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  1. I think a lot of it is actually only a perceived shift. Since TLG has been releasing a lot more branded or IP sets (as well as the standard city/etc), they have been drawing in more and more folks. Now most of these newer folks seem to be collectors of the things (Star Wars, Friends TV, office artwork, HP, etc etc) rather than Lego fans/builders. So as the community grows it appears to grow more in that direction even though there are still lots of builders, the builders are starting to become overshadowed by the collectors. So I don't think there's a real shift, it just seems there is because of numbers....if that makes sense.
  2. Darkdragon

    Arabian Street

    Great work from you and on the whole collab. I love Aladdin and Assassin's Creed so you got me with this one! :dhappy:
  3. Darkdragon

    Attachments -- and how to delete them

    It has not been fixed yet, that is correct. Simply request the images to be deleted and an admin can do it, it takes some time. NOTE TO ANYONE READING THIS TOPIC 1 - You should not be attaching images to your posts, EB is not an image hosting service. 2 - If you attach a file to your post you will not be able to remove it and if it needs removed an admin will need to do it manually, just ask for help here with a link to the post. 3 - Please don't attach files to your posts, just put images online and deeplink them (Flickr or whatever service you like to use) and if you have files you want to distribute that go with your post put them in Google Drive or something similar and paste the share link into your post. Thank you.
  4. Darkdragon

    Ultimate 8043 excavator

    Moving this to the proper area. Welcome to Eurobricks
  5. Darkdragon

    Could a "Like" button be introduced?

    This has come up many times over the years and we really would rather folks just post a simple comment like "good work". A like button or a upvote, or anything like that will not be implemented.
  6. Darkdragon

    HELP! ! !

    For everyone: The ads are based on your browser history so if you are seeing something distasteful there's only one place to look.
  7. It is an interesting project for sure, I just wouldn't put much hope in it paying for itself. It might spark some ideas and ways to make something that is monetizable though, in my experience that's how these sort of projects really shine
  8. @Gdurham Welcome to Eurobricks. Please refrain from posting the same topic in multiple forums, one thread is plenty. If you joined just to sell people on using your website, I'm afraid it's going to be a tough road for you. As to your question about cost of your service, spending money to have a minifigure identified is something that will probably not be utilized as we are a community and we simply help each other with these sorts of questions for free.
  9. Darkdragon

    Flickr Tutorial

    Ah I see, it was a misunderstanding. When you paste the image URL into your post, at the bottom of the editing window you will see some text "Display as a link instead" and if you click that it will change it from an embedded image to a link to that image.
  10. Darkdragon

    Pictures upload limit

    Robert8, I know you know that image was too large to be posting here. The 1024 rule isn't for size visually but it's for size because some users are not on fast speed connections. I can assure you that the software the forum is running on was not changed so it must be related to your browser or computer that things are working differently all of a sudden.
  11. This should work, maybe even every 12 studs so it's not as many holes. Another option is to replace those 48x48 with some cheap off-brand baseplates that have less clutch. I use some off brand baseplates in certain cases for this exact reason (when my son was little).
  12. Darkdragon

    Pictures upload limit

    I can tell you nothing changed with EB and drag and drop are features of the browser so I'm sure that whatever is going on you'll just need to change your workflow. It's really not going to be something on my list of things focus on since the normal way of copy/paste a deep link works perfectly. Hopefully you can manage to find a browser that works the way you'd like or just get use to doing it the way the rest of us do
  13. Darkdragon

    Flickr Tutorial

    That is not something Flickr supports. The Flickr page will size the image based on the browser size, you can't control what size that image is displayed as. To get to that link you can simply go to the Flickr page you want to link to and copy the URL and paste that as a link into your post. You can go to the "view all sizes" and click the one you want and right click the image to grab the deep link url for that image, paste that into your post as a link or as an image, but it will just be the image not the Flickr page.
  14. Darkdragon

    Pictures upload limit

    No, it's not new. You should not be uploading pictures directly to EB unless you are staff. The amount of space we provide is for avatars. The amount of space allocated changes with your rank and the amount of space you've already used. So you've probably uploaded less previously so you have more left. That's not the same thing as uploading a picture to the forum. Did your browser update? Drag and drop features are managed by the browser.
  15. Darkdragon

    [REVIEW] 40518 High-Speed Train

    I find this set very adorable. Do you have any narrow gauge track to try it on, to see if it fits?