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  1. Well yes. There's no wrong, tho. Minidolls have their own charm. Thanx, hope the Olivia fix well.
  2. Dorayaki

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Glad I'm not the only feeling Cho has weird skin. That tan color cannot be for Asians unless she is an outdoor girl. Reminds me, so the CMF series doesn't have the 12yo Hermione, so her 12yo hairpiece will be exclusive to regular sets?
  3. I think either Ninjago or TLM is techincally considered special series as being LEGO's originals, so the chance of inserting a licensed series per year would sadly (to regular lovers) be abit bigger. Just one licensed series per year sounds fine to me. Inserting two licesned series like this year is kinda out of my range.
  4. I almost forgot about Billion Brick Race, but even if this project is ongoing, I doubt it'd be in the same year with TLM2 for promoting reasons (just if we're not getting the BBR tralier in the following months, then that ensures the postponement). It'd be rather wise to postpone to 2020 so that it won't conflict with TLM2 set sales in 2019. No Marvel or SW CMF series is neutral to me. LEGO is pretty much used to just make sets with exclusive characters from these two franchises, unless we can find good choices of unused characters or unused special outfit prints that cannot fit in any regular set. And yes, I also just want to say that don't try to crowd CMF series with all the licenses LEGO has. I still wonder if Disney series or Pixar series will continue, tho. Overwatch is a neutral choice as it provide good character diversity and LEGO approves its capability of market appealing. So let's make a further guess, 2018 is unlikely giving any more news, then how about 2019? One regular series, one TLM2 series, if there's only one more do you wish it to be a special series or a licensed series?
  5. Dorayaki

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    > Emmet and his sister Perhaps we're not reading this literally? I mean, the whole TLM1 story was actually a projection of the reality, when Emmet and Business are the metaphors of Finn and hist father. If so it might be that Sweet Mayhem or the Queen is gonna be the sister's main role in the play, and the story would focus on the relationship between Emmet with them. After all Sweet Mayhem was just randomly picking the leader, it's not that she is finding a missing person.
  6. Not talking about the canon, like what said with the CMF series, if the movie does involve with multiple kinds of figures, the fastest way to make things clear is releasing the TLM2 sets under different systems seperately. Such as, the TLM2-themed Duplo sets would only have Duplo figures and Duplo bricks so that they can target at underage kids. On the other hands, it also depends on whether they'd introduce an original character of either a Duplo figure or a monster with given name, since we're also going to get some new minidolls.
  7. Dorayaki

    LEGO + IKEA !

    Introduce the holy double deck couch.... okay, never. I see this not really having any plastic brick involved with the furniture, but the furniture designs pretend to resemble with brick-built things.
  8. Dorayaki

    The LEGO Movie 2: References Predictions?

    I think there's a blind spot to make such kind of assumption. As category 2 said, some of the franchises didn't appear for a reason, but if assuming that "Finn doesn't play with girls' sets" would initiate the following topics: 1) Does it violate the premise of the TLM1 that "all LEGO franchises coexist in the same universe"? And in the realworld canon from the film, wasn't Finn's father supposed to be a completist and have brought minidoll sets into his own collection? 2) Would that fact Finn didn't already bring any minidoll character into his play violate the spirit of the movie that "mixing all LEGO themes together and making best use of imagination"? Instead, does this possibly hinting that boys not touching girls themes is supposed to be a natural habit? I think Uni-Kitty, despite it can be a gender-friendly franchise, is still a pink-brick in general. Finn might not be that allergic to girls themes. However based on the fact that minidolls would appear in TLM2, it's very likely that LEGO is gonna talk about the gender play and product orientation issues for this time. To do so, they might have to ignore Friends characters in TLM1 in order to prepare for TLM2 storyline. Although it hasn't ensured that Friends, as well as Elves, would definitely be in TLM2, just hope that the issues above can have a good answer then. Still it has to depend on whether the 13th would be in any physical set considering she's gonna be a very important figure. Otherwise it makes sense for TLM2 to just keep the 12th even if the new series of Doctor has begun then.
  9. Dorayaki

