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Found 29 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm aware of 32054 to attach an axle and give it friction. Is there anything that can be added to the middle of an axle to add friction? I have a structure with an axle I want to add friction to, but in order to use 32054 I would have to modify the structure in a way that annoys me. It would be much more convenient to be able to add something in a pinhole in a link arm the axle is going through. Thanks!
  2. castor-troy

    [MOC] Movie set

    For this project we focused on the aesthetics and design of the facades, while making sure that the set offers a lot of possibilities and playability for the Afols : for those who like to display their LEGO set, the Movie Set will be an optimal choice, as it makes an optimal use of pieces for that purpose the set can be used to reproduce scenes from cult movies by combining the different facades, for those who like to take pictures or make brick films, the set would make a great background scenery you can make a tracking shot with your smartphone over 1 meter long, thanks to a cart specially designed for that purpose, for those who have a LEGO city, the Movie Set would make a very nice background finally, for those who like big LEGO buildings, all facades can be put together to form a single building that would fit well together with other modular buildings Details and support :
  3. Studio renders of my awful locomotive designs will be posted here. If you think you can offer me helpful advice or teach me something to help me improve, please feel free to do so. I'm not going to take offense at being told I suck, I know I have a lot to learn. One thing I struggle with a lot is knowing what parts are available for a particular job - programs like Studio really help there. If you know of any awesome useful parts I don't seem to be using, please point them out. I also tend to avoid extensive SNOT work unless it's really necessary - I find that Anyway. Here are two based on the same rolling chassis and cylinder arrangement: This one is an early attempt, years ago, in LDD to model a decent steam loco with articulation and valve gear. Another very early LDD model: I'm aware that they all need work - please, if you can think of specific things to improve upon what you see, do say so. I have others to upload when I dig out an old hard drive or two, if people are interested in not just saying "that sucks", but maybe saying "that sucks in this specific area where I think this specific brick or SNOT configuration might really help improve the look". I'd like constructive criticism. Something I can use - something that will help me improve. Don't tell me if I did something right. Don't tell me it looks terrible without telling me where and why I went wrong. Please, help me learn and grow if you're open to sharing your collective expertise. Thanks in advance!
  4. A very simple technique (hijack/misappropriation of part) with part number 54090 Aircraft Fuselage Curved Forward 8 x 16 Bottom. The concept is super easy, and there are a lot of of people who don't know what to make of their airplane fuselage. They are so big. So there, with 2 parts, you have a boat hull, and in addition the studs are in the right place to put the tiles and plates at an angle, to make the edges. You can construct, boat, dugout, canoe, etc. Boat concept with Part 54090 by Horlack, on Flickr
  5. soccerkid6

