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  1. Henchmen4Hire

    Do kids today like Classic Space?

    I don't think Classic Space is timeless, more like ugly, outdated, etc. I had some early Space and Boat sets as a kid, and looking at them now, I don't have any nostalgia, especially not with the cool designs out now. (By the way, where are all the kids nostalgic for Classic Boats?) As far as kids go, there are people who dedicate their lives to understanding what kids want and even they still have difficulty finding an answer, so I won't pretend to know haha.
  2. Henchmen4Hire

    What would you like from a Sci-Fi Racing theme?

    Maybe something with rails or Technic pieces and a bunch of magnets repelling each other, both along the track and under the length of the vehicle. Or a big "magnetic mat", with strong magnets under the vehicles to keep them hovering? Might be cool as a one-off set
  3. Henchmen4Hire

    [MOC] Racer 42

    Weird, earlier today in the game Trailmakers, I made a 3 wheel vehicle like this, I even used the same monster truck size tires, roughly the same size, and it was also yellow. Sharing a brainwave lol Now I want to flesh it out like this racer and see how it performs using the game's real world physics!
  4. Cripes. If only I was clever enough to design stuff like this lol Best part is the fig next to the super noisy motor, no sleep for you, bub!
  5. Henchmen4Hire

    What would you like from a Sci-Fi Racing theme?

    I already added it like sunday or monday
  6. Henchmen4Hire

    What would you like from a Sci-Fi Racing theme?

    Would be cool to see everyone's ideas fleshed out with bricks (however gross fleshy bricks sounded haha)
  7. Henchmen4Hire

    Am I any good

    While I never watch speedbuild videos because I have no interest in them, I'm not gonna pass up an opportunity to give sweet, scathing, totally solicited feedback. Haha just kidding I sped up the video to 2x speed and the building parts still seemed a liiiiiiitle slow. Other than that, it does what it says on the tin, so no complaints. Gloves are a good idea, my hands are similarly jakked up from customizing action figures, no one needs to see close ups of that haha. Plus, hey, no ugly fingerprints on the shiny pieces.
  8. Henchmen4Hire

    Preventing Figure Crack?

    I found a little batch of old (90s?) minifigure torsos recently, no legs attached, and they were all cracked up the sides, no explanation. It was a police man, firefighter, brown shirt with a wolf logo, chef?, 2 astronauts, a boat guy. I recently got the Futuristic Flyer set, one of the dark red jumper plates snapped in half. I havent bought a Lego set at retail in years, and this is not a good impression to get when trying to jump back into the Lego world.
  9. Henchmen4Hire

    Overwatch promotional Tracer figure.

    There must be some irony here somewhere for them to get an exclusive set to raise awareness about...a game? Upcoming sets? Yet here we are not knowing about it, needing to get info from someone other than them. Haha
  10. Henchmen4Hire

    bag of Lego bricks, good price?

    As someone who used to help someone run a Bricklink store who resold lots, yes, that's what he did. Picks out any pricey pieces, rare animals, rare color parts, etc. then the rest of the lot went into inventory/the new lot. I'm sure not everyone does that, because who has time to sort thousands of pieces a day, so you may get lucky. At that point it's gambling though, and you're better off just Bricklinking the parts you actually need since the average will be about 8 to 12 cents a piece anyway.
  11. Henchmen4Hire

    [MOC] Terran Marine (StarCraft)

    I keep forgetting Studio lets us make custom parts, I haven't looked much into it though Anyway, glad to see you're getting paid to design lego stuff, when did that start?
  12. Henchmen4Hire

    What would you like from a Sci-Fi Racing theme?

    Did a quick sketch of what some of the terrain pieces could look like for the Ice Racing idea. •These are strange stone structures, and because they're crumbling the racers think they're just gravestones or markers. However, it turns out they're warnings left by an ancient culture, representations of the giant Icy Rock Worm that lives in the region. •They would be built "looser", enough so that they would shatter on impact with a racing machine. I imagine strategically using a few tiles instead of plates would create enough weakness. Right now they flatten when run over though. •The racing machine here isn't anything special, just wanted to see if a 6 wide looked okay. I'll have to echo what was said before, the terrain and structures should look very "alien", otherwise we get a weird conflict of aesthetics with fancy sci-fi racing machines but boring terrain.
  13. Henchmen4Hire

    What would you like from a Sci-Fi Racing theme?

    I'm not sure what you mean by that. But if a series costs more or forces me to buy stuff I don't want to support the app aspect then I'll steer clear of the whole series and just keep making MOCs for way cheaper. I like the idea of video game interactivity like that, but not if it makes the series, or my wallet, suffer. The worst case scenario is they give us less parts in the box, to force us to buy the modular parts from blind bags, mod packs, etc. I like the idea of modular race cars though, being able to easily add/remove accessories like spoilers, ram bar, different nose, raise the suspension, etc.
  14. Henchmen4Hire

    What would you like from a Sci-Fi Racing theme?

    Going off that, here's another direction to take- A sci-fi racing series that showcases how the environment radically affects the design of a racing machine. This way the series could showcase designs from all genres, instead of being limited to one archetype. Example Sets: Volcanic Racing •This could be a set with chunks of brickbuilt volcanic terrain. They could be like the rocky formations sticking up out of the lava (AKA: the carpet haha). Throw in some trans red for lava, etc. Maybe the racers stay aloft by "hopping" from island to island. •The set can come with 2 or 3 competing racers. Since they're racing over lava, the vehicles could resemble hoverbikes or hoverboats. The vehicles could all have lots of cooling fins, or some kind of visible "refrigeration" device. Maybe some trans-colored "energy shielding" underneath to protect the pilots against the intense heat from below. •I think it could be a visually striking set, the dark volcanic rocks against trans orange lava, with bursts of color from the racing machines' shields, maybe some hazards, etc. Ice Racing •This could be a set with chunks of snowdrifts to use as ramps, breakable pillars, etc. There can be some alien ruins strewn around, like creepy, crumbling brickbuilt faces, maybe a large gate with ominous decoration. •The brickbuilt terrain can have sections of breakable trans-blue to crash through, to use as alternate routes, set traps, maybe even release some hideous alien beast to ruin the race! •To be able to bust through the breakable terrain, I think the racing machines could be around the size of City vehicles, so they're sturdy enough to bash through without exploding. Maybe add ram bars to them. Maybe implement a pullback motor or rubberband, to let them go flying off snowdrifts. I mean, assuming they would use wheels. They could use skis or tracks too, maybe hide some wheels under the chassis to let them roll no matter what is used. --------------- The neat part about the sets is that the chunks of terrain can be arranged however you want (and rebuilt into other formations obviously), so the course variety is endless.
  15. You could make the same observation about custom action figures in general. There are people who spend hundreds on a custom action figure simply because of the name of the creator attached to it. I could make the exact same custom figure and I'd get a fraction of what they get, not because there's a difference in quality between the works but because there's a difference in popularity. Often it's aggravating, like when they make a very basic custom and people go nuts bidding hundreds on it. Personally, jealousy is part of why it's aggravating, but I have to remind myself that the artist is just making a living so I shouldn't get mad at them. It's not their "fault" that people very much want to own something they've made. On the other hand, it is their "fault" they're so popular, because it means their work is noteworthy and word spreads. Other artists who come after them are seen as imitators I guess, and aren't praised as much. Also, some people have money to burn and like using it to support artists (people who make cool stuff they like), instead of wasting it away on gambling or on bullsh*t charities.