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  1. Hi everyone, as the Mindstorms won't be sold anymore next year and there was a sale at TLG website, I decided to give it a chance and ordered a Mindstorms HUB (88016). It already arrived yesterday and I wanted to try it immediately, when connected to the app though, it kept updating firmware again and again for like 2 hours before I lost my patience. It's posible that the first firmware update somehow got interrupted and wasn't able to finish properly. I'd call it like "the HUB does niether have the default version nor the new one, though when trying to re-update the system detects a part of it and shows an error message" It seems that the hub always disconnects when the update's complete and when I connect it again, this starts from zero. I'm not allowed to do anything else in the app, so I decided to try installing it on PC instead of my phone. Didn't get any better. Even the SPIKE app didn't help and updating through a wire as well. I'm not sure, whether this issue that wasn't discussed earlier or if it's even possible to solve that, however I'd be really thankful for any ideas!
  2. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s beet harvester

    @Thirdwigg Thank you! I also hope I'll be satisfied with it one day but as I know myself, I probably won't Most of us (I believe) know the feeling when you're quite happy with a MOC that you've just finished and the next day you already aren't... Or implementing new parts that weren't available back then but you suppose using those would've massively improved something that you didn't like that much before. And then it goes again About the wires, I might have not specified it well. I'm also fine with those behind the cabin but wires going from the cabin to the DBG box at the right of the cabin and then back to C+ HUB look awful to me. However that could be only my personal feeling. And now the railings. Variety of yellow bars seems to be pretty limited (3L doesn't even exist). Maybe rigid hoses and these connectors are the right way to go? I'm indeed happy with how filling the bunker's gaps turned out, though there still remain some blind spots (the real machine also doesn't work flawlessly so this makes up for unintended authenticity...) Yup, a lot of testing was done because when I solved a few issues of beets getting stuck, this caused new problems here and there. For example if a beet got stuck at one place, the others had to be unloaded around it and no more beets were stopped at the same place. However, when I improved the smoothness of this part, the beets went on another trajectory and got stuck elsewhere and much worse. The real pain was when the unloading belts broke and 5.500 beets fell everywhere inwardly the machine - then it was necessary to disassemble almost everything to find all beets again (no, I didn't count them afterwards ) I consider the bionicle teeth as a clever idea either. First of all I wanted to use classic 1L spacer but that didn't go as planned. Beets could stuck between it and the tracks' gap easily. Then I tried to use some slopes in front of it as a cover but that was too complicated and flimsy, it even got stuck directly with the tracks and beets were no more needed because of slopes' sharp edges The next logical step was to look for a part that combines slope, 1L spacer and doesn't have any sharp edges in direction of conveyor's travel direction and there it is! Similar process went with other parts as well. In fact, the leftover pieces could've easily fill the bunker completely...
  3. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s beet harvester

    @Arie, that looks great! It's indeed a good idea when you're building a classic harvester, however beet harvesters work a bit differently. Anyway, here's the promised update: I've made many visual improvements, changed a few parts' colours to match the real machine's colourscheme. The interior with the driver's seat is also done. Now let's take a look at some technical improvements. The most "radical" one is of course the unloading system. The longitudal unloading belts (bunker's floor) were changed from small links to 12 rows of chains to prevent beets getting stuck in the gaps between links The unloading conveyor's been added, the belt is not divided into 2 sections (as it is on the real machine) to ensure that the beets won't get stuck between those anymore As the belts are now connected together, one C+ L motor was left unused so I implemented another function - partially foldable unloading conveyor via 2 small LA (I believe it uses a similar system as @BondemandClausen's Tiger V8-4), although the LAs would've had enough travel to fold it completely, that'd collide with other components whose folding I've ommited In order to unload as many "beets" as possible, many sections of the bunker were smoothened The other changes made include: Partially rebuilt the front part, the front wheels are supported by two small ones with a tyre - compensation of the hollow space used for transporting beets between the front wheels towards the cleaning sections The front axle steering now uses a small LA, which provides more power (the small angular motor remains) than the previous solution. Reworked the rear pendular axles' "suspension" because the previous version was an absolute catastrophe Some cleaning sections' small updates Here's a view inside the rear part (if anyone's interested) And a few words about the visuals... I'm aware that the rear cover is angled much less and sits a bit higher but that's caused by the internal structure. And of course an obligatory view from below: There remain two things that I (visually) dont like: Too thick railing - I have no idea how to make it better (only using rigid hoses which looks a bit off as there are thin parts of hosing and thick parts of connectors Wires behind the cabin - especially visible from the right Anyway, thanks for reading & any feedback is highly appreciated!
  4. I've just seen a similar photo in Instagram. It's definitely the normal yellow (hooray) and has s bunch of new panels.
  5. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s beet harvester

    @Arie, the picking mechanism itself isn't a problem, I've already made a perfectly-working one. However, the issues happen after it. The beets are supposed to be moved by worm screws to be cleaned, which is absolutely impossible to do, as the brick beets are round . My current solution uses small links but that's not very reliable. I'm happy you like it anyway! P.S. The trailer's going to be the Rolland Rollspeed 7136
  6. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s beet harvester

    @BondemandClausen, thank you! I'm honored that you, the author of the model that inspired me to build it the most, like it! I indeed researched your model a lot because there aren't that many brick built beet harvesters. It's truly a masterpiece, undoubtedly worth the Hall of fame and even more mindblowing when you realize that it was created like 10 years ago... I'd definitely build some things in a different way but only using parts that didn't exist back then. I decided to build it using a lot of system parts because I felt it'd be possible to include more details, smoother surfaces and hole-free bunker which was necessary to make it really working. The drive is provided by 2 C+ XL motors for each of rear axles and 1 C+ L motor for the front. However, as it's in 1:17 scale (I believe that yours is 1:15?), there's even less space for everything, so it wouldn't be possible to make it move without those planetary wheel hubs. And now it drives fine, even fully loaded with about 5.500 1x1 bricks as beets and weight of about 10 kgs... The problem was to find place for 4 C+ smart hubs, yes, they offer proportional control of all motors and many other things but also downsides like one motor per port (in the end, there are 3 motors for drive and 4 motors for steering, which makes only 9 other ports free - of which 2 are used for lights, connected through a reduction C+toPF with more pairs of lights). I hope some day we'll see these two machines (and of course the Maus) together!
  7. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s beet harvester

    Thank you, I'm really glad you like it! My intention is indeed to make the best-I-can replica of the real machine. This long-term project has also its advantages, as TLG already released some parts in the exact colour needed, that weren't available when I started it (for example 36841 in DBG or 4285b in yellow). I usually try to use parts that haven't already been discontinued, finding all those long yellow rigid hoses for a reasonable price was tough though And here comes the functionality aspect. The plan was to make the machine actually pick up 1x1 round bricks as beets, which still is my priority. However, this causes also some troubles that weren't expected at the very beginning. Some of them were already solved, some haven't been yet and some are still to come. I hope I'll manage to improve a few things before the next week's update, I've also started working on the 'harvesting header', which will be unfortunately undetachable. I've clearly stated the deadline for this project, which won't last longer than the end of 2023. I hope the missing parts will be released at time... Anyway, this harvester won't be alone, I've made a significant progress with a trailer (in dark turquoise) and a Mindstorms-powered autonomous (or at least containing some sensors) tractor is also on its way. I'll probably have to start with programming In this case, @Milan, should I start another topic for the tractor and the trailer?
  8. MP LEGO Technic creations

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s beet harvester

    In case there's someone who'd like to know some further progress on this one. As quite a long time passed from the last update, a lot of things were added/changed since then (I need to sum up the changes in my mind a bit ) Meanwhile I've taken a shot for comparison with a real beet, hopefully a photo with the real machine will be taken one day... A proper update will come in the next week, sorry everyone and thanx for patience!
  9. Is that the JCB 220X LC excavator?
  10. MP LEGO Technic creations

    42144 Cherry Picker

    @Void_S I tried it in reality and not much more force than for the previous assembly was needed. However, I agree with you that for some builders this could've been an issue.
  11. MP LEGO Technic creations

    42144 Cherry Picker

    It's great to see that it was assembled on purpose and I fully respect your solution Anyway, I'd still go this way, which works exactly the same but to me seems aesthetically better (might be just a matter of taste).
  12. MP LEGO Technic creations

    42144 Cherry Picker

    @M_longer That looks great! However, as I watched the video, I noticed a quite unusual use of parts right above the turntable, specifically: and For me this placement doesn't make much sense, because I'd definitely replace them with each other, so the 3L frictionless pin would go the all way through the 15100 pin, the frame and the turntable and I believe that would make the connection more stable. Anyway, superb use of provided parts and some very good ideas! EDIT: Described part is well visible at 1:10 (time)
  13. Why don't you use this inserted into that 2780 pin? Maybe I've overlooked something but if not, this connection should be fine.
  14. MP LEGO Technic creations

    42128 Single-cabin mobile crane (my first alternate model)

    Indeed. I wanted the outriggers to extend by 90 degrees (like in the A model) but that didn't bring much stability (like in the A model) because the outriggers started to retract under the model's weight once the chassis was tilted a little. So I abandoned this idea and started thinking about a different mechanism where the LAs wouldn't be loaded with the model's weight when extended. This ended up with something completely different where no linear actuator was used at all and worm gears instead. I'm glad you like it!