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  1. Excellent job! As others said, the suspension and the gearbox are very clever! I would guess fitting all the controls for the gearbox into the right spot was quite a challenge.
  2. That looks absolutely amazing! The photo with the wheels off is just wow! I agree, the Ducati shocks are a perfect fit and add a lot to the model. I love the long suspension links. The drivetrain seems to be completely crazy: there is an angled servo in the front and the angled 36T gear in the back. Could you explain how it all works? Do you have / can you make a photo with the body off to show the chassis? Oh my gosh, this thing just blows my mind!
  3. proran

    Old Steam Tugs in scale 1:40

    Thanks, that's ingenious! I didn't know you can pull the hose out.
  4. proran

    Old Steam Tugs in scale 1:40

    This is just mindblowingly beautiful. A cliché to say, but I am literally looking at these with my jaw dropped . I am pretty sure you have used the full assortment of the Lego's 3.18mm parts... Wands inserted into the flex tubes is inspired, as many many many other NPUs. Cleavers for the propellers?! Hairpieces for the air vents?! I do not recognize the conical pieces used as a bottom connections for some of the 3.18 bars. What is that part? P.S.I love the slight color variation in the hull of the Furie.
  5. proran

    [MOC] Snow Dozer

    I can tell it is build by Desert Eagle only by looking at it. It's your signature style: dozen of motors, bald colors, and very recognizable styling. Performance is amazing. Good job!
  6. Very cool build! Looking at something that compact and cleverly implemented gives me joy! It's been proven many times that you don't need to go to 1:8 to have something awesome. Kudos for building small!
  7. So many wonderful thoughts and opinions here. I am definitely a perfectionist. And as @DrJB rightfully said it can very bad for work and life. I am constantly fighting it and, of course, it is very hard for to let things go at work and at home. So when it comes to hobby, it's a happy place for me. Lego is the only place where I can satisfy my perfectionism. And I go all the way. That's why you haven't seen a MOC from me for 5 years. My big one was finished 2 years ago, but I am not publishing it since still find some things to tweak. It never stops to amaze me what optimization can accomplish. I refine a mechanism until it all clicks together. And that feeling when everything finally fits together just perfectly is very specific and I know it very well. In most cases it will be very clear to me that I have achieved at least a local optimum. It's kind of hard to explain. But I am sure some of you will understand. And that moment is pure joy.
  8. That is a fantastic model! Congrats. I kinda love the exposed studs. They give the model some character.
  9. Looks cool. I am, of course, interested in the technical details, but I have a feeling it is just a teaser for something epic. That picture in the credits looks super intriguing. Should we expect more details in the future? Extra points for the title!
  10. @gyenesvi @Samolot Thank you, guys!
  11. Very cool model. The description of all the difficulties you've faced makes it even cooler. I really dig the color scheme with wheel caps in three different shades. Somehow it works really well. And the presentation is top notch. One question: how do you drive the geared hubs in such a limited space? Is there enough space for the mating cv-hoint part, a gear, and support? A picture will be much appreciated.
  12. Oh, this is brilliant. The suspension looks super responsive and the packaging is amazing. And the windscreen and pillars in Technic and at that scale - wow! The chassis photo resonates with me a lot - this is exactly the scale and level of density I like the most. Amazing work. Any chance for a under belly shot? I am super interested in the suspension, especially since it is updated from the previous version and seems to work really well.
  13. proran

    [WIP] Ionos Sports Sedan

    Ah, the manual goes in the front, I've missed it in the second picture. This is cool. Thanks for the replies guys.
  14. proran

    [WIP] Ionos Sports Sedan

    Fair point, thanks.