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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce my original Minifigures series. While I use the title "Universe", which is based on "LEGO Universe"-- the massively multiplayer online game developed by NetDevil, I also included some other LEGO's original characters who's never been phsycal minifigures due to many different reasons. The parts are designed in 3D modeling softwares, then use 3D printings with ABS. There is still much room for improvement (decals, paintings..... etc), so most of the figures still look pretty sorrowful. Even worse, my camera had problems so I could only shoot with cellphone in super low quality t . If you guys don't mind hurting eyes, please follow this post below. 0) The righteous Natalia Kowalski from City Undercover Natalia, once the most popular reporter in LEGO City, now drives an ambulance to save anyone who has supported her. Previously in the witness protection program, she keeps a low profile to hide from the man she helped put behind bars—Rex Fury, and later begins a complex relationship with her police boyfriend Chase McCain. I gave her number 0 because she was a trial prototype of my decal practices, and she comes without any new mold. I wonder why TLG didn't actually include her in any medical-related set since she's really easy to deal with. 1) The imaginative Doctor Overbuild from Universe As leader of Assembly, Doctor Overbuild is a very intelligent genius as well as rather eccentric, much like the famed physicist Albert Einstein. His passion is building and pushing the uses of Imagination. He spends months at a time locked in his building laboratory, creating the visions in his head. Okay, when I began the project I just found Mr. Kaminoan, a talented MOC designer also made a different version. I only managed to get the paintings without transparency. Dr. Overbuild's design is the most complicated unconventiona; one among the four, IMO he's the one really represening the Universse style among the four leaders. 2) The charming Peg Mooring from The Adventures of Clutch Powers Peg Mooring is a marine biologist who worked for the LEGO Organization. She is calm, relaxed, kind-hearted, but sometimes can be bossy. She is also very intelligent and knows a lot of things to specific detail. Her only issue could be that those immediately coming missions leave her very little time to take care of her beauty. And here is a note, I didn't do Clutch Powers himself because Mr Kaminoan also made him. Peg probably one of my favorite non-physical LEGO female characters. 3) The wicked Madam Frost from Belville Madam Frost, the coldest witch of all, is best known for using ice-type magic and being in charge of the seasons in the land of Cold North. Even hough she tries to have her own remote lifestyle in Frost Forest, she never has a good time with her close neighbor --- the Cold North Royalty. She seems to be an annoying person, but deep in her heart, she wishes to have someone talk with her and share a hot cocoa sometimes. There are actually several different (but similar) witches throughout the Belville history, but Madam Frost is the only noted one in Cold North storyline. It shows that villainess is not very common in LEGO world, especially in girls-oriented themes nowadays. 4) The enraged Rex Fury from City Undercover Escaped from his incarceration in Albatross Island Prison thousand times, Rex Fury is the most ruthless criminal in LEGO City. He's been with different masterminds behind the current crime spree, but unfornately it never works when Chase McCain intervenes. Time for some LEGO City villain variations! We've had enough with those roublemakers from LEGO City physical sets who mostly wear black-white stripes. Rex represents a good image how a nature street muscle ruffian could look like. 5) The heroic Duke Exeter from Universe Duke Exeter is charismatic and brave, serving as an inspiration to everyone around him. He refuses to compromise his principles, and so far he has always been prepared to take on challenges and find a way to achieve victory with honor. Always trusting that the right will win, Duke Exeter also gives everyone second chances. Among the four leaders, Duke Exeter was often the spotlight in most Universe advertisings, and IMO he looks more heroic than most of the physical LEGO characters. 6) The arrogant Lacy from Friends It's not easy to keep the record as the champion of Heartlake City Horse Riding Competition every year. Becasue of this, Lacy, the talented girl never show respects and compassion to her rivals. Surprising to the others, she is actually a person willing to offer helps when she sees people having trouble. Despite having a role in the animtion, Lacy didn't actually get to any of the official sets along with many other generic female figures, as well as Tanya from later storyline. We actually don't really often see this kind of LEGO characters, so it would be nice to have her in order to create more storytellings. Additionally, despite her hairpiece appeas to be generic in the cartoon show, it's weirdly not a physical mold. 7) The decisive Sky Lane from Universe Sky Lane is a Venture League Explorer and former captain of the late Venture Explorer starship. After her starship was invaded by Maelstrom, she could only give up it and escape to Avant Gardens. Her wish is to start a Bowling Night and performs her best moves against her sisters. Well, I made her simply because she was one of the very early characters in the gameplay. I always wonder what the "Bowling Night" could be :p. 8) The sweettooth Frank Honey from City Undercover Frank is as green as they get on the LEGO City police force. He's been given the chance to show his idol Chase around the precinct on his first day, and couldn't be more excited about it. But in most times, his commander Ellie and donuts would make him even more excited. Frank played a successful jackpudding role in the whole Undercover storyline, especially compared to the depressing prequel when Chase didn't get along with his chief. He is definitely a welcome addition to the LEGO City Police scenarios. 