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  1. Uhm.... I dunno, weird 2P colored witch. Would had hoped if they give a small girl witch.
  2. Dorayaki

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Based on the piece info, the possibillity for the boxes being something for daily uses or different plays but not a minidoll scale building is possible. Or could be interesting if both uses are available. Probably there's gonna be a TV episode that shows Emma is creating the boxes to be a friendsip gifts to the main Friends. Aside from the boxes sets, so far it doesn't hear like something very extraordinary from past regular Friends sets. Just we didn't see Mia's house in the original series, tho her brother Daniel has appeared in a previous tree house set. I also wrote the article about the TV show series which might help understanding the 2018 story canon. Just still based on the set info, it's hard to tell if any of theses sets have a themed story (maybe wait til the next summer wave?) Also as noted in the article, I think there should be a set featuring Alva and her hi-tech inventions in Heartlake City. If none of the upcoming sets involve this, I'd say TLG is dissapointing little new fans and wastes this reboot. Other than that, hope that Olivia's mother and Jeremy can be in the respective sets next year.
  3. Well, I see the storyline Friends is not really as much discussed as Ninjago or other TV series in the FOL community. But to better understand the 2018 reboot, for those who are interested in Friends sets but don't really follow the storyline. I think this would help those to know why such changes in the sets this year. Like Ninjago, Friends' storyline is mainly based on the TV cartoon series. The past series since 2012 consist of twenty-three full-length 3D TV cartoon episodes and 2D mini webisodes in official Youtube channel. As for the current 2018 series, each episode of 3D TV cartoon is half length (10 minutes approximately) and are available in Youtube channel. First LEGO reboot If my memories don't go wrong, the LEGO Friends 2018 reboot is supposed to the very first "reboot" that happens in the LEGO storyline history. Not counting cases like BIONICLES or Belville, which mainly keep the trademarks but the entire story and characters are changed in the next story era, not that the same group of characters play a different story canon. The Ninjago Movie is abit similiar, but it doesn't interrupt the main storyline of TV series. Is it really a reboot? For those who haven't payed attention to the 2018 reboot, we can safely assume that the 2018 reboot is likely not releveant with the 2012 canon. They are similiar in such points: the story still locates in Heartlake City, and the protagonists are still the five main Friends: Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Emma and Stephanie, the main traits and interests of the girls are still the same. Oh, Zobo is still in the reboot as well. As for the rest, well then, nothing else is the same. Lets' see what that exactly happens here: Who from the original era are gone? Livi I'm sure most FOLs would know her, she is the most memorable character aside from Friends since she is given an entire themed sets based on her spotlights. Unfortunately current signs don't show her existence in the new reboot, which I think is a dismay to those who loved Livi and bought her themed sets. I also don't disagree with her disapperance, as the story can simply tell that she is going on a worldwide tour, which is not really relevant with the reboot. I'm especially dissapointed with TLC for that they don't try to make Livi a real icon idol of the LEGO universe since there's no really other character to represent that role (if not the pop star Gwen from Minifigures line). Tanya and Mayor Butaire For those who paid some time to watch the past cartoon or webisode series, you must know the two. Because they are relevant with most of the LEGO Friends stories, as villains. Tanya is the hugest rival to Stephanie in almost all kinds of situations: from sport games, baking competition, band auditions to school votings. She is a key factor to most of the storyline how the main Friends trying to compete with her to win a thing. As for Mayor Butaire the father of Tanya, he was actually a sudden insertion to the storyline after the original Mayor Oliver in the beginning. He is the counterpart to Dr. Alva in the 2018 reboot, with evil and illegal plans that is not allowed in Heartlake City. Both two, or only especially Tanya, have been controversial beings in the Friends franchises for being such memorable stories but never show up in the physical sets. It is unkown if LEGO Friends had some kind of policy during that time that doesn't allow villains or rivals to appear in play sets. Olivia's family Including Anna the doctor mother, Peter the journalist father, Sophie the vet aunt, Uncle Henry and the little cousin Ola in the finale. Sophie plays abit more roles in the stories that relate to animals and Mia, her assistant in the clinic. Olivia's family all made physical appearances in the original LEGO Friends sets. So far they've not showed up in new series yet. Minor "Friends" These