbling. BTW, normally I model one particular number in the fleet, due to it for example having a specific name that reminds me of a town I used to live in. With the 6400 series this isn't really possible, since only several of them are named, and all of them after their drivers or people from within the company it runs for. (Acutally, three of them run with the same name as my grandfather, so maybe some day in the future it might become the 6407, 6434 or 6438!) NS 6400 #2 by raised, on Flickr NS 6400 #1 by raised, on Flickr NS 6400 #3 by raised, on Flickr Hope you guys like it!
  8. Maersk window mod and relettering The Maersk locomotive set 10219 was one of the few Lego train sets aimed at AFOLs. It was inspired by NS 3329 a real Norfolk Southern locomotive painted in 2002 to celebrate the opening of Maersk's Pier 400 container terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. The prototype was a former Contrail SD40-2 and after the ceremonies it kept the paintjob in daily service throughout the NS system. Through early 2008 it was often seen in the company of other former CR units that had not yet been repainted. The 3329 was damaged in 2008, after repairs it was repainted to the standard black livery and returned to service. Of course the SD class locomotives have 3 axle trucks while the lego model has 2 axle trucks, making it look more like a GP class. While I think 10219 is one of the best lego sets ever, there is at least one aspect of the design that continues to nag at me... or at least it did until recently. The cab windows are completely wrong for this era of locomotive. I preserved this design element in my instructions for a repaint of the set to a Conrail livery, but that was to keep the feel of the original 10219 set while offering a much less expensive option for this design for those only now getting in to the hobby. I have since rectified the design in my personal version of the CR repaint. I wanted to keep the ability to place a minifig in the engine, so that ruled out any clever brick built solution to get the windows. Instead, I used snotted 1x2x2 panels and a custom sticker to get the window frame. Now with this post I am bringing this modification to the original Maersk set as well. In this case the rebuild has an additional challenge given the rarity of the now discontinued Maersk blue pieces. So any Maersk blue parts in the design would have to be recycled from the original model. I also wanted to make sure any modifications were completely reversible. In other words, the 1x8 tiles below the cab would have to stay in place and the 1x4 bricks with "10219" would be flipped backwards. The lower cab walls are held on by two layers of white plates and bricks. While the cab windows are a collection of panels snotted in to place. One could stop here and simply enjoy the centered cab window, or use stickers from to finish out the design. Of course one could easily follow these steps to revise the window while keeping the original 10219 stickers facing outward. The engineer is much happier with the improved side view and faux rear windows. Compare the mod to the original Step by step instructions can be found here. Enjoy Full instructions can be found on
  9. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] NS 1217

    Hello all, It has been a bit silent from my part, but I have built something new: NS 1217 by Erwin, on Flickr The NS (Nederlandse spoorwegen/Dutch Railways) 1217 was part of the 1200 series which was a joint effort of Dutch and American designers as part of the Marshall plan. It was built in the fifties and have been in service until 1998, they were then sold of and repuposed at other transporters, with some still in service today. NS 1217 by Erwin, on Flickr NS 1217 by Erwin, on Flickr I have built a total of four carriages to accompany it, I will take some video's of them all running when I finish tweaking their designs. NS 1217 by Erwin, on Flickr My model has working lights in the front and back and 2 9V train motors. Thank you for reading/watching! As always, more pictures on my Flickr
  10. Dear all, finally I can present you my new train: The idea started with the Arctice seaplane nose train. I thought now that we also have a dark blue one I can use that as one of the "hondekop" noses of the NS trains. But fiddling about a bit I found that the shape was actually a bit too short and that the longer aircraft nose would be much better suited. So I continued with that one. I must admit that I am not 100% satisfied with it. But I am happy with the pantographs and the couplers: The recessed doors are less well done. I should look into getting it less than half a brick. And further detailing is also limited. Partially by design I must say, but still. In the end I think the shape of the nose is correct lengthwise, only because it is 6 wide it looks a bit strange. An 8 wide version would be better scale wise. Also the new "other" 6 wide airplane nose has a better window configuration but the rounded roof doesn't fit in. Anyway, I still hope you like and if not please feel free to tell me. (more pictures on my brickshelf)
  11. here is my newest pair of coaches, I'm planning to do two more in dutch style but I can't find the brick/money. Description from Wikipedia ICK: ("InterCity Korte termijn") These are former German cars that were bought to relieve the shortage of material NSR suffered from. NSR has currently stopped all operations of the ICK, due to the new extra bought VIRMĀ“ (although there is, certainly during rush hours, still an alarming material shortage). The ICK is currently placed aside near Amsterdam Central Station (Amsterdam CS) on a placement called Dijksgracht and are for sale. ICK coaches in Dutch and German Livery by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr ICK coaches in Dutch and German Livery by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr ICK coaches in Dutch and German Livery by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr Edit: could a member with some magical powers add MOC: to the title?