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Found 14 results

  1. whitepen

    Whitepen"s Train Mocs

    I have made this topic to share my train designs with the Eurobricks community. Here is a quick Moc I made this morning in Bricklink Studio before breakfast. It is a simple diesel shunter with no motor and old style wheels. I will be making a motorized version to and will put in in this topic once completed along with more train stuff. I also will try to make the studio files for most trains available. Here are some pictures; studio file HERE.
  2. iammac

    [MOC] Pirate Ship 'Medusa'

    Hello friends! After so many years of reading and fawning over everyone else's ships, I finally got up the courage to post one of my own. I wanted to make a pirate ship that was playable while still being sort of accurate. So while you won't see any hand-strung shrouds and ratlines, I can assure you that it's a hit with the kids. I call it the Medusa, mostly because of the green color scheme I adopted for this project. Pirate ships look so good in red and black, sometimes I forget that any vessel could have been a pirate ship. I opted to portray this pirate captain before his debilitating injuries. His name is Horatio North, in case you're wondering. Okay, so I'm aware that rudder is garbage. I actually forgot to build a rudder at all until I went to take pictures. It will get revised out when I go to clean up that quarter; it looks o.k. in real life, but the picture definitely doesn't catch its good side. Fun fact: half the cannon doors on this ship are fake! Even though I'm too young to have played with classic pirate sets, I respect the nostalgia with this fancy chap. Besides, he matches the ship! The more attractive, rugged version of that last bloke I think that thing is called a 'cathead.' The figurehead was a pain in the butt, but the end result is worth it IMHO Most of the sails are easy to take down and replace after a fierce battle The very meh stern Yup. This is the innovative, super-useful thing I put in the cabin. Kinda looks like the chair from Blue's Clues. A bookcase, since I failed at making a brick-built map of the world on that wall. I did, however, find room for my favorite detail from The Brick Bounty Okay, so I basically make storage space when I can't think of anything cool to go there. u_u Under the bell and the [fake] scuttle, I included some bunks. Can someone help me out? I know I took this cannon design from somebody on this forum, but I can't remember who it was. Let me know if these look familiar so I can properly thank them. Finally, a shot of the jolly bunch all together. This was my fourth focused attempt to make a brig that was both fun to play with and more accurate than not. Not sure if I succeeded, but I had a blast doing it. I have another ship I built for the Bluecoats that I haven't photographed yet. With your comments and constructive criticisms, perhaps I can coax up the courage to post that piece as well. MAC
  3. skcheung

    Easy chesse mosaic

    A simple way to make mosaic with basic bricks.A good gift for your valentine.Remind you, you must use a lot of 1x2 cheese, otherwise the build won't be so easy.I have tested it many times -- pieces won't fall out. I think 16x16 will be an optimum size of this kind of creation. IMG_4450 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_4453 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_1029 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr 16x16 baseplate98 1x1 tiles (any colour) IMG_1031 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr 98 1x1 bricks (any colour)1 layer of reddish brown bricks to build the edge IMG_1052 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr Insert 1x2 cheese into the holes.Second layer of reddish brown bricks to build the edge. IMG_1053 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr Insert 1x1 cheese into the holes.Finished.
  4. In the 42083 Bugatti hipe here is my throw at a fake W16 engine. I wanted it to be small and easy to install. I spent some time on it over the weekend and after some trial and error I got it working. It has more friction than a mini-V8, but I'm afraid that is inevitable. It all comes very precise. For the fake crankshaft I had to use mirrored cam-pairs, otherwise the sharp side of a cam piece would hit the piston under too much angle, which sometimes caused hick-ups. To make it run smoothly the pistons need a space of exactly the height of a flat plate, no more, no less. Also the end-stops of the 3L piston-axles are essential and the round sides of the bushes attached to the pistons need to face down. If it wasn't because of the mirrored cam-pairs, a half-cylinder offset in the piston-rows would have been possible . LXF-file here. EDIT: I reworked the mini engine into a 1:8 scale version. Slightly different configuration. If you build this: Be sure to level the bottom-ends of the 3L piston-axles with the bottom-ends of the bushes by pressing them against the flat side of a beam. Sink the piston-axle-end-stops all the way into the 12t gears. Make sure the round side of the bushes face down. Instructions can be found on Rebrickable.
  5. This is my simple Lego car chassis for Mindstorms and Technic beginners. Features Rack-and-pinion steering Full independent suspension 1:3 gear ratio driven to rear differential I built this chassis as both an experimental project but also an educational one to not just me but people starting to make their own cars with Mindstorms and Technic. If you're looking for a chassis design that may work for the build you're creating (a sports car, sedan, or small truck) then I hope this helps you and I would look forward to seeing the finished result.
  6. CommanderGrimm

