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Found 10 results

  1. Inspired by a very interesting article on Brickset – “Reduced Focus Upon Traditional Themes”, Capnrex101, 22 November 2019 – I would like to share a thought that crossed my mind. What if political correctness was the main responsible of the situation depicted in the article? Let’s analyse the so-called traditional themes. Space: guns, laser cannons, missiles or, better said, conflicts. Blacktron against Futuron and then Space Police, that is human people fighting. Castle: swords, spears, catapults, sieges and clashes between Crusaders and Black Falcons. Pirates: not loveable rogues but, historically, killers and thieves, battled by the Imperial Guard, with the use of sabers pistols and bombards. Objection! The traditional topics were simply taken over by similar conflict-based ones, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars. However, overlooking the (intriguing) considerations regarding licenses prevalence over in-house production, the main difference with past themes is the fantasy element. Therefore, in order to be acceptable by today’s standards, current sets can’t show any realistic dispute or, at least, there should be some imaginary factor to tone it down, thus the replacement function of the aforementioned themes, and maybe the reason why the recent Blacktron minifigure from Series 19 has become an alien and the pirates of the upcoming Pirate Bay are defending themselves against an invisible enemy (the progress?). Please think of the children! Hence only politically correct wars have the green light in Lego universe, parents would be happy, sales and marketing even happier. Unfortunately this reasoning implies a relevant heterogony of ends, which arises when a child may think that a battle between human beings is wrong, but it is legitimate to fight an alien, who is, etymologically, someone different than him, in terms of race, nationality, beliefs, orientations, census. Tolerated side-effects of this policy, as long as the profits increase.
  2. So a few months ago I worked on what I believe to be the most game-accurate Rocket Racer and Veronica voltage car models to date as far as elements and colors (I used all old-grey elements to match the era). Most of the references used were from the opening cinematic and in-race car models, as the in-game buildable models seem to be compromised for the sake of simplicity. The one slight disappointment was the necessary use of a grooved 1x2 tile instead of the much older but more streamlined grooveless tile,but seeing as those haven't been produced since the mid 70s I figured they couldn't have used them even when the game was being developed. Here's what I was able to come up with: As you can see, I haven't added any decals yet. I've been hoping to find a custom printing service that would be willing to print the less-than original designs of these characters and logos onto pieces for me. Until then I'm still satisfied with the results. Here's the ldr models for the cars for anyone interested http://www.mocpages....1392588839m.ldr Rocket Racer http://www.mocpages....1392588709m.ldr Veronica Voltage
  3. Has anyone built a working computermouse (taking the circuit board out of a standart one of course)out of lego yet? I want to build one however i dont know how because the circuit board of the logitech mouse im using is a little bit to big to fit in the lego stud scale. XG BC
  4. mandaci-customs

    iMac Computer

    Hi Everybody, I want to show you my LEGO iMac Computer:
  5. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Instruction Tutorial, which shows, how you can build the Pipe Wrench from PC Game Half - Life Oppsosing Force:
  6. DavideSacra

    [MOC] History of Apple

    Hi guys, check out my History of Apple. I reproduced the most iconic computers and devices and the most important moments for Apple. I hope you will like it. Cover2 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr descr1 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr H by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr You can see the full project on Lego Ideas:

    [MOC] Basement Hideout

    My first real MOC. Started off trying to build a decent looking computer chair and it eventually evolved into an entire room: The display shelf is my favourite part of this MOC and I was inspired to use the Star Wars helmets as display pieces from another MOC I saw a few weeks back. I wish I had a link to the builder to give him credit but alas, I couldn't recall exactly where I saw it. The dresser drawers on the right of the computer desk actually open and can be used to store items inside. I'd have to build it with actual bricks to see how well it works though but I'm happy with how it turned out. If you'd like to hear more about the build, I made a video about it here: Thanks for taking the time to check out my MOC. If you like it or have any suggestions/criticisms please let me know! -ARTOBRIX
  8. HruppertDK

    LEGO Universe

    Hi guys, Do any of you know if it is still possible to play this game? I thought it was amazing and sometimes i still play a little LEGO creator just for fun. Of course i also play LEGO the movie game, Jurassic World and star wars. But i just miss that Universe game :D
  9. Hi Guys, let me start by saying l'm brand new to the world of forums... (sorry) l'm doing ok so far !! So l'm using LDD and working on a project that is huge... about half a million bricks and so far it covers 26 32x32 baseplates. My pc is not running to well and has almost died a few times !!! In short I'm getting a new PC. I want to get the pest components for my LDD project in my PC... can anybody help me with some info as to what l should need in my pc to build and use LDD smoothly with no lagging and dragging....Thanks in advance.
  10. Reekardoo


    HELLO!!! This is my latest creation - The Sr1 Normandy from the console fps/rpg game MASS EFFECT. And it comes with a commander sheppard! I'll add more photos later on. Hope y'all like it! Let me know what ya think. And also please check my stuff and should you like something, please support and follow - THANKS!