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  1. This method doesn't just increase torque it puts the torque at the end of the drive train. This reduces friction and stress on the entire drive. Mounting to your frame from the turntable puts the wheel near its original placement. After the gear down the torque is distributed through 2 axles that don't twist increasing the strength more than 4x to the highest torque part of the gear train. No more twisted axles. One trade off is you can't mount steering inside the wheel hub.
  2. Sorry I am bad at documentation. I will at least take some good photos for Eurobricks next time. I do have a very simple spider tutorial video though. It's a good place to start with walkers. Diy Walkers has a lot of info on building walkers. About the battery:
  3. The toes are made from the silicon from a wire wisk. When removed from the wisk you have 2mm silicon tube. Now jam them into a Lego axle coupler. Now find a wire shelf. It needs to have soft plastic end caps on the metal frame. These fit snugly on the coupler. cut the tip so the silicon tubes stick out when you put it on the coupler. I show them up close and talk about it here.
  4. It is difficult for mechanical walkers to go over a surface with bumps or any places for the feet to get caught. They often struggle on unlevel ground. This is my latest attempt to defy these restrictions. 4-Bar Linkage legs, Split Chassis, Dual Crank 2 L-Motors 1- Sbrick 1 3S 850mah LIPO
  5. The gun is as compact and light weight as possible. The leg stride has a very small vertical lift so the model can carry the extra weight of the gun without shaking itself to bits. Slowing it down is not an option.
  6. I used slow mo footage to improve the walking efficiency of my big dog quadruped robot. The video has clips of a few iterations showing progress. I improved the existing design with steering, more speed and better stability. I hope to get stabilization integrated into the leg geometry in the future. 1 L-Motor 1 Geek servo (Lego compatible) 1 Additional for stabilization 1 Radiolink R6FG RX 1 2 Amp ESC Sorry for the non Lego radio. It is really good though.
  7. MaxBrix

    Lego 2-Stroke motor

    A taser makes a high voltage low current spark in a smallish battery-powered package.
  8. About 15-20 minutes. I never timed it. It's 850 MAH 3 cell. The demand on the battery is low. There is not that much time on the throttle. It spins the tire at less than half throttle.
  9. The first motorcycle was great but it needed more range. So I rebuilt it with a better radio. But then things sort of got out of hand. First I accidentally ordered a brushless ESC. Then I had to get a motor right? I looked at the motor and realized it might work for an even faster motorcycle. The first bike was all Lego and I'm not claiming any Lego records so cheating should be ok, right? Just having fun. How much cheating is too much? What about 3rd party lego compatible stuff like Buwizz and Sbrick? Sometimes I use a few small non-lego springs(like on his legs). Cutting grinding or reshaping Lego seems to make people mad, but Lego doesn't make the pieces I need sometimes and the hobby radio just works really well.
  10. MaxBrix

    Drift Hot Rod

    4 wheel drive from 3 XL Lego motors lets all 4 tires spin. Independent suspension in the rear. Front suspension and more power coming soon, this is a Work In Progress (WIP) I am not able to upload photos for some reason. More in the video
  11. Sentry mode turns the gun in a 300-degree radius searching for targets within range. When a target is detected it stops rotating and shoots. Target tracking follows the IR beacon in 360 degrees. Once it's fixed on the beacon it fires.
  12. Johnny is having a groovy roller disco flashback. Watch his hips work it as he twists and turns on his path to a groovier dimension. A servo motor shifts his upper body and hips back and forth altering his balance allowing him to turn like a real roller skater. The hip/upper body motion moves his arms up and down. Two l-motors propel him with tank steering for additional agility. These functions are programmed as sequences to an SBrick.
  13. MaxBrix

    [MOC] RC Downhill Skiing Robot

    The servos have a lego axle connector. They are a great product if you have a hobby radio. I got 4 of them for less than $25 This video has more info and links.
  14. MaxBrix

    [MOC] RC Downhill Skiing Robot

    That is Max, he is practically a seeing-eye dog: Opening doors is one of his many talents. He would only grab ski bot if I asked him to.
  15. Downhill skiing robot uses 2 servos so he can move his skis side to side and bend his waist pushing his poles into the ground. He can actually ski down a hill with control. I found that third-person skiing is quite hard though!