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  1. space rebel

    thanks guys. I was going to duplicate that set photo but got lazy.
  2. [MOC] Xenomorph minifigure

    Awww, it's cute!
  3. space rebel

    It's set 6644 in space. The 4-wide slope in front, and number three tile, are from the original. Basically the same thing. Little red sports car thing, yellow trailer cargo attachment, black racing hoverspacebike. Inside the cockpit there's juuuust enough space for airtanks and a helmet, and I crammed in a bunch of tools, spare parts and stuff because playability reasons.
  4. the mighty 6506 Keeping track of all those parts sure takes some brain power.
  5. useful clone parts thread

    Some Gudi sets (and Sluban, and Star Diamond, probably others since these guys copy each other constantly) come with this nice missile launcher piece, angry science elf for scale It attaches to this 2x2 plate with short pin. Stud or axle also works. Gudi uses the same plate as one half of their take on the 2x2 turntable. Two of the launcher pieces come with set 8616, and while on that subject, it's also got three of these neat bidirectional hinge bricks.
  6. Benny's x-wing X-Wing X-WING

    Probably my favorite X-Wing build, period. Just the right amount of detailing and greebling I think. It looks serious. And it might have been mentioned before but the spoiler is a great touch.
  7. useful clone parts thread

    next! This thing is built around a mech chassis from MyFrame, website here: here's a review photo aaaand here's another These guys sell some individual parts, a kit that's just the bare mech frame, and a few complete figure/mech kits. Those might be worth checking for other interesting bits - for instance one comes with two of these roof pieces in light bley, which lego hasn't made; anyway I ended up buying just two of the bare frames. My only real complaint is, the clip/bar connections are off. Lego clips fit loosely, trying to force a Lego bar through the MF clips makes me worry about breaking something, so this limits compatibility a little.
  8. useful clone parts thread

    Fantastic. And yeah, some of their figures are hilariously bad Save your fingers from the interminable torturous travails of stacking little bitsy sharp edged plates, that's what. and make you wonder who thought that was a good idea
  9. useful clone parts thread

    Enlighten makes a 1x2 version, that's all I know about.
  10. useful clone parts thread

    The magnificence and genius of this thing really needs theme music That's right. 1 X 1 X 2/3 BRICK From Gudi.
  11. useful clone parts thread

    How is Cobi, qualitywise? I've been thinking of picking up some of their tanks. That would be useful. I've made similar by cutting down these parts a while ago.
  12. Lester's Big Adventure Winners!

    Congratulations Kritch! and @Peppermint_M could I have the top hat please and thank you
  13. useful clone parts thread

    Oh, the next one will be really mindblowing, I have to think about presenting it properly.
  14. [MOC] B-59 | Blacktron Armoured Personnel Carrier

    Nice, I really like that drivers' cabin arrangement. The little 6x6 is also neat.