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  1. Short and filled with golden bananas underneath.
  2. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Totally. I think I would buy instructions for Quest Builder though, it's such a great idea.
  3. Thunderquack

    I love it! Clever idea on the figures too, awesome all around!
  4. Blaine the Mono

    They mostly guessed that's what did it, but were trying to make it lots more complex. Thinking it was some sort of micro sensor or magnets. though some walked away confused but too afraid to ask how it worked. One guy couldn't seem to comprehend that it was a manual switch until I showed it to him.
  5. Blaine the Mono

    I've created my first custom train and it's a monorail. The concept behind the display is based on Blaine the Mono from Stephen King's sci-fi/fantasy/western book The Dark Tower III. I displayed the train over this weekend at a comic convention and it went over well even though the source is somewhat obscure, people liked the train and the volcano a lot. They couldn't seem to figure out how the train knew when to stop Here's a shot of the whole layout first. And now the train itself. And here's a video
  6. Normally they ship the promo items right away, even if the backordered item isn't available yet.
  7. [MOC] Adult Store and Comic Shop

    I love the design of the buildings and all the attention to detail, even with the sidewalk. Looks great!
  8. Hi Duck I personally use dSLR with manual aperture lenses. However, a lot of good work has been done with the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. It comes recommended by some top animators. Looks like Amazon has it under $60 which seems reasonable to me.
  9. Can you ever have too much Lego?

    I have too much in the sense that I have unopened/unbuild sets that I actually want to build (it's a work in progress), and many many many sets on shelves that were purchased for parts but have never been sorted - most never opened, but some have been scavanged for certain things. I also have too much to keep at home so many unopened sets and bulk sit in storage until needed. I also have hundreds of pounds of unsorted random stuff and built/partially torn down sets that need to be sorted. However, I never have enough because every project still seems to require many Lego and Bricklink orders. Sometimes though, it's because I don't want to spend days searching for parts when I could simply order them. Time vs. Money issue. So yeah, "too much" is very subjective and definitely different for each person. I'm in the too much yet not enough camp.
  10. An Old West Town

    All of your buildings are really great. I like the manageable sizes as well as the overall layout. I'd like to see a lot more activity in the streets! It's really nice that you created each building able to remove easily from it's base.
  11. Retro Review: Old school Lego Set Speed Builds

    Please post videos in Brick Flicks & Comics. Thank you.
  12. Lego Workers Accident

    Moving to the correct forum. Additionally, please mind your capitalization, grammar, and punctuation here as listed in the TOS you agreed to when signing up.
  13. 70922 The Joker Manor

    I think it looks like a ton of fun, I'm looking forward to building this and playing with that new track. The price does seem too high, maybe it will drop eventually like the bat cave did.
  14. Usually they just ship it when it comes in and that's also when the real charge will go through on your credit card.
  15. Which set should I buy?

    Volcano Lair is $129 on Amazon when I checked a moment ago, you had my hopes up.