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  1. Space Police 3 Hoverbike

    I have to say, I have more elaborate stuff on my flickr that's been up for years and only has like 100 views, but this thing I cobbled together already has over 7000 views haha. Now I know what grabs eyeballs!
  2. Space Police 3 Hoverbike

    If someone wants to send me the parts to build it I'd gladly take some pictures. Buying LEGO is too expensive for me, unfortunately.
  3. Space Police 3 Hoverbike

    It's still the bike part, I'm glad it's less recognizable lol
  4. Space Police 3 Hoverbike

    This is an upgrade to the bike we get in "Squidman's Escape." I probably went overboard but I don't think the Space Police will mind. •Lots of fiddly bits! •Multi-function scanner conveniently located within arm's reach •Remove the nose cap to reveal a cannon As a new habit, I tagged this on Flickr with "52035", which is the part number for the motorcycle body used here. Hopefully anyone else who is looking for ideas on what to make with this part will find this topic and get inspired. I hope you tag your own posts as well! Space Police 3 Hoverbike by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  5. Mad Max Interceptor (Pursuit Special)

    I wanted to make the car how it appeared in the beginning of Fury Road, but since it's the same car just with less parts (well, plus the tanks in back), I went ahead and made it like in the first movie when it was new, shiny and chrome lol
  6. Mad Max Interceptor (Pursuit Special)

    Alrighty, after some more minor twerks I'm happy with it. Tips and more pics on my Flickr. Luckily I was able to reuse many of the parts from my old build of this car so I have it 90% brickbuilt and can confirm it's sturdy.
  7. Best way to get lego parts

    If you go the bricklink/brickowl route, be wary of sellers that want to hit you with high lot fees. I've packaged orders for a bricklink store, so I understand why they charge lot fees, but I've found that sellers blow the "inconvenience" of shipping many lots out of proportion. They even try to sneak in extra fees in the shipping cost. Don't pay $10 extra just because you're ordering 30 lots. Screw that seller, blacklist them and shop elsewhere.
  8. I was hoping to find a place where I could browse people's MOCs, filtered by specific part. For example, lets say I wanted to find MOCs that use 52035: I would just type that part number in a search box and the site would give me all MOCs including it. Is there any site like that? And if not, is there any interest in a site like that? I think it could host contests to see all the clever ways people use a specific part.
  9. Painting models to make them more realistic

    It's hard to make something "realistic" when it's made of blocks, but I guess it's like trying to make really good pixel art lol I wouldn't mind seeing a stop-motion film with weathered LEGO parts.
  10. Thick vs thin base plates

    You can see the thin baseplates as a boon rather than a drawback too. Now instead of a thick bland base, builders have a thin blank slate on which they can design their own sturdy base, and load it up with detail without needing to take into account a thick base. (Although, I think at that point you might as well just build your own sturdy bases with Technic beams and bricks and lay a big plate on top lol)

    With how expensive LEGO is, you should trade that to the barber for a lifetime of free whiskey shots lol
  12. Cyberpunk #5 - Cyberspunk!

    This is now my favorite thing I've ever seen on here
  13. Mad Max Interceptor (Pursuit Special)

    Well, it's an expensive hobby and it's tough to stay motivated when few others share your interests lol I twerked this some more; made the build sturdier, added the rear roofline spoiler, created a slight offset for the bumpers, and fixed some spacing issues in the rear. Also managed to create a roomy trunk space.
  14. It was time to rework my old Interceptor with newer parts, and I like the shaping a hell of a lot more this time around. It's WIP since the guts are all placeholder bits, but the shell looks good enough to post. •Raised the rear by 1 plate for an aggressive stance •Rear windscreen can be lifted off So far so good. I managed to work in the red light near the rear bumper by simply leaving the side of the [1x2 trans-red plate] exposed. Next comes reworking the guts to make them stable. Suggestions welcome!
  15. MOC - Mad Max - V8 Interceptor (Beefed Up ATV-Version)

    Siiiick I like how aggressive it looks. (I've really got to update my old Interceptor x_X)