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  1. Some updates: PDF instruction is finished and the rebrickable link is up now. Will make a video soon. @The01, @Scoar Sonander Thank you for your kind words, glad you like it :) @Hrafn The steering and rear suspension are both quite simple, you can get a general idea based on the chassis and bottom render pics. Please let me know if they are not clear enough
  2. Hi everyone, This is my latest MOC which is a replica of a cute electric car: Features: Remote control of driving and steering: PF 2L for drive, PF Servo for steering Front wheel drive with differential Working steering wheel Torsion beam rear suspension Openable doors, bonnet, trunk and charging dock door A few more pics: RB link is ready at: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-94971/falconluan/small-electric-car/#details More pics at: https://bricksafe.com/pages/falconluan/ora-black-cat RB link, video, instructions are on the way, please stay tuned. Hope you like it Happy building!
  3. My choice is 42124 + 42129, Pros: The new 81mm tractor tires and the white wheel 4 hubs Not very costly Cons: lack of XL motor, but it seems to have little difference with L motor, also I can buy a couple of them separately Also, I think the new differential is worth to be listed in the table since its price is still high now.
  4. Built a modified version thanks to @Sariel's great speed building video Since I haven't update my part collection with the newly released 2020 sets yet, you can see the compromises now and there and of course, I don't have any 2021 parts While the new 56mm tractor tire is very welcomed, I don't think it matches the car better than the old balloon tires though. The smaller version of the off road tire on 42124 will suite the car best. Changed the color of C pillar and didn't bother build the roof stuff, also, modified the front fender. Tried to move the headlight back and build a 3D grill. Sadly that I can't keep the iron 7-hole grill here.
  5. Oh, that's because there is no 13L length fender in the current version of Studio app, so I used the bigger 15L in the instruction. You can see the 13L fenders used in the real build photos and in the video.
  6. The instruction is finally finished and you can find it at: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-50190/falconluan/tsco-racing-aussie-trophy-truck/#comments
  7. Sorry to keep you waiting... Didn't get much time on this in the past weeks. Am working on the instructions and it's at about 50% progress now. Also, did some outdoor driving testing and found that its torque is too weak for even small obstacles, will have to tune down the gear ratio ...
  8. Er, seems like the frame is more welcomed than the shell. I'm thinking of making another shell, maybe some one based on the newly released Ford Bronco, it will be a little more attractive than the current version
  9. Haha, the shell is there just to finish the look. Like the real one, the shell adds little rigidity, it is attached to the frame by 4 connection points on the roof only and can easily be removed/installed. The frame itself has enough rigidity to be played alone without the shell. Thanks. I'll make a video soon however don't expect too much on the 2 L motors
  10. Finally, the shell is finished! Again, some comparing shot with the real one: Since the original pure white shell is some dull, I also made a slightly more colorful one. Which one do you like? I'll make the instructions and put it onto RB. Thanks for watching. Any comment and feedback is welcomed!
  11. Your calculations are correct. Although I didn't aim for specific scale numbers, I simply use the tire as the scaler and accept whatever scales it ends up to make sure the overall proportions are correct.
  12. Without the shell, they can support the weight barely enough. But with the shell putting on in the future, I may have to switch to the hard yellow ones. I'm trying to make the suspension as soft as possible to let the car bounce as the real ones. The 68.7mm off road tires and the new bat tires on this car share the same wheel and wheel hub.
  13. Glad you like it I'll make instructions and put it on RB once its shell is finished.
  14. Hi everyone, Here is my newest MOC: A trophy truck. This moc is based on a trophy truck designed by TSCO, here is its introduction page: https://www.race-dezert.com/home/tsco-racing-aussie-trophy-truck-157676.html The specs: 2xL motor for drive 1 servo motor for steering Realistic and robust frame Double wishbone front suspension 3 link rear suspension Video: Instructions: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-50190/falconluan/tsco-racing-aussie-trophy-truck/#comments I'm trying to make the look of the car as authentic as I can, especially for the frame part. Here are some comparison pics: Am working on the shell now, please stay tuned. Any feedback is welcomed! Thanks for watching!