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  1. Usually they just ship it when it comes in and that's also when the real charge will go through on your credit card.
  2. Which set should I buy?

    Volcano Lair is $129 on Amazon when I checked a moment ago, you had my hopes up.
  3. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Of course the shipping box won't look like that! Nobody said it would. The handle and wheels stick onto an outter box, probably all flatpacked and stored behind the counter. It's currently being assumed that only the in-store purchases would have the wheel boxes - instead of a standard lego bag.
  4. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    It's very possible that they will stick a handle on it. When I bought a few modulars at once, they had a special stick-on reinforced handle for the lego bag that was very helpful for me. Compare it then to the over $300 (after taxes) Ninjago City set that sold out in one day onto backorder.
  5. Photobucket messing up my Pirate reviews

    Many people choose to use Flickr or Brickshelf as they are both free even for embedding. Brickshelf does seem to go up and down a bit though.
  6. BRICKYWOOD - Day 7

    Final Vote Tally 3 votes for Brick Affleck (Actor Builder) - Zepher, Tariq J, WhiteFang 1 vote for Finn Foley (Tariq J) - Actor Builder 1 vote for Audrey Hepbrick (Dragonator) - penalty 1 vote for Roger Ebrick (Lord Duvors) - penalty The result is a no-lynch. The day is over. Send in your night actions.
  7. MOC: And Then There Were None

    Amazing work. I love both the inside detailing and the building and rock work. It's really perfect for the story and a wonderful design for the era. Well done.
  8. [MOC] Western Town & Bull-Riding Tournament

    Excellent work, I always like to see western theme builds. I really like how full of life the little town is and especially the bull arena viewing.
  9. Hey folks, sorry about the Day 6 delay - I was experiencing toddler troubles.
  10. This film was created to show a few alternate mini builds using the parts from the LEGO Shuttle Exploration 3 in 1 Creator set. The theme for the mini builds is "back to school"
  11. Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" MOCs

  12. Thank you @Hinckley
  13. Online shop. How to create it?

    This isn't really the place to ask for web development work. You might want to look at Freelance.com if you are interested n hiring people to do coding for you, this is a Lego fan site.
  14. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    It is time to begin voting.