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  1. Dorayaki

    Ideas for CMFs

    I do think TLG already have the winter holiday party theme in their mind since we've got the party themed series before. But it does feel wierd since not only the ideas become official but many of them share the same color palette with Robert's version. I know the animals have their natural colors, but not necessarily other costumes. I think TLG's elf girl and nutcracker have more difference in design and I'm happy with them. I'm not too sure about the snowman, tho, mainly because I don't think sphere shape head works too well with this design. The irregular heads from past fan versions looks suitable to me. (Honestly? I do want Robert to recieve direct contact from TLG, but I'm also fine with TLG using these ideas with their own professional designs. Hope that my ideas get into official lineup, too.
  2. It's not just about license requirement. As said in the topic, this is about MLP's original purpose for character collecting. I remember I said it somewhere, if KRE-O is still running, Hasbro can just make their own brick sets in the same scale of their small pony figure collection. But if it comes to LEGO, TLG need to do all the characters all over again, yet TLG isn't able to produce as many pony characters as Hasbro can do, Core fans of the franchise would still prefer Hasbro products in the end. Remember in the partnership, LEGO products cannot conflict with the original Hasbro products. They need to make some clear difference. Perhaps let the LEGO MLP line focus on just the main characters from the latest series and start with a simple wave before they determine whether it's profitable.
  3. I've been absent from here for quite a long time, so I manage to find some topic to speak and see if I'm still able to be here. Decades ago we never though TLG would try to get licesnese from television shows or video games, and they keep proving that. But for toy brands, it seems to be the biggest wall of all so far. As far as we know, the biggest factor preventing toy companies from partnership is competition. Especially in the case of TLG who's main product is brick toy, they'd conflict with other brick toy makers definitely. In the case of Hasbro, originally they're known as TLG's competitor because of their own toy brand line KRE-O and Transformers even had its own line in KRE-O. Now with their tie with TLG, it feels like Hasbro has accepted the doomed fate of KRE-O and decides to go with it..... or has they? So assume that 10302 Optimus Prime isn't an exception for one time, and it hits enough sales for the companies to go further, what else could they keep working on? Transformers I think a second robot build set can be safely considered, and maybe a BrickHeadz version of Optimus Prime. If fans are lucky enough, a minifigure-scale line tied with a new movie would be great. G.I. Joe This was the other Hasbor's own brand for the KRE-O line. G.I. Joe is definitely a big for toys, but arguable, even if TLG is able to do sets based on its film adaptions, its modern military theme might violate TLG's guideline and it's still very different from Blizzard's Overwatch which has more sci-fi in it. Board Games Several IDEAS projects already dedicate to these boards brands, and TLG's partnership with Hasbro is definitely a good news to them. I do think a CLUEDO Mansion set with character figures has good potential. My Little Pony Is it a big brand? Yes. Does it fits in LEGO? Argualy no. Despite its cartoon provides many great ideas for buildings, it's also a nightmare for precise character model builds, and core fans would rather just go buy Hasbro's own products to collect all their pony characters. The only exception could be Equestria Girls, which focuses on the human version of the characters and it seems to have potential for LEGO's minidoll line. Sadly that line is also discontinued. Mr. Potato Head And here is the nightmare for Toy Story fans. I don't know if TLG cares about it enough, but it would be a very big bless to have Toy Story return with actual Mr.&Mrs. Potato Head minifigures. Why not? Hasbro is already here with us. Aside from Mattel, I think the biggest toy mnufacturer on earth would be BANDAI from Japan, and BANDAI is best known for their Gundam toy line. But not quite sure if Gundam is as marketable as Voltron and Transformer to the western market?
  4. Dorayaki

    Ideas for CMFs

    Finally came back from work and I think I need to make a comment. Out of all the excellent 500 minifigure ideas from Robert, if TLG is willing to offer 12 slots of a series, my most wanted from all of them would be: Terracotta Warrior / SERIES K Actor / SERIES L Lady Justice / SERIES M Writer / SERIES Ñ Snowman / SERIES Ñ Automaton / SERIES P Mardi Gras Queen / SERIES P Krampus / ADVENT CALENDAR Monster Bride / SERIES R Streamer / SERIES W Windmill Fighter / SERIES W Evil Mermaid / SERIES X Oh, doesn't sound good to me, he is my fav for Series Z. If you introduced him earlier we might had seen some of the unused Cyberpunk members from your unused lists. Lunch Lady is definitely executable based on the vendor minifigures. But I feel like TLG would just give her a Surgeon hat. My third fav of Series Z would be Dollmaker. yes. Thanks for the feedback and it's good to know the critiques that can help improvement. The costume face doesn't seem precise enough, my bad. I'm not sure if I didn't make enough study about the dwarves in folklore and fiction, do the two genders of dwarves look-alike based on common knowledge? It's safe to say the LotR series minifigures didn't have any girl. But I do see that some female dwarves are described to have beard, which could had been a good idea for the design here. I can understand your concern about appropriation. Thunderbird is nominally a folklore character from Indian culture, and I think totem pole has been referred in phyiscal sets. I wonder if it was a good idea to portray it with pole totem elements or it needs a different design. I'm not quite sure if there is a well-acknowledged theme color palette to represent the Constellation characters. If any, maybe the characters should either be more precise about their myth origins or the personalities of stereotypes? I think such kind of theif character from modern fictional movies, comic and cartoon characters are the extention of the past version. And since modern fiction means to focus on action, adventure or romance, the characters would have a different image. Maybe start with simple MOCs by program before improvement?
  5. Dorayaki

