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  1. Space Police XVIII

    [MOC] Chevrolet Caprice Taxi

    I LOVE the front end, the back and the functionality... but those angled clips make the roof line look concave. Makes me think of some stockbroker that jumped out of a window and landed on the roof. They couldn't quite get the dent out...
  2. Space Police XVIII

    Star Wars

    Just tall enough to conceal the dread porg army? that is brilliant sir, absolutely brilliant
  3. Space Police XVIII

    [MOC] Mustang "Blondie"

    Well, that's different. I guess the idea is they pull the arms in to form wings? Really nice look on the Mustang mech, too.
  4. Space Police XVIII

    Star Wars

    Apparently the next movie started filming yesterday, is anybody else excited? I bet it'll have a death star that's bigger like a whole death PLANET no wait, been done. Maybe some guy licking a tree to show it's not on Endor?
  5. Space Police XVIII

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Macy looks best with a mohawk. But then, everybody looks better with a mohawk.
  6. Space Police XVIII

    Blacktron BT4-D0D0 - quadruped mecha

    Great design. CUUUUTE.
  7. Space Police XVIII

    We're all living in Amerika

    Great song. Great build, especially the wings. This makes me want to go shooting.
  8. Space Police XVIII

    [MOC] Lego Space LL918 Mini Spaceship

    Cute. I like it. The forward antennae are a very nice touch.
  9. There's at least one third party doing this.
  10. Space Police XVIII

    Titans Discussion

    Leaving Starfire mostly out of it was a wise move. it took some time to come up with something nice to say and I am proud of the results
  11. Space Police XVIII

    useful clone parts thread

    Aliexpress stores are starting to sell individual parts. Unfortunately they're on aliexpress and there's no such thing as standardized tags or titles; good luck finding them. Searching for blocks, moc, diy, rebrickable, that sort of thing, should work. I'm sure I had a good reason to get a couple hundred 1x1 round tiles in dark bley...
  12. Space Police XVIII

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    For a moment there I thought we'd got new windows in trans-yellow, and was all excited.
  13. Space Police XVIII

    useful clone parts thread

    Yeah. I just bought glass for all the empty frames in this set.... My wallet hurts.
  14. Space Police XVIII

    [MOC] Steampunk Flying Islands Rover

    Very spidery. I like it! Adding another leg segment might be an improvement, just eight pairs of those bar-with-claw and its opposite piece.
  15. Space Police XVIII

    useful clone parts thread

    something for the Classic Space people: there's this Canadian guy on bricklink that sells custom glass in several colors and sizes. Including these. IIRC Lego only offered this part in trans dark blue. Good quality, good fit, close match to Lego's own trans yellow, they're a little pricy but not as pricy as original Lego parts.