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Found 7 results

  1. helos

    Æmilia Brick Farm

    Hi, pleased to present the latest Æmiliabricks Lug work, a typical farm of our country. It required a long work and many buckets of pieces. This version is a work in progress as we still have to refine many details. Hope you all enjoy it.
  2. Keymonus

    A new vineyard

    Fatu Hiva, Ile D'Or, July 619 After the dark happenings of the previous months, life in Fatu Hiva returned to normality. Patrols of soldiers and groups of native warriors started a fierce hunt against the bands of fanatics still infesting the jungle and, even if some of them may have escaped, no new attack was reported. The economy of the settlement flared up again too: the natives returned to their fishing activity, while the plantations outside Fatu Hiva were repaired and expanded, allowing the recovery of the brewing activities. This little vineyard was bought by a foreigner, a Varcosian, who invested a large sum of money to expand the plantation. A little is known about this individual, but he is rumoured to have earned his fortune during the successful expedition in the jungle. While up to now the vineyard is sufficient for the requirements of the settlement, the Varcosian has imported seeds of Oleander grape, in order to expand the business and export wine and spirit in the archipelago. Today, the workers are cleaning a part of the hill from the undergrowth and are building new terracing. By sure, even if a lot of time will be required for the first profitable harvests, starting a vineyard near to the Oleander capital of alcol production is a wise investment. The herd of a native shepherd is very useful to remove herbs and low bushes... ...while more robust plants are removed with more resolute methods. Meanwhile, other workers realise the terracing for the new plants, planting poles in the ground and shovelling away the earth. Overall view The sheep And the "mysterious" owner, one of Tristan's followers during the expedition against the fanatics, in which absolutely no treasure was found. I will license this build as large plantation (instead of using a micro) as prize for the last challenge.
  3. Trador is not only known for its applecider, it has also some of the best wines of New Terra: the Casa De Flores, famous for its unique aroma. The vineyard is a very popular attraction in Trador as visitors can follow a guide around the vineyard and drink some wine afterwards. Today, the soccer Teams of Prio, Royal Garvey Engineers and MAESTRO Engineers are visiting the vineyard. Meanwhile Lord Maximilian Damaximus and his wife taste the latest production of the wine. --- Thanks for watching! C&C welcome :) Will be licenced as a Large plantation This module is to be placed behind the Trador Merchant Quay (pictures of this somewhere in the future :p )
  4. LittleJohn

    Plentiful Harvest

    My 7th entry into the CCC XIV, for the Small Miscellaneous category. The colorscheme was inspired by Legopard and Brickvader’s Venice. I wanted to try something a little different from the typical vineyard, so I decided to do a wall and tower surrounding it. Harvest time brings plenty of activity to the vineyard as everyone works together to gather the ripe grapes. Contests to see who can harvest most are common, though some take a more relaxed approach. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  5. This is a collab build by Captain Genaro, Phred and myself, to create a royal plantation for Breshaun. It's been in the making for quite some time, and it was fun seeing this project evolve and result in something even bigger than a mere license. But more on that at another time. For now... Welcome, fellow BoBSians, to: Château Richemont - Royal Vineyard and Hot-Spot of Le Bellan's High Society Embedded in the gently rolling hills that surround the city of Breshaun lies Château Richemont, towering over the valley of the Zeusrun River as a beacon of Oleander noblesse. The estate was founded about half a century ago by Pierre de Bourdeille, youngest son to the Comte de Richemont. With no chance of inheriting his father's titles and lands in the old world, he was one of the first noblemen to make Le Bellan his home. Profiting from his family's proud tradition as prime winemakers of the realm he immediately recognized the potential the nearly ideal climate in the region offered to cultivate rich and heavy grapes, enabling him to create excellent wines, such as the Bleaunote Royal and the Terrechéri Noir, that even regularly make their way to the Courts of Granoleon. Today, the chateau is not only a leading wine producer, but also a bustling center of noble Oleander lifestyle on Le Bellan, famous for its exuberant banquets and glittering balls regularly held throughout the year. In fact, the next festival is about to commence. And some notables have announced their arrival - rumored to be sent by the Intendant Général des Finances himself - and interested in big business... About: Footprint is ca. 175x200, piece-count 25000+ (this almost killed my PC ) All the vines are placed by hand, so there's no copy-paste, no repetitions involved - at all. Most trivial thing I've ever done in LDD Same goes for the pathway texture and the gravel... So it might look easy, but I can assure you I lost track of the hours I spent on this. Oh, and of course as always all bricks exist in the colors presented. I would have loved to go on building, but in the end every additional brick was a fight, I had so many LDD crashes making me rebuild things over and over again... so the figs were left to for my co-builders. Thanks for watching this first part C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  6. It's time for grape harvesting at D'Offren vineyards, Breshaun, Le Bellan. Everybody is running up and down. Grape gathering, squeezing, tasting, putting into barrels and transferring them to a big shadowy cellar. Who needs rum when you got mother nature's sweet wine? P.S: Sorry for the lame photos (taken under really bad yellow lighting and cat continuously pulling the white tablecloth i am using), but i don't know if i have the time to build me any type of enterprise till the end of the month, and i wanted one licenced. If i find time till then, i will shoot the MOC again under sunlight (we do have plenty here in Greece when i am working ) Life in a vineyard by Spy Tha, on Flickr grape gathering by Spy Tha, on Flickr grape squeezing by Spy Tha, on Flickr fresh wine by Spy Tha, on Flickr olive tree by Spy Tha, on Flickr
  7. The party sits huddled together in a carmped, but elegant coach. The warm summer air drifts through the coach's windows as the Uland countryside passes them by. These six individuals were... The Party Alexandre le Chevalier, Orc-kin (Played by Capt.JohnPaul) *Immune to Stunned, Slowed, and Bound* 20 year old elf male Black Knight Level 27.33 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 14 Health: 45/45 Gold: 127 Equipment: Sword of the Elven Blademaster (WP: 15 ;ignores SP, +1 gold per successful strike), Cross Heater Shield (SP: 10), Black Knight Armor (SP:4, protects fromStunned effect.), Winged Sandals (Protects from bound- and slowed-effects; footwear) Inventory: Bedroll, Smoke Bomb 3x, Feather Duster of DOOM (WP: 1), Deadly Venom x5, Tome of The Regret, Volatile Venom x3, Smelling Salts, Mead x4, Grand Potion 3x, Nostrum, Emerald (Wood), Mulled Wine, 1 fine Montresorian Wine, Grating Stone, Remedy x2, Crimson Venom (Causes a weapon to deal the poisoned by 7 and cursed effects for the duration of one battle), Neutralizer, Ambroisa Arthur Justus Regulus VII, a Hero Who Is Actually Worth Something (played by Flipz), Level 32.75 Skirmisher, 22-year-old male Human *Immune to Fragile and allPoisons* *Only Receives One Negative Effect At A Time* [ Currently in: Heroica Hall] Power: 42 (31 + WP:11) Health: 54/54 (Basic Health: 5 + Level Bonus: 30 + Class Boost: 15 + Permanent Boost: 4*) Ether: 36/36 (Basic Ether: 5 + Level Bonus: 30) Defense: 20 (Arm Shield: 14 + Duke's Coat-of-Arms: 5 + Unicorn Helmet: 1) Gold: 304 (Owed 128 gold by Boomingham) Equipment: Zoot's Rebel (WP:20 "halberd", suitable to Arthur only), Arm Shield (SP:14, shield), Duke's Coat-of-Arms (SP: 5, Protects against Fragile and all Poisons; bodywear, suitable for knights, dragoons, skirmishers and regulators), Unicorn Helmet (SP:1; the wearer can only receive one negative effect at a time, with a new effect replacing the old one; headwear, usable by