    Gardar's Cloth Goods

    I came up with the basic idea for this wall technique, and figured I should make a full building to see if it worked. Various builders like Simon NH, ~Cab~, and Marcel V. have used similar wall techniques before, though my execution is slightly different than theirs. The cobblestone street also uses an idea that has been implemented many times before – free floating pieces. There is a tutorial available on the wall and one for the cobblestone technique for this build will be posted in the future. It was fun to make another highly detailed building with full interior. Gardar has a fine cloth shop in Harburg, and supplies Lord Karsten with any fabrics needed for use at the castle. Today Eryl and Elise are paying for another order of textiles, and they enjoy chatting with the old merchant. "And father would like three more rolls of red wool for his troops' uniforms," Eryl stated as Elise looked around at the various fabrics on display. Sometimes Eryl was annoyed by being required to run errands for his parents, but a visit to Gardar's shop always meant fun as the old merchant was a kind man who well remembered what it was like being a young boy. Gardar replied with a cheerful smile that was all but invisible under his thick beard, "Certainly Eryl! Are you sure he doesn't want some extra cloth to make a proper uniform for you though?" "Maybe another time Gardar, Father says I'll beginning proper weapons training before long! But for today we just need those three rolls" "Well, I'm sure you'll be getting plenty of fine uniforms then. Just don't be too hard on your instructors, they're not as young as you are." Eryl laughed and said, "I'll try not to beat them up too bad," as he shared a conspiratorial wink with the merchant while giving him two coins as payment for the goods.. More pictures See all the details on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, your feedback is always greatly appreciated
  6. Anybody got an idea on below green traced tile, how this is done? I’m not sure if this tile is split in 6-7 studs or full length 10-12 studs.  For the tile on the right I already have a modified square tile with 2 studs on top.
  7. I have decided to record a little trick I am using in LDD to finely position my MOCs. I hope you'll find it useful.
  8. I have created a brief example of how to manipulate "floating objects" in LDD on flickr here: Enjoy!
  9. Hello, I'd like you to show all the doors I've build for my last MOC. Some of them are quite tricky, others really simple (when you don't have to figure out everything on your own and just see the result). As you can see I use a technique here quite often that allows offsets that are not fixed. #1 Take a look at door #1. There is an extra inlet. You can put it into the frame and still move it. The trick is that you have to have several "segments". This fixes the inlet so that it stays in place. You could easily use this techniqe for exhibitions without worrying that something falls off. => the more segments, the more tight it is. Do not use only one segment. #2 same technique, different pattern. Note the colour usage in the outer frame: very light gray(!), light gray, yellowed light gray, bluish light grey and olive. #3 This one is really complicated because of the alternating brick directions. Think of two levels. One is used horizontally and the other vertically to connect the corresponding bricks in the back. #4 Easy (once you have the pattern) to build and looks very elegant. I love this one. #5 It's like #3 with a little simpler form. #6 Once again very easy to build from a picture, but it takes some time to figure out patterns that work. Which is your favourite one?
  10. Hi, this weekend I played a bit with an idea of non-uniform rock technique. It might be already well know, so in such case sorry about my ignorance :) I just wanted to make a rock from smaller blocks, where each can be positioned/rotated freely. Unfortunately I quite soon ran out of some essential bricks so I was unable to build a "wall" but just a somewhat bigger stone. Hope you like it. Here are some photos: Stone-Tree Rock Technique (Exercise 1) byMartin, on Flickr Stone-Tree Rock Technique (Exercise 1) byMartin, on Flickr
  11. I'm doing these mosaic-y backdrops, but something is going really wonky! I thought I had my Lego geometry correct (2 studes wide = 5 plate edges), and while this is working for the above (forest) mosaic, it's not working for the lower (castle) mosaic even though the numbers are the same. As you'll see the brown support is leaning out quite a bit (to the point that it's messing up another part of my model). What am I doing wrong here? Here's a link to the images:
  12. Hi Community, I'm trying to resolve the construction of a pyramid type corner without using slopes, with each layer in two directions only stepping back either 1LDU or 0.5LDU whilst maintaining vertical alignment of face tile joints. Photos show what I'm trying to do but failing to keep the vertical tiles in alignment. Ahhh. This is doing my head in.
  13. Hello, I am interested in building a 1/144 scale battleship. Does anyone have plans for your boats or a resource I could use to help myself make a 1/144 scale battleship? I can get blueprints and ship plans for the SS Suffren. This is the battleship I would like to build. I'd love to look at blueprints and any plans ya'll have for building boats so I can try my hand at it. I'll be honest, I haven't built MOC in years.... Like 15. I've built with plans and even eyeball like a puzzle with my daughters. Some of this is my own rekindled passion after taking the girls to legoland and getting them some sets to build. They like to build and marvel. That's fine by me. I did that some myself. Eventually, all my sets became part of the melting pot until my lot was sold. I don't know what it would cost to get a decent set of bricks to try and build an MOC. I went ahead and downloaded LDD to try and get started. I'm curious how well I can do with it. I'm also curious how I can go from a LDD model to purchasing bricks so I can display this like I would want to do. My end game is to build it and sink it in my aquarium to enjoy as a massive ornament. Is it possible to get plans for the pirate ships at the lego scale model exhibit? Those were awesome! The blueprint shows the full hull. The top is water line up from the side and the bottom is in action renamed in 1944. I don't think this ship class was ever bedazzled but if anyone has experience with dazzling or can offer to the idea for an MOC, I'm all ears.
  14. Hi, hope this is the right place to ask this question. I'm trying to build a small cone-shaped structure that changes diameter from 5 studs down to 2 studs with a height of only 6 plates. Stacking 6942 "lamp shade" on top of 15395 "dome 2x2 inverted with one stud" looks like it should fit, but LDD refuses to allow this connection. I even tried adding 1x1 plates as a scaffold. An exploded view of the assembly is this: I don't own either of these parts, so could someone tell me - is this really an impossible connection, or can it be done in real life?
  15. This is a reference for some techniques that can be used to create LEGO spheres. Hope this helps when deciding which option to use. And a look at the inside of the larger and more complicated spheres.
  16. My first model of 2017, I have had the idea for this build for sometime, and finally found time to do it. The building is modeled after Bits and Pieces, the general store in Solitude from the game Skyrim. I used the same stonework design as I did in my Nordheim Farmhouse creation, though this time in dark bley. A tutorial for that technique is available. The rather complex layout of the building offered some challenges to recreate in LEGO, but I’m quite pleased with the finished result. It lifts off the base and hinges open to reveal the full interior. Previous story installments: 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Sigurd’s General Goods is the largest general store in Daydelon. It not only provides supplies, but is also a common meeting place for the people of the city. Today Glorfindel is met there by a Mitgardian courier. It had been two months since Glorfindel's distasteful run in with Lord Tuinis, and in that time Glorfindel had made several other more successful trips to lords and jarls in the area. He also made the journey to Valholl for a council of Parliament, and now was checking in at Daydelon before heading back to the border. "Greetings Sir, I bring word of the council's decision..." I tried my hand at a few photo edits with this build as well: As usual, there are plenty more pictures on our website. Did not make my goal of completing Age of Mitgardia last year, but now I'm only 3 mill builds away, so the end is near C&C appreciated .
  17. soccerkid6

