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  1. proran

    [MOC] TOYOTA Land Cruiser 76

    This is a very clever build. Congrats! The picture with the side view of the naked frame and axles is gorgeous.Positive castor in the front, clever axles, and all these triangles in the frame - just wow! I am curious how the building process felt like? Was it painful or fun? It's just for me sometimes a complex looking model can come together quite easily when everything just clicks. But sometimes the simplest thing takes dozens of iterations.
  2. proran

    [MOC] Vintage tractor

    Thanks, that’s brilliant!
  3. proran

    [MOC] Vintage tractor

    I absolutely love it. Such a clever build. I really appreciate the models with a realistic motorization and that one is a very nice example. Would you mind showing the internal workings? How return to neutral is implemented for the steering levers?
  4. Hi, I've bought buwizz directly from their website and it arrived to Canada no problem, so don't worry. For Tatras, and I would assume in truck trial specs, I would go with XLs, for sure. The only thing to keep in mind is that TLG replaces the power functions with Control +, so I would think twice about investing into the dying system. I think, two XLs are not a big deal, though. Just keep in mind they won't be selling them for a long time.
  5. proran

    [MOC] Iveco Skip Loader

    When I first saw a picture of it on TLCB, my first thought was “that must be Thirdwigg’s”. Another excellent creation in your signature, instantly recognizable style I can appreciate the decision to skip the differential in favour of robustness and playability. Things like that are why I like your creations. This is where I learn from you. Way too often I will go for a differential supported on half beams (with disastrous results at the end). Thanks and congrats on another excellent model.
  6. proran

    [WIP] Mini Mining Excavator

    Hi! What an interesting project! A lot of motorization in a small scale. I was thinking about building a mining excavator at a small scale for a while now, so I will follow this closely. It is a joy. Yes, I am afraid you have to switch to gears at the first articulation axis. Similar to the central driveline. In my Mecalac I have to do gears at a couple of places in the arm because of the u-joints' limitations. It is a pain, for sure. Here, I would strongly suggest putting the bevel gears in the brackets (these or these). Many people will tell you that no matter what you do the gears will slip under torque. Especially if they are in the driveline used for traction. Keep up the good work. BTW, The bucket is absolutely beautiful.
  7. proran

    Classic Porsche 911

    So beautiful! As I said before, I really enjoy that classic feel it has. The view from the back is so pretty. I love every single piece there.Thanks for the update.
  8. I can watch that video with you compressing the suspension forever. It "feels" so soft and responsive. And the outdoor performance is incredible! That thing is one of a few examples where the current Lego motors provide a real playable off-road experience, not just crawling. Fantastic job.
  9. Hi Didumos69! I'm following the thread closely, just haven't commented yet. It's a beautiful structure you have there. If I was shown it without knowing who has built it, I would immediately recognize your style. No pinhole wasted. Can't wait to see it drive.
  10. Beautiful build! You've nailed the rear lights, and the stripes on the sides are impressive. I especially enjoyed the write-up, big thanks for that. It would be nice to see more such descriptions of the building process here. It really helps to appreciate the model deeper.
  11. proran

    Aesthetics and Technics

    My thoughts on this are the same with @Sariel. The looks versus functions is a always a compromise and a decision to make during the building and thus it is a totally personal choice. I don't support the subforums either. In addition, creation of WIP topics versus MOC topics is also should be a personal choice. It just depends on the kind of person you are. Some just don't like to show the unfinished work. The bottom line is, you can't force people to create better MOCs or better topics in the forum by force. I honestly don't see that introduction of some sort of strict rules for posting the MOCs will improve the overall quality of the builds and presentation. It can filter out certain type of posts, for sure. But this is what happened in Scale Modelling. Basically now only top notch models are allowed there, and look what happened, the forum is dead. It is still a nice place to visit once a month, but I don't want that to happen to the entire Technic corner of Eurobricks. Come on, it is the most welcoming place on the whole Internet after all. Let's keep it this way. As @DrJB said, it is really simple to filter the topics you like by yourself .You need 300 ms to understand, if the thread worth reading or not.
  12. proran

    [MOC] AC Cobra 427 V2

    This is incredible. It is totally the kind of built I appreciate the most. No compromises in the appearance, but full set of features on the inside. Congratulations on the great job. That should have been quite a challenge. Would you mind sharing, what was the most tricky thing to pull out? Also, I would appreciate if you can share some details of the steering assembly. Thanks!
  13. proran

    Classic Porsche 911

    Dear @legophisto, thank you for the pictures. I love the "umbrella" roof. This is ingenious! And the way the trunk lid is connected reminds me of the 10252 Beetle. It is the DNA, I believe .
  14. proran

    Classic Porsche 911

    Hi, this is a real thing of beauty! It captures the charm of the original quite effectively. It is a pity that forum is a little quiet, the model deserves much more than two comments. I would suggest sharing a little more pictures here, so people don't need to jump to the Flickr right away. Would you mind showing some details of the internal construction? I am especially interested in that beautiful curve above the rear fenders. These Technic connectors in the trunk look intriguing. As for the suggestions, to me front and back indicator lights seem a bit tall. But I have no idea how to achieve the curve using plates. Too bad TLG doesn't make quarter tiles in transparent orange.