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  1. VaneStream

    [MOC] The Ol' Pelican - a sailboat / sloop

    Tinku is the baby, he's a big part of Being Pirates 2 But the toucan will also keep appearing, I really love that toucan piece.
  2. VaneStream

    [MOC] The Ol' Pelican - a sailboat / sloop

    Thank you! Yes, it will be part of Being Pirates II, I built a slightly different version as well so as to have a number of vessels. Thank you NOD! Yes, it's a technique I wanted to try out. I attached tiles to bent hoses with clips to achieve the rounding. Here they are, just chillin with little Tinku
  3. VaneStream

    [MOC] Return to Spanish Armada Fort

    This is incredible! Such a beautiful style and arrangement! Great job!
  4. Sturdy, rugged, fast - The Ol' Pelican is an old fishing vessel the pirates Clint and Longsocks rely on for smaller expeditions as well as the odd fishing trip. Being a pirate, Clint has equiped the boat with two swivel guns, leading to the Ol' Pelican packing more of a punch than one might expect. You can buy instructions at LEGO MOC Sailing Boat - Ol' Pelican - Ship by Vanestream | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO
  5. VaneStream

    [MOC] Tiny Island House

    Love this! Wonderful micro MOCs and great little comic!
  6. VaneStream

    Being Pirates 2: Work in Progress and Teasers

    Thanks Legostein! I'm also positively surprised with how it turned out.
  7. VaneStream

    [MOC] Two-Masted Caravel for the Armada sub-theme

    I really like these little ships and you built a very nice one! As others have mentioned, great colour scheme!
  8. VaneStream

    [MOC] Frigate HMS Africane 46 Guns

    Ooooh! This looks great! It really shows that you put alot of effort into the masts and the rigging and it makes it so good to look at. I also love the design and color scheme, very pleasing to the eye.
  9. Congratulations on getting 10k on the model, Ranghaal. I'd love to see you post some tutorials here . Your MOC designs always amaze me and it's so fascinating to see all the techniques you come up with. I also found your interview to be a great read!
  10. VaneStream

    Being Pirates 2: Work in Progress and Teasers

    Thanks Jack! I had to look up the opening scene of POTC 2 and yes, I can absolutely see the similarities, the colours are very similar, probably I was indirectly inspired by it and similar scenes. yup, I'm sure that's what happened. I don't want to spoil to much, but part of the plot involves Clint and little Tinku, a toddler from an islander tribe, getting captured by the Imperials and Longsocks, the Captain and Vane heading out to try to break them out of the prison in the Fort at Port Tentuous. The unsinkable III and a kraken are involved, as well as other things. Thanks you!
  11. VaneStream

    Being Pirates 2: Work in Progress and Teasers

    Another update post on Being Pirates, this time with first screenshots from episode 1. I've decided to complete all episodes first and then release them on a weekly basis, as releasing them when they are finished sometimes leaves months between the episodes, by which time people will have forgotten what happened previously. This means it'll be quite a while before the whole thing will be released. I'd like to keep you all updated though and give you pictures and behind the scenes stuff. So here are first screenshots from episode 1: I'm quite happy with how the sea has turned out. For season one I did computer effects for the water, but that was always complicated and difficult to do and meant the camera had to be stationary, without camera pans and zooms. Now I've painted a large 2x2m canvas with acrylics and then used silicon to make it shiny and give it an uneven, watery "structure". Now I can even animate waves myself and can do camera movements, which really gives me freedom to experiment. Let me know what you think!
  12. VaneStream

    [MOC] Hippocampus - my new ship with an unusual hull

    I love this! The use of the Duplo hull gives it such a unique look and shape, it really makes this ship stand out in the best possible way. I love the bulky, impressive feel it has. Great job in doing something that hasn’t been done so often and making it work really well!
  13. VaneStream

    [MOC] Off To Fight Boney

    I‘m always amazed at the creative ideas people come up with when designing trees and foliage and you have come up with a number of great ones, this one is no exception.
  14. VaneStream

    [DIGITAL] Galleon La Gomera

    That is one impressive ship! Great hull shaping, beautifully designed. I can only imagine the hours of work that went into creating this amazing model! The story was also very captivating, well done!
  15. Thanks El Scorpio! I was working on stuff for season 2 today .