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  1. Darkdragon

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Not an illegal technique. They've used it in modulars in recent years.
  2. Darkdragon

    [MOC-EBFS] A Secret Place

    Very nice, love the tree. Been trying to find a way to do bulbous trees like that myself, never thought to use those slopes!
  3. Darkdragon

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    When did you order this? I'm beginning to think mine is lost in the mail (shipped 12 days ago).
  4. Darkdragon

    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    I don't mean to pick on the vig but I think that if the investigator (dietician) hadn't been killed on the first night this would have gone a lot different. Scum might still have won but i don't think it would have been such and insane blowout of death after death. Removing the only investigate action on night 1 really caused a major problem for the town and I don't think that is a fault with the game layout. I think these things happen sometimes, dumb luck that causes the whole game to weigh over to one side. I checked the stats on this layout and it was similar to any other layout as far as what team wins on average. I feel that the scum team deserves a lot of credit for never really getting put under any scrutiny, specifically Fazit was even being defended still on the dead board - so obviously the win wasn't just dumb luck. I was a bit leery to run a game with so few town roles and so many killing roles, but I figured it might be a fun fast game and you can't deny it was fast! I think if I were to run a similar game in the future I'd maybe trim one of the SK abilities and add an extra role such as tracker or watcher to the town. I'm not a numbers person so i didn't want to mess with the wiki layout much at all, I did feel the scum should not know the role of a kill - based on how games are played here - which is why I removed it. When using the wiki to plan games, which I think is a fine way to go, it is important to know how games are played here vs how they are played there and adjust as needed before the game starts. I also really rather host with a partner, hosting by myself is insanely stressful - especially when all the best players/hosts are playing the game and I can't get opinions fairly.
  5. Darkdragon

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Oh neat, molding accidents. Reddish streaks are very useful. You might offer them up on Bricklink in the forums for store credit, some folks collect those.
  6. Darkdragon

    Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322 Biggest video I ever made!

    Very cool. Nice job.
  7. Darkdragon

    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    I was just happy seeing you have fun with it, I should have awarded 3 per day haha
  8. Darkdragon

    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    Yeah that would have been fun. Even then, there were more great players dying than day to award. Also it would have been bad if the scum only killed rewardees after they got the reward, even if it wasn't planned that way by them. I mean, would have been bad for the host.
  9. Darkdragon

    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    Game Details The way the game was created was in this order Chose format (Donner Party) Wrote film Created film & Minfig characters Randomly generated background info for characters Randomly assigned characters to players Randomly assigned roles to characters I did everything in that order so that nothing would affect my subconscious while writing character bios or doing any of the filming. Player Layout & Night Actions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dEj2KjV7pdTLNYdd5jEtpRhL65JON4p1ZNssdQosAI0/edit?usp=sharing Role PMs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qgbL6b_VTgtmyokaJMbyrMU1mATgC34JrQTbAYGqExA/edit?usp=sharing Deadboard: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11NDE7uTYmxPD2O6nrz_Ayx9_MXoF2RD4VDTJM2KaDG8/edit?usp=sharing Regarding the Intro Film THANK YOU Hinckley for helping me out with so many of the voices for the film. I love the way the characters turned out. Unfortunately due to time constraints I had to cut a few great lines from the animation. I was just dead and couldn't animate it anymore. I hope y'all enjoyed the film though. Full Film Script: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1URZT0bZAjaudybnpHswQzdtnwYjggjDV/view?usp=sharing
  10. Congrats to the Raiders, Scum team Fazit & Quinn! Thank you everyone for playing! I hope you had fun. I really am happy with so much roleplaying and I wish so many of the people I wanted to award hadn't died! Basically everyone did an awesome job and it was a pleasure to host. Anyone can post in this thread, you can use game or regular account too.
  11. Darkdragon

    Blood in the Grass: Day 4

    Vote Tally Ellis 3 : (Fazit, Martin, Quinn) With a 3 votes, Ellis has been chosen for lynch. You have 24 hours to get your night actions in.
  12. Darkdragon

    Noctura's Garden

    I love it! The color combos and styling are great.
  13. Darkdragon

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Yep. I ordered on May 30th. Shipped June 10 and still hasn't arrived.
  14. Darkdragon

    What happened to impulse sets?

    I can only speak for where I live, not sure how available they are in other countries but in America they are generally pretty easy to find.
  15. Darkdragon

    What happened to impulse sets?

    Almost every theme has polybags which appear to be the replacement for impulse sets. however, a lot of themes also still have impulse sets: City, Friends, SW (somewhat). Polybags are under $5 and the smallest sets are $5-10. It seems pretty much on par with what was available in the old days, but there are a lot more themes now.