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Found 7 results

  1. vepsi

    Modified Ninjago City & Docks

    Well, this was an epic project. It took two years and several complete iterations get things the way I wanted to. Frustration at times was high but I learned much. Ninjago City and Docks are both great sets but I wanted to modify both by adding one more level below street level so that these sets would better fit next to my other modified modular buildings. Adding another level also works really well when there's a ship docked, picture of that comes later in the post. Another level also gave me a change to include one even more older level of ninjago city. I will add photos here from each layer. I'll start from the top and remove rooms one by one. Toilet/Tower was moved away from sushi restaurant to decrease the overall hight of the building. There is now more room for ninjas to enjoy lunch, under a cherry tree if they wish. Entrance to the restaurant is through the dragons mouth, and the dragon itself is an elevator connecting every level. (Ninjas - please leave your hidden weapons at the entrance.) The yellow room on the right and the turquoise tower on back are identical to original set. Small changes to crap restaurant and to the comic store so that they can be removed from main build without the street. The arcade is now slightly larger and I was able to to fit one more game inside. It is a Kill Bill themed sword game. When restaurant and other builds on the front are removed, you can see that there is an access to the toilet tower through ladders, not an easy path but accessible anyway. In the middle of this structure there is an opening that goes all the way down to the very bottom level. These rooms are quite similar to what they were originally in Ninjako City Docks. Behind the dojo there was small space unused, It has a shrine or golden armor inside now. Behind the toilet there is a young boy firing a rocket. The original city Dock clearly had two facades, front and back, both very well detailed. I only need one side to look good so I did try to get all possible details on the front side. It was sometimes incredibly difficult to get modified builds to fit together, it would have definitely been easier to just redo all rooms with new design :) The second street level is one single build and it connects everything together. This layer makes the whole building very rigid! The cash machine in front has a new mechanism for getting money out. You can see the green topped piece connected to a techic axle in the images above. This axle is connected to a lever in front of the street and by pulling the lever, money comes out. This mechanism works really well and is easy to use because lever is at front. Below the second street level are food stalls and small shops, several builds borrowed from Chinese New Year Temple Fair. Teehouse and the bedroom are very similar to the original build. The round window might be new, and the cherry tree behind it looks and feels nice. Cleaning robot is moved one level below. Builds from the Temple Fair added. It is really crowded in here and a lot of stuff from the Temple Fair. I like how the advertisements on the second floor wall look like. They are angled downwards and kept in place by ninjago swords. The second floor on back also has a minor play feature, the gray barrel can be dropped onto the street level to cause mayhem. I'm depating with my self if street levels should be covered with tiles or not. Here I kind of like the look but on the outside streets I would probably prefer tiled streets. The middle market part can be removed separately. This new room is for map maker. It includes some parts from the City Docks. Small storage inside the cabinet and below the bed. Below this build are more food stalls. And now the last level. It has full heigth and minifigures can easily fit in here. This level includes space for robots, fishery, mason's workshop and metal workshop. On the front there's a hidden compartment for posters. Fish processing has a small room at the back. It is connected to the elevator by a drawbridge and fishingboats can moor right next to it. On the front, next to mason's workshop is the room for maintenance robots. The walking robot is the same one from Ninjago City. The boat robot is new and it's responsibility is to keep the waters clean. The robot floats even if it falls overboard for some reason. The last room in this building is the metal workshop. Workshop has a sliding door, lathe, drill and several metal pieces. Friends photo poster doubles as a girl calendar :D On the front there are two smoking pipes and under the workshop table there is a secret hatch to a room underneath. These indicate that there is something even more older below this level. Here's a photo of the building when everything possible is removed. Yes, the dragon is tall, really tall in real life when other builds are not present. Elevator can be moved by a wheel which is on the other side of the dragons head. A string is connected to the elevator platform and unlike original elevator in the Ninjago City, this one is a single structure and elevator can easily move all the way from the bottom to the top. There are some ladders in this building but everything is mainly accessible by the elevator. There are a lot of different builds in this and the feeling when I put everything back together is really rewarding :) Here are some final photos of this building with Destiny's Bounty docked. All these photos and more in greater detail can be found from here:
  2. WannabeNinjagoBuilder

