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    Custom building with LEGO Friends mixed with other sets, creating videos of my builds, plus composing the music that accompanies the videos. My five-year goal is producing a LEGO Friends fan film.


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  1. My First [MOD/MOC] Modular Townhouse - Advice Needed

    Lovely! Wonderful detail in all the rooms. Keep up the great work! Cheers! Beverly
  2. [MOC] Aquarium

    Looks pretty good! As an aquarist, I'd like to see a school of the small fish, and grouping of the coral and plants. Take care! Beverly
  3. [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    Wow. Love the mini-scenes illuminated by the lights. Cheers! Beverly
  4. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Cheers! Beverly
  5. Petticoat Lane

    Wow! This is so cute! Love all the businesses in this compact building set. Beautiful architectural details. Cheers! Beverly
  6. MOC WIP Rainbow Holiday Train

    Exactly what I'm thinking! Am waiting for the LEGO store to stock the 88002 LEGO Power Functions Train Motor that's suggested for the Creator Winter Holiday Train. It's on my wish list. I don't have the space to set up a running train, except maybe for a couple of weeks at Christmas. Hurry, LEGO store! And, patience to me! Here's the completed train.... Next, clean up the pile of discarded brick from the build, and continue work on the rest of my Holiday diorama. Not necessarily in that order, though Cheers! Beverly
  7. [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    I Go for it, I say. LEGO is an artist's medium. Do what you will with it to enhance your enjoyment and creativity. I've drilled LEGO before, but not my MOCs - just because I don't have the right equipment to do it well. Have fun and create! Cheers! Beverly
  8. [MOC] Central Station

    Thank you for the link. The building is lovely. One thing I may have done is somehow added more rows of tan above the red brick to balance top and bottom. Cheers! Beverly
  9. [MOC] Central Station

    Sorry, but I can't see them. Cheers!
  10. [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    I'll probably never light my own buildings, but it's great to see the nuts and bolts of how it's done. Thanks for creating this thread. Cheers! Beverly
  11. Baptism of Poland

    Simple, elegant design. Really like the stained glass. Cheers! Beverly
  12. MOC WIP Rainbow Holiday Train

    Thank you for the kind words, Venific! Yes, I had so much fun building the train. Looking for the right colours, in the right combinations, from my LEGO stash was the best part. Second best was the inspiration from some TV commercial for the video's original music. I haven't had the chance to show the Rainbow Holiday Train to the GETS coordinator yet. His idea, so far, is to have it encircling the fairground of their super-large layout. The fairground is quite elaborate with a Drop Of Doom and other motorized rides. It'll be my first train show Thank you, carebear! So glad you love it Thank you, koalayummies! Rainbows and unicorns is my general theme for my version of Winter Village. Your comment that it feels happy, bright and wild bolsters my plan to keep going
  13. Unikitty! 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    These will be on my must have list. Gotta budget for them, though. Thanks for posting! Cheers! Beverly
  14. [MOC] To Space and Back for 50 Cents!

    Very cute and clever! Cheers! Beverly
  15. MOC WIP Rainbow Holiday Train

    I'm a little out of season, but, really, do you know how long it takes to MOC a train? Especially when trains aren't your first love?? This beauty is almost finished. Just have to add the final decorative flourishes on the SNOTs, and add figures to the caboose and maybe elsewhere. After the past week of intense concentration fashioning a MOC out of my previous MOD Winter Holiday Train, I was eager to view it on video. There's a chance this train may be running at the Greater Edmonton Train Show (GETS) in September 2018 with our local LUG, NALUG, so I'll motorize my Rainbow Train, as well. That is, if LEGO restocks the motor on their website. Hope you like it MOC Work in Progress, Rainbow Holiday Train (this morning): MOD (from November 21, 2017): Cheers! Beverly