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  1. Don't worry. With that kind of tone in here, I won't be posting anything more at all...
  2. It depends on what you mean by gearbox. The motor I will be using is a PF-M, so I probably need to gear it down some... But a gearbox with selectable output speeds or multiple functions is not in the plans. And the LA may actually be moved way over to one side, time will tell. I'm just happy I'm moving forward again...
  3. I'm not sure I understand what you're meaning. Anyway I've come up with this solution, I just need to rearrange everything else (again). The orange parts are "Liftarm Thin 1 x 5 - Axle Holes (11478)", and of course in Light Bluish Gray in my actual build. Haven't actually decided which LA to use, but I think the small one has too short range here.
  4. Ok, here is a more complete picture of the lower back half of my tractor. Black liftarms have been repainted in sand for increased visibility. I thought the 42054 Claas Xerion was such a popular set that I didn't need to explain it any further. IMO the only way to motorize this, is to replace the LA with something else. But I have not found a solution. The closest I came was this, but there's simply too much slack to be usable. Lower back half of my tractor: @Gray Gear I used this design so I can use existing Xerion attachments without any modifications.
  5. That won't work because the bottom of the LA is the point furthest away from the tractor. The hitch is attached to the rest of the tractor with the black liftarms in the first picture. So it would look something like this:
  6. You want to flip the LA? That won't work, it will collide with the red colored liftarms in the following image (liftarms moved back to be able to show the picture). The problem with the hitch is that the LA is backwards of what is customary (the hitch attaches to the tractor at the black liftarms). I do have pneumatics implemented in the tractor, but I feel that pneumatics are not suitable in this situation. Pneumatics are either fully closed or fully extended, and they are bad at holding a fixed position over time...
  7. Hello everybody. I am in the process of building my own tractor. It's taken a long time, and I'm not even close to finish. One of the things I've been struggling with, is to motorize the raising and lowering of the rear hitch. I've copied/stolen the design from the 42054 Claas Xerion, so I hope someone has already done this conversion, and are willing to share how they did it. Here is a picture of the hitch design, in case you've forgotten how it is implemented in the Xerion.
  8. I've had the joy of finishing building the concept car today, and it's beauty. Just wanted to say that if you haven't got the correct tires, the tires from the supercar (8070) are a possible replacement. The ground clearance will be low, and it isn't as pretty as the specified tires, but it's doable. Here's a picture of the car with the 8070 tires. (Never mind the orange parts, I didn't have the patience to wait for the BrinkLink orders) Oh, and there's a minor error in the partslist. It specifies 7 pcs of 9L red liftarms (4192225), but only 5 are used.
  9. If you want to visits shops, then Toys'R'Us usually have the best selection. Extra Leker is usually 10% cheaper than other stores. There's also an norwegian LUG forum Brikkelauget where people report sales around the country. As for online shopping I agree with the other responses, but beware of the 200 NOK limit. Anything above that gets a hefty "fine" (25% VAT & 100+ NOK in fees), which quickly turns a bargain into a rip-off. (This definitely includes As a result of this, I would not buy any current set online... Discontinued sets and parts have to be purchased online though. Arild
  10. I used a 2x2 Inverted Radar disk BL link which I found to be pretty useless in this context. I have both the 3x3 (BL 3x3 Radar Dish) and the Scala 5x5 dish (BL Scala 5x5 dish) on order. Hopefully one of them will yield a better result. I'm also thinking about putting some silicone around the edge, or gluing on a pulley tire BL Pulley Wheel Tire. As for the usage - it's not a printing device. It's purpose is to load these target strips Image of target strips in front of a pellet catcher, so I can continue my training during my summer holidays.
  11. I tried that already, but a single stroke from a cylinder does not provide enough vacuum to hold onto the paper :-( Granted the seal between the dish and the paper wasn't very good, but I think I need more... Arild
  12. I'm trying to create at device which will retrieve one sheet of paper strip from a large stack. After several unsuccessful attempts (lots of paper jams), I've decided to try using vacuum to suck up the top sheet and transfer it. But I'm not sure how I can create vacuum using Lego Pneumatics? I found this project on Lego Mindstorms pages Vertigo III, but it mentions a one-way valve that seems very diffcult to obtain... I only have second generation pneumatics, but I can buy the first generation pneumatic block Bricklink pneumatic block if that helps. Thank you for any help. Arild
  13. I try to use LDD manager to upload a parts list to BrickLink, but all I get is a single XML tag <INVENTORY> and then nothing... Is there an error in my configuration/model, or am I using LDD Manager wrong? My procedure was as follows: - Start LDD manager. - Import my model - Start step 2 of Upload part list to BrickLink (I have several wanted lists already on BrickLink) - Select my model and set upload parameters to X, Y and "Test" respectively - Enter "1" in Number of models - Enter "3" in MyWanted ListNo (this is actually a bit confusing, is it ID number, name or index number? Anyway, I tried all possibilities with no luck...) - Paste the XML file into the textarea of "Wanted List Mass Upload", which only yields "<INVENTORY>" Software configuration: LDD Version 4.0.20 ; Brick Version 287 LDD Manager Version 0.95 for LDD 4 with Access Runtime 2010 Windows 7 Home Pro The model should be available here: LXF model (be sure to rename it to .LXF) Any help is greatly appreciated, Arild
  14. I get a "Check if color exists" warning on part 4459, when using color 25 - Black. Since this is the most used part in a Technic build, and it only exists in black, it would be nice not to have this warning... Arild
  15. TechnicFan68

    [Software] LDD Manager

    I tried running it on Access runtime 2010 x64 with no luck (not really surprising). After uninstalling the 64 bit version and then installing the 32bit version I'm happy to report it works! The os is Win7 64bit Home Pro edition. Arild