barbarians, knights, dragoons, infiltrators, regulators, skirmishers, and winged warriors), Cloak of Deception (Free hits against the wearer have a 1/6 chance to be redirected to a random opponent; Backwear, suitable for anyone), Scarf of Misfortune (Wearer deals the Jinxed effect on every third round; Accessory, suitable for anyone) Inventory: * Weapons: Sword of the Vampir (WP:17, user is Jinxed), Sir Roderick's Sword (WP:12, Longsword), Gladiator Trident (WP: 11, Spear, causes bleeding effect), Spider Leg (WP:8, doubled against flying enemies; spear), Stag Antlers (WP:10, grants Intimidation; halberd), Dauntlet Index (WP: 8, doubled against humanoids; spear), Duplovian Swift Halberd (WP:3, halberd, stuns on successful hits, Hollow [nothing]), (Unsuitable weapons: Unlucky Horseshoe (WP:13, retrievable throwing weapon, causes Jinxed-effect), Staff of the Cultist Battlemage (WP: 7, staff, 50% chance of Fleeing upon being KO'd), Ammit (WP:6, Greatsword gains 5 Ether for each kill), Hollow Blade Dagger (WP:6, dagger, hollow-blade [nothing]), Staff of Ennon - (WP: 5,Light-Elemental, staff, Restores 2 ether on a roll of 2, 3, or 4), Healing Staff A (WP: 5, staff, heals instead of damaging), Healing Staff B (WP: 5, staff, heals instead of damaging), Stag Antlers (WP:10, Intimidation, halberd) * Artifacts: Headwear: Noble Mask (Wearer gains gold equal to the number of enemies after each victorious battle; headwear, suitable for anyone), Duplovian Helmet of the Guard (SP:2, Immune to Magic and Healing; headwear, suitable for anyone) Bodywear: Heavy Armor (SP: 5, immune to Fragile; bodywear, suitable for barbarians, knights, dragoons, skirmishers and regulators), Backwear: Shadeaux Cape (SP:4, suitable to those with reputation among the Shadeaux only; if reputation is great, SP is doubled; if reputation is outstanding, SP is tripled; backwear), Handwear: Stingy Gloves (Prevents enemies from ever stealing gold from you; handwear, wearable by everybody), Overkill Gloves (Gives the wearer 1 gold for every point of damage they do extra when they defeat an enemy (example: Enemy has 50 HP left, you do 75 damage, you earn 25 gold); handwear, suitable for anyone), Accessories: Shackles of War (Prevents anyone from fleeing battles; Accessory, suitable for anyone), Zap-Tap Badge (Has a 1/2 chance to deal Electric damage to an opponent who has dealt damage to a hero, equal to the hero's level; Accessory, suitable for anyone), (Unsuitable Artifacts: Lens of Speed Reading (allows a scroll to be read in addition to a normal action; accessory, suitable for scroll users), Pointy Hat) * Gems: Opal (Ice), Amethyst (Darkness), Topaz (Lightning), Diamond (Light), Garnet (Earth), * Tools: Bedroll, Telescope, Shovel, Magnifying Glass, Pickaxe, Magic Compass * Scrolls: 2x Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Sealing (Lent to De'kra), 2x Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Armor Sundering (Reduces target’s SP by 5 and has a 50/50 chance of success), Scroll of Poisoning (Grants target’s weapon the Poisoned 10 effect for one battle at the cost of 5 ether), Scroll of Luck (Grants target the Lucky-effect for one battle. Costs 10 ether.), Scroll of Weakening, * Consumables: *Healing: Potion, Grand Potion x2, Tonic, Grand Tonic, Ether Core, Remedy x8, Elixir x3, Phoenix Essence *Status: Nostrum x2, Hurricane, Mead x2, Ambrosia, Jinxy Juice, Tiger Balm *Venoms: Exterlate, Noxious Venom (When used on a weapon, the weapon deals the Poisoned-by-10 effect for the duration of the battle and the Confused effect for the next three rounds, for the duration of one battle.), Crumbling Venom (-3 HP/-1 SP per round), Blind Fury, Love Potion, *Permanent Improvement: Grating Stone, Ella's Pie (Permanently boosts max. ether by 5 but permanently decreases max. health by 5 when consumed.), *Bombs: Smoke Bomb x5, 3 Bones, Pumpkin Bomb (Causes stunned-, poisoned-, asleep-, blinded-, sealed- and confused-effects to all opponents when used.), Mythril shard *Currency: Scrap Metal x2, Silver Ore x2 Guts Holla (Scubacarrot) *Immune to Weakened, Fragile, Asleep, Cursed, Confused and Blinded**Immune toDarkness, Light, Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Wood, Lightning and Ice Elemental Damage*44 year old male human Alchemist Level 31 3/4 Power Bonus: 