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  1. You're right, there are 2 large turntables to allow the axle pendular movement. The photos in my WIP topic don't show the current progress though. How lazy I am when creating progress updates, these usually take me a few months to share Haha, same here. After three years of work and just before finishing it, I managed to get to a field and present my model next to the original Keep going and don't give up!
  2. @Mr Jos Although having pendular axles on such machines in LEGO form might seem like a good idea at first, I believe you'll after some time realize the same thing as I did when building my ROPA Tiger 6s beet harvester with both rear axles equipped with pendular suspension using shock absorbers as well. The thing is that you would desperately need to have the machine perfectly balanced (which is doable), however, when extending the unloading elevator, this balance will be inevitably upset. In this case, I went with one of the axles fixed and the another was left pendular, though you may come up with another solution. The model of mine was narrower (23 studs total / 21 studs wide bodywork), so the width could make difference as well. Are you planning it to be able to transport bricks pretending to be potatoes, as I did with sugarbeet? I'll be definitely watching this model growing carefully
  3. MP LEGO Technic creations

    42179 Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit

    To me those indeed look like 11 studs in diameter. However, I'd rather call the colour bright light orange as you can clearly see a yellow half bush underneath.
  4. MP LEGO Technic creations

    General Part Discussion

    @anyUser Thanks mate! That's really great news, thus I don't have to redesign anything and this combination allows me to switch from studless to studded/odd to even easily
  5. MP LEGO Technic creations

    General Part Discussion

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to find some info about these 2 older turntable designs: (2855) and (48452) Can I ask, whether someone knows if it's possible to connect these two parts together (in a working way, to create a half-studless turntable)?
  6. MP LEGO Technic creations

    Powered up app, last version.

    My advice would be the same - the default palette level is preset to "beginner", thus many blocks (such as the math ones) are missing.
  7. Yup, the Blue Power version is indeed coloured dark blue & silver whereas ordinary models are blue & white. I have to agree it looks absolutely great! (though it would be even better with rear tractor tyres in the right size...) It would be nice to see more tractors (and other agricultural equipment) in such scale. Haven't you thought of some kind of attachment?
  8. You mean like in the initial idea? Then you would unfortunately get the same effect, only inverted (e.g. instead of two circle steering modes two crab modes).
  9. Well, are you sure that both aren't the same ones? To me it seems like that, though I could've overlooked something. The original setup looks like this - steering liftarms aren't mirrored.
  10. That was also my initial thought, however, that doesn't really help. After building it, I've realized that the issue with rear axle's steering remains the same - instead of being locked in wanted position and being always parallel to the vehicle's frame, it slides on the axle and causes total chaos. I've tried a different approach - instead of sliding the whole assembly from one side to another, place three of them next to each other and select steering mode by just inserting the axle to one of them. This had worked well for me.
  11. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [TC25] 8109 Flatbed Truck

    I'm not really sure that 1L liftarm exists in yellow, though I could've missed some recent release. It's a shame because any other parts (like yellow bushes) will spoil the looks with additional gaps... Otherwise the truck looks great!
  12. Hello everyone! Almost one year passed since I've posted my very first alternate model, so I decided to make another one. With the new John Deere Skidder (42157), I bought its smaller brother as well - and the idea was born... It definitely wasn't a hauler from the beginning, my intention was to build something completely different, which just didn't go well. Building time was around 5 hours, therefore one well-spent afternoon, though I improved the coloring the next day This time I also decided to get rid of traditional white background and change my presentation a bit, hope you like it. The model features: Articulated steering with HOG behind the cabin Tilting the cargo bed About 91% of parts provided by the set were used (none of them were spares), render with leftover parts is shown below: And a 360° view (could be better, however I don't really have 17 500 hours of time to waste ): And last but not least - a short demonstration video: If anyone is interested, instructions can be found on Rebrickable. Thank you for visiting & any comments are welcome as always :)
  13. There's definitely no front diff - the front wheels are mounted on 3L axles with stop, because they're reddish brown
  14. MP LEGO Technic creations

    42160 Audi RS Q e-tron

    Seems like there's a 5x7 frame in red around the rear differential:
  15. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [WIP] John Deere SESAM 2 + Rolland Rollspeed 7136

    @gyenesvi Yup, I've built it IRL and spotted no problems at all. Right now it's already mounted on the tractor and it drives just fine. However, I'm really curious whether the axle's design could be improved so here you can download its file (please ignore submodels, those are from the previous version but I was lazy enough to not to release them): I'd really like to know your opinion about this! Kind regards