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  1. falconluan

    [MOC] Dacoma 4x4 Redux

    Welcome back! There is a huge difference between you are in your dark age and you are here in the technic world!
  2. Wow, welcome back! Another great MOC from you. PS, your 300 SL is the only model I keep in display today.
  3. falconluan

    [MOC] Compact chassis for 62.4mm wheels

    Nope, it was because of the rear end and tailgate. The project lasted too long and I just ran out patience, ideas and interest in it....
  4. falconluan

    [MOC] Compact chassis for 62.4mm wheels

    Actually, it was in my mind before: jeep renegade I stopped building it a while ago.
  5. falconluan

    [MOC] Compact chassis for 62.4mm wheels

    The 3*3 frame can swing around motor output axle. I think it acts like the universal joint. Yes, each motor powers one side of car. The 5.5L with stop axles are used to prevent wheels to pop out. The travel of suspension is a little more than 1L.
  6. Back to mid in the last year, I started a MOC project. The goal is to MOC a Jeep Renegade. Link is: My jeep renegade The project lasted for an unexpected long time. I just lost my creation and interest after finishing the chassis and most of the body work. After a long break, I decided to give up the MOC. I think it is mainly because my love of Renegade is rather limited. I chose that car as a MOC target simply because I think its square shape is easy to build. So I grew more and more bored with it and finally made up my mind to stop the project. During disassembling it, I came to an idea to make a standalone car chassis MOC. Since like its real world counterpart, the difference between chassis of a same class is not as much as body works. Especially the car makers today are prone to have a generic platform for all their products to save cost. It makes sense in lego world too. It will benefit a lot if I have a generic chassis which works easily with different body works. With that, what I was trying to build a chassis which has: Adjustable riding height Manual/PF powered configuration Adjustable wheel base 3 drive configurations: FWD/RWD/AWD Besides, it has: Compact size which is "only" 18 studs wide 62.4 mm wheels McPherson front suspension Multi link rear suspension Working steering wheel rigid framework As a result, it fits best as chassis for compact SUVs or sedans. Instruction: RB link. Pics: A closer look at front and rear suspension: Riding height has an adjustable range of 1 stud, as you can see, the white one is lower. Thanks for watching.
  7. falconluan

    [WIP][MOC] Jeep Renegade

    Hi, @Jeroen Ottens, Thanks for your advice as always I think so. OK, now, I need to BL some more 3x3 dishes #3 connector is used to keep the structure strong. But yes, you are right, they do look a bit too much inwards. I'll try to use some beams to form a triangle structure with less inwards instead. Of course, some room for seats will be sacrificed though. Thank you!
  8. falconluan

    [WIP] Dodge Monaco

    I like the front look of it very much. Keep up the excellent work!
  9. falconluan

    [WIP][MOC] Jeep Renegade

    Some more updates: The rear end still needs to be improved, it's too bulky right now. I enlarged the head lights. Don't have the 3x3 dish in black yet, do you think it will look better with black dishes? Another round of checking the fidelity: Hope you like them.
  10. falconluan

    [WIP][MOC] Jeep Renegade

    Hi, all, long time no update. Lost the idea and passion when building the rear end of the car for a while. These are some pic taken about one month ago. There are many updates recently and I'll put more pics soon. Still, tail gate, roof, seats, dashboard are things left to be done. Also, front bumper, rear bumper, rear wheel arc need some more iterations...
  11. falconluan

    [WIP][MOC] Jeep Renegade

    Hi, yes, I have and will show them here soon. The progress is very slow recently, since I had little time to build it. Anyway, please stay tuned. Also, looking forward to see your version.
  12. falconluan

    [WIP][MOC] Jeep Renegade

    Thanks everyone for your comments. The McPherson strut and the whole front suspension each took about 5 times to end like what it looks like in the photos. The rear end where connects to the body still needs some reinforcement now. Thanks and advice taken!
  13. falconluan

    [WIP][MOC] Jeep Renegade

    Thanks, and blame that on Jeep!
  14. falconluan

    [WIP][MOC] Jeep Renegade

    Hi, Jeroen, Thanks for all the good questions! The axle above has some contact with the lowest 3 rounds of spring. It has little impact to the compression of the spring I think. For the upper rotation point of front suspension, yes, they should have aligned to the lower ball joint. It works thanks to the play of the part. The upper part of the suspension has some back and forth move during turning, I'll try to find a better pivot point if possible.
  15. Hi, this is my current WIP project, a jeep renegade. The goal is to make a mid size MOC which will use 62.4mm tires. The setup will be: Driven by 2L motors; Steering by servo motors; AWD; McPherson front suspension and multi-link rear suspension; I have been working on it for 2 months and here is the progress so far: Front axle: The whole car is supposed to be 19 studs wide and the lower arm ball joint distance needs to be 13 studs wide. The narrow width constraint makes it hard to put a normal differential in. So I chose to drive each side of wheels with one motor. I don't want hard coupe the two motors so a pair of 12:20 gears are used between motor and wheel. I have a little concern of the increased gear ratio as the weight of the whole car keeps increasing everyday... A compact built McPherson front suspension is used, the custom hub is small enough to be put most of it into the wheel. Combining with the king pin inclination, the suspension setup has a small scrub radius and can be fit in a compact wheel arc like real cars. There is no caster angle, no Ackermann steering. Also I failed to put the steering link behind the wheel hub since there is the 20 teeth driving gear. What's more, there is no room to put a typical inline 4 cylinder engine. I think I may use some fake cover in front of the servo motor to represent to engine bay in the end. Rear axle: The rear wheel hub has a very similar setup with the front. Uni-body: Like my previous MINI countryman MOC, the car has a uni-body setup like the real one. This time, thanks to the smaller size, the body is more stronger that the MINI's. It will have structural A pillar and C pillar. They are probably the most difficult things for me to build in the whole car. Front end: In fact, the motivation of the MOC is the idea of the face building. I tried to build a 75th anniversary edition here. All the things that I have so far: The size of tail light is little too big and it won't light up as the head light. Last but not least: As part of the iteration building process, another version is being built at the same time: The color scheme will be like this, of course, I need some more orange pieces... More pics are at: http://bricksafe.com/pages/falconluan/jeep-renegade Hope you like it and looking forward to your feedback. Thanks for watching