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  1. HruppertDK

    Subway system

    Tram system sounds really nice :) You could use the base from the train sets :) I'll try to make some models in LDD
  2. Just browsing around in LDD and thinking of new sets!

  3. HruppertDK

    Snake island Treasure Quest

    Hi guys! Couldn't it be nice to make a set that depicted Snake island off the coast of Brazil. With a hidden treasure and pirates guarding it? Lets see your ideas!
  4. HruppertDK

    NASA Final Launch - Atlantis

    Hey there. Does any of you have ideas for a set that depicts the final manned space shuttle Atlantis? Lets see your ideas! :D
  5. HruppertDK

    Ferrari LaFerrari

    Does anyone have an idea for at cool version of LaFerrari from Ferrari? If so please share your ideas :) HUGE ferrari fan.
  6. HruppertDK

    Subway system

    Can anyone think of an idea for a LEGO set based on the NYC subway system? If so i would love to see your ideas :D
  7. Hi there. What programs do you use for LEGO 3d designing? LDD or Ldraw? Let me know :D
  8. I use both LDD and Ldraw. I find Ldraw super for advanced sets. And sad to say i think it has a larger brick database than LDD.
  9. HruppertDK

    Star Wars AT-AT Assault

    Sure you could do that, but i think it would be more awesome with a set that focused a bit more on the terrain of Hoth. So you capture the diverse landscape and trenches that you can use for destroying that AT-AT :D
  10. HruppertDK

    LEGO Universe

    Hi guys, Do any of you know if it is still possible to play this game? I thought it was amazing and sometimes i still play a little LEGO creator just for fun. Of course i also play LEGO the movie game, Jurassic World and star wars. But i just miss that Universe game :D
  11. HruppertDK

    Hello from Denmark

    Thaks a lot :) I have searched for a forum for many years regarding LEGO, and i watched at documentary on Netflix about LEGO the other dat and thought: LETS GO!! :D
  12. HruppertDK

    Hello from Denmark

    Hey there. I would just like to introduce myself. I am a guy from Fredericia in Denmark. The birthplace of LEGO. I am a eager LEGO builder and my favorite sets are Star Wars, Mindstorms, Technic and anything with cars and motorsports. I would like to start a small group of people who are keen on creating new sets on the site. Anyone up for this? Please write me :D Together we can do more. And in the words of one of my friends father Jørgen Knudstorp. - Everything is awesome!!!
  13. HruppertDK

    Star Wars AT-AT Assault

    Hi guys. I was wondering. In the new Star Wars Battlefront game from EA you have the option of playing Walker Assault. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a brick set that had an AT-AT and some of the elements from the game. It could be taking place on Hoth. Then you could make a ION cannon, trenches and soldiers. I personally think it would be a awesome set. What do you think?