    Hello, my name is WannabeNinjagoBuilder

    Hey Eurobrick Community I'm really glad I've found these forums as I was unhappy with the somewhat low post quality of other forums. I've been lurking for almost a year now and thought it is about time I make an account. So, about my LEGO history... I grew up with LEGO I got from my mother and uncle who also had LEGO from when they were young (i.e. in the 60s & 70s, think blue lego rails, white & red lego bricks). I guess I grew up during the best age of the old LEGO: late 80s to late 90s. I mostly got and bought small sets as there wasn't much money around. I loved Pirates, Castle and Space and often combined Space & Town for Sci-Fi stories. In primary school was blown away by the best birthday present I had ever received: 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner. When I was 11, I went to the bank, plundered all my savings and bought Aquazone 6195 Neptune Discovery Lab. It was raining hard, which i found very fitting. Those were two largest sets I'd ever had, the rest was mostly around 3-25 bucks with the odd present around 40-50. It was around 13-14, when I started to feel like I was getting too old for LEGO and was a bit embarrassed to still play. I still liked it but my peers seemed to have more grown up hobbies. Thus, I went into my dark ages, which lasted around 20 years. I came out of my dark ages around 2 years go, when my brother-in-law bought us Ninjago City. He had researched and said it was the best LEGO set that was on the market at the moment. We built it, had a lot of fun and realized that it was an absolute piece of art on another level... but then left it in our office to gather dust. A year ago, we bought Docks and then decided to start building our own LEGO city. We didn't care much about the regular cities using modulars and such as they seemed a bit too bland and normal for our tastes. Our quest started with another copy of Ninjago City and Ninjago City Docks as well as Temple of Airjitsu and has continued with most oft the modulars in print and other sets that look like they could have parts that could be used in our Ninjago City, such as most of the TLNM-sets (which I consider to be of much higher design quality than 95% of the rest of all LEGO sets), Barracuda Bay, Tree House, Diagon Alley, etc. The sad thing about all this is that we never actually have time to start building for real as life always interferes! That's where the "Wannabe" comes from... I hope this February we get at least a few evenings to work on it, though! Otherwise, we generally don't care about most of the adult focused sets as they just seem overpriced or boring to us (or both, as in the mosaic stuff and the Colloseum). The set I regret most not buying was Welcome to Apocalypseburg. Sadly, despite having some great sets The LEGO Movie 2 had a terrbile story / morals and no one liked it, so everything was out of print before I was fully back out of my dark ages. I just cannot reasonably pay the price it is at now, as it was already a overpriced when it was still in print. Oh well, I guess that was a bit long for an introduction no one is going to read! :D
  3. In September @MstrOfPppts and I finished our MOC based on the 70620 Ninjago City and 70657 Ninjago Docks sets. I took the photos in December, when it was displayed for the last time, and it took me too long to edit and select the best photos. There are two sections of the city, connected by an old stone bridge at the lowest level. We wanted to create a part of the city similar, yet distinct from the official sets. The ground level was set as a more traditional Asian architecture, while the above level was leaning more towards the modern high rise. The idea was to visualize how the architecture changed at higher levels when buildings were added on, but still to keep some traditional elements. For this purpose we also designed some custom printed parts to create the right atmosphere. From my part, this was the most extensive model I built, and one that I enjoyed building very much. If you're interested to see more details from other angles or just these photos in high-res, they are available at my Flickr.
  4. Dear Community, as I am rebuilding my city, and really like the Ninjago city & docks sets, I would like to integrate them.. Do you have any examples to share on how you combined these two universes? Here is my current work in progress layout with three distinguished areas: City, Amusement Park, Suburb. I will then add a sea side probably to include the Old Fishing Store, but for the moment my issue is how to best integrate the Ninjago sets.. Here is where I thought Ninjago sets could fit.. Actually, I have a couple of ideas.. One could be to have a river going into the city (insert a 16 wide river "lane" going through) and then add bridges (almost every city is built around water in real life), or having a lake in the middle.. but in any case for the moment they are in 2 different areas in my mind.. I would really appreciate to see how YOU integrated these elements with other modular buildings.. Or if you haven't, do you have any ideas? Merci in advance for your tips and advice!
  5. Huaojozu

    [MOC] Ninjago City Docks B-Model

    Fancy a swim? Or some adrenaline action? Or maybe a luxurious rooftop party? Then wait no longer and come visit the newly opened Brickastle Water Park (with enough parts for the original Pig baloon too). Instructions available here. This corner modular features two sections - the Brickastle building and the nearby Water Park. In the park you can find an olympic sized pool complete with swimming lanes and starting blocks, as well as a trophy to compete for. There are 2 diving boards at varying heights and 3 sets of slides, each with a different adrenaline rating. We have a clear display for both the time and the temperature of the water (in Celsius) to keep you informed. While you're standing in line to get tickets, you can buy some snacks and drinks at the first booth. We offer an assortment of yummies, ranging from sea food to biscuits. The interior of the Brickastle building features the two booths, one for food and the other for tickets and storing any clothing and valuables (including a safe). You can also find two changing room booths near the entrance to ensure your privacy.The second floor contains the apartment of the Brickastle brand owner, complete with a bedroom and other assorted furniture. It also has a ladder leading to the roof, where the real fun awaits. If you're lucky enough to get invited to the rooftop party, you can enjoy the private pool, open bar and the highest diving board in all of Brickopolis.
  6. Presenting my 10230 - Mini Modulars interpretation of 70620 - Ninjago City from The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017). 70620 - Ninjago City (Mini Modular) by Adeel Zubair, on Flick 70620 - Ninjago City (Mini Modular) by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Full Gallery: ________________________________________________ Follow Me On... Facebook - Flickr - Instagram - Deviantart - Twitter - Youtube - LinkedIn - Behance - Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel