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  1. @SamarthOnce I've taken some good pictures I'd be happy for them to be featured. Perhaps a further idea for the E-mail would be to include a short "comic strip" with recurring lego pirate characters. Probably not drawn but using photography. This could either be a continuous story or just short little episodes.
  2. VaneStream

    [MOC] The Ol' Pelican - a sailboat / sloop

    Thank you @Marooned Marin for blogging the Ol’ Pelican and for writing such a superb article! It really shows that you put a lot of effort into writing your articles and you‘re great at it. Thanks for all the kind words in the blog post!
  3. Wow, I am very impressed by some of the results from midjourney. Some of those pirate island outposts have a fantastic colour scheme and just work as a whole, rounded model (even though it's probably best not to look too closely at what some of the elements are supposed to be. The figures make me wish lego would create more beard, hair and hat pieces!
  4. Wow, they look impressive! I haven't tried other generators yet. For these ones even the fabric of the cloth cape looks quite real. With lego figs not having noses at all the ones on these figures really stand out
  5. Could have guessed that others have been doing it for a while now. Wow, the pictures you posted look incredible! I love the colours and they've really captured a great mood. Great idea to include a moon and a night time atmosphere. There's definitely some weird stuff going on .
  6. Recently I stumbled upon the trend of AI generated images, which seem to be all the rage at the moment. I thought I'd try it out with Lego pirate prompts to see what would happen. I found it interesting and lots of fun, so I thought I'd share some of the images. Of course the images are far away from any official Lego and the MOCs wouldn't actually work, what with unexisting pieces or just plain weird conglomerates of Lego shapes. Nevertheless I found it very interesting and inspiring. To try it out yourself, go to and add your prompt, wait a couple seconds and AI will generate images. Perhaps this can be a thread for anyone to share AI generated pirate pictures. I'd love to see what happens! Let's keep it simple at first, with a simple prompt: Prompt: Lego pirate Definitely recognizable as legoish figures, interesting hats. Prompt: lego kraken pirate impressionist You can see the Jack Sparrow influence here in my opinion, which is the case for a number of the following figures. Prompt: Lego pirate ship black pearl Prompt: Lego pirate dystopia dark If you squint this actually looks like it could be a set Prompt: lego kraken pirate impressionist I really like this, feels like a mix between an island and a ship. I love the black hull of this one, although it would not really be possible to pull off this exact look with lego. Now for some more minifigs: Prompt: lego pirate dystopian dark acrylic blackbeard moc fort no fort turned up in the picture, but I really like this "Blackbeard" nonetheless, cool hat, beard and face. I wonder what that weird squiggly stuff on the right is though. Prompt: lego kraken pirate Not what I was expecting with the prompt, but I love it. One of my favourite images. Prompt: lego pirate ship 1970s Quite a stylish ship here. Prompt: lego bluecoat fort caribbean sea I had quite a hard time trying to get the Ai to create a fort, this was the first picture that kind of works. Prompt: Lego pirate dystopia dark acrylic A great female pirate figure, I love the colour scheme on this. Prompt: Lego pirate dystopia dark acrylic Definitely Jack Sparrow vibes here. I like this image. Prompt: Can't remember A funky hat on this one. The hats make me wish Lego would make a wider variety of pirate suitable hats. Prompt: lego pirate dystopian dark acrylic blackbeard moc I love the beard. And lastly... Prompt: lego pirate dystopian dark acrylic blackbeard I love the over the top hat on the figure on the right and the shirt of the one on the left is pretty stylish. What do you think? I'd find it fun if others try out the website ( ), experimented with prompts and posted cool images in this thread.
  7. Thanks NOD. I was inspired by old Lego catalogues from the 90s, in which there was often a combination of Lego and a non-lego landscape, especially in the castle, pirate and space worlds. Thank you so much Marooned Marin!
  8. I put together a video on how I built Port Tentuous, a Caribbean Port town. In effect it's a large film set for my stop-motion series Being Pirates. Let me know what you think!
  9. VaneStream

    [MOC] The Ol' Pelican - a sailboat / sloop

    Tinku is the baby, he's a big part of Being Pirates 2 But the toucan will also keep appearing, I really love that toucan piece.
  10. VaneStream

    [MOC] The Ol' Pelican - a sailboat / sloop

    Thank you! Yes, it will be part of Being Pirates II, I built a slightly different version as well so as to have a number of vessels. Thank you NOD! Yes, it's a technique I wanted to try out. I attached tiles to bent hoses with clips to achieve the rounding. Here they are, just chillin with little Tinku
  11. VaneStream

    [MOC] Return to Spanish Armada Fort

    This is incredible! Such a beautiful style and arrangement! Great job!
  12. Sturdy, rugged, fast - The Ol' Pelican is an old fishing vessel the pirates Clint and Longsocks rely on for smaller expeditions as well as the odd fishing trip. Being a pirate, Clint has equiped the boat with two swivel guns, leading to the Ol' Pelican packing more of a punch than one might expect. You can buy instructions at LEGO MOC Sailing Boat - Ol' Pelican - Ship by Vanestream | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO
  13. VaneStream

    [MOC] Tiny Island House

    Love this! Wonderful micro MOCs and great little comic!
  14. VaneStream

    Being Pirates 2: Work in Progress and Teasers

    Thanks Legostein! I'm also positively surprised with how it turned out.
  15. VaneStream

    [MOC] Two-Masted Caravel for the Armada sub-theme

    I really like these little ships and you built a very nice one! As others have mentioned, great colour scheme!