4 (2 permanent bonus+2 equipment) Health: 48/48 (7 base+30 level ups+10 class+1 permanent bonus) Defense: 4 Gold: 5 Equipment: Mythril Edge (WP: 60, Ice, Darkness, Light, attacks restore 3 health, dagger), Dancing Shoes (Wearer dances well, in the turn after a miss is rolled, the wearer can act twice. +Immunity to Asleep, Confused, Fragile, Weakened and Blinded, + Immunity to Darkness, Light, Fire, Air, Earth, Wood, Lightning and Ice Elemental Damage, footwear), Pugilist's Gloves (2+ Power, Immune to Weakened, handwear), Crocodile Armour (+4 Defense +Immunity to Water Magic, bodywear), Blessed Amulet (Immunity to Cursed, accessory) Inventory: Twin Sai (WP: 10, dual strike, dagger), Ambrosia, 13x Mead, 11x Smelling Salts, 10x Nostrum, 150x Potion, 22x Grand Potion, 4x Health Core, 2x Elixir, 4x Phoenix Essence, 10x Remedy, 5x Smoke Bomb, 5x Deadly Venom, 2x Neutralizer, Shovel, Telescope, Magnifying Glass, Pickaxe, Bedroll, Crimson Serum (Grants Mutated Effect for one battle.), Arc Elixir, Beholder's Eye, Agni Bomb, Neptune Bomb, Crimson Venom (Causes a weapon to deal the poisoned by 7 and cursed effects for the duration of one battle), Jester's Hat (Wearer may choose to gain one immunity from targeted enemy, suitable for anyone), Topaz (258 items) Hoke Ablesword Champion of the Northern Kingdoms, The Krakenwhacker and Titan Smiter (UsernameMDM) Mystic Knight Level 32.25 *Immune Fragile, Weakened, Confused, Sealed, Dark* Power Bonus: 4 (+2 Grand Zoot's Cookie, +2 Pugilist Gloves): WP Bonus: 4 (+4 Samurai Helmet) Defense: 30 (+20 Steel Buckler, +5 Heavy Armor, +2 Warrior's Treads, +3 Flagpole) Health: 52/52 (+10 Knight, +7 Mystic Knight, +32 Level, +2 Chicken Drumsticks, +1 Warrior's Treads) Ether: 32/32 (+32 Level) Gold: 773 Equipment: Flagpole (WP:10, +3 SP to the whole party whenever equipped, lance), Steel Buckler (SP: 20), Samurai Helmet (WP:4, immune Confused, Sealed suitable to knights, dragoons, regulators, winged warriors), Pugilist Gloves (+2 to power, immune Weakened), Heavy Armor (SP:5, immune Fragile), Warrior's Treads (SP:2, Health +1) Inventory: Vintul (WP: 16; greatsword), Gladiator Trident (WP: 11, causes the Bleeding effect; spear), Medal of Glory (Artefact/Accessory - Mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles), Electro Gear (Adds lightning-element to physical attacks and protects from lightning-elemental damage, accessory), Cultist Hat (damage vs undead) Gems: Opal (Ice), Ruby (Fire), Sapphire (Wind), Emerald (Wood), Aquamarine (Water), Amethyst (Darkness), Diamond (Light), Topaz (Lightning), Garnet (Earth) Scrolls: Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Sleep Tools: Bedroll, Pickaxe, Shovel Bombs: Dirt Bomb, 2x Smoke Bomb, Pumpkin Bomb Consumables: 4x Potions, 5x Grand Potions, Remedy, 3x Phoenix Essences, 3x Mead, 4x Ether Core, 2x Elixir, x3 Dragon Scale (Grants lucky- and blessed-effects when consumed), Grating Stone, Zoot's Plaything (Special 3/4 Edition), 2x Venom, Deadly Venom, 2x Titan Heart (Grants encouraged- and inspired-effects when consumed), Neutralizer, Level Up Mushroom, Tonic, 2x Flame-Distilled Brandy, Ambrosia Thormanil Nihai, Dragonslayer, Orc-kin (Played by swils) and Arx the Hatchling Level 37.5 Dragoon *Immune to Darkness, Light, Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Wood, Lightning, and Asleep, Blinded, Bound, Confused, Fragile, Slowed, and Weakened* Power Bonus: +1 Defense: 8 Health: 60 Gold: 1408 Equipment: Shishkebab (WP: 16, dual-strike, darkness-elemental, lance), Wooden Shield (SP:5, Null Wood), Bright Armor (SP: 3, Null darkness), Winged Sandals (Wearer is immune to light, water, fire, air, earth, lightning, and the bound, slowed, asleep, confused, fragile, weakened, and blinded effects), Medal of Glory (Wearer gains triple experience, accessory) Inventory: Weapons & Shields: Dragonsbane Lance (WP: 20, triple damage to enemies with 'Dragon' in their name, lance), Gladiator Trident (WP: 11, Spear, causes bleeding effect), Wyvern's Tailblade (WP: 12, Greatsword, suitable for Barbarians & Knights), Tongue on a Stick (WP:1, Miss -> "Aim"), Frozen Saber (WP: 9, longsword, Stuns enemies) Artefacts: Trickster's Mask of the Gender Swap (Accessory), Trickster's Mask of the Weredog (Accessory), Trickster's Mask of the