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  1. Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    It just doesn't seem right to discuss about figure. Minifigures were not meant to look like human, and we can hardly find licensed characters exactly look like minifigures. That's why minifigures are the icon of the LEGO franchise. Unless LEGO introduce more licensed themes with alternative minidolls or long-legged figures from Toy Story line. That's another discussion topic.
  2. I think that depends on whether the characters from LEGO Batman are licensed by LEGO or DC. If, like you say, nobody beside Batman relate to the DC franchises and the movie is more like Batman's viewpoint of the Bricksburg world, that could happen.(But if we're talking about the story itself, I rather wonder if TLM fans and DC fans would really be interested in a movie like that?) Uh well.... I don't think I'm interested in this Ninjago series which also just rehashes all of the familiar Ninjago heroes. Probably only if the variants are very interesting or many exclusive items are included. Aside from some of the heroes,I might imagine that it gives some side characters from the TV series, exclusive ones from the movie and some Japanese-oriented personalities.
  3. Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    I'm accustomed to the looks of molded heads from either Toy Story sets or Simpsons. The dissapointing part to me is that we cannot ultilize hats/hairpieces/headgears since they're inseperable, although making them seperate could largely increase the cost of whole Simpsons CMF lineup. I think the headgear for Genie looks unnatural, though I rather bet that this headgear is prepared for another licensed character.
  4. Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    Yes, just predictions so far. The theory goes like:1) Disney franchises show to be more promosing than Simpsons series which has two CMF series. 2) Not yet completed the major Mickey&Friends cast and LEGO should know that. Well, when they include Toy Story they knew negativity is inevitable.....
  5. Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    I would say there is still sixteen since I can ignore Alien and Buzz firstly. I think Peter Pan, Stitch and Incredibles are the main issues cause they are all able to introduce female candidates but they don't. Despite I'm glad to see two villainess' this time, I really hope to see more non-princess heroines to shine. Hope next time we have Lilo, Tinkerbell/Wendy and Miss Incredible in series 2. As for Simpsons series 2, though it reintroduced the whole Simpsons members with new variations, I don't think Disney series 2 would do the same. We might see a Fantasia Mickey but the rest of seats should better be for the Mickey&Friends cast who don't appear this time.
  6. Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    I guess that is the main reason why this discussion thread have over 100+ pages. We could name exceptions of characters from several license (Simpsons is one of most the known cases from all) . Not to say this time Disney has way much more franchises than others and exceptions should be inevitable.To me, the ultimate ideal outcome is that newer figures could be visually compatible with the figure collection we had so far. Unless newer figures try to get rid of things we didn't like from older figures.
  7. Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    I would say I don't hate both hairpices.... but just why both? If there is a reason why LEGO cannot bring the original hairpiece from the minidoll into the blind bag, my doubt is the fact that we've really rarely seen the rubber hairpieces used for minifigure characters, especially the licensed ones. But in general, I would say LEGO should save the money for another Disney character and just let Ariel keep her rubbish hairpiece.I personally kinda dislike the fact that every human-like character use normal column head, I mean, not all of them work, there should be some special cases, and Genie is one of them. I don't need to say more words for Buzz, just wonder if a possible future return of regular lineup could make all TS characters have column heads, or this series is just a special case? Alien..... uh.... I'm sure you can at least do a variant version, can't you LEGO? Cheshire Cat also looks not appropriate as a minifigure considering the Palace Pet series we've seen where every Disney animal is made into a new mold, i would choose Rabbit instead since he is more a human type character. This might also say Chip and Dale have very big chance to be minifigures in later series... uh ..... and so as Pluto? Overall I do still like this series cause there are definitely many long-waited characters for us to see. The other thing I'm not glad to see is Sitch is lonely in the whole LEGO world lineup. Seriously, I can exchange this Buzz with Lilo.
  8. The new car rocks and the ladies look so gorgeous!! My musthave among all LEGO licesned sets this year
  9. I would say they do respectively have very strong licenses, and some like Barbie and Transformers are even exclusive to them. The smart thing they know is to ultilize their other toy brands into a brick theme (excpet My Little Pony which is my favorite ). But still my main concern about them is not having a unified scale of figure or brick system. It sucks that Monster High and Barbie are even not compatible. So their merging generally do nothing good to their existed licenses unless they plan to have a big revolution. If we haven't confirmed LEGO Disney CMF series, I think there is also a good chance for Mattel+Hasbro to take over Disney brick toys just like their doll line. I agree that the competitors can drive LEGO do go stronger in either their other licenses or original franchises. But the possible bad news is that we might see more Spongebob/TMNT cases.
  10. Well I think you know what I mean about Disney . As for TLM and LD, the main point is that one certain character cannot freely changed from one figure to another cause not just kids but adult audience would be confused.Duplo figure for example, there are now Duplo Superheroes and TLM had some hints about Duplo system. However, the chance that Batman would be represented as a Duplo figure or minidoll in hie upcoming film or TLM2 is, I think, almost 0%. (But would an independent Duplo figure / Duplo-brickbuilt character be introduced? Let's see) At most the storyline can make all three kinds of figures coexist to make it a joke scene. If that is the basic rule LEGO want to follow, I think the rest of minidoll themes, Friends and Elves, would not be represented as minidolls in each kind of LEGO media work. Aside from gender marketing, I think the lack of abilities is the secondary reason why minidolls are not used for licensed action themes in the first place. Kids would focus on its movaility and they would find out minidolls cannot fulfill their needs despite the female characters are more goodlooking.Unfortunately it shows that minidolls are overlooked by LEGO despite they won't disappear in short time. Minidolls have own firm market, but it's not good to see that LEGO does not want to do favors to either the figures or the characters to acknowledge their existence. It almost feels like Belville time despite now minidolls should go stronger.
  11. Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    The hard part is usually the neck. If it has a hole that closely fits the neck then it couldn't work for a minifigure. Uh but why does he does have to appear in this line? To not be another Frozen case or any other skipped Disney franchise, would like to see a regular lineup for Moana.
  12. Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    The thoughts behind these discussion was to expect that the regular line could provide minifigures so that customers could have more choices. I would say there is no reason to keep LEGO from adding minifigures to their minidoll sets, so that expectation is not wrong.So back to the topic, the question was whether the Beast's Castle was an exclusive to the CMF line so that it should be minifigures-only, and now it shows not. Wonder if we could see anything else like Mickey Clubhouse or Aurora's Castle instead, although the latter could be less possible in the future for the same reason.
  13. Disney Princess 2016 Rumors and Discussion

    This.Not having kids or babies is strange, considering they did exist in previous Belville figure system and they still seem options for current minidoll themes. in Friends' case, Emma's brother escaping from home was the biggest joke LEGO made. I would say it's just fine to make the dwarves remain as minifigures (because of their height), but not sure if LEGO agree.
  14. Disney Princess 2016 Rumors and Discussion

    Thanx for info. So perhaps I should start to work again....I cannot understand the purpose of the Tangled set too much, too. I believe LEGO could manage to find other interesting and iconic scenes from the story. And if it's still based on the tower, I can only tell that Gothel is trolled again.
  15. Disney Princess 2016 Rumors and Discussion

    When it comes to a new head mold, the main problem is its neck. Just like you may not put Marge's head onto a minidoll housewife even if the image works. The Beast head is okay to me.As for the set..... there are some major problems. I remembered that there are many sticked windows in Megablok Barbie and I believe that thing should not happen in LEGO. I also agree with the fact that LEGO sucks in scale. Elves or Nexo Knight either give more pieces and details. If the Princess line remain like this then Junior or Duplo would be where it should go.