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    Custom building with LEGO Friends mixed with other sets, creating videos of my builds, plus composing the music that accompanies the videos. My five-year goal is producing a LEGO Friends fan film.


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  1. beverly888

    [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    Such a lovely model. Fully supported! Cheers
  2. beverly888

    [MOC] Big Ben 10253 alternate model - The Lounge modular

    Love the use of the teeth and trans-black brick. All that tan works well. Juxtaposing simplicity and ornate is a great way to balance a design. Cheers! Beverly
  3. beverly888

    Show your Go Brick Me creations!

    Thanks, Lego-fire! Now, isn't he the cutest! Love the smile, hat, buttons and shield.
  4. beverly888

    [MOC] Cafe Havana (modular)

    Great colour and use of pieces. I especially like the bows as architectural detail and tennis rackets for chair backs. Cheers! Beverly
  5. beverly888

    Unikitty! 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Cutest things ever! So love everything about them, except how to tell which is which in the bags. Oh, well. Can't have everything in life! Cheers! Beverly
  6. beverly888

    Vila Brick Marina - MILS (updated)

    That's some serious brick there! Very well done. Cheers! Beverly
  7. beverly888

    Winter Village: Uni-kitty is com-ing, to town!

    Doing a bit of research for the upcoming Uni-kitty releases and came across this truly wonderful build. Cheers! Beverly
  8. beverly888


    Wonderful build. Lots of inspiration here, inside and out. Cheers! Beverly
  9. beverly888

    Show your Go Brick Me creations!

    Thanks, dulsi. When I first imagined her, I thought of making her in a running stance, but realized she'd fall over with her legs positioned like that. Looking forward to seeing your build. Cheers! Beverly
  10. beverly888

    Show your Go Brick Me creations!

    I never saw the point of LEGO's BrickHeadz line. They're block-y and all seemed to look alike. All the same, when I stumbled across Belle on sale, I'd bought multiples of her for parts. Then Rebrick announced the BrickHeadz Selfie contest and I thought I'd see what I could do. My first go ended pretty quickly and in failure, which doubled my conviction BrickHeadz really aren't my thing. A few days later, I perused the variety of entries. The successful selfies were uniquely dressed, had a strong theme, and were well photographed. I brain-stormed what I might create as I rummaged my brick. The rules stated the selfie didn't have to look exactly like the builder. I took that to mean I could imagine myself as anyone as long as I was truthful about my goals, world view and personal aspirations. After I constructed the butterfly companion for my selfie and ensured it could "fly" without seeing the support structure, my second attempt went well enough that I entered her in the Rebrick contest. Here's my Lepidopterist (butterfly scientist) BrickHeadz Selfie I can't believe how much I love her. She's the cutest thing I've ever made from LEGO, and I've been carrying her around all day. Indeed, she's my alter ego, at least for the time being. Thank goodness I gave myself a second chance and never gave up. Cheers! Beverly
  11. beverly888

    Mr Brick head

    Simple and very cute. Cheers! Beverly
  12. beverly888

    How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    This statement is at the heart of what I do with LEGO. I'm working on putting it into practice with my daily life. too, which is harder to do. I'm a work in progress, I suppose. Cheers! Beverly
  13. Always love your photos @koalayummies Cheers! Beverly
  14. beverly888

    [MOC] Ballroom

    Nice! Love the old and new aspects of the build. And it's hard to get good mirrors, too, which adds a lot to the room. Cheers! Beverly