include both phsyical sets characters such as Matthew, Kate, Nate and some non-physical ones like Jacob and Fiona. Not surprisingly these characters are so far not seen in the new canon. While not just the characters are gone in the reboot, more precisely, the concept of "minor friends" is gone too. In the original series, it is hinted that Friends do casually pay time to play and hang out with other friends in the physical sets, while in the reboot it is scarcely mentioned so far. Who do we meet in the new era? The Shadow Group Consisted of burger restaurant owner Dottie, server Dean, and spray artist Ethan. They collect information and source to protect Heartlake City in the shadow before the main Friends. Now they also assist the main Friends in their activities to save Hearlake City. It worthes mentioning that three of them all make physical appearances in the sets in the first year. Aside from family memebers, this is the first time for LEGO Friends to introduce "supportive characters" in physical sets. Vicky A well-known karting racer and Friends' rival in the Go-karting chapter and other sport games. Unlike Tanya from last era, she is also the first sporty rival to be introduced in the physical sets of LEGO Friends. Dr. Alva w her bad minions Alva is the major villainess of this reboot. A smart scientist who wants to become the new mayor to take donw Heartlake with her hi-tech inventions. Although her traits seem to be similiar with Mayor Butaire from last era, the new reboot gives more chances to focus on her conflcit with main Friends as a villain. Unfortunately she and her minions Joey and Ricky are not yet confirmed to be in physcial sets. Jeremy So this is the bad news to Livi fans: he is the idol character in the new era that gives advice to Andrea's idol career while the friends help him back. Still he has not yet made physical appearances at this point. Family Currently the show introduces severals: Mia's brother Daniel, Olivia's mother, a mounted police officer, Andrea's vet mother and little sister Liz. Also for those who remember Sophie the vet, probably this means Andrea's mother is replacing Sophie's role as well. So far only Daniel is seen in physical sets It worthes mentioning that the LEGO City Police system has not yet introduced a mounted police officer, while LEGO Friends sets not yet introduced any police member as well. It would be a great game changer if Olivia's mother makes her physical sets in the future. Changes of direction: Actually, the original series did not really have a main core or idea of story line. It's more about the main girls trying out different activities such as band audition, school news reporting, dog show and baking contest etc. Tanya's role is the stimulus: she is there to ignite Stephanie's desire to win at any cost. Although the Friends occassionally stopped the evil plans of Mayor Butaire and Mama Jason in the story, they did not prepare to deal with all kinds of crimes in Heartlake in the first place. The 2018 reboot series changes this, all begins with the main Friends find out their abilities can help people, they decide to build a team to solve all problems in Heartlake City and also fight the crimes. Why the change? Such as stated, TLC is possibly trying to add a more specific storyline for LEGO Friends to properly build the characters of the main Friends. Other LEGO franchises such as TLM, Ninjago and also Elves which are adventure stories and also have supports from young girls, so it is understandable the TLC wants Friends to follow the trend to become more action-oriented and keep in line with other franchises. Still, knowing the issue of LEGO Friends franchises has been absent in crossover media, it is still unknown if such changes can help Friends storyline be more publically noticed. I would say it'd be strange for Friends to still be ignored even if they're already a group of super agents and spies. They're pretty much as capable of adventures as other LEGO allstars at this point. My personal thoughts I like the reboot series so far. Most jokes are on point, and I always like to see how Friends take actions and make best of their abilities. Esepcially this is a different view from how LEGO CITY works: you don't have to be police or coast guard to protect your city, you can take the action as long as you are capable.. As for the deleted settings from original canon, I don't see why Livi and the family members has to be cut. Reluntantly Tanya and her father are cut because they cannot fit in the reboot because of Dr. Alva. Still, what matters is whether Dr Alva's evil plans can reflect on the set designs. So far the cartoon scenes have show her inventions such as auto-kart and walking droids. It would be very interesting if the phyiscal sets also introduce a subtheme "what if Heartlake goes hi-tech" rather than just cartoon-exclusive. I still miss the leisure time and school time part of the past series and in the sets as well. I think the webisode line can still continue to fill that vacancy if the TV series would focus on the adventures part. Oh and one last thing, the male characters in reboot series look much better than the old ones
  4. Dorayaki