9) The valiant Barresh Barbarian from Heroica Raised in the harsh northern mountains of Barresh, the barbarian is as strong and fierce as he is wild. While traveling the world he found out that his home had become overrun by monsters. Now he has vowed to free his people and has started to recruit other heroes to his cause. While Collectible Minifigures already had a Barbarian, I chose to do a version based on the microfig Barresh Barbarian from LEGO's Heroica, one of the discontinued Lego Games theme. He's look is more close to his original design shown in the 3D animation, this includes an actual fur decoration part on his arm. PS, I personally call him "Barret" in my headcanon. :p 10) The fierce Vanda Darkflame from Universe A ninja warrior, Vanda Darkflame's background is shrouded in mystery. Some sources suggest that she was an archaeologist, while others claim that she was a ninja princess. She was once the protégé of Baron Typhonus. One day, the Baron left her in charge of his work while he and Doctor Overbuild searched for Planet Crux. After the fateful event that shattered Planet Crux and created the Maelstrom, Vanda was recruited to form the Nexus Force and later becomes one of the four leaders. I always think some of the Paradox members like Vanda could be reintroduced to the Ninjago series since they're pretty compatible, much to the dismay that Ninjago was once part of the Universe too. 11) The commanding Ellie Phillips from City Undercover Ellie's a real tomboy and a darn fine cop. Her wicked sense of humour comes bundled with a maturity that others her age simply don't have – which could explain how she rose to the rank of Lieutenant so quickly. She's got one ear to the police channels, and keeps Chase informed of anything big that's going down. Compared with Natalia, Ellie seems to be the heroine that players are actually more familiar with, via the communicator. She is also a fairly great addition to physical LEGO Police Stations where police ladies aren't that inspiring :p. 12) The venturous Hael Storm from Universe Hael Storm, the Venture League Faction leader, is a notorious space pirate who plundered many worlds and is wanted on most of them. He is daring and cheerful in times of danger, adventurous and curious when exploring, and fearless and and wisecracking even in the darkest moments. His specialty is the sea and he is a seasoned explorer of all the oceans in the Universe. Hael Storm is my favorite leader among the fours. In his bio he should be originated from a Space theme, but his look is nothing different from an ordinary pirate captain. 13) The sunny Marvin from Friends A country boy living as a young farmer alongside with his father, he's much more capable than most of those Heartlake City teens in his age. He's not sensitive when being with any opposite gender, thus, his feeling for a girl from the neighbor farm is not noticed. Despite being featured in another Friends episode, Marvin also had nothing to do with the physical Sunshine Ranch set. I think he could beat down all other physical male Friends characters, but, perhaps an ordinary country boy doesn't cater to most FOLs' tastes? 14) The refreshing Velocity Lane from Universe Velocity Lane, the sister of Sky Lane and one of The Bowling Lanes, is a professional racer that guide and train rookies who just join Nexus to go on the racetrack. Just like Sky Lane, I chose her due to her likeable appearance. She feels like a good candidate for any LEGO racer-related theme. 15) The dedicated Daniella Capricorn from Hero Factory As the most popular reporter in Makuhero City, Daniella devotes herself to get every single detail from the powerful heroes. She can be truly dedicated by reporting during battles while nearly getting struck. However, she seems to have a very different side of personality when her Camera-Bot is off. Some other technic figure FOLs had tried to capture the physical shape of Daniella, and I try to capture her in a minidoll form instead. The last subtheme of Hero Factory, "Invasion from Below" featured a series of minidroid, unfortunately Daniella wasn't considered to be part of the line. The main defect is that minidolls height is not longer than HF minidroids, since Daniella should be taller than the heroes in the show. 16) The high-strung Bernie Von Beam from The Adventures of Clutch Powers Bernie is an engineer who worked for the LEGO Organization. He is rather nervous at times, and appears to be quite high-strung, although a bit shy. Bernie repetitively tries to gain Peg's attention by supporting whatever she says, although sometimes she fails to notice, embarrassing himself. Bernie is the other jackpudding character in the CP story, and yet another my favorite LEGO guy. 17) The graceful Princess Vanilla from Belville Born in the Royalty Family of Cold North, Princess Vanilla is pretty close to the cold nature. She is born to be a talented ice-skater, and she befriends with lots of arctic animals including Snowy the polar bear. She frequently invites Madam Frost to her parties, but inadvertently provokes her as result. Last but not the least, here is Princess Vanilla, the leading character of the Cold North storyline from 2001 to 2003 and rarely one of the recurring protagonist in the whole Belville theme. Conclusion: There are several reasons why I plan this series. One of them especially be The LEGO Movie. As