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  1. The Cyclone is my favorite because of the distinct nose. I recently posted a Ginetta Akula, which also has a funky nose, and like the challenge they pose.
  2. Henchmen4Hire

    With Speed Champions no longer being City / Town scale-

    What's interesting about that is that sometimes I needed around 100 more pieces per car to make an 8-wide than a 6-wide. When I bricklinked all the parts for my 8-wide cars, the total was roughly $30-$40US per car. I think LEGO is expensive to begin with, but after having built 8-wides, I think getting 2 whole cars at that scale for $50US is a sweet deal. The single 8-wides being only $20US is amazing.
  3. Henchmen4Hire

    Dental Surgery

    I'm not afraid of the Dentist, I'm afraid of the exorbitant bill that comes from visiting them lol
  4. Henchmen4Hire

    BrickheadZ Scream

    I think it works, just maybe rotate the quarter-tiles on the sides of the "nose" to close the gap.
  5. Henchmen4Hire

    With Speed Champions no longer being City / Town scale-

    I get the impression that's the general sentiment. However, I did buy some of the 6-wide Speed Champions stuff to make them 8-wide (which requires a trip to BrickLink). I think it would be more attractive to fans of 6-wide to buy 8-wide cars to convert, since you need less parts to make the conversion.
  6. Henchmen4Hire

    BrickheadZ Scream

    I don't know why I saw a droopy old dog face when I first saw this haha Anyway, very cute, in a slashy sort of way.
  7. Henchmen4Hire

    [Stud.io MOC] My first TV!

    I miss those old knobs and flippy bits on things, made me feel like I was operating fancy equipment from the future. Now we're here and they're all gone, gah! If I recreated my first TV I'd have to spend the rest of my life being asked "Why is your oven in the living room?" haha
  8. Is this the new place to post Speed Champions MOCs? The switch to 8-wide was the greatest news I ever heard, I think I started building at that size a few years before Speed Champions even existed yet. Though admittedly, the lack of feedback on 8-wide MOCs over the years has made me realize I'm probably the only person who actually likes the scale. Christopher Stamp (SC Lead Designer) says one of the reasons the switch was made was because of constant community feedback "from day one" that the cars were too thin...well, I don't believe that at all. The 6-wide MOCs consistently get tons more attention than anything 8-wide. City fans want cars that fit in their cities, it's understandable. Another reason given for the change is because the new scale facilitates more accurate car designs. I completely agree, that's exactly why I went with 8-wide back then. I think people who are into City scale aren't necessarily into supercars or their hyper detail or authenticity, but more into abstract vehicles that look good enough in their City displays. The hyper details they focus on are in the buildings, not the vehicles. I don't think Speed Champions has even tenuous ties to City anymore, and can probably be considered a Special Theme now. What about you, have you seen a surge of popularity for 8-wide cars since the new scale launched?
  9. Henchmen4Hire

    Union 72 Amsterdam tram/streetcar

    I like that the rusty bits under the car look functional, even if they don't do anything...could be the story of my life haha
  10. Henchmen4Hire

    Ginetta Akula

    Sometimes all the pieces seem to fall into place...I wouldn't know, this was another brain-bending build. The interior is mostly hollow for now, and I need to nudge some parts into place, but it's 99% done. I think only a few stickers would be needed; vents on the sloped nose, headlights, and the Ginetta logos. Ginetta Akula by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  11. Henchmen4Hire

    [MOC] Modular Toy Store

    That looks like one of those high-end shops where the models are behind glass and everything costs $1000+ haha. I think the color scheme makes it look more like an expensive specialty shop than a toy store.
  12. Henchmen4Hire

    Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro

    Thanks bub. Ideally the headlight pieces should be vertical to make them thinner, I just can't think of anything right now
  13. Henchmen4Hire

    Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro

    Tried my hand at recreating a Vulcan in some snazzy livery. I like and hate this all at once. I'm happy with it overall, even if some details are bordering on impressionism, abstract art at worst. The windscreen model is buggy (I had to messily import it to Studio), but I still wouldn't say no if offered a ride! Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  14. Henchmen4Hire

    Toyota GR Super Sport Concept

    Thanks bub. I tried all the windshields, #62360 has a nice shape but it's too wide, it throws off the proportions. And yeah, the hood was tough, like a lot of these bubbly/weirdly detailed supercars you gotta make compromises. It's funny that it kinda looks like a batmobile though.
  15. Henchmen4Hire

    Supercar Lambo/Ferrari crossover (version 3)

    Because of the proportions I think it looks like a cool minivan...supervan? haha