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    Just talking about Ninjago, in the opening it feels like it's simply a storytelling from the shop owner Liu or that boy was the player? If LEGO tries to connect all LEGO films perhaps they'd not exclude Ninjago, unless hinting that Liu is a neighbor of Finn. But anyway hopefully Alfred, DIck and Barbara can have a cameo in TLM2. I know some NInjago fans would watch it, but I perfer seeing more unused franchises reference as Llyod has been in both TLM1 cameo and set. > I hope they haven't ditched the musical element My guess is that is what would happen on the other planets they're gonna visit?
  10. Dorayaki

    Lego Cinematic Universe Discussion and Future

    Depends on how they deal with the film. First, it has to be a brick-based stop motion film to be in line with other LEGO cinematic works, not like the TV cartoon series which just use oridinary 3D artworks. Secondly, based on how the canon works LEGO Friends just got a reboot story in 2018, or it could be an independent story like Ninjago did. The minidolls from TLM2 could be a market testing? If general audience are fine with minidolls in a LEGO film then TLC could consider a film with minidoll-only next time.
  11. Dorayaki

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    BTW, anyone remember those was not even supposed to belong to Finn? Maybe just their father decides to leave a space for the kids to play. It feels like not only no master builder meeting for this time, but since the main characters are going to outspace where minifigures might not exist, yes, it feels like those licensed themes are gonna be unable to play a role in the storyline. (I wanted to say if they could include LEGO Universe so that the faction leaders can appear in outerspace, well, not a likely guess anyway ) But I also don't think TLC would give up the chance promoting their mainstream minifigure products, so I'm sure they'd still manage to give new master builder minifigures (Scooby, Owen, Tracer) some cameo. Maybe Sweet Mayhem has already captured other minifigures to the homeland? Alright, talking about this could be out of sudden, but I just realize that the previous three LEGO films show to be repetitive in something..... either Finn/Dad from TLM1, Dick/Bruce/Alfred from TLBM, Llyod/Garmadon from Ninjago, okay, all their focus are father-son relationship. It makes sense to focus on family issues since the targeted audience are kids. But still, it kinda feels like ladies would have a hareder time to intepret what the films trying to tell. since these cases are not exacly similiar withe the mother-daughter relationships. Finn's sisters is no doubt gonna have the major role in TLM2, and this time it could focus on sibling issues if Finn does go into his dark age. What I'm wondering is if Finn's mother or any other elder female family would show up? Perhaps the story needs a FOL who experienced the Scala/Belville era to play a part and guide the kids.
  12. We mainly guess the future obtained licensne such as Overwatch. StarTrek was obtained by Hasbro as far as we knew. Personally I'm not fond of such kind of move. I think there's some technical issues to include minidolls in Collectible Minifigure blindbags. Such as, would the weight differ? Would they be easily identifiable by touching? (okay I know that's officially unallowed , but it is an issue after all...) And secondly, if that is allowed why the Disney series didn't already do it by recycling the minidolls from the regular sets to save design costs? I think it would have less problem to just seperate them in different lines. Oh well, btw, this thread might better concentrate more on set prediction. Just for story discussion let's move to the Media forum.
  13. As an Asian, the angrier Unikitty gives me a feel of a "wudan", a Chinese opera actress role reference. I thought they'd change Wyldstyle's hairstyle cause that is pretty much not exclusive in today's view. But TLC choose to introduce a goggle version so I'm neautral with this. I feel like the MadMaxBricksburg citizens are gonna be choices of the CMF series. Just not sure if they'd pick old characters or those we never had instead. After all they could stuff new versions of Emmet or Wyldstyle once again, so tougher Larry or tougher Gail would be possible as well. Speaking of CMF series, I suddeny come up with a question about this film might introduce more characters in minidoll forms or others..... doesn't that mean they cannot be in CMF series but just stay in regular sets? Or we'll have the very first Collectible Minidoll series?
  14. Dorayaki

    2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Still we need to take the two things apart. It's more about indicating a franchise than showing a certain type of figures. (Well it's gone offtopic so let's focus on the sets here). I'm not sure if most here have seen the new reboot cartoon series. It does look like newer Friends sets have become more story-wise thing.
  15. Dorayaki

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    It looks like the villain was serching for the strongest one (master builder?) from this city, it didn't necessarily say that alien was exactly a villain figure. Perhaps the alien was only looking for helpers for the homeland?