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  1. What makes a great Space-themed bar?

    This looks okay, it's 4-wide without the wedges so I'll prob get rid of those. Suggestions welcome •The trans round tiles are like "laser holo discs" or whatever lol •Blue technic pin represents a selection light Space Bar Jukebox by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  2. (MOC) Space Construction Mech

    I think it looks too stylish and menacing to be a construction mech, but the separators look good. Maybe I just prefer ugly utilitarian mechs lol
  3. What makes a great Space-themed bar?

    @-zenn Yeh, I tried to recreate some beer cans off the top of my head, black is Guinness, there's Coors Banquet and Coors Light (blue quarter tile is the mountains), Bud, etc. Want to make some kegs that look more radioactive or something. @Littleworlds There's a bar I saw that has ropes covering the ceiling, I'll maybe do that but with chains, and possibly hang a piece of Space Police wreckage from them (I'm not into Star Wars but I like Star Wars Rebels enough to work in a ref to them somehow). Or maybe a bunch of engines. I dunno lol. Will prob use helmets and stuff as decoration. I think making the decorations first will let me figure out what shape to make the floorplan. Need a jukebox, lights, a few booths, etc.
  4. What makes a great Space-themed bar?

    Quick tinkering to create some kegs. I would lay them on their side as shown, though I have no idea how I'm going to keep them from rolling. Maybe they'll butt up against a wall so I can peg them to the wall. Nothing groundbreaking here, just procrastinating because the thought of designing the entire bar is terrifying me
  5. (MOC) Constitution Bar WIP

    Hey, I'm designing a sci-fi dive bar and was wondering if you had any tips. Is there a such thing as an "anatomy of a bar"?
  6. Need advice for Tails's Tornado Biplane

    Here's a much more solid build: Shifted things around to make the plane more accurate. Now the wings' studs are aligned with the fuselage so they can connect neatly on top. The bottom wings are built with a big 4x10 plate at the center, so it works like a platform to build everything else on it. Now there's a long Technic axle running through to the nose, all the way to the yellow cone. I like how the red [tiles with clip] look attached to the red [plate with handle]. They aren't necessary since the area they're in is built "normally", but they provide a strong connection anyway. Thinking of somehow using the red helmet for the wheel shrouds. Now to try and make the body look round again...
  7. Need advice for Tails's Tornado Biplane

    I like where this is going, but stability and connection to the cockpit is probably an issue. Back to the drawing board :(
  8. Need advice for Tails's Tornado Biplane

    @Littleworlds Yeah it's wobbly, unless I dab some white glue on the pin Might end up leaving it off @Oky Thanks, I found it in Studio and it's 5.4 studs wide. I kinda like it, it even fits neatly over the entire nose I designed here (though just using the rim is smarter). I don't know, might be too big, I'll keep experimenting. Quick update for the night- I replaced the rear skinny tire with a 4x4 plate, this gives me a big, strong attachment point to the fuselage obviously. These pieces are held together with some technic pins and a bar in the center, the propeller still spins. Here is the start of the wings, they look okay at 2 plates thick, if I make the fuselage thicker they'll definitely need to be at least 1 brick wide, as suggested. The upper wings are 5-wide, I shifted the top plate forward so it roughly has a teardrop profile like race planes. Lower pair are 4 wide and a little shorter.
  9. Need advice for Tails's Tornado Biplane

    Thanks, I'll check that submarine build Yeah, I was thinking of using plates for the wings. I wanted to keep them a maximum of 1 brick thick, so it gives me 3 plate layers to work with. Here's a half-hearted attempt at the nose and propeller, though it looks better than anything I made so far lol: It's 4-wide and lets me add the grey stripe detail by shifting that thin tire.
  10. Need advice for Tails's Tornado Biplane

    Thanks, I'll def flip through MOCs. I like the planes in those sets but I wanted to start the fuselage at about 5-wide at the nose, and part 45135 is too plain. Might have to settle for the 4-wide, maybe I'll come up with something as I go. These are still only 4-wide. While I really like the one on the left, and that I can recreate the grey stripe, the stacked tires just don't look good.
  11. [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    I'm curious, did you immediately know when you sketched out this building that it was a great idea? Just from looking at the sketch it's clear that there are lots of spaces to incorporate all the things you added, and they mesh well. I think it would have taken me a few dozen drafts before I got something that vaguely resembled a good looking building like this
  12. I want to make the Tornado in minifig scale, but Round shapes aren't my strong suit so I'm having trouble designing the fuselage. Here's a ref of the plane: (For the superfans out there, this looks like the Tornado-2 with the original Tornado's color scheme) I'm thinking probably stacked Technic wheel/rim and gears for the nose, but I'd prefer something more interesting than that. The wings are easy enough to figure out. How to taper the plane towards the tail is also a problem for me. Where do you suggest I start?
  13. Advice on creating custom figures and sell them

    I talked to Saber Scorpion recently and he said he had to stop selling his Mass Effect minifigure decals because of...reasons. I didn't ask why specifically, but I assume someone sent him a letter or something. Then you have people like me who make custom action figures of popular characters, and not once in all these years have any of us been told to stop doing it. Never seen anyone get into legal trouble over it. And you better believe I would tell them to f*ck off if they tried telling me to stop. It just depends on how much the particular person/company wants to protect their IP. I think the best solution for a personal project is to make decals since it's a hell of a lot cheaper than pad printing when you consider the startup costs.
  14. What makes a great Space-themed bar?

    I've had this idea kicking around but haven't had the inspiration to brick it out. I want to make a sketchy space-themed bar so I can display all my sci-fi figs (and possibly park all my spaceships in back lol). What features do you think make for a great place for the scum of the universe to hang out? I made an attempt a long time ago but it ended up looking too clean, like a diner or a buffet restaurant ( http://imgur.com/vmRkEEo ) The jist of the scene is there's a ramshackle space bar built on a large asteroid (just a patch of dirt, for simplicity's sake) where everyone likes to party. It's large enough to hold a bunch of people, but small enough to feel somewhat intimate, like a home away from home. Something I want to keep from that idea is the floor that looks like random bits of armor plating. There are lots of grates for drainage because people get into bloody fights so much that the owner cleans it by hosing it off. I want to add a little stage for a music band, the typical wall full of bottles, counter, 2 or 3 small sit-down booths, etc. I'll probably keep the payphone seen in the corner too. Something I definitely want to use is the sign I made: I haven't even decided what to make the walls with. Should they be concrete? Shipping containers? Made out of bug shells? I want the place to look weathered, but also like it's regularly taken care of. Any suggestions and references are welcome.
  15. Modulars?

    Same here, I've been selling off my stuff and streamlining my collection. If I may latch on to a single question- If you have a decent job, there's no need to take future resale value into consideration. Let's say you resell the set in 5 years and make $200 profit. Well, okay, working minimum wage ($10/hr) you make that in about 20 hours, which is maybe 2 or 3 days. It's an insignificant profit to make over the course of so many years. The only time it's worth taking resale value into consideration is if you do quick flips for a living because you're a reseller/scalper and do it with many, many products. Only then do all the micro profits add up, but even then it's still too much work in my opinion.