    LDD Simple Y-wing

    Been working the past few days on a small, simple Y-wing. The idea is that, instead of spending nearly $150 on 3 TLG y-wings I could instead design my own, cheap versions for army building. The plan is to, at Christmas, open up a Bricklink package and have the pieces for three of them, which is why they have to be simple and inexpensive. In total there are three: One normal-sized vessel, one slightly smaller and stubbier, and another that I made to resemble a Hasbro Y-wing toy for a battle pack idea. However, I can't decide on which one to mass produce. Any suggestions would be great, and please, help me decide! #1 is the battle pack. #2 is the normal-sized one. #3 is the slightly stubbier one.
  7. Simple Lego Pullback Car - This Lego Technic creation is the smallest, simplest pullback car I could design without sacrificing stability. It features a minimalistic design. The pullback racer is so stable that it supported my onboard GoPro (yes, I finally purchased one) To anyone interested, I used RenderForest to create my new intro:
  8. Nothing special.. just something that's a ton of fun to drive around. It can climb a 3-inch book! Thank you!!!!
  9. I just posted about this in the Porsche MODs and improvements thread, but I think this might be worth sharing with everybody. In an attempt to further improve the definite character of the selecter axle in the Porsche gearbox I found a very easy way to limit an axle to 90° positions. I think this video tells the whole story (don't bother the bevel gears if you're not interested in the Porsche gearbox). (Actually I don't really know what the name is of this kind of mechanism. ) Without the bevel gears this is all there is to it: LXF-file here.
  10. Good day! I have seen many helicopter MOCs that inclined the main rotor to go in that direction. But real helicopters don't work like that. The cyclic control changes the pitch of the propeller blades unevenly what inclines the helicopter in the desired direction Here is a good page that explains in detail the controls of a helicopter The LDD is at 0% Functions: cyclic control - inclines and flies the helicopter in the desired direction anti-torque pedals - the "steering" collective control - the altitude control Enought speaking here are the pics, expect the video soon I wanted to make all the mechanisms visible , so no bodywork Bricksafe
  11. This model was inspired by the taxi in set 76057. (Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle) The car features a longer frame and bigger wheel wells, along with other new details. Instead of yellow, the car can be built in red or black. Blue is also possible, but requires changing the roof part to light bluish gray as well. Moving onto the rear of the car, you will see that it has been lifted almost entirely from set 76057.... it was just perfect the way it was designed. The inside of the car an seat one mini - figure driver. I built this model for my brother so he can have more vehicles for his town, which is made up of medium size CREATOR buildings. This is supposed to be his car, and this is his mini figure. (mini figure not included in LDD file) LDD file for the car only: http://www.moc-pages...1465907518m.lxf comments, questions, and complaints welcome!
  12. This is my first teaser :3 (I'm so proud of it ) i want to open this thread in order to ask people if they could be interested on my work, so, going to the main topic: I joined a small exhibition here in Rome where I showed four simple RC lego cars, three of them are mine (showed also in only one of my post here on Eurobricks :3) the fourth is the Dawnbreaker and I hope I can film a video for it, so I can add to the original thread a comparison with the other chassis, that are: -green stylized trophy truck -yellow stylized Tyrrell P34 -black stylized hot rod (maybe with driver that make it drift really well muhahaah) "stylized" because I want to build small car and I don't have lots of pieces for the aesthetics, but I guarantee the look nice ;) My problem is that I don't have time to film (for the offroad ones I need a whole saturday free of tasks, so for me isn't a simple work to fully present a MOC) and some times i know that the look of my creations don' catch the attention of lots of people I don't want to make empty topics ;) so i decided to ask how i should organize those "simple chassis series" topics, my idea is: -3 different topic -topic as review of the car -techniques used in the cars -small test video -video with description and some clip running outdoors -a final topic (yes :3) with the video of a tournament between those cars the same kind of LTIR competition The different topic (posted with a gap of 3-4 days) could be a tutorial for people who want to start building something funny with lego, and they will find 4 different cars with 4 different difficulties and 4 different kind of pieces (common or rare); I also want to build LDD file for each car and change the file for the dawnbreaker in a better one. What you think about this organization of the topics? should I post only one topic with all the cars together? Also if videos will be uploaded really late? Also if you want to suggest another kind of chassis that I can make to substitute the dawnbreaker feel free to suggest it, and if you have built a chassis of this kind i can build and review it as one of the chassis but not mine, so we can see which is the best during the race! Goodbye!
  13. after my strange and complicated 6x6 (that no one likes I think ahaha) I decided to build something simple that is extremely rare :3 I got the idea just today while playing with a broken white-out and looking to its transparent (because empty) string I remembered that plastic strings can be folded up to obtain stronger strings… i folded up, twisted several times one piece and i pull it, while plucked it made a good sound :3 so more or less in 2h (tune this instrument is not simple ) i built up this MOC, it is only a concept and it need (as rare part) only 4 LA it works like a pluck instrument or a guitar, but is has only 4 string like a bass (like a boss ) i use a minifig spear as plectrum, hope I can upload a audio memo file soon, this is the "guitar" -LAs are to tuning the strings -withe-out strings twisted with one L motor - a normal box as a loudspeaker - from the longer to the shorter strings are tuned in: C4 A4 C5 F5
  14. so i've been reading around on the forums trying to find a design plan for a simple lightweight rally-ish car and i decided to just try it myself i just finished tonight and ill have pictures uploaded soon if there are any other topics that meet these criteria post them below thanks