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  1. Dorayaki

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Maybe the guidelines vary, but it's been noted MEGA was the previous tie owner, so definitely Blizzard doesn't feel any concern about toy merchandise. And true, possibily it may also be transformed into some friendlier ideas just like how Castle fantasy and LotR sets look like. AT has been a widely spoken and requested franchise. Just it doesn't seem to be very wise for TLC to not accept this when the cartoon show was still on air.
  2. Dorayaki

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    For other LEGO's originals, unfortuntely all the concepts of monsters from Nexo's storybooks were gone, but not like Nexo would really have gone that far (which ensures this theme would have remained two or three more years just to introduce all the monster troops). I just wish that the final release and story season could have made all the troops appear together. As for Elves, while it highlights elves as the title suggests, I doubt TLC ever considered orcs or berserkers as villains given how TLC market minidoll themes. For WoW, If it's just part of Blizzard and LEGO's longeterm partnership plan, I suppose this would not be a line as long as Minecraft but might be a short replacement or periodical swap with Overwatch? So that a wave may only focus on a certain era.
  3. Dorayaki

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Not a huge surprise since not like a company would have multiple cooperations with different toy makers. Pretty much just MEGA and LEGO are fighting over the hit franchises yet again. Not sure if this is a good news to fans of LEGO Castle fantasy series, tho, although it is at least not as mechanic as Nexo Knights is.
  4. Dorayaki

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    As confirmed available in Asia Pacific countries, it can be purchased there. My local retailers also begins pre-order now.
  5. I really missed it in my very early childhood, but unfortunately it might not be that much memorized as a Disney TV series icon nowadays. As for UP, a house set may perfectly conclude the whole franchise, but it's up to TLC to accept or not (case of Ghostbusters/Flinstones). If they confirm to exclude this idea to from future plans, just including characters in CMF series is also likely.
  6. Dorayaki

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Very brilliant pick! Can't wait to see what you're giving.
  7. Dorayaki

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    Given it's dragon boat race I find it's weird. Dragon Boat races can be held in CNY, but it is more known to be in Dragon Race Festival day. Probably because TLC just want to release all three together.
  8. Dorayaki

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Well, for advertising reasons they won;t make Vicky a main Friend, otherwise they could just do another box with Vicky's theme. Ironically Vicky even gets a softer face expression, while the five main Friends still only have one face. That reminds me if the boxes are able to add transformation gimmicks such as changing into bedrooms, piano or live stages, that they would not be useless in ordinary plays. Otherwise they're literally figure&accessory pack with a storage container if we don't just use the parts for other uses.
  9. Dorayaki


    Might sound picky, but I wouldn't suggest a single franchise (aside from Mickey&co) to have more than three figures, because if TLC find out a franchsies' popularity, it'd be more like choice for regular sets over CMF series (of course, same for those which already have ties in regualar sets.) Which is why I prefer this lineup to be more a selection of various franchises instead of being occupied by only five of six franchises. Technically the franchise from series 1 with least representation is Stitch, which second candidate is pretty much likely Lilo. I think a third candidate for Alice in Wonderland is okay, the rest seems not too necessary. (I personally love Wendy of Peter Pan, but can get over it if we won't have her) Not necessarily what I suggest in my own list, but I expect more than half figures from the next series come from franchise that TLC have never done before. I like GF and also support TV shows franchises, but still the relative populartiy of these francshise migt not allow them to have multiple representives, just like no Phineas and Ferb together. In the case of GF, my pick would be Stan as the sole representive.
  10. Dorayaki

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Mia's house does work very well, not just great color palette but it tries to be different from all past three houses of the friends which share kinda similiar constructrue. If we're getting Andrea's house in the other year, hope that they can pull out yet another new design. Somehow I think this wave lacks a bigger building for Heartlake City, maybe we'll have to wait for the next summer wave. As for the new Heart Box lineup, it reminds me of the pods. The boxes are lovely but curious how they will be useful in ways other than storage or accessory packs. It's nice to include both Chloe and Zack from the cartoon to be in sets as well (to those who don't notice, they're the local commentator Hertlake City), but their poor resemblence with the cartoon design is yet another issue.
  11. Dorayaki

    Did lego ever have church sets?

