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  1. Darkdragon

    LEGO Atari 2600 Set

    That's fine, it's not for you. That doesn't necessarily make it boring or discount other opinions that it's a cool set.
  2. Darkdragon

    LEGO Atari 2600 Set

    Right? I don't think many of the people commenting (mostly in other areas, EB is more adult) even understand how much of a big deal that rack is.
  3. Darkdragon

    LEGO Atari 2600 Set

    Set: LEGO® ICONS™ Atari® 2600 Release: August 1, 2022 Pieces: 2532 Price (US): $240 (9 cents ppp) The latest reveal of an Icon 90th Anniversary set. Did anyone see this one coming? It's definitely not what I expected to be announced today. What do you think of this set? I'm really excited about it. Love the small builds and the whole design! https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/atari-2600-10306
  4. Nothing has been deleted and there were no sides taken. Everyone else, this is not a thread for discussing how you feel moderation is or is not being done correctly. If you have a problem with something you are free to contact the moderator or admin teams via the messaging system.
  5. Darkdragon

    "Save as draft" - is it possible?

    Hi Sven Unfortunately there is not a save option for members to save posts before posting them. What I have done in the past is use a basic editor like Notepad or TextEdit and get all the text and photo URLs ready to go then copy and past it into a new topic when I'm ready to post. That way it's all saved somewhere to work on when you can and also a good backup in case the post somehow fails to go through.
  6. Darkdragon

    Taped or Punch-Tab Boxes

    If buying at Walmart I prefer punch because it's much more difficult to reseal correctly if they buy/empty/return the set.
  7. This is fine, a small graphic or link is acceptable in your signature. Just don't put a huge graphic or actual video in there That is not something we generally like posted here since this is a discussion forum. The Pirates forum has slightly different views/rules on it though, so if it is a LEGO Pirate set you should reach out to a Pirate Moderator before posting. The Culture & Multimedia forum would be an appropriate place to post video reviews too, just don't post them all at once (spamming). Good luck on your channel, hope it does well!
  8. Darkdragon

    Themes Menu error?

    Thank you for the notification, that issue has been fixed now.
  9. Darkdragon

    REQUEST Name Change HERE

    That was mostly luck, because I was online when you requested it and had time to do it.
  10. Darkdragon

    REQUEST Name Change HERE

    I'll take care of this for you @Tenderlok, there was a thread for the request already so I'll be merging yours into that one.
  11. It might be based on how it is used in the set. As a decoration or as an action/play figure.
  12. I may need to check what helmets I have and trade y’all if you have purple space helmets
  13. When I say stop I mean stop, there are no more warnings. It goes for everyone, no matter what "side" of the argument you think you are on, the argument in this thread is over. Oh wow, that's not much time to get in before they sell out. I better set an alarm! On the one hand, I hope at least 3 so I can use them. On the other hand, I hope just 1 so the resellers leave some for the rest of us.
  14. Darkdragon

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Sorry I was out of town. I've given you access to the RA, I hope that helps.
  15. The store in Shaumburg IL just got those in last Friday, so we are definitely getting them slowly. I checked in OKC,OK and they didn't have any in yet as of a month or so ago. There's still hope for folks that haven't seen the in a local store yet. I was seeing that mostly due to Covid and the stores I have been to lately or had friends go to for me have allowed whole figures at least, if not just elements (which I prefer).