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  3. falconluan

    [TC18] VW Rally Car

    wow, the throttle and brake pedals are very well made at the small scale like this.
  4. falconluan

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    Weird.... But thanks anyway, I'll try to post via other browser/devices. @Gray Gear Finally I got the video works by using my pad.
  5. falconluan

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    Oh, got it! Thanks mate! Er, @Gray Gear, seems it doesn't work either, am I doing something wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_CBw0G7S1E https://youtu.be/5_CBw0G7S1E
  6. falconluan

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    Updated the instruction link at the first post now. You are welcomed to try it out if you are interested I have a question though: Can some one tell me how to post a video link now? Thanks My last time posting a video here was a few years ago, it seems the method mentioned in the FAQ link doesn't work now. It is like: [media]https://youtu.be/5_CBw0G7S1E[/media] Now it won't work....
  7. Looks great! Although I'm not a fan of non-lego/lego mixing building, I have to admit that the white pins really help make the holes much less visible.
  8. falconluan

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    I'm not a fan of that step too
  9. falconluan

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    Had a feeling that the mid and rear part of the car are too bulky. For small scale model like this, a lot of dimension numbers have point parts. I decided to lower the roof by 1 stud and the result looks better to me. The price is the doors are hard to open since they are blocked a little bit by the rear fenders, I chose to live with it.
  10. falconluan

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    @msk6003 Thanks for your advice There is no orange 56904 out there yet, so only the rear wheel can be made orange... There is not enough room in the front wheel well for 56145 wheels... As to the dark azure wheel cover, I actually have them for the car. There is a pic with them put on in the previous page. However, due to the using of a 3L with stop in the front axle, the width will exceed 15L with the wheel covers, so I didn't include them in the entry topic. @Gray Gear Oh, got it. The RX7 in your profile pic looks very cool! And I saw the black NSX moc of yours before. It looks cool too and with more than 4000 parts, it's a monster
  11. falconluan

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    lol, I guess the 1:8 scale you are talking about is the car in your avatar.
  12. falconluan

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    @Gray GearThe connection is rather sloppy... They are connected to body via a black 60483. They are not interconnect with each other either Below picture may show the connection better. The position of headlight in below pic is higher and after than those in the pics above. I like the lower and forward position better.
  13. falconluan

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    Glad you like it and thanks for the kind words A few more pictures More pictures at here.
  14. 28. Porsche 944 Gulf Functions: 1. Front push rod suspension 2. Back live axle 3. Pop up headlight 4. Openable doors, hood and trunk Dimensions: L x H x W: 37 x 11.5 x 15 Pictures: More pictures Discussion topic: Video: Instruction and part list is up at Rebrickable