    Pop-Up Book - LEGO IDEAS

    That's obvious in the video. I'm saying that wish this character was produced in a condition that allows new molds.
  5. Dorayaki

    Pop-Up Book - LEGO IDEAS

    So this means the grandmother figure and dressed wolf figure are both incluede? But that yellow hand is a mismatch, isn't it I know it has been a very possible and also popular character for LEGO. But still wish that the dressed werewolf can be given a more specific design. If that design requires a new mold, I wish it to be in CMF series over Ideas set which usually don't allow new molds.
  6. Dorayaki


    Meh, for some reason it looks like won't be in a recent series so I just change with a new one. 15, Dart Player
  7. Thanks for the detailed sharing about the project. IMO it doesn't really ensure LU characters are gonna be in Collectible Minifigures (which would be the case similiar with TLM or NInjago series) but rather just make the CM characters appear simultaneously in the game and the bags. Maybe this was where the idea of LEGO Minifigures Online came from?
  8. Dorayaki

    The LEGO Movie 2: References Predictions?

    Looks like a sign of hinting TLBM and Ninjago bang are gonna be part of the master builders in the canon, which is not an obscure result. But still hope that new characters are coming instead of more promotion time for DC and Ninjago. Wonder if Flinstones has a chance this time. It's either that TLC actually had aquired their license with LEGO Dimensions so they had time to include them in TLM2. But if Flinstones is only a late addition to the LEGO family, it has to wait for TBBR then...
  9. Dorayaki


    Looks like I'm not following for long time. But anyway my choices didn't change too much from years ago (which means my prediction barely works ) 01, Snowman 02, Groom 03, Terracotta Warrior 04, Scout (gender unspecified) 05, Beekeeper (gender unspecified) 06, Pool Player (gender unspecified) 07, Boomerang Warrior / Australian Aboriginal (gender unspecified) 08, Weird Grandma 09. Sea Lion Trainer (gender unspecified) 10, Matsyoshka 12, Keytarist (gender unspecified) 13, Voodoo Doll 14, Dwarf Villainess 17, War Nurse 23, Siren 24, Merlion
  10. Dorayaki

    LEGO Movies Discussion

    Just talking about Disney.... I kinda wonder what if LEGO could pull out a film or a series that mix non-license LEGO themes with the Disney/IJ/SW/Marvel licenses into a new story, since those franchises are big enough to compete with DC and ther WB related franchises. The question would be who take the charge of animation. Unlikely we can have Disney or Pixar take the main charge if such film would not be part of their main works (the collaboration in TS and BH6 might not count). In the case of Sony animation, while the chance is uncertain, it's unlikely they can include other Marvel, Disney characters or any LEGO originals. Wonder if Sony animation's relationship with LEGO also has to be counted? Their other works haven't been in cooperation with TLC.
  11. Dorayaki

    Ideas for CMFs

    Does Snowman count holiday? Not sure, randomly draw some. 01, Snowman 20, Ainu Chief 23, Siren
  12. Dorayaki

    Ideas for CMFs

    Thanx, I think I miss that. But for the same result I'd like to see a new aquarium animal in the future as well. As for the drawings I might use them in any next guessing game, perhaps?
  13. Dorayaki

    Ideas for CMFs

    Haha of course I know there's a terracotta . I did see you say cookies ealier but without noticing its part of scout activity. It's not common in my place.... Still according to my readings, boomerangs don't belong to Maoris but only to Australian aboriginals, which is why I think this could be two different characters. For the new characters, I like the Mutant and the Chaos Lord alot, of course my fav is still Calaca. As for the other similiar idea you mentioned, supposed for an official blind bag I think dolphins might have some difficulties, while sea lions would be safer choice and it is also a new mold.
  14. Dorayaki

