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  1. Glad to see this going. I am a big admirer of your work, especially the MOGs. I would say left. Feels more in line with the rest of the truck.
  2. proran

    [MOC] BMW X3

    Really nice build. Contrary to the common sense and others’ opinion I really dig the rear part. Everything there just feels right, like it is painted in big stokes. Good job.
  3. proran

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Okay. Guys please don’t take it personally. Let me elaborate on what I was trying to say. I myself don’t comment here often. For me to comment two conditions should be met: 1. I like the MOC and it resonates with me (compact with manual functions - oh yes, giant Mindstroms controlled - not so much) 2. I have something to add to the discussion. It can be criticism or, in most cases, I like to highlight for others the part I find interesting. So sometimes I don’t post under awesome MOCs. And I assume others do the same thing. Would I be disappointed if my MOC will get zero comments - probably yes. Will I like it less, or will it discourage me from building or posting here - hell no. I am not here for likes. I can get it somewhere else. You put it out here and you either get some useful feedback or not. And the race car example is brilliant. Why get upset about the EB if you got driver’s attention and was published in a magazine?
  4. proran

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Okay, let me add my two cents to the “criticism/no criticism” discussion. As creators we have a number of tools at our disposal to share our work. Eurobricks is one, but there are others such as Facebook, Flickr, etc. When sharing a MOC it is up to you to select a tool you want. I post on EB because I can get criticism here. Nowhere else you can get real feedback from such an array of brilliant builders. If you are afraid your MOC is not good enough and won’t get much attention here - don’t post. Post somewhere else. If you don’t like the criticism - post somewhere else. I think no one will argue that a good MOC always gets a proper attention here. Yes, MLonger can be harsh, but, hey, you got the Master’s attention. You should be proud! Eurobricks is a unique place. Honestly I would not change a thing. Jim an Milan are doing a great job of guiding the newbies and most of the masters are still here and active.
  5. proran

    [WIP] Telescoping boom excavator

    Okay you are right about the axial rotation. And you won’t have much load there anyway. I was mainly thinking about boom elevation. If I am reading the renders right all the weight of the boom will transferred to the gearbox, keeping under the stress all the time. And what will happen if you disengage it? Won’t the boom fall? Please disregard, if I am reading it wrong. I am sure you’ve thought that through.
  6. proran

    [WIP] Telescoping boom excavator

    Very cool project! For whatever reason, that is the most popular excavator for road work where I live, albeit on a tracks instead of truck chassis. All that looks somehow familiar (My Mecalac), but even more complex. My only advise is to start testing in real bricks and with real motors as soon as possible. You cannot guess what amount of torque and what level of bracing you will need. And that can change a lot in the build. Couple of times I had to scrap the entire superstructure because I haven’t tested it in real life. I agree with @Jeroen Ottens on using the worm gears to drive turntables. Bevel gears in that configuration are very hard to brace properly. Worms don’t skip and easier to control, since the reduction is much higher.
  7. proran

    [MOC] Pneumatic Excavator

    Such a nice build! Packing three switches with all the tubing in small space is tough. My only tiny suggestion is that the first section of the arm looks too thin. I would add some meat in the middle. But it’s only for looks, mechanically it looks perfect.
  8. proran

    Land Rover Series II 88 1958

    This is just jaw-dropping awesome! It is not often you see such level of details in the cabin, down to the pedal levers!! All these less-than-a-plate lines in the bodywork just make me smile. Incredible SNOT'ness. I cannot force myself to build an off-order without working suspension and driveline (with all sort of compromises on the looks), but on that one it feels right, staying true to the Creator Expert line. Really nice work. I rarely build other's MOCs, but here I would put +1 to the idea of putting it on the Rebrickable. I don't think we will see the proper Defender from TLG anytime soon.
  9. proran

    [MOC] TOYOTA Land Cruiser 76

    This is a very clever build. Congrats! The picture with the side view of the naked frame and axles is gorgeous.Positive castor in the front, clever axles, and all these triangles in the frame - just wow! I am curious how the building process felt like? Was it painful or fun? It's just for me sometimes a complex looking model can come together quite easily when everything just clicks. But sometimes the simplest thing takes dozens of iterations.
  10. proran

    [MOC] Vintage tractor

    Thanks, that’s brilliant!
  11. proran

    [MOC] Vintage tractor

    I absolutely love it. Such a clever build. I really appreciate the models with a realistic motorization and that one is a very nice example. Would you mind showing the internal workings? How return to neutral is implemented for the steering levers?
  12. Hi, I've bought buwizz directly from their website and it arrived to Canada no problem, so don't worry. For Tatras, and I would assume in truck trial specs, I would go with XLs, for sure. The only thing to keep in mind is that TLG replaces the power functions with Control +, so I would think twice about investing into the dying system. I think, two XLs are not a big deal, though. Just keep in mind they won't be selling them for a long time.
  13. proran

    [MOC] Iveco Skip Loader

    When I first saw a picture of it on TLCB, my first thought was “that must be Thirdwigg’s”. Another excellent creation in your signature, instantly recognizable style I can appreciate the decision to skip the differential in favour of robustness and playability. Things like that are why I like your creations. This is where I learn from you. Way too often I will go for a differential supported on half beams (with disastrous results at the end). Thanks and congrats on another excellent model.
  14. proran

    [WIP] Mini Mining Excavator

    Hi! What an interesting project! A lot of motorization in a small scale. I was thinking about building a mining excavator at a small scale for a while now, so I will follow this closely. It is a joy. Yes, I am afraid you have to switch to gears at the first articulation axis. Similar to the central driveline. In my Mecalac I have to do gears at a couple of places in the arm because of the u-joints' limitations. It is a pain, for sure. Here, I would strongly suggest putting the bevel gears in the brackets (these or these). Many people will tell you that no matter what you do the gears will slip under torque. Especially if they are in the driveline used for traction. Keep up the good work. BTW, The bucket is absolutely beautiful.
  15. proran

    Classic Porsche 911

    So beautiful! As I said before, I really enjoy that classic feel it has. The view from the back is so pretty. I love every single piece there.Thanks for the update.