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Found 7 results

  1. The 10305 Lion Knights' Castle is amazing. It's also $400 plus tax. The 31120 Medieval Castle is a great castle for $100 plus tax, but it doesn't have a lot of minifigs. What if you want a really simple, classic castle? As an exercise, I built set 6073 Knight's Castle from 1984 in Studio using only parts currently available from Bricks and Pieces. The result uses 670 parts, compared to the original 408, because the panels are brick-built, and it has no horses, and the minifigs are plain, but other than that it's a pretty close copy. The render doesn't show the minifigs, shields, and weapons, but they're included in my Bricks and Pieces bag. The total cost on is $95.15 plus tax, plus whatever two horses and saddles cost from Bricklink or Bricks and Minifigs. Genuine used copies of 6073 currently go for $175 on Bricklink in the USA, or $150-200 on eBay depending on the condition. Will I go ahead and buy the parts? Almost certainly not. The 31120 is a much better castle for $100 plus tax, except for the paucity of minifigs. But it was an interesting exercise. Maybe in a few days I'll see if Bricks and Pieces can yield up a decent light gray recolor of the Yellow Castle. The horses won't be missing from that one ....
  2. Has anyone got information about how the Bricks and Pieces system works regarding prices? Do they lower/increase parts over time? How long does it take for an 'out of stock' piece to be replenished? How long is it before new pieces become available via BaP? Apologies for all the questions in advance. You don't have to answer them all in one post, I am just very curious.
  3. There's a similar thread over in the Licensed forum (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=118184) but it's mostly devoted to DC & Marvel parts. Also, I know some members of the Star Wars forum do not venture outside of the Galaxy Far, Far, Away here on EB, and this thread could be of use to them. If the mods deem this thread unnecessary, that's fine with me. The list is a little bare at the moment, but it changes a lot, so check back in this thread and at the Lego website for updates. 75094 Shuttle Tydirium Han's Torso- #6112600 Leia's Hair- #64807 Rebel Commando Torso- #6112435 75139 Battle on Takodana Finn's Hair- #21778 Finn's Torso- #6127357 75059 Sandcrawler Forest Green R4 Dome- #6078955 75105 Millennium Falcon Dejarik Table- #6127398 75106 Imperial Assault Carrier Agent Kallus' Hair- #6114885 75093 Death Star Final Duel Luke's Torso- #6114392 Palpatine's Legs- #6080459 Luke's Dark Tan Hair- #4557944 10236 Ewok Village Leia's Braided Hair- #11261 75098 Assault on Hoth Luke' Torso- #6129000
  4. pittpenguin123

    Bricks and pieces Discussion

    Every now and then some thing shows up on bricks and pieces thats a great deal. Like some one once mentioned that the new darth vader was on B&P but sadly I missed my chance. I figured this could be a topic to have people who spot rare parts on B&P to let people know that they are on there. For example i see darth vaders new helmet combo. I could post that its on B&P to let others know that. note: I dont know if this is the right section.
  5. DraikNova

    Bricks and Pieces

    So I went to place an order at the Bricks and Pieces service that is normally found in the same place as the replacement parts and missing parts services, when I found that it's suddenly not there anymore. Does anyone know where it can be found?
  6. whitecitadel

    Bricks and Pieces Prices?

    Hi All I need some lego expert advice as I am a bit confused by sudden disappearance of prices on bricks and pieces? Few weeks back I bought a 6051 duplo set that has the alphabet in it. To spell out both my daughters names at once I needed a few more of the letter A. Went on the lego site, found support dept, found bricks and pieces, enter set number, all the pieces came up with pricing but I got distracted (kids!) and didn't place the order and check out, I am in the UK and they were 64p-£1.20 or something like that for the letters depending on which letter you wanted. Went back yesterday to place order while I had quiet 5 minutes, and now there are NO prices on the bricks and pieces site at all? Did Lego just change their website, or do I have an issue with browser/cookies/pc? I tried a few sets - no prices on anything....
  7. I recently went to Bricks and Pieces to order some parts. I accidentally hit the "element design number" button without entering the part I wanted, but I still got results! A few Sand Blue and Md. Blue pieces popped up as well as a window pane and a pile of Duplo gold! Does anyone know why LEGO has this in their system? It's so random...