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  1. Johnny is having a groovy roller disco flashback. Watch his hips work it as he twists and turns on his path to a groovier dimension. A servo motor shifts his upper body and hips back and forth altering his balance allowing him to turn like a real roller skater. The hip/upper body motion moves his arms up and down. Two l-motors propel him with tank steering for additional agility. These functions are programmed as sequences to an SBrick.
  2. MaxBrix

    [MOC] RC Downhill Skiing Robot

    The servos have a lego axle connector. They are a great product if you have a hobby radio. I got 4 of them for less than $25 This video has more info and links.
  3. MaxBrix

    [MOC] RC Downhill Skiing Robot

    That is Max, he is practically a seeing-eye dog: Opening doors is one of his many talents. He would only grab ski bot if I asked him to.
  4. Downhill skiing robot uses 2 servos so he can move his skis side to side and bend his waist pushing his poles into the ground. He can actually ski down a hill with control. I found that third-person skiing is quite hard though!
  5. Huge Lego spider creeping around under the house. Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. Small scale lego R/C pink Cadillac tank. Borrowed from my daughters Lego Model 10260 Downtown Diner and customized with tank treads and remote control. It's dimensions are 14cmX10cmX9cm.
  7. I bought a box of misc springs so I can make my own shocks on axles. Springs about 4.6 mm to 8 mm Internal Diameter work . Like Technic Racer said 2 of the 8 springs on this walker are medium stiffness red lego shock from Ebay
  8. This is the second Lego Big Dog. The object on this one is to achieve maximum running speed and stability with 4 legs. I would like to work up to a 4 leg model that can change gates from running to jumping and is steerable. The next step is steering without falling over on four legs.
  9. MaxBrix

    RC Extra Large Spider MOC

    Could you point me to some instruction creating software?
  10. MaxBrix

    RC Extra Large Spider MOC

    That is a great idea! The next spider should have a web and something struggling in it.
  11. Creepy huge spider vid. This spider is using the Klann leg linkage geometry. Dogs hate this thing. They won't let it face them.
  12. MaxBrix

    Using Relays With Lego PF

    The relay separates the receiver circuit from the motor circuit. The battery does not receive a load because the relay opens the circuit between the battery and the motors. when the relay is off the motors are not connected to anything.
  13. It's only good for a freewheel. On the front wheels of a rear-wheel drive. Like in this
  14. After ages of staring at bits, I finally found a way to integrate some ball bearings into some lego wheels.