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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys. Some new stuff. Locomotive is an EuroSprinter from 2007 (pre-Vectron) the full name is Siemens ES46B1-A It has the Old CP Carga Livery before they change to Medway, I prefer this one. The most challenging part was making the big logo on the sides with bricks. The Lego model is based on Beck's with and TBX Nicolas Enhancements Vectron It has custom M-size wheels, actually, I have two packs, one 3D printed by Brickthebrick with the brake disc and another that is a Mold injection prototype from HA Bricks. I use the 3D printed ones for photos and static exhibitions and the mold injection ones for running, the 3D are OK for running as well, but the HA Bricks wheels are better for running 2 Powerfunctions L motors and a MouldKing Battery Hub (its more compact and versatile than the LEGO PU) but I will change to Buwizz as soon my wallet gives me permission :P Funny easter egg, most of the technical info on the decals are also in Scale as well :) The waggons are Portuguese hoppers TDGS used to transport Cereal/Grain Each waggon has around 800 parts, and they are small but with a lot of details, I made 8 waggons (the red wheels are not from Lego), the real train has 18 waggons, but I don't have more room, money or patience to make another 10 :P The Entire train has 2,20meters long
  2. Some of you might remember that several years ago (end of 2014! Wow that's long ago) I wrote a topic about my ongoing tries to build a Bombardier Traxx F140 MS2 loco in the Fyra livery of NS Hispeed, the -now defunct- brand of Dutch high speed trains in 1:45 scale. Well, here it finally is! NS Hispeed Fyra Traxx F140 MS2 - 3/4th view by raised, on Flickr Back then, I never managed to finish the build, due to several reasons. The major one being a lack of motivation to build a loco that looks so simple in real life, but is so difficult to get right in Legos. Luckily for me, there are nowadays several amazing builders in this community that every time that I was feeling down about ever finishing this loco, came up again with their version, and thus gave me again and again a kick in the back to re-start. The list is definately not complete, but included are BigDaeady, Dennis aka TECHNO, Beck, StefanEris, dutchtrains and Ashi Valkoinen. NS Hispeed Fyra Traxx F140 MS2 - 3/4th front view by raised, on Flickr Some small details: The Traxx is powered by two L-motors, geared 1:2 for some extra speed. Controls come from a PFx brick (with the possibility to swap it out for a IR reciever) and I have build in a XL Speaker. There is still some room available for the FX Bricks LED board, but due to a lack of LED knowledge I haven't tried incorporating it. Stickers are printed with a Dymo MobileLabeler Labelwriter, which is a perfectly fine machine if you don't like to outsource printing your stickers. As long as you don't need fancy multi-coloured stickers (it's only available in white, black, blue, yellow and red on transparent) it get's the job done very well. NS Hispeed Fyra Traxx F140 MS2 - Sideview by raised, on Flickr The whole album, including some WIP pictures of failed previous attempts, can be found here. As part of this model I made a post over at Brick Model Railroader, discussing my model and the at the same time released model by BigDaedy. During these five years we have quite often inspired each other, but still, the end results are pretty different due to different design choises. Definately worth a couple of minutes to read! Thanks for checking it out, hope you enjoyed it! -raised
  3. Rijkvv

    Kls flat car

    After years of half finished LDD/MLCad designs, I finally managed to finish a MOC in ABS, my first one since my Tyrrell P34 a decade ago. And it's blue again! The Kls is a type of flat car used by different railroad companies in different liveries. I based mine on those in use by Railpro. They are often used to transport stuff like sleepers and rail segments. I used a drawing found at the site of Railpro to design and build this in scale 1:45. Fun fact is that it's built upside-down entirely, except for the wheel sets. Kls flat car by Rijk van Voorst, on Flickr
  4. It has been a while since I posted something new here, but don't worry, I have been building regardless, I've just been lurking a lot ;) Anyways, today I want to present my rendition of a MaK / ABB DE 6400 in DB Cargo design. Formerly the main diesel workhorse of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), nowadays a locomotive that also runs in Belgium and Norway, and which you can find even in Poland. I've always had a soft spot for these bulky machines whose design esthetics are mainly following the principles of modularity and usefullness (meaning they aren't styled at all to begin with) and to be honest, I already build it twice, but never to full satisfaction. I had several main goals while building this loco: Keeping it as closely scaled to 1:45, making sure the cab windows consist of 3 parts just like in the prototype (long live flags!), having it run on PFx Brick with it's own power, and hiding all the electrical components in such a way I didn't have to use any stickers for cover up. Also, due to the space available inside the loco, I knew I had to use the PF Lego Train Motor, which made doing proper shourding around the wheelsets a lot more difficult, since there is only one hole available in between the wheels. Thanks to a Lego Minifig Neck Bracket this turned out to be possible. In the end I think I managed to fullfill all objectives; I must however admit the loco only started to run properly after I bough a Lithium-ion rechargable 9V battery, because regular alkaline 9V batteries were emptied by the Lego PF train motor in less than 10 minutes. I never knew there was so little mAh in those blocks... Due to the way the frame is build it's actually a pretty stable locomotive, even though the hoods are only connected to the cab and only held in place by friction to keep them from wobbling. BTW, normally I model one particular number in the fleet, due to it for example having a specific name that reminds me of a town I used to live in. With the 6400 series this isn't really possible, since only several of them are named, and all of them after their drivers or people from within the company it runs for. (Acutally, three of them run with the same name as my grandfather, so maybe some day in the future it might become the 6407, 6434 or 6438!) NS 6400 #2 by raised, on Flickr NS 6400 #1 by raised, on Flickr NS 6400 #3 by raised, on Flickr Hope you guys like it!