discussed much in TLM canon thread, the main idea of TLM is to represent real experience of playing physical LEGO toys. Yes, that means any of the nonphysical themes or characters in the LEGO franchise has nothing to do with TLC's marketing trend. Though it makes sense, it's also a denial to all FOLs who have also been supporting the nonphysical LEGO world. But still, why can't the other side of LEGO world be AWESOME too? LEGO actually draws an invisible line to differentiate the two different realms. Other than TLM which was already tied with toy productions and marketings, recently, the success of several LEGO TV cartoon series do bring up some examples that cartoon exclusive characters can reintroduced to phyical sets, such as Dareth from Ninjago series. However, it seems like certain themes or discontinued mediaworks would not be able to have the same treat. The other main reason is the game: TLC is currently running their next MMO game --- Lego Minifigures Online, which is developed by Funcom and also directly based on the Minifigure series replacing the original . And after TLM, LEGO also keeps cooperating with WB and declares their very first interactive video game series--- LEGO Dimensions, which tells about heroes from different kinds of LEGO themes gather together and fight the evil. But somehow, even though both games share similarities with LEGO Universe, in the aspects of game systems or theme crossover ideas, none of both actually inherit the Universe characters or the storyline to give an official end to Universe. It's kinda like LEGO is wasting every single chance that can compensate for the loss of original LU fans. Again, both games have special associations with phyical minifigures, but sadly, at this point LEGO seems not to do anything more for LU. It would have been a good idea--- even if the game deceased, we could still have something left for us. After all, LEGO is "bricks", not "clicks". Several notes to the themes mentioned above: Clutch Powers: Although Clutch Powers was a crossover canon that involves several different LEGO themes, The LEGO Movie canon didn't actually refer to the "LEGO Organization" from this series. The reason may be some plot needs (new quirky characters instead of mature agents), but as mentionted above, it could also be due to the fact that Clutch Powers isn't considered as a "physical" canon. Recently we just got Ultra Agents, a new continuation to the agent themes, where the main hero Jack Fury looks pretty much like Clutch . Since LEGO Organization also happens to be an agent organization, I somewhat believe that Clutch Powers could have been part of the Agent subtheme and storylines if LEGO designers add some adjustments. City Undercover: While being the very first WiiU game, it was meant to promote the LEGO City line, but its influence on the whole City lineup is pretty insignifcant and not even to talk about Dimensions. I believe that providing some Undercover characters or materials along with the generic ones would enrich our conservative LEGO CITY Police line. Friends: As mentioned in Ninjago's example, despite Friends keeps extending their storyline and Heartlake City details as much as other story-based themes do, the original characters/settings from the 3D cartoon and webisodes aren't reintroduced to the physical line so far. LEGO should push it harder if they expect Friends to keep going to appeal their targeted market. Belville: Uhrrrrr ..... you hus know that CMF series introduced "Fairytale Princess" and "Witch" in the recent series while I was still making the figures . Belville has been a pretty underrated theme in LEGO's history, both due to their failure to appeal the market and their non-mainstream figure scale. However, I think Belville could be part of the regular Castle line to make up for the lack of princess side story (not the damsel-in-distress, though) if LEGO can seriously treat this theme. Promotional poster Hope that everyone endured the whole boring post. Comments and criticisms are strongly welcomed. Although I'm not sure if I'd go further to make more, I'd like to know which other non-physical characters (with non-physical molds) or themes weren't mentioned but also deserve to be noticed by LEGO official?
  2. In 2007, LEGO released 9322-1: Town Developers Set under their Educational line of products. In 2009, a part of the set would cameo in LEGO's first non-Bionicle full-length movie, The Adventures of Clutch Powers. Find the red building with the LURPs used for roof pieces in the background... ...And spot it again in the middle foreground* - albeit grossly over-sized. (To compensate for the fact that almost all individual LEGO sets could fit in a cubic foot, many models in the film had their size significantly modified.) Being a fan of the film, and trying to use similar layouts and techniques in my own city, I am wondering if anyone ever purchased the set, and if so, if there were any sort of instructions at all included for this particular model? I am aware that Education sets typically don't have instructions, but I was hoping that there might have been an individual photo on a card or something, which would give me a better reference than trying to reverse-engineer** it through Bricklink's inventory. Many thanks for your time! ~Lind Whisperer *It's also in the upper left-hand corner. And it can be seen a few seconds earlier in the film when Clutch is driving towards the city. Interestingly, though, with the amount that the sets were reused throughout these scenes, it still has one of the lowest appearance rates. **After which, I'll have to rebuild it again, in more of a macro-bricks scale. But I would greatly like to have the individually built 'bricks' that make it up be in the correct positions.