Elf(Accessory), Fighting Boots(Footwear, Power +5 on the front row, suitable to barbarians, knights, rogues, beast warriors, chi monks, dragoons, harlots, infiltrators, marauders, skirmishers, regulators, and winged warriors), Sticky Gloves (Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up)), Aqua Gear (Wearer deals and is immune to water elemental damage) Consumables: Smelling Salts(1), Deadly Venom(2), Remedy(2), Jinxy Juice(1) (Q35), Fire Bomb(2), Milk(1), Potion(2), Venom(3), Lightning Bomb, Smoke Bomb(2), Ice Bomb(1), Bones(3), Water Bomb(5), Mead(1), Neutralizer (1), Amethyst(2), Emerald, Opal, Nostrum(2), Mulled Wine(2), Phoenix Essence(1). Misc.: Pickaxe, Shovel, Magnifying Glass, Grating Stone (2), Bright Polish, Teleportapple Name: Lind Whisperer Age: 21-year-old male Munchkin Class: Rogue Level: 1 Power: 4 Defense: 0 Health: 7/7 Gold: 0 Equipment: Darker Ethereal Deck (Playing Cards) (WP:5, throwing weapon) Inventory: Venom, Potion x2, Bedroll, Newspaper with Picture of Lupine(Quest/role-playing item), Ethereal Deck (WP:3, throwing weapon) Speeding down the highway, the party passes by inns and towns, nearly clipping other carriages they pass by in an attempt to make it to the Akrone Winery and Vineyard as quickly as possible. After three days on the road with their only stop being Bric'lin, the carriage finally comes to a swift halt on the road to Luosh, nearly tossing the heroes about. Outside the party can hear cursing as an armoured woman in armour opens the door for them to step out. "I swear to god, one of these days I'm going to kill that coach driver..." The party steps outside into the thick, humid summer air and takes in the Akrone Winery and Vineyard as dark clouds brew overhead. Behind the rows of bushes and grapevines, an old house stands erect, looking over the property. A few workers pick away, placing the berries and other fruits into baskets as another elf in fine attire watches them, her leather brown boots muddied from inspecting her vineyard. Turning around, she looks the party over, her eyes as blue as the sea. "Ah, heroes of Heroica, your arrival has been most anticipated. I am Sally Alicia Akrone, owner of the Akrone Winery and Vineyard, a Shadeux joint operation for the past five years. I hope your time with Lady Perin was bearable?" "Look, I don't got all day, Sally. The sooner you pack your things the quicker I can escort you to Luosh." Sally shakes her head. "Always on the go, Perin," she says dully, turning to heroes. The elf looks as if she's lacking sleep, and nervous, "Heroes, I have a problem, a big problem. My winery's been targeted by the infamous Alfendi Lupine and his gang of ruffians. I received his calling card about a month ago, with his intent not very clear. The manor's stocked with a variety of valuable items, most of which were my late husband's, but I've got a hunch he's after something more valuable: the vintage wine cellar. We collect and stock vintage wines, most of which are our own, but we have other, now defunct bottles in our stock. Every year as a token of goodwill, the Count sends out a bottle of our vintage wine, dating back about fifty years or so, to each of his associates, along with some other boons. If I lose that cellar, well... we lose our Shadeux contract. Of course, the thugs will most likely be after other valuables in the house, but if I lose the wine, I lose my company. Your job is to ensure that as little of my property is stolen, but if worse comes to worse, the wine is more important. Do you have any questions or concerns about your job or the situation at hand?" Sally crosses her arms, waiting for a response while Perin looks on with little interest. QM Note: Flipz, do you think you've got enough items? Welcome to Alfendi Lupine Strikes Again! As you can see, we have quite the mixed party here, with high level 30's interacting with a level 1. Check your stats, make sure their good, we'll get moving along soon. Lind, just as a refresher, to interact with anything, simply bold your action, like so. As well, there's a good chance I'll be away this weekend, so there won't be any updates on Saturday or Sunday, so I apologize in advanced if it takes a little longer than I anticipated to get into this quest's meat. Let's get this party started!