    Ideas for CMFs

    Thank for passionate reply. I don't have same enough talent like Robert and my work is kinda busy. Maybe if there are enough ideas to inspire me in far future. And Robert still has a giant list we want to see. I thought Lupin was one of the well-known great thief image in literature before manga and cartoon like to create more characters based on this role.
  6. Dorayaki

    Ideas for CMFs

    Long time ago I remember saying that if Robert isn't choosing some suggestion from my most wanted list, I would have to do it myself. So as this project has come to an end.... I think there are alot going on for me since my suggestion were mostly unpopular. Or maybe Robert is kind enough to avoid those opinions just to give me work, since they cannot survive in the leftover list as well. (Answer is, yes, he does avoid them on purpose.) Since this is only about recycling the unused ideas and suggestions, I'm not playing The LEGO Group by limiting the amount of new pieces, and of course these are not inheriting Robert's new piece ideas. I don't think my ideas are as understandable as Robet's, so for each idea I'm applying an explanation about what they represent. 1. Tyrant Part assortment: New crown hairpiece, beard. Two parts capes, black "seagull" as a crow and a recolored wand with jewel. There is both a typical archenemy character for the classic King from the official CMF line (from my knowing, the past official Castle line doesn't have a unique design for an evil human king), or it can be some kind of videogame villain from medieval/fantasy RPGs, you know, the Ideas licenses which TLG used to reject . 2. Drink Kid Part assortment: New drink glass part and drink costume part. Snowboard hat in a new color. Costumes are inevitable for a series, so that this is a kind that I think food costumes can add. 3. Kebab Chef Part assortment: New shawarma meatloaf part. Recolored Butcher hat and kitchen knife. Sushi chef means that worldwide culinary can be a thing? I think kebab can be a good addition to City sets as its also appears in many cities. 4. Bowler Part assortment: New bowling pins parts. Lloyd's headbanded hairpiece in new color. And bowling balls of course. Long time ago TLG did an official bowling set for Friends, but it hasn't come with any actual pins. So this is my first pick for sport member in this line. 5. Mannequin Part assortment: New skeleton figure part without skeleton holes, figure stand, neckscarf. Returning original Umbridge hairpiece and recolored handbag. I don't say this is majorly wanted by people, but it could be more precise to put a figure that looks more like a fake figure instead of a pure color minifigure in a store scene. 6. Florist Part assortment: New sunflower part and headscarf. Scissors in new color. This is a kinda random pick for a city rep in this line, but I think florist would be something TLG can actually make. 7. Green Man Part assortment: New reindeer horns, leaf "mask" hairpiece, natural wooden cane. Squirrel in green color. I'm abit surprised Robert didn't do this character after several plant family members, technically it's been suggested by several members on this board. 8. Galaxy Diva Part assortment: Returning Alien Clinger, Atlantis Squid Warrior feet in new color, recolored mic stand. I'm not good at sci-fi characters, but I feel like this can be a good recycle idea from past Space parts. 9. Natrualist Part assortment: New hairpieces, two new birds. Another LEGO NEWS issue. It sounds like historical figures have become a thing, so hope that this one is obvious enough. 10. Sassy Dwarf Part assortment: New dwarf helmet with ponytails. New flail colors. At this point it's weird for official LEGO line to not have any dwarf girl despite of all the Castle lines and license LotR. Still, I think this can still happen if TLG do want to bring back Castle in CMF series. 11. War Nurse Part assortment: New scarf headpiece, Recolored lamp and suitcase. While this has been on the list for long time, I think people have been aware that TLG has introduced Ms Pomfrey in a precise design. So this really depends on whether her parts are licensed and TLG need to make a new headpiece for other generic War Nurses. 12. Mergirl Part assortment: New Duplo hairpiece, revamped jellyfishes. Ballet skirt in transparent seagrass color. Robert has mentioned a centuar kid so of course merhuman also need their kids. 13. Merlion Part assortment: New merlion head, new water sprout piece (can be inserted into the mouth hole), white mermaid tail. Statue series has been abit overdue. Since TLG has stores in Singapore, they might have already noticed this. 14. Capricorn Part assortment: New goat horn with hairpiece, horn instrument. Teal mermiad tail. I was trying to compromise with Robert's lack of Ichthyocentaur and Constellation lineup. 15. Tengu Part assortment: New tengu hat hairpiece, new head with long nose, new. Black wings. Ninjago has been a weird line since after a long time they finally seem to be interested in Japanese folkflore after Monkey Kid did more in that. Tengu can be a good addition to both Ninjago storyline or in Japanese castle storytelling. 16. Lucky Cat Part assortment: New cat head, coin shield and pillow. This is technically not a new concept as TLG already did it in BrickHeadz line. I think many of the BrickHeadz ideas need to return to minifigures, Lucky Cat is one of them. Oh I think there are 21 in total, so here we go. 17. Wudan Part assortment: New headpiece. Two flag sticks on the back. New sword color. I think TLG is totally okay to give Chinese culture more shots. Wudan is a big signature in Chinese opera, and it would also work as a fighter concept 18. General Frost Part assortment: New ushanka hat, icicle shaped beard. Transparent rifle. Since world wars and contemporary military aren't viable in official products, I think this is the closest we can have in the line. Still for some reason this cannot happen in short time. 19. Thunderbird Part assortment: new bird head, bird wings. Bricks with totem arets. I think a detailed totem pole would be very useful for future indian sets, if possible. 20. Robotic Housekeeper Part assortment: New robot head and hairband. Recolored broom and robot cat. Two technic conveyors And robots are also not my thing . This is a knockoff concept from some past cartoon characters. I think cleaning adroids can happen in any City scene if people want to. 21. Aries Part assortment: new goat horn maiden hairpiece. Goat in ram color, pink staff. I don't have good ideas left so another constellation personification takes the place. ----------------- Group pic / colorful exclamation marks take the place in a white background. Bag: Leaflet: Box Distribution (60 minifigures): And that is all. This is also a thankful appreciation to all the Robert's hardwork throughout the whole project. I'm sure Robert will keep amazing and inspiring us in future new projects.
  7. Dorayaki