    Unwelcome Tidings

    My 10th and last entry to the Colossal Castle Contest (small miscellaneous category). This was mainly a small fun build to mess around with new designs. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and that I was able to get every element actually attached, except the 3 logs which rest securely in the firewood bin. First installment in the story. After his first successful meeting with the Jarl of Balkr, Glorfindel had high hopes that he would meet with similar success when visiting other jarls and lords on the Nocturnus border. Dedan had set off for another clansman village, while Glorfindel's next trip took him to the medium sized town of Firoir. A single guard stood watch at the gate, or rather sat watch, as he was resting on a stool. "What's your business here?" He questioned, not bothering to stand. "I need to speak with Lord Tuinis," Glorfindel replied, taking in the somewhat disheveled uniform of the soldier. "Just straight on down the main road to his manor then, can't miss it." "Thank you, and good day," said Glorfindel, to which the guard merely grunted. Continuing on his way, Glorfindel saw that the guard was right and that it would be almost impossible to miss the large ornate manor. After an equally brief conversation with the steward, Glorfindel found himself face-to-face with Lord Tuinis in a lavish wood paneled room. "And what brings the esteemed Sir Glorfindel to the humble town of Firoir?" Asked Tuinis with a sneer. "Urgent orders from Elon Chorian no doubt, more men and supplies needed to defend our beloved capitol city?" Somewhat taken aback by the lord's belittling manner, Glorfindel tried to be diplomatic in his response: "It's always an honor to be received into any town of Mitgardia, and while the capitol is secure, I do bring word from Chorian that the villages, towns, and cities along the Nocturnus border should be fortified against a possible attack from the darklands. Tuinis jeered, "Of course! It's easy enough for him to order new fortifications and more soldiers to be trained, but we lords always pay the price for his petty concerns. Not a year ago, I was ordered to send troops and reserves of goods to the North for defense against the Algus threat. Yet this supposed threat to our existence was never even sighted by my scouts!" "Surely you don't mean to question the validity of the Algus attack?" Glorfindel asked incredulously. "Northern Mitgardia paid a dear price to keep the Algus from advancing to your doorstep! And if your scouts really never picked up on that threat, that only betrays their incompetence!" "You dare insult a lord of Mitgardia to his face at his own hearth?" spat Tuinis, "I know your kind, merely a lackey of Valholl, constantly sticking your nose into your better's business, and getting rewarded for it!" For a moment, Glorfindel could only consider the satisfaction a swift blow to the insolent face before him would provide, then with a great effort he controlled himself and turned from the room. Tuinis aimed one final insult at the retreating figure "That's right, crawl back to your fancy city and learn not to meddle. You have no authority here, boy." Another view of the build. I hope you're enjoying this storyline with Glorfindel, I'm having fun actually using my character for once Comments and suggestions always welcome
  18. soccerkid6

    Walk in the Snow

    Sir Glorfindel goes for a peaceful walk in the snow with his loyal husky. Snowy landscapes are one of my favorite things to build, and they are something you don’t see all that often in the LEGO community. I made this MOC to serve as a tutorial for snow-scapes. Hopefully it's helpful, and comments/suggestions for the build are welcome
  19. soccerkid6

