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  1. mihao

    [MOC] Ford GT 2017

    I am glad to help, bro! Thanks for being interested.
  2. mihao

    [MOC] Ford GT 2017

    Why that? I didn't use that part too much. But honestly, to build a small scale car, that part is very useful.
  3. mihao

    [MOC] Ford GT 2017

    I have published the instructions on rebrickable.com at https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-44209/, so you can get more insights of this MOC.
  4. mihao

    [MOC] Ford GT 2017

    Thank you so much for the comment! I like it! I did try to create such hole, but the size of LEGO technic pieces are too big for this. So I have to sacrifice this signature feature. (sign). The blind headlight is great point, and here is how it looks after adding a trans round brick there. I also added a half beam under it, so the "eye" won't look popping out too much. BTW, I can't move the LED back 1 stud, because the wheel will hit the LED when it turns.
  5. mihao

    [MOC] Ford GT 2017

    Thanks Paul!
  6. As you know, I am a lover of small scale supercar, and this time, I decided to tackle one of the most beautiful supercars, the new Ford GT, and here is what I have: The scale is 1:12, and the width is 20 stud to respect the size of the original, and features include: Independent suspension on all wheel. Butterfly doors 2 x L motor for driving 1 x Servo motor for steering Working front/rear lights Openable front/rear hoods Extractable spoiler. In this build, all parts are official LEGO parts, all connection are legal, and no soft axle is used. (I don't like using them.) I am very glad to get rid of those part #44 for the windshield this time. I'd like to collect opinion from you: does it look like Ford GT to you? If not, which part should be changed the most? Thanks
  7. Thank you for being interested at this. The instructions is in progress while I am designing some other car. Hopefully I can publish it in Rebrickable in a few weeks.
  8. Thank you for your encouragement! I do hope small scale models can attract more attentions, but for some reason, people are more keen to larger models. As a big fan of RC model. I believe that any model large than 1:12 can hardly run smoothly, unless you want to put 2 batteries and 4 motors inside of it or sacrifice the bodywork. BTW, I will be publishing instructions for this new MOC, which may take some time though.
  9. Thanks. I am very picky on the bodywork, you know.
  10. The RC version was finished first, then I decided to create a non-RC version for the sake of completeness of this MOC. (Many people wanted a non-RC version of my Lamborghini). It would be boring to just replace PF parts with dummy liftarms, so I decided to add a fake engine and a gear box to the non-RC version. After adding the fake engine, there wasn't much room to add gears, so I had to find way for the steering system. The HOG part was added lastly because I realized that it is so painful to steer with the steering wheel with such a small car. There are many half-stud approaches in this design, and many trade-off in the decision making process, but I am pretty happy with what it is right now.
  11. Yes, in the manual version, the backlash is noticeable between the HOG nob and the front wheels. But in the remote control version, (I didn't post the gear setup here, it is different from the manual version) no backlash between the servo and the front wheel because they are hooked up directly, while backlash does occur on the steering wheel too, but it doesn't affect the car movement.
  12. 4-cylinder can still make a good supercar, e.g., https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_919_Hybrid, Besides, I can't squeeze into more cylinder into this little body. It has slack with that many gears, but I don't feel it is big problem in the manual version (non-PF) when I play it, because your fingers can always adjust. For the PF version, the servo motor directly connect to the gear rack, no delay at all. Thanks for the comments! Those pictures are for manual version. The drivetrain uses one universal joint inside 92911 (Steering Ball Joint Large Receptacle) which is not shown in the picture. It is very sturdy. For the steering, I didn't experience any trouble with the joints and gears. In general, as long as gears don't slip away from each other by proper locking mechanism, everything should be fine, and in such scale, small gears like 8t are more useful to be honest.
  13. Yes, yes, yes, you got me. Once I noticed the small fender, I realized how valuable it is to MOC in this model. For the part count, the PF version has 2015 (166 distinct), while the non-PF version has 2432 (165 distinct). Thank you for your support! If you mean the hood, it is inspired by Aston Martin Vulcan mostly. The new Jaguar does have a similar hood. The main reason I pick such a hood style is that, I need the front fender to be attached somewhere so it can lean forward a bit in order to achieve the curve of the front part.
  14. Just fixed the broken images due to the album permission. Sorry.
  15. I am very excited to present you my recent supercar MOC. It includes a PF (Power Function) version and a non-PF version. The PF version uses 2xLarge motor (propulsion) and 1 servo motor (steering), and it drives very smoothly. The non-PF version contains a 3-speed gearbox and a V4 fake engine, it also has a comprehensive steering system including HOG. More details can be found in my LEGO Ideas project https://ideas.lego.com/projects/2702df52-bcdc-467f-aab4-9d81000d7c14. I hope that I can have your support! Here are some pictures: Below are pictures about how the steering and drivetrain work in the non-PF version: