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  1. I have a soft spot for pick-ups from that era. That one looks great and exactly my cup of tea - system exterior with some Technic mechanics inside. I can see your spent a lot of time on the exterior details and they are great, but one important feature missing is the split line between the cab and the bed. In your build the cab is seamlessly attached to the bed and given the level of details on the rest of the bodywork I don't quite get why your went in that direction. Classic pick-ups are typically body-on-frame design and require that cab and bed are separate to lower the load on the bodywork under chassis deformation. Any thoughts?
  2. This is great. I love the replicated frame, and the valves are just wow. I agree the valves are so iconic to the HD look and sound. Now I kind think every motorcycle build needs them. Great job!
  3. Thank you for all the positive feedback! Yes, that will be great indeed. I remember a dedicated discussion about it here some time ago. Another perfect use case for such a part. Well, the 98% of it was completed in three years. And I am a slow builder. I've started this project right after my daughter was born, so I will build occasionally on the weekends. After 3 years, t was sitting on the shelf for another two years, while I did some minor tweaks. The grille area took a lot of tuning. I will order some chrome parts, take some photos, then decide that I need to change it, order some more parts, retake the photos, and so on. And then replicating the photos from the article took two or three tries. Here are some WIP pictures, if anyone interested. As you can see I have started with 2x2 headlights. But they made the whole front look very cartoonish.
  4. Very cool alternative build. Looks complete and clean. I agree with Jeroen Ottens, the grille is really well done. And the rear is also nice and tidy. My only criticism will be the shape of the bonnet closer to the windshield. In your model it seems to go down, so the windshield sits lower than the highest point of the bonnet. In the pictures of the real car t doesn't seem to be the case. Any comments on that, I am just curious?
  5. Thank you very much everyone! You are correct . Since everything is so tightly packed in that area, I didn't have much options. Steering is on the left side and 6M link goes to the right side. I wasn't able to flip the 8t around the worm gear either. I thought about reversing it with a pair of 8t, but would introduced some backlash and made the whole module a bit cumbersome. I know it's a fundamental flaw, but I just love how clean it is . Tough call between simplicity and authenticity. I will understand if someone went for something more complex but working correctly. Good catch, thank you. I am aware how and why they should be aligned and usually pay attention, but here it seems I've missed it. Thanks!
  6. Hello fellow Eurobrickers, I am excited to share with you my passion project which is finally finished after something like five years in the making Unimog U406 The truck is done in a small scale with not-quite-56mm wheels in Model Team style, but with full Technic frame and mechanics underneath. It features solid axle suspension front and back, steering via steering wheel in a cabin, 4 wheel drive with fake inline-4 engine, front and rear PTO's selectable from the cabin, tipping bed and an adjustable two-point hitch. Here is the illustration, but as usual the best is to watch a video which explains everything in details. The build is inspired by the article at the Mercedes-Benz own If you like Mogs I encourage you to give it a read, the story and photos are beautiful. Anyway, I felt in love with the vehicle and decided to re-create it in Lego in a small scale. I was so passionate about the article and my version of the truck, I went an extra mile and re-created the photos from the article with my truck. Additional comparison and standalone photos can be found in my Bricksafe. The project was long in the making and I have a lot to tell about it. I enjoy a good write up here at this forum, so if you are interested the story is below together with some additional photos. I will finish off with a photo of the truck next to it "source". Here you can see, that the Mog is quite small. I am happy with the amount of details and functions I was able to squeeze in. Please let me know what do you think. I am fully open to criticism despite my passion for this thing. Do you think comparison photos make it look better or worse? One thing I notice is that it sits a bit lower compared to the real truck.
  7. This is brilliant! I always appreciate a small and clever build, and that one is a fine example of such! Very nice!
  8. Oh boy, that brings memories! That was my first Technic set. I remember that feeling of frustration by a different building system but at the same time realizing all the possibilities... I like your version! Very close to the original, but with some really original ideas. The only tiny bit of neat picking is that you've ditched the gears in the turboshaft engine. To me they always represented the bladed turbine disks, which was a nice touch. But maybe it's me only
  9. Nice work. I am not sure how I feel about the looks. On one hand it's very clean, and I kinda like it. But on other hand, it maybe too simple and lacks some details to be called a replica of a real thing. But don't get me wrong, it's a nice MOC. Four points of articulation in the boom is a cherry on top. It just makes it stand out a bit from a typical Lego excavator which we saw plenty. The closest real thing I could find is that one:
  10. Wow, wow, wow! Being a Canadian aerospace engineer I just cannot stop smiling at this thing. It is absolutely beautiful! I agree the nose shape of all Global's is very distinctive, and the model doesn't capture that completely, but I doubt it can be improved. Angled cones are very hard to work with in Lego. But the rest of the shapes are spot on for me! Especially the nacelles and the vertical stabilizer. The aft view is just gorgeous. It's unmistakably the Global! I am swapping my desktop image form Falcon 6x to that! And special kudos for the turbofan, that is a cherry on top. I work on turbofans for business jets, so seeing this in a Lego model just made my day! I need to show this to a colleague of mine, who worked on certifying that plane too. Can't wait to see in real bricks!
  11. Congratulations! In addition to what others have said, the thing I like about your videos is that you put an effort, interest and inspiration in making them and it shines. Many other channels sometime seem to produce reviews just to upload a new video, get views, comments, etc. In your content, your genuine interest shows up and that's what I like the most. You take time to dig into the issues which interest you and educate us. You do your research. That's awesome! A good channel is about content, not about subs. I really hope passing 100k won't change that. Keep it up! Super happy for you!
  12. Very nice work! The integration of system and technic is seamless, the gaps are all in the right places, and overall the look is clean and tidy. My favorite detail is the trim around the main grille - clever! P.S. Good job on the photos. Especially for the first post. To me that and video were the hardest parts at the beginning. And they still are...
  13. Very looking truck! I like the overall stance, very off-road-y without being aggressive. Did I missed the video?
  14. Thanks a lot. I can't quite figure, it is not a pythagorean triangle, is it? I know it doesn't matter much, just curious.
  15. An absolutely wonderful MOC! it's one of these cases where being a B-model benefices the MOC and elevates it to a new level. Special thanks for the write-up. This is what I dig on that forum. It's entertaining and educational, and kind of give you a sense that you are not alone in your struggles. To me the process is equally important to the end result, so it is nice to see that presented properly too. The model itself is really good. It seems to be a capable off-roader, the solutions for the axles are very clever and the frame looks clean. And most importantly it's a MOG!!! ;) P.S. Can you share a picture of the underside of the front axle? I am interested in how these angled towball socket liftarms are mounted. Thanks!