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Found 6 results

  1. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] Daedalus from Stargate: SG1

    Here is an LDD MOC of my favorite ship from my favorite franchise: the Daedalus-class battlecruiser from Stargate: SG-1. I've always loved how the Daedalus-class somewhat resembles an aircraft carrier with a bunch of rockets attached! Thanks for looking! Soli Deo Gloria
  2. Hello to everyone! This is my first topic in this forum, and I am glad to present you my first and biggest project on which I have been working for the last 6 years. It is the "Destiny" Starship, from the Stargate Universe (SGU) series of SyFy. It is a series that was based in the original Stargate movie of 1994, and continues the story of the two previous series, that followed the original movie (Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis). To begin with, and before the photos of my version, I would like to appose some photos of Destiny from the TV series; Original Destiny - Front View by George Patelis, on Flickr Original Destiny - Side View by George Patelis, on Flickr Below, you can see photos of my version of Destiny, for the implementation of which, valuable assistance was offered by the printings of Martin Steil, that were made in 2011. 1 - Top View by George Patelis, on Flickr 2 - View from Bottom by George Patelis, on Flickr 3 - Horizontal View by George Patelis, on Flickr Destiny, at its current form, consists of about 29,000 pieces, the majority of which are Technic Bricks, Technic Pins, and Slopes. Its dimentions, when it is placed horizontally, are 2,20m long, 1,75m wide, around 75cm high, and its weight exceeds 30Kg. Of course, due to its size, its weight, appears to be larger. From the design stage until the completion of its construction, it took me about six years. Of course, during that time there was a break of about a year due to some obligations, and also due to lack of funds, since the cost only for the building material exceeded the amount of € 2,000, without the inclusion of the transportation costs from America and Europe. Below, you can see more detailed photos; 4 - Top View from Front by George Patelis, on Flickr 5 - Botom View from Front by George Patelis, on Flickr 12 - Closer Look of the Cockpit Tower by George Patelis, on Flickr 14 - Side View of the Tail by George Patelis, on Flickr 16 - Detailed Side View by George Patelis, on Flickr 18 - View of the Main Starship by George Patelis, on Flickr You can find more photos of the completed project and from the construction stage at my FlickR, and in the original post that was made for I hope you like it! Any comments are welcome!
  3. SamBo

    [MOC] USAF Daedalus

    My build for SHIPtember, USAF Daedalus from the TV show: Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. 101 studs long plus the antenna.It contains LEDs that light up the bow, the engines, the fighter bays and the command centre. It weighs 8kg, but I'll do a swoosh pic (or maybe a video) soon. USAF Daedalus by Sam Wright, on Flickr Full album here: WIP thread here if anyone is interested: It will be going on display at the EB Games Expo in Sydney this weekend.
  4. bobton

    [MOC] SG Puddle jumper

  5. The Death of Flagg (Challenge IV Prelude, Chapter 9) Previous Prelude chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 The Death of Flagg “And then I ran, and the Drow assassin chased me, but I finally remembered an invisibility spell, which saved my life!” The Sorceress Nefrillia concluded. DSC_1617 by skaforhire, on Flickr Kyban Wh'Ali of Khar'dek, current Lord Protector in council almost looked sick to his stomach as he investigated the mess. Two dead mage professors at the University of Petraea on his watch, and the leader of Kaliphlin disappeared and assumed dead. Dugal pitied the man, Bain and other High Council members were going to have a field day with this when the High Council met tonight. DSC_1622 by skaforhire, on Flickr “Are you sure Dextrus did not make it through the portal safely?” Lady Kylee asked. Nefrilla replied with eerie confidence “ when the Drow attacked us, and killed Professor Parker, it sent a backlash through the ritual stone. Flagg had crossed the threshold of the gate and was completely dematerialized at the time. As the backlash came back to the gate there was a red glow, and then it spit out Flagg’s shield.” She sighed, “ I am sorry, he is just… gone. The magic must have ripped him into a million particles.” That was a disturbing thought… “and you say that he was trying to reach Kathyrin? I thought her dead?” Gideon asked. “Indeed, he had us switch the polarity of the artifact to try and travel to the underworld using the hole Dugal crawled out of last year.” Nefrilla answered. “Well, this is definitely his shield.” Bain said, placing Dextrus Flagg’s most recognizable possession back on the ground. Dugal looked around the large room in the University of Petraea's Sciences and Magic building, “How does a Drow assassin hide in a pristine white room?” The rest of the council looked just as confused. +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= An hour earlier… Dextrus Flagg seemed extremely giddy, and more excited than he had in months. Rolo Audek, Flagg’s bodyguard was not as happy as his friend and master. He and Barden Warwalker, a famed undead hunter, were about to accompany Flagg through some sort of gate to the netherworld. Kaliphlin scientists and mages just recently got the Simultaneous Transport and Retrieval gate to work between gates in Kaliphlin, now they wanted to go to new planes? However, Sorceress Nefrillia, Professor Parker, and Clemte E. Pilsin, adventurer mage extraordinaire, assured their guild leader that the gate was ready for interdimensional travel. DSC_1603 by skaforhire, on Flickr “So this will take us to the hole near Queencross that Dugal came out of? And then to the underworld?” Flagg asked again. “Something like that, but you are thinking of the Stargate too limitedly, it does not travel in a path, but in a straight line between planes of existence.” Said Parker, and he was immediately interrupted by Pilsin. “Yer mean STRgate. “And” cannot be in the acronym! It is a STR gate!” Pilsin chimed. He was pronouncing it like “stir gate” and it was clear that the two had gone through the semantics before. “That sounds terrible, it is stargate.” Parker said, the clearly more educated of the two. “STRRRRRGATE!” I build the ritual stone and was the first traveler through the gate, I get to name it.” He declared. “STRRRRGATE.” Flagg interjected. “I don’t care about the name, can you make it home in on Kathyrin?” “That is not how it works” Both Pilsin and Parker chimed in. Nefrilla was oddly quiet. Barden patted Flagg on the back, “That is why you have me, sir. I can find her, no matter where in the seven hells she is.” “There actually are not se…” Pilsin started, but Flagg cut him off. “Very well, let’s get this started.” The three mages gathered around the ritual stone and began to pour magic into the small ruby looking stone. DSC_1604 by skaforhire, on Flickr Soon, the gate began to glow and then a water like surface appeared within the circle. Dex2 by skaforhire, on Flickr Rolo took up his position at the front, climbed the ramp, held his breath, and crossed the threshold. It was cold and then the world went black. Dex4 by skaforhire, on Flickr +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= The first two travelers went through the Strgate. Pilson was overjoyed that other humans were finally getting to experience gate travel! Flagg was about to step in when Nefrilla said “Oh Flagg, you can’t take that shield!” Parker and Pilson both looked at their comrade with a quizzical glance, but she continued. “The silver plating will not pass into the next realm, it could kill you or send the gate somewhere else!” Pilson looked at Parker. That was not true, there was no metal that could not travel through the gate, at least that they knew of. However, before Pilson could find words, Flagg yelled “thanks!” ran down the ramp, put the shield down, and ran back up the ramp to dive through the strgate. dex0 by skaforhire, on Flickr As soon as he was through, Nefrilla immediately let go of her magical stream, and the portal winked out of existence. Pilson was unable to question her, for before he could speak a knife quickly flashed in Nefrilla’s hands. She stabbed Parker in the neck, and Pilson wet himself. He turned to run, and he heard her cackle with amusement. He may have got fifteen paces before he felt a cold object pierce his lower back. DSC_1612 by skaforhire, on Flickr He gulped. She turned the knife, and pulled up hard. He began to choke. So this is how his life ended, well it had been a good one, he had written books… lots of books… seen the rise and fall of many men and women who led historica… had even been the court jes… he closed his eyes. He knew he would not sleep forever, heck maybe he would even see Flagg on the other side. Dex5 by skaforhire, on Flickr
  6. Yatkuu

    Stargate bookends

    Hello everyone, Seeing so many great bookends MOCs popping up online lately inspired me to try my hand at one. Stargate remains one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi movies… and I just thought that the subject would be a perfect fit for this. Stargate bookends by Yatkuu, on Flickr Stargate bookends - Abydos by Yatkuu, on Flickr Stargate bookends - SGC by Yatkuu, on Flickr Stargate bookends by Yatkuu, on Flickr Each vignette is on a base of 18*18 and can either be connected to the other to form a larger diorama or used as bookends - or rather “dvd ends” as shown in this extra picture: I was worried about finding a way to come-up with a convincing vortex effect.. it turned out that a simple printed sheet of paper is perfect! If you liked this, you will perhaps also enjoy this other Stargate MOC I built a couple of years ago. Thanks for watching!