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  1. Rise Comics

    Silver Bullet

    This is an original creation of mine, and also one of my favorite MOCs. Though I referenced some real life streamliners, the design is wholly original. It is a streamlined Heavy Pacific locomotive, with its shape and silver accents garnering it the moniker of Silver Bullet. This MOC uses mostly vanilla parts in Bricklink Studio, aside from many of the silver parts, custom single studs used for lighting effects, and the XL wheels from Big Ben's Bricks. It also has fully modeled valve gear made entirely out of Technic, as well as an original design of corridor tender. Feel free to comment your thoughts and feedback, and lemme know what y'all want to see next.
  2. I mean, I’ve already made El Gobernador, so El Gobernadorsky isn’t really that much of a stretch lol. In any case, Challenge Accepted, eventually.
  3. Rise Comics

    Rise Comics's trains

    For my next build here is Central Pacific #237, AKA: El Gobernador The locomotive was named for Leland Stanford, who was the governor of California in the 1860s, and led the Central Pacific and later the Southern Pacific until 1890. The locomotive would be built in 1883, and would eventually be scrapped in 1890, though the boiler would last until 1905. Upon her completion, El Gobernador was the largest locomotive in the world, and remains one of the few 4-10-0 locomotives to have ever been in service. Due to its size, it was quite rigid, and started straightening out any curve it rolled across. It also had problems with steaming thanks to its deep and narrow firebox, as well as problems in the valve gear, all of which were due to El Gobernador's rushed production. The model itself, though it takes some liberties due to the constraints of Stud.io and the lack of proper color photos, is fairly accurate to the real life locomotive, minus an interior, of course. A photo of the real life locomotive, for reference.
  4. Those are some neat locomotive builds you got. At risk of both sounding like a troll and that guy at the same time, I have a suggestion for an almost meme-worthy addition for the WXYZ: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Gobernador No joke, this locomotive has a wild story behind it. Edit: added a link
  5. Rise Comics

    Rise Comics's trains

    So this is gonna be like my default thread for posting lego trains. Anyways, lemme start off by posting this double pacific Garratt, complete with railings, fully modeled valve gear, number plates, and full articulation Here's a side view with light effects
  6. Rise Comics

    Has anyone here tried a train simulator?

    tbh, the only time I tried a rail simulator was with Trainz on iPhone, though I've seen content made in Trainz and the like, including TTTE content.
  7. Really nice looking wild west steamers and rolling stock you got. Can't wait to see what else you come up with. The lore behind the railroad is also neat.
  8. Rise Comics

    Narrow gauge goodnes

    Gotta admit, seeing Soviet Narrow Gauge stuff is a rare thing, but a very welcome one. Nice builds you got, and they are quite accurate for the scale you're going for.