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  1. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    When Catanas reacted to the Snape figure appearing, she added: “Ohhh dear, they are in trouble.” Considering this is a slightly paraphrased quote from Mister Filch, we might be seeing him show up in there, too. Or quite possibly I’m reading too much into whimsical comments on here. ;)
  2. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Oh, wow! This is such an amazingly detailed set with so many fantastic molds and prints! They’re doing justice to all the characters in spades, if you ask me. Nearly Headless Nick makes his first appearance and is spot on. Who would’ve expected to get Susan Bones in there? What an unexpected treat, with her Hufflepuff torso. The new piece for the wands seems to come in a multitude of colours (dark tan, reddish and dark brown, black - in Bricklink’s naming system). Is Harry’s hair a black version of one of the Ninjago Movie main characters? This brand new Potter theme is going to be a great big day-one-buy for me.
  3. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    In the original Gotham by Gaslight comic, he doesn’t appear to be wearing goggles, although some detailed panels raise doubt. Is there any chance this suit could pop up in the second CMF series?
  4. Star Wars Rebels

    You did! He's playing the Bendu. What a thrill to hear The Doctor talk about Jedi and Sith... I was already looking forward to season 3, but now it can't come soon enough. Here's hoping they'll include the new-look crew and Grand (!) Admiral (!!) Thrawn (!!!) in a set. Personally, I don't care too much for the stormtroopers included in the Rebels sets, but that's an easy fix. The other minifigures still work perfectly along the other Star Wars ones of the last few years, in my view. It's a wonderful notion that perhaps there'll be a Thrawn to pit against the OT good guys.
  5. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    It's official concept art from the production, made by Andy Park.
  6. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Truly, madly, deeply in love with the new additions! The new figures look great, the storyworlds are wonderful and the possibility to play stuff like Capture the Flag sounds excellent. Just when you think it's already the perfect game... Wow. Mindblowing.
  7. Ghostbusters (Reboot) 2016 sets rumors and discussion

    The trailer looks good to me. Seems the vibe is fairly similar to that of the originals. New characters, same concept. The Ecto-1 being a hearse fits the whole idea quite well, I feel. And so many ghosts! Good. That's a great sign for sets to come.
  8. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    There have never been any sets based on a (solo) Thor movie, have there? I wouldn't go holding my breath this time around either. GotG 2 should hopefully profit from the hit that GotG 1 was, so I'd really hope to see a decent amount of sets. As for Spider-Man... He's Spider-Man! He always gets a lot of sets, even when there's no movie whatsoever in cinemas. He's LEGO Marvel's Batman.
  9. Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    Ooh! What a great collection. Well done LEGO and Disney for representing so many eras of animated films. And this is, presumably, just the first wave. It's complete conjecture at this point, but if The Simpsons got two series, surely Disney will too? It looks to me like all the smart choices were made. Characters from throughout Disney's history. Mickey and friends. Mostly normal heads to ensure maximum compatibility. Some female stars, some male ones. Good guys (m/f), bad guys (m/f). What looks like the same head for Mickey and Minnie and the same for Donald and Daisy, with accessories and printing to differentiate them. As has been mentioned, a nice plus is that this opens the door for a Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey later on. My guess is, these will sell like hotcakes. There's something to enjoy for everyone, I feel. My sympathies to those of us disappointed with the lack of Jafar, Mulan and others, but I imagine we may yet see them in the future.
  10. Doctor Who General Discussion

    Just out (or about to be) is Ava from Nexo Knights. Her hairpiece seems fairly accurate for series 8 Clara. Here's a link to Ava:{}
  11. LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    No stickers? By all the saints, what a time to be an AFOL Whovian! I better start practicing my Capaldi impression, this stuff is just waiting to be used in fan animations! Which is why I'm so happy that LEGO is doing this. Loved the Character Building 'microfigures', but LEGO has a much wider catalogue of pieces. Much more options for fan-made adventures.
  12. LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    Looks good! Can anyone tell me if those panes in the doors are connected or loose? Looks like you have to click them into the frame, I mean. If so, do you reckon that's done because of the white panels with the text and windows? Or could you, I don't know, customise it? Like: different windows and sign and the St John's Ambulance logo there / not there, depending on your preference of Doctor?
  13. LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    Aw, sorry CM4Sci. I'm secretly a big fan of yours. :) I seem to remember the reveal of those Dimensions packs came, in my time zone, at like 3 in the night. Perhaps, despite being a European company originally, they're sticking to American time?
  14. LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    No, no, no, no, no - no one's hurting CM4Sci. His Information is usually quite reliable. It's just his (informant's?) off-day. ;) But yeah. At the pace revelations about this set are made, I'll have regenerated of old age before I see official pictures. Blimey! So curious what the minifigures and the TARDIS console will be like. Either way, it's lovely that there are several Dimensions sets and an Ideas set. Perhaps if we make sure they all sell out in no time, we might get even more characters...? Still, that would be the second dream. Any LEGO Doctor Who at all is a dream come true in itself!
  15. Lego Loosing the Ball with Superheroes Sets

    'Lazy'? It always surprises me that so many people claim any perceived faults in their beloved films/series/toys/etc are down to the makers being lazy. Guys, designing LEGO sets and minifigures is what these people do for a living. It's their day job. They work at an incredibly famous company, that will fairly and unfairly be criticised for their output from any and all corners of the world. Do you really think these people are going to be lazy about their work? As I'm slowly accumulating experience in the entertainment industry (film and tv, in my case), I'm convinced the majority of 'faults' in products (films/series/toys/etc) comes from a lack of budget or time. Another big reason would be marketing concerns. Sure, every now and then, you do get someone phoning it in, but I believe that's much more rare than what seems to be assumed. Working in entertainment generally doesn't pay ludicrously well, and there always a group of hopefuls eager to see you fail and snatch up your job. You really don't want to make yourself an easy target when you're doing your dream job. That said, I think LEGO are doing a smashing job with many licenses, including both sides of the Superheroes coin. As for anything you desire that hasn't been produced yet: make a list and evaluate it in three years. I'm willing to bet a lot of boxes (say, a Coulson minifig and more X-Men) will have been ticked by then.