    Aside from Christmas, to me the fairest use for non-religious use of a church might be weddings. But that also reminds me in set 10184 the wedding was held in the town hall, so... Like most commented, the chance of a real detailed church (also temples from other religions) is introduced probaby when the following occurs: 1) Realworld landmarks, dependent. 2) Appears as background of certain scenes in licenesed materials that scarcely hints on religions. 3) Original religious buildings created in LEGO's story, which we've seen in Ninjago, Chima or Elves. This one would be easy to deal with, but it could be obscure sometimes.
  12. Quote from other thread, with new ones: 25, Pro Bowler Holdable bowling ball and bottles. 26, Bucium Player Olive-coloed hat from Businessman, new bucium instrument part. Based on Romanian traditional wear. We seem to not yet have any Romania representive in LEGO. 27, Household Droid New robot head and tracks as feet. New vacuum gadget. It may be referring to other sci-fi chracters such as Rosie of Jetsons, but more because of the recent LEGO Friends cartoon showed household robots that don't show up in the play sets. 28, Wingsuit Guy New wingsuit backpack, stright arms. Inspired by the skydiver. 29, Guide Dog Owner New labrador mold and Earlap cap. Following the trend of dog owners, this one is more trained to be a profession. 30, Peacock Suit Boy Peacock wing and mascot head, also a real female peacock. 31, Mermaid Kid New short mermaid tail, conch trumpet. When thinking about "do other LEGO minifigure species have kids that aquire new molds?" We've never seen a younger mermaid so this should be a feasible idea. 32, Ded Moroz New winter cap and staff. Seeing Playmobil also do Saint Nicolas in their lineup, I think it'd be fine to see more worldwide variations of Santa Claus. 33, Wudan With the new exclusive Chniese sets, it'd be nice to see more Chinese culture characters. The Ninjago cartoon actually has referred to Bugeisha or Wudan images, so a real Wudan should be a nice inclusion. 34, Tengu Same as Kappa, despite Ninjago has been introducing Japanese culture for years, there's very little presentation about"yokai" (Japanese monsters). Tengu is one of the popular yokais to name and yokais could make great villains in future Ninjago as well.
  13. Dorayaki

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    I think I kinda made research about how the current series is doing. I wasn't too sure about it's availability in English countries, just at least in foreign regions the mainstream cartoon series is svailable in Japanese and Chinese, etc. Unfortunately I think Friends' history in media is not getting as much attention as Ninjago or other action themes in the AFOL community, so it's hard for others to comment on this. I think the current storyline is good in its own way, it is indeed insteresting and more organized in the settings. But we know this reboots remove some of the characters and settings from the previous one. I'm curious whether this does displease KFOLs who've been supporting the old series. I would just say the biggest mistake is removing Livi who was a very potential character in the original series. For character designs, I'm not too picky but I do agree Olivia's new hairpiece should be a braid like the one from the cartoon, while Andrea's skin color issue has been there for long time. The lack of characters for play in physical sets is kinda a problem for all minidoll sets to be honest. It is obvious given by the licensed meterials and the storyline of Friends. The other problem is like the Dr Alva case I mentioned above, there is actually a contradition between the sets and storyline. The storyline kinda wants to become more action/adventure oriented, but the physical sets, still more about building the beautiful Hearlaky City, don't give quite much room for you to achieve that kind of play when it doesn't necessarily come with the scene or key character (like villains) you need. I think TLC should try to pay more attention and give sets that can better reflect on the cartoon so that the media advertisings can work out it best. This should be what they learned from Ninjago and TLM series. As for other competing brands in the toy market, I heard that the new Polly Pocket series target at similiar customers and they also have adventure elements in their new story, which might be similiar with the current Friends one.
  14. We only say Frozone is a miss because we know the existence of Incredible sets, right? So it'd be more direct to ask for more Incredible sets. As said it we count all possibility of re-inclusion of franchises and characters, don't forget Elastigirl and the others as well.