    Ideas for CMFs

    Definitely looking forward to the best moment of all works.
  8. Dorayaki

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Maybe the guidelines vary, but it's been noted MEGA was the previous tie owner, so definitely Blizzard doesn't feel any concern about toy merchandise. And true, possibily it may also be transformed into some friendlier ideas just like how Castle fantasy and LotR sets look like. AT has been a widely spoken and requested franchise. Just it doesn't seem to be very wise for TLC to not accept this when the cartoon show was still on air.
  9. Dorayaki

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    For other LEGO's originals, unfortuntely all the concepts of monsters from Nexo's storybooks were gone, but not like Nexo would really have gone that far (which ensures this theme would have remained two or three more years just to introduce all the monster troops). I just wish that the final release and story season could have made all the troops appear together. As for Elves, while it highlights elves as the title suggests, I doubt TLC ever considered orcs or berserkers as villains given how TLC market minidoll themes. For WoW, If it's just part of Blizzard and LEGO's longeterm partnership plan, I suppose this would not be a line as long as Minecraft but might be a short replacement or periodical swap with Overwatch? So that a wave may only focus on a certain era.
  10. Dorayaki

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Not a huge surprise since not like a company would have multiple cooperations with different toy makers. Pretty much just MEGA and LEGO are fighting over the hit franchises yet again. Not sure if this is a good news to fans of LEGO Castle fantasy series, tho, although it is at least not as mechanic as Nexo Knights is.
  11. Dorayaki

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    As confirmed available in Asia Pacific countries, it can be purchased there. My local retailers also begins pre-order now.
  12. I really missed it in my very early childhood, but unfortunately it might not be that much memorized as a Disney TV series icon nowadays. As for UP, a house set may perfectly conclude the whole franchise, but it's up to TLC to accept or not (case of Ghostbusters/Flinstones). If they confirm to exclude this idea to from future plans, just including characters in CMF series is also likely.
  13. Dorayaki

    Ideas for CMFs

    Very brilliant pick! Can't wait to see what you're giving.
  14. Dorayaki

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    Given it's dragon boat race I find it's weird. Dragon Boat races can be held in CNY, but it is more known to be in Dragon Race Festival day. Probably because TLC just want to release all three together.
  15. Dorayaki

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Well, for advertising reasons they won;t make Vicky a main Friend, otherwise they could just do another box with Vicky's theme. Ironically Vicky even gets a softer face expression, while the five main Friends still only have one face. That reminds me if the boxes are able to add transformation gimmicks such as changing into bedrooms, piano or live stages, that they would not be useless in ordinary plays. Otherwise they're literally figure&accessory pack with a storage container if we don't just use the parts for other uses.