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  1. Thanks for the comments everyone. I think the biggest thing that this set has going against it is the fact that everyone was expecting it to be UCS. But it's a fine set, and it looks great on display. I've attached a picture below where you can kinda sorta almost see my patented "quick and lazy" display stand made of the trans blue half-cylinder pieces from vader's bacta tank (ignore Benny, he just likes to show off other people's work as his own...), and it's decently stable as a temporary solution. Anyways, will bring you guys more videos when I have something special to show, thanks again!
  2. hey everyone, I got an early copy of 75244 Tantive IV and thought you'd appreciate a look at it. hope you like! link:
  3. Hey all, we've been working on building up a lego youtube channel for romanian fans ( I know this might not appeal to many on the site since only a part of us speak romanian, but I thought some of you might like to know. We're still young naive beginners, and especially in the beginning I've tried emulating what I like from other channels while slowly making it my own. I would love some feedback from members here, either romanian speakers or otherwise, everyone is welcome! I am also a newbie to the forums here, but I do follow your news.You'll find some reviews, some short and hopefully amusing videos, as well as some past live streams (which we are planning on making more of).Once again, the link is and only if you enjoyed it, I would really appreciate a subscription, it will help us make a lot more content, I absolutely love LEGO and want to talk about it as much as possible :)))))))Thanks for your time, hope to see you on the channel! Happy building!