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  1. Hey folks, sorry about the Day 6 delay - I was experiencing toddler troubles.
  2. This film was created to show a few alternate mini builds using the parts from the LEGO Shuttle Exploration 3 in 1 Creator set. The theme for the mini builds is "back to school"
  3. Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" MOCs

  4. Thank you @Hinckley
  5. Online shop. How to create it?

    This isn't really the place to ask for web development work. You might want to look at Freelance.com if you are interested n hiring people to do coding for you, this is a Lego fan site.
  6. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    It is time to begin voting.
  7. I haven't had that issue, but at the same time it seems you were having it happen, I was having an issue loading the user list trying to type out an @ username. The list finally loaded and I was able to save my post (after much lag), but then the page went to an https error page and I had to type the main URL in again.
  8. I had no idea what you meant. You asked what was being seen, I showed you what I was seeing. If it's not what you wanted, well I tried.
  9. Here's an example screenshot.
  10. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Current Vote Tally 2 votes for Brick Affleck (Actor Builder) - Kintobor, khscarymovie4 1 vote for Glenn Clutch (WhiteFang) - Actor Builder 1 vote for Nash Bricksman (mediumsnowman) - Zepher 4 votes for Studcille B DeMille (Khscarymovie4) - TinyPiesRUs, Tariq J, Dragonator, mediumsnowman A majority vote is needed for a lynch. There are still 8 hours left in the day.
  11. The Greatest CMF 2: Revenge of the Ninjago

    I'd suggest that if the host can't be available to close the round on time, there is a backup to do it.
  12. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    Get those night actions in!
  13. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    Current Vote Tally 7 vote for Rosamunde Brick (Rider Raider) - mediumsnowman, Khscarymovie4, Tariq j, WhiteFang, Dragonator, Lord Duvors, Umbra-Manis 1 vote for Audrey Hepbrick (Dragonator) - Rider Raider 3 vote for Legonardo Brickcaprio (Umbra-Manis) - Kintobor, Zepher, TinyPiesRUs 1 vote for Gopher (zepher) - jluck There are still 3 hours left in the day. A majority vote is required for a lynching.