    Leanan Manor

    This was built as part of the InnovaLUG collab, Ye Old Merry Battleground, for Brickfair Virginia.Check out the full collab here. Given the colorscheme and landscape, I thought this would fit well in Avalonia. I enjoyed getting to use some of our new sand green parts, and small castles/manors are always fun to build. There is no interior as when building this, Nordheim was still altogether and I was short on parts and time. Sir Ruari Leanin leads some of his soldiers out on a tax collecting tour. Meanwhile, some Forestmen take advantage of his leave-taking... There are a few more pictures on brickbuilt. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome
  20. Anyone on here ever heard of a Third Row Seat before? Most station wagons (typically in North America) have them, which converts the luggage area into a third seating area! Here's what mine looks like: Anyone used these in their wagon MOCs before? Thanks for viewing!
  21. Hey guys! As my Techtroners LEGO SPACE pseudo subtheme becomes more and more known (and maybe even popular in a way) I am starting to think about some real important changes to the way I am designing my MOCs which would have really strong visual effect on my future builds...and yet would be pretty challenging too for me to design them in that way I guess! Many times some of you kind of "complain" (OK, I know it is not the best description of the matter but I am unable describe it differently...anyway I mean it really in a good manner ) that my MOCs may look fine but there is one thing that somehow ruins it all a bit: as I am basically "prototyping" new bricks' colors it is quite often not possible building such design for real because such brick colors simply do not exist, of course. Some other "complain" from time to time is also the fact that some of my MOCs look too complex = too many bricks needed for their construction with real LEGO bricks (in fact I was always adoring those older TLG designers - mainly those form 80's - that were able doing so much and big looking stuff with just "a few" bricks used like <400 for a big space station compared, for example, to my own!) - my "normal" brick count is actually somewhere around 1000 +/-. So my question is: - do you think I should go the way of designing my future Techtroners MOCs FROM EXISTING BRICK COLORS ONLY AND NOT THAT COMPLEX (like, let's say, 500 pcs as maximum thus making my MOCs looking not that too many bricks and fancy anymore)? - or should I STAY WITH MY CURRENT APPROACH (thus making it looking somewhat amazing still BUT ppl would not be able build it in a designed way)? Please, show me your opinion in my poll if you may - I would be very thankful to you if you do! P.S.: this would have effect on all of my newly designed MOCs from 2016 onward but would not be taken to consideration to MOCs that are already designed but not publicly released yet (one can very easily tell when was one designed by my numbering: just look at the middle two digits of MOC's respective number - it is the year it designed! ). regards bublible
  22. An entry into the Forbidden Fortress category of the Colossal Castle Contest. A collab between John (LittleJohn) and I: John built the landscape, while I built the fortress. The build is based off of the story of Beren and Luthien from the Silmarillion. There's a full interior inside, and the drawbridge is functional. Sauron's werewolf form, and Huan were both inspired by Dunedain and Blake Baer. Luthien and Huan, the Hound of Valinar, rescue Beren from Sauron's fortress of Tol-in-Gaurhoth. Sauron takes the form of a werewolf to battle Huan. "Therefore he (Sauron) took upon himself the form of a werewolf, and made himself the mightiest that had yet walked the world; and he came forth to win the passage of the bridge... But no wizardry nor spell, neither fang nor venom, nor devil's art nor beast-strength, could overthrow Huan of Valinor; and he took his foe by the throat and pinned him down" (Tolkien 175). Gates and drawbridge closed: There's a lot to see, so check out additional pictures here: C&C welcome
  23. soccerkid6

    [M-H03] Dune Buggy Racing

    Location: H03, Kaalin Tags: Land Vehicle, Vehicle, Exploration Job: Driver Start Log: Little John joined me on this week's expedition to H03, Kaalin, we both were using MANTIS dune buggies, which covered ground very quickly: See more pictures here: link These buggies were really fun to build, and look pretty realistic, I think
  24. Erak had been replenishing the firewood supply of the little cabin near Daydelon's beacon, when he was surprised to see a bright flare in the distance. He quickly realized it was the Beacon of the Bay of Storms, and dropping the firewood, he hastily grabbed his torch and ran for the beacon. Once it was lit, he realized the significance of what must be happening, for even during the threat of civil war in Mitgardia, the beacons had not been lit... I used my new rockwork technique again here, with much more noticeable results. If you're interested in seeing how it's built, check out this album on Flickr: link I hope you guys like this one, it was a super fun build
  25. A few months ago i was mucking around with a heap of hand-cuffs i had gotten from multiple city sets. I discovered that they can connect to these tyres. Has anyone else discovered something else that can connect the the handcuffs?