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  1. I am in love with this thing. The body work is an eye candy! I like that you went with a very simplistic stickers for the front lights, instead of trying to make it photo realistic. I think that suits a Lego model much better. But to be honest the moment I saw your name next to the Bronco title, I've jumped to the chassis. And I wasn't disappointed, to say at least! Such a clean design. Really appreciate your decision to go with a simpler and sturdier solution. The side render is just wow. No negative castor at the front, super compact steering through the linkage, angled lower "wishbones" from your previous MOCs. And then a super simple rear setup. It's a beauty. Congrats on a great model and special thanks for the write-up, I really enjoy reading about the design process.
  2. I agree, there is no better way to celebrate the 100th MOC for you than a Unimog. BTW, I cannot wrap my head around that number. Mine is 5 overall and zero on Rebrickable in 8 years. I am especially fascinated by this build, since I did the old U406 with the same-ish wheels. Comparing it to your build is a study in compromising. Looks aside and comparing chasis and functions, its two completely different approaches to roughly the same subject. I've focused on appearance of the functions so to say and have tried to squeeze all of it in. As a result most of them barely work. There is a ton of backlash, no sufficient torque from the wheels to drive the PTOs and the fake engine, and steering is reversed. You instead prioritized the robustness of the functions and sacrificed 4WD and front suspension. Fascinating! Cannot to see this fully completed!
  3. I think the big topic fitting this category is pneumatic trains. But, I guess, these are just pneumatic engines on wheels. Still a lot of cool MOCs there from simple to not-so-simple. I think a big factor limiting the pneumatic automation is a high mechanical resistance of LEGO pneumatic switches.
  4. Oh wow! The original bronco in this scale was on my to-do list for a while now. But you've beat me to it. And did it fantastically. I absolutely in love with the body work in your signature style with all the exposed studs. The body work is very compact too with lots of internal space and details. And this is on top of fully functional RC chassis. Brilliant! I really like how you consistent your MOCs are, you stick with the same formula and just keep nailing it. Thumbs up!
  5. This is truly amazing. The list of functions doesn’t look compatible with the size of the build, can’t quite wrap my head around it. Especially given your high standards for functions’ reliability. Congratulations! Many have said it before, and I will repeat. This is the Lego Technic at its best!
  6. That is a great model! All the technic bits are completely invisible on the tractor and the bodywork is gorgeous. The front lights seem especially impressive. Is it done with the window element? Very cool! The hubcaps and tires look amazing even to my very purist eyes. For whatever reason I don't mind the motor being so visible on the trailer and the clipped wire from it looks right in place there. Any chance for an underbelly shot of the tractor and trailer? Instagram is blocked for me at work
  7. Thanks for the explanation and pictures. You are 100% correct about the free play, bevel gears and no worm gear definitely helps at the cost of being a bit less realistic. But they are hidden anyway. Once again congrats on a great build!
  8. Vintage tractors are very dear to my heart and I must say you did a very nice job! Everything is very compact and the build feels very practical, while still you barely can spot the functions from the outside. I like it a lot more than the similar build of mine. The biggest challenge with drawbar steering is the freeplay and the bump steer as a result. How you've dealt with it? What work gear are you using for steering if any?
  9. This is incredible! I am not a supercar guy, but the MOC fascinates me anyway. The 8NR gearbox in this scale is a feat of engineering, for sure. But the most astonishing aspect is the body work. Your skills with angled connectors is out of this world. The area from the headlights to the front fenders is gorgeous. I would say the rear fenders a bit thick and lack some curvature in the lateral direction, but knowing what is underneath and given the 1:10 scale it is still very nicely done. Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  10. I completely agree with that. I've called them on the issue before and I will do it again as a follow up. They should know that the current service makes a large portion of their most dedicated customers unhappy. And the funniest part is that they a re unhappy because TLG refuses to sell them their products which they really really want.
  11. This is just mind-bending.... I watched the video three times, and still cannot believe it's real and it works. Amazing!
  12. Hi all, Sorry to interrupt the discussion on Power Up issues. I am probably a bit late to the party, but I've just reached out the Lego Customer Service regarding the availability of new parts at Bick-a-Brick. They replied that the service is still in a testing phase and they are gathering the feedback from the users to guide the potential changes. So if getting new parts through Pick-a-Brick is important to you please write an e-mail to them and express your concerns.
  13. I really like the front drivetrain, very efficient. It's a strange vehicle, for sure. It looks like the bed raises a bit too, is that right? I cannot figure out how it's done. Or is it just pivots?
  14. That's the end of an era, for sure. Everyone said it and I will say it too. Jim's photography is outstanding and always was and will be a gold standard for Lego photos. That's what I strive to achieve when taking photos of my MOCs (and I am far far far away) and that is how I judge everyone's else photos, including TLG's. Somehow your photos look like renders but so much better. Anyway, I really like your attitude towards that change. I am sure it still s.cks to hear something like that, but it seems you are on the right track to deal with it. Sometimes you just need to turn the page to see something great next. Cheers and my sincere respect to you @Jim and @Milan. Eurobricks is a very special place in no small way thanks to you two.
  15. That seems like a interesting build, given the scale and the fact it is motorized. Could you please share more pictures? I am very curious how it is all packed together and how the steering is done. A chassis / underside shot would be nice.