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  1. Even better, a third party who's win condition is "zero lynches all game"
  2. The game well thought out and hosted, great comics and sets Awesome job, Hinckley.
  3. Darkdragon

    Losing Money to i-Brix because of a PayPal Loophole

    He failed the first one, the second time it was funded. He claims he's sent out 30 kits but only 1 person has ever backed that up (a reviewer that probably got a hand built prototype kit). He constantly posts on KS that he is building and shipping but there's never been any proof of this. It's angering, but that's the risk a person takes on Kickstarter and it's in the ToS there. Anyone buying the set off the guy's website is failing to do their own research and is setting themselves up to be scammed. I know quite a few people that backed the KS and they're angry of course, but have basically written it off as a loss because that's what an investment is and backing a KS campaign is an investment, a risk. I've been waiting...I think it's going on 3 years now...it's just not happening. I have to say that joining Eurobricks just to post this thread is dubious at best.
  4. Oh, I only have fragments of memory so I'll believe you. THIS TIME.
  5. Darkdragon

    Thack Desteck [Mafia Game] Signups

    Promises before day one, now i'm suspicious! Vote: Host (Hinckley)
  6. Darkdragon

    Thack Desteck [Mafia Game] Signups

    1. yes 2. sealab 2020 3. i'm fairly certain i know what there used four 4. i might regret this 5. why isn't anyone stopping me @Quarryman
  7. That didn't work last time it was tried, if I remember right - which I might not.
  8. I take it as a compliment that town-hinck doesn't trust me
  9. Well I guess I owe you an apology @Hinckley but I know I wasn't the only one thinking it. Jimmy seemed positive you were town though, so loyal :) I'm also floored that there really was only one scum. Good job staying alive so long @fhomess
  10. No it was not. Just one scum in this game would be pretty unfair setup, it's not a team with just one person. Come to think of it, this is the scummiest thing you've said all game.
  11. I was already growing suspicious of her, but of course always leery of an unverified result - until she said she is the "town tracker" because that's just a scum thing to say. If you're tracker you're tracker not needed to say "town tracker" to be sure everyone understands you are saying you are town...classic slip-up there. Ah! Jailkeeper makes much more sense! The numbers were just not adding up to me with so many dead and so many visitor roles. I wrote a story once with a jailkeeper, such a lovely memory.
  12. Oh well that makes some sense but then ... oh wait i misread Karen's post. Sorry Karen! I saw "have" not "had". My bad.
  13. Woo! That's awesome! Vote: Autumn (fhomess) I am really curious as to how any of this is true. You yourself always say verify verify verify and yet I'm seeing nothing that points to a vigilante existing - and one in such a small group? Not inconceivable, but that would mean the person was successfully blocked and/or target protected every night so far? That seems pretty lucky on multiple levels. A blocker and protector? One of those has to be scum I would think in a group this size, don't you? I know we've had this argument in the past, that's the royal we as in 'group of players' not we as in specifically you and I. I recall something about a blocker being a scum role in some people's eyes? Not that these clubs have ever been "normal" or "by the book" anyway.
  14. That's why it seem such a pro-scum role, because it only appears to be there to sew confusion. Because I don't think role claiming on day 1 is the right way to go and doing it, especially with such a role as that seems very strange to me.
  15. I told you I had to get work done and would be back later. You post, i respond, and you post again while I respond. I can't reply to something you hadn't posted yet. I don't know if Kendall is scum or not at this point, she seemed scummy at the first day to me AS I EXPLAINED. I didn't think two people would have the same role and be on the same team, but now things look different. The first night I was unsuccessful, obviously, because the person I tried to visit was dead. Second night, no idea, but my guess now is that everyone has at least a visitor role and that we will always be unsuccessful on a visitation since nobody is ever home at night. It seemed like more than just one person was saying it at the time, I really didn't put that much thought into naming or not naming anyone in particular. You can try and tear down everything I say or "don't say" but we both know I'm not a knitter so you're no going to be able to rile me up.