    Ideas for CMFs

    Thanx for praises! While I don't ask what they are, the yellow frames in my drawings represent the ones heard from past discussion, the purple ones are not. It would be surprising to see you do the purple ones. (or maybe there are missing ones I didn't notice Thanx for notice. I haven't followed Ideas votings for a while. But not sure if the creator did intend to include a wolf or not (by the time of projects there are supposed to be some existed wolf figures for choices). And still a very possible result is that TLC include both a grandmother and a wolf, just in the play you exchange their heads so that wouldn't require specific molds or patterns. If TLC release an official Weird Grandma in later CMF series it might still possibly have specific molds or patterns.
  15. Dorayaki

    Ideas for CMFs

    Great, but I don't think I can wait any longer, so I just post some of the random ideas I heard from others or my own headcanon. Some might have been revamped from my past guess. 01, Snowman One of the most requested character so far. With a penguin hat, new head mold, a candy cruth and a new round lower body. 03, Terracotta Warrior Duh yes, I know he is also greatly suggested but I still draw him. But I'd imagine him to use a normal spear and a more specific bun hairstyle and lower skirt part. 02, Groom Pretty much the musthave one. Ring in silver color, white tuxedo tail, Lockhart hairstyle in orange. 04, Brownie BirthdayPartyGirl hearstyle with a new hat, white lasso. 05, Beekeeper New beekeeping hat with transparent mask. Also transparent beehive frame parts. 06, Pool Player Spy hair in gray, new cue stick and a triangle with balls inside. 07, Boomerang Warrior Based on typical Australian oboriginals. New big boomerang and a long shield. Hair new or reused whatsoever. Kinda worry if this is not an obvious choice. 08, Weird Grandma Also the most requested fairytale-based character. New original head mold, a bicolor tail 09. Sea Lion Trainer Stephanie's hat hairstyle in new color. Reddish peal color fish and new seal mold. 10, Matsyoshka New hood-hair mold, reuse round body. New mold for smalled r matsyoshka. 11, Xylophonist Imperial shako in new color, new Xylophone piece attached with the waist of a minifigure. 12, Keytarist The Minifigure Rock Band seems to still lack a talent for keyboards so far. Also try to add a police cop in a different color palette as a rock suit style. 13, Voodoo Doll A technic ball with a voodoo face. New needle/hammer parts. 14, Dwarf Villainess We've been lacking a female addition to the dwarf tribe of the Castle scenes so she is a musthave. New mold with dward helmet with braids. Chima hammer reused. 15, Dart Master New color for Kanan hairstyle, new dart mold, round tile with dart board print. 16, Rice Farmer A character that was done by Playmobil lineup. Rice is main in Asia, so a Rice Farmer would be a good representive for Asian agriculture. New bamboo hat mold with long hair, rice ear mold. 17, War Nurse Inspired by Nightingale and also uniforms from WW1. New nurse hat with hair and a new lamp. 18, Galaxy Diva Duh...I'm not very good at Space characters so here is a relunctant one. She is a variant of the alien creature from Alien Conquest, also a parody of diva from Fifth Element. 19, Lady Prince This is a compromised idea between drag queen, bearded lady (which might not be safe for TLC guidelines) and a regular fairytale prince. An image of crossdressed actresss based on image of Takarazuka Revue (yes I'm otaku). Reusing the Wrestling Champion hairstyle, sword and epaulette all in new colors. 20, Ainu Chief An intention to bring in a new historical tribe and a different side of Japanese culture. New Ainu knife mold. Reusing the Scallywag Pirate head but with a hair color instead of pure skin head. 21, Mannequin We got some plain figures in past LEGO shop sets but never seen a dummy figure with no clothes and show its stand. Would be nice to put in a display in a dress store or be with a Fashion Designer. 22, Kappa A myth creature from Japanese folk. It comes with a standable lotus leaf, head piece and a turtile shell on the back. Still, it is unknown if they can find the useful turtle shell or create a new mold, seeing all the TMNT heroes have belt ties on their back. 23, Siren A myth creature and also a variant of mermaids. There was actually a Siren in the discontinued Nexo Knights series, so it'd be nice to create a new Siren in this line. 24, Merlion A worldwide famous statue, with white mermaid tail and a new head mold, it can insert a water sprout part.