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    Custom building with LEGO Friends mixed with other sets, creating videos of my builds, plus composing the music that accompanies the videos. My five-year goal is producing a LEGO Friends fan film.


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  1. MOC: Amethyst Tower

    Thank you for the kind words. Beverly
  2. Inspirational. What an incredible MOC! Cheers, Beverly
  3. Long live the 4-stud wide [MOC]

    The elegance of your 4-wides is in their simplicity. Cheers, Beverly
  4. MOC - Derelict House

    The exterior does have the feel of it deteriorating over time. Good choice of colour and brick type. Beverly
  5. Technology Sculptures Series

    Everything to love about this series - especially the details of the shoes. Beverly
  6. [MOC] Alt build of 21310 Old Fishing Store

    Well done. Like it a lot. Beverly
  7. MOC: Robots

    Last week, it was time to sort and store brick from a recent build. But sorting brick is so boring. Sooo, I built a few robots from the odds and ends on my workbench The first two bots... Why not a dog bot? Three bots. One's a deer, one's a pirate, but I don't know about the third... Awwww. This bot has eyelashes! The backs of these two bots.... And their fronts... Finally, the insect bot. Scary! Beverly
  8. [MOC]: Winterfield Academy

    Beautiful. Stop motion is hard to do with such tiny figures. Looking forward to seeing it, though. Beverly
  9. Wasabi District 2017

    Wonderful build! I'm now following. Beverly
  10. Creator Winter Village + Friends Snow Resort?

    Got a great start on my Friends and Creator winter mash-up this morning. Made modifications to two skidoos from the Friends Snow Resort Chalet 41323 sets. (I bought four sets on sale.) Part of the Friends Ice Rink 41322 and the Off-Roader 41321 are in the background. Cheers! Beverly
  11. [MOC] Winter Village Whoville House & The Grinch!

    Love the stockings! Great detail. Beverly
  12. [MOC] Mini Buildings

    Very cute! Thanks for sharing :) :) Beverly
  13. Creator Winter Village + Friends Snow Resort?

    I'm on the verge of beginning my Creator and Friends (with a bit of Disney Princess) mash-up, starting with a 48x48 stud base plate. Should be interesting. The Elves' dormitory will have a dart board :)
  14. History of Magic Museum Modular Building

    Really like this project, inside and out. Supporting. :) Beverly
  